How Much Does H & R Block charge To D...
Ranting Sgt Hauck Above

Port Chester, NY

#482 Jan 26, 2014
nano jobs fo hoimes wrote:
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Michele Johnson

Detroit, MI

#484 Jan 27, 2014
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Reno, NV

#485 Jan 28, 2014
For the last few years, I've done my own taxes for free with an online program. This year I had an unfamiliar complication, so I needed help - or so I thought. I took my stuff to H&R Block and got the exact, same refund I would've gotten on my own, except that I had to pay their fees.(I noticed that I got charged *more* for a 1040A than I did for a 1040 the last time I went to H&R Block).

Looking through these other posts, I realize I got off lucky and I don't have as much to complain about, compared to many others in this forum.

Still, what ticked me off was their refusal to give me an itemized receipt for their services because they "didn't know how." I saw it all on my preparer's computer screen but somehow, they couldn't give me a hard copy. Interesting, a few years ago I went to the same location and got an itemized receipt from a different tax preparer with no problem.

At best, this was very poor customer service.

Anyway, lesson learned. I won't be using H&R Block again and I wouldn't recommend their services to anyone else.

Cabot, AR

#486 Jan 28, 2014
If you plan to do your taxes on your own, you can always use a few website to do your taxes and see if they come out the same. I used turbo tax and taxact to double check. . . they do not charge until you finalize your return.

Providence, RI

#487 Jan 28, 2014
Use people

United States

#488 Jan 29, 2014
So where is a good place to do my taxes??h&r block is where I go,but after reading all this!!i have a change of plans

United States

#489 Feb 2, 2014
I did my taxes n had one w2 form and they charged me 311 I need this money soon thats the only reason I went there. But next year I wont go!!! I also dont recommend my friend or familyto go. Stupid ghetto ignorant bitches!!!!! Never again.

Irvine, CA

#490 Feb 2, 2014
Use taxact. Its about $17 for federal and state and was really easy to use. They also files it really quickly. Like 2 days.
mop top wrote:
<quoted text>
While they cost about the same, Turbo Tax is a little bit easier to use than H&R Block. I also used Turbo Tax for the first time this year and got a bigger return than I got during the last two years using H&R Block. I have yet to try Liberty Tax. Maybe next year.

Excelsior, MN

#491 Feb 3, 2014
ashley wrote:
OMG i hate h&r block!!!! dont ever go there! I'm 19 years old and made under 20,000 and my bill for them was 450 dollars!!!!! they suck, never ever ever again will i set foot in their doors! Im only 19 and a student how difficult can my forms be to file?? They should of paid me 400$ for sitting through everything i sat through with them...ugh...i hate them....
No I don't think got took by a nobody. I got over 9k back and paid the max fee of $400.
Mood Swings

South River, NJ

#492 Feb 4, 2014
I always pay close 2 $400 H&R Block has a lot of hidden fees and they do charge you based on forms.
MoreLoser OoticaNoise

United States

#493 Feb 4, 2014

i scared of utica

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MuchSmarterThanT hisOne

Summerville, SC

#495 Feb 4, 2014
Utica wrote:
To the contrary, it's not based on your income, it's based on the forms that are used in preparing your return. It's clear either a) you didn't go there, or b) you didn't pay attention to what your bill consisted of.
So - you're either a liar, a sucker, or both.
And if your return was REALLY $400, you must have had self-employment or something beyond a simple W-2, which would have cost you far more at a CPA office than the four bills you paid.
<quoted text>
No genius,he said he paid $400 for them to do his taxes not that he only received that amount for his return, which is what it costs and NO its not more expensive for an accountant because I am one. It is much cheaper to use sites such as taxslayer, taxact and similar sites. They charge a mere $25 for doing your taxes and offer to take it from your refund, and also efile it as well. So why would anyone waste hundreds of dollars for something they could do themselves,unless however you have impeccable credit and qualify for their "RAL-Refund Anticipation Loan" which then on top of the fee they charge to prepare your taxes you pay fees for the loan itself,such as interest etc. So on the contrary,you my friend are the uneducated one. Oh wait..maybe you happen to be one of the people who work for H&R Block and have no type of degree in accounting or certification tax preparation whatsoever which explains why you are so defensive.
MuchSmarterThanT hisOne

Summerville, SC

#496 Feb 4, 2014
Molly G wrote:
Taxes, my favorite subject. Now everyone can hate me (or take advantage of me) because I retired from the IRS. Before you start a rant, let me say that I worked helping taxpayers not sending them to jail.
H&RBlock isn't any worse than other tax preparation agencies, CPA's or accountants who will charge a good buck for filling out tax returns. What most people get sucked into is the "Rapid Refund" and you really pay bucks for that. "Rapid Refund" is a loan given to you by your tax preparer based on what your refund will be and they are charging you a percentage of your refund for the loan. Unless you are desparate for money avoid the rapid refund scheme.
Learn to do your own taxes if you have simple income. Use the IRS website. I can't tell you how many people I was happy to help work their way thru a tax form and make life a little less stressful at tax time.
I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing. Most people would be surprised how easy it is to do yourself, but lack the confidence in themselves to even attempt it.
TheresThe UPDLoser

United States

#497 Feb 4, 2014
I get PWNED every minute of my life by the HIGH TECH.

I fail everyday like mom an dad.






Utica, NY

#499 Feb 4, 2014
Waaah waah Oootican wrote:
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Rite Aid has been trying to get in touch with you. Your meds are in. Go pick them up/

Utica, NY

#500 Feb 4, 2014
AND make sure you take them...
Been there2

Ithaca, NY

#501 Feb 5, 2014
MuchSmarterThanThisOne wrote:
<quoted text>
I couldn't agree more. Thanks for sharing. Most people would be surprised how easy it is to do yourself, but lack the confidence in themselves to even attempt it.
Agree. Doing your taxes is not rocket science. I paid an EXCELLENT preparer at H&R Block $600 last year for mine because I had extenuating circumstances, divorce, sale of home etc. they charge by the form and other complicated stuff so it adds up. but every other year I have used TurboTax or Taxcut which are excellent programs to walk you right through it. Easy! The programs are $50 at BJ's, Staples etc. it's worth it to try, and if you still lack confidence when done, you could go to H&R for a review. MOST Americans have Very simple tax situations that can be easily handled on their computer with TurboTax.

Pullman, WA

#502 Feb 8, 2014
poopy caca
Did them

Schenectady, NY

#503 Feb 9, 2014
They did a nice job.

United States

#504 Feb 10, 2014
What do you do if you started filing taxes at h and r block but didn't have all of your W2 papers and had to wait to get all of those together to finish it. Could you just have them cancel and get the W2's they are holding onto back? This is the first time I've ever had to do this and I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing

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