where to get a car starter installed
elephant man

Ithaca, NY

#25 Nov 12, 2008
yeah had mine done at the auto specialist, had the best range and loved the sliding transmitter! saved $100 from my price quote at other shops!
Mario CustomSound

United States

#27 Nov 12, 2008
This is about a car starter not making up lies saying your a cop. I'm sorry tou had a problem with ur wifes car... IF you want bring it to the store so we can fix it . Never heard of any police man having a problem with a car starter.. Nor any customer that we have not fixed. Granted every once and awhile there's a problem with a car starter no matter were you go. But it's the shop that fixes the problem are the ones you want to go to. Anytime there's a problem with a car I make sure it is fixed asap. Hey mr police man why don't give a call so we can settle are differances I would be glad to replace the car starter if there's a problem with it.
auto specialist No way

Rome, NY

#28 Nov 12, 2008
would never go there. they were terrible when they were car accessories they rip you off. gotta watch all the sticky fingers there when they work on your car. i would recommend bringing any business you have to anyone else but them even a 5 year old could do it better.
Met Life

Ithaca, NY

#29 Nov 12, 2008
Wow, someone just asked where to get a car starter, and all this! I guess thats why Topix is a good source of entertainment but I have to say I work with a lot of people at my job and we all have remote car starters from different places, but the ones that had it installed at The Auto Specialist is the only one that can start their cars from inside the office including myself!

United States

#30 Nov 12, 2008
Joe belmonte owner of auto specialist former owner of car accessories is a con man. He pays 20.00 bucks for the starters from canada they are garbage. I had one installed in my car before and my car shut off a year later while I was driving through the lincoln tunnel, I had to get towed out I sat on the side of 34th st for a hour and than My cam started. I took it to car accesories and they said I had to pay to get it looked at because it was a year old. I brought it to big apple and they installed a new one. The problem was the 50.00 extra charge security bypass I paid for was actually a 5 cent resistor bought at radio shack that burnt out because your not suppose to use them. He baited and switched what he was suppose to install. He also would take forever to order items because he didnt have the money to pay for the items, so say you buy something from him and he says 3 weeks, he would take your money order something that someone ordered 2 weeks earlier get it in for them and than wait till more people pay so he could order your item. I know he worked it so he couldnt get in trouble think he had a corporation or a llc or something. stay away from him. Big Apple all the way or Instalations unlimited in syracuse
YesBigAppleNoCus tomSound

Utica, NY

#31 Nov 12, 2008
Let me give an example. This is custom sound. The lifetime warranty does not cover everything. Ok, I gave them the benefit of the doubt that I misunderstood the warranty. I had a part that failed twice in 1.5 years. After 1 year it was out of coverage. I offered to pay them to replace the part and asked what warranty this new part would have. I was told none. This is a part that they made in house. So I asked, if I purchase this part today and if fails in 1 month I would have to purchase another one. The answer was yes. No warranty on a part you assemble, way to stand behind your work.
I went to big apple. I told them the story. They gave me a lifetime warranty on the new part even though they did not install the starter. I will be going back to big apple when I get a new car. Unfortunately sometimes you get what you pay for. Do you feel lucky?
Same issue

United States

#32 Nov 12, 2008
The same thing happened to me at custom sound and the owner dave with the bald head to me i would have to pay also. I paid it because I didnt know any better and than i had the last 3 starters put in at big apple with no issues.
wheres upstate mobile go

United States

#33 Nov 12, 2008
I had mine installed at Upstate mobile electronics on campbell ave in yorkville. a few years ago they came highly recomended, by friends and the dealership. and they did great work. although they were late for the appointment, and it took a little longer then they said. but didn't have any problems. not sure if they are still there or not.. went by there shop amonth ago and it didn't look like they were open anymore
from an installer

Ithaca, NY

#34 Nov 13, 2008
some of the best remote car starters come from canada, think about it, its the coldest place! daaaaaaaaaaaa

New York, NY

#35 Nov 13, 2008
Best starter i had installed over the years was from some ufd guy named Matt who did them on the side. Knew his shit and no problems. Wish i could remember his full name or under what company he worked for. Real quality job with top of the line starters.
auto specialist

Long Eddy, NY

#36 Nov 13, 2008
auto specialist gets his starteers even cheaper then that off some guy in canada. what a joke he rips you off for what he charges you. and his staff rip your car off while working on it, pockets alot of money! then goes bankrupt every so many years while he has all his money in his chicks account.
Something in Common

Ithaca, NY

#37 Nov 13, 2008
I have been at each store and know all of them! been around the car thing for sometime! I have heard all the stories about each and every one of them, big apple burning down a car, team car getting a car stuck on the side of the road, custom sound doing shady Sh*t, rockfords not knowing what they are doing, its all alot of DRAMA! yeah they all have had problems thats business! they only way for you to know who you to go to is to go to each store, feel them all out and see for yourself. I heard goods things about all of them as well, big apple moving to a new location, custom sound has a new building, Auto Specialist building their own products, these are the things that everyone should be talking about during the worst economy we have ever seen, kinda funny how in this area alot of people only look for the negitive! look at the positive side of progress! blows my mind that people would sit here and type negitive about people instead of looking at the good they do, provide jobs, pay taxes and support the local economy and so on......... Another thing, this is a site dedicated to allowing locals to talk freely, seems like its becoming an outlet for businesses to knock on each other, not the purspose of the site!
In closing, support you local economy no matter who you shop from!
YesBigAppleNoCus tomSound

Utica, NY

#38 Nov 13, 2008
I am not sure this is true, but if a guy keeps going bankrupt how much good could that person be doing.

There are a few positive remarks on this site about businesses. Parts might fail, but what happens after that is the question. Unfortunately some people are not honest. There seems to be a theme here, but you are right, people can make up their own mind.

United States

#39 Nov 13, 2008
Okay, I will start this by saying I work at Circuit city as an installer. I also installed car starters for Mobile Mike(who I think is one of the best car starter installers in the area). This post however is to try and help the people looking for somewhere to go, there are some important questions to ask.....
1.what is the warranty and what does it cover(install, unit and/or any modules).
2.What kind of insurance coverage does the shop have, because every shop has had problems and the insurance is what will pay to fix your car if something is damaged.
3.What parts are they using and what will they cost, make sure anything you pay for is on the receipt. If it is on the receipt and not in the car you have proof that you paid for it and can take action to get your money back.
4.Just ask questions, if someone has a problem answering them then don't get it installed there.

Syracuse, NY

#40 Nov 13, 2008
wheres upstate mobile go wrote:
I had mine installed at Upstate mobile electronics on campbell ave in yorkville. a few years ago they came highly recomended, by friends and the dealership. and they did great work. although they were late for the appointment, and it took a little longer then they said. but didn't have any problems. not sure if they are still there or not.. went by there shop amonth ago and it didn't look like they were open anymore
Your Right Brian was the best around..He moved down South where the buisness is better

United States

#41 Nov 13, 2008
Paul wrote:
<quoted text>
Your Right Brian was the best around..He moved down South where the buisness is better
as far as I know Brian is out of the business, he moved south to do home audio installs.
Mario From custom sound

United States

#42 Nov 13, 2008
Paul wrote:
<quoted text>
Your Right Brian was the best around..He moved down South where the buisness is better
Not only am I friends with brian we worked together at upstate for a little over a year. Brian is a really good installer, he got married and started a home install business down south. One of the main reason brian left ny was because of people talking bad about others, just like on thess post on this site. I have been in this industry for 12 years now left CSW for a couple years and worked at two differant shops, Upstate Mobile And Trevisani & Laporte . The only info I can give you is :
1. how long a shops been in business should matter. there alot of people who think they can start up a winter business rake in ton's of money then close for the summer. well if there not open in the summer what if you have a issue. how do you get it fixed.
2. Anyone can say they know what there doing, but take info they give you and confrim it by going on the internet an checking the info.
3. Range is a big factor . If one shop tells you its 129.99 for 3000ft but four other shops tell you there starters are 179.99 for 1500ft. theres something wrong anyone can tell you anything verfiy the range by checking on websites and chatrooms. My two sense you can not get a 3000ft starter for 129.99 if the product is registered by the fcc the lic for 3000ft cost to much money to sell it at such a low price.
4. Call your dealer were your car came from ask the sale people who they send there cars to.

I would like to comment on a post that had a problem with are module warranty. All module have a one year warranty , thats at all shops. Custom sound offers a lifetime labor and car starter brian warranty, and a two year warranty on remotes. we are the only store who does a two year warranty. also we compustar remote starters #3 nmost sold in us and #1 sold in canada. The customer who had the problem I remember very well. But a Car starter 3 1/2 years a ago. Bypass went bad so a new was needed. Gave customer choice of 39.99 mod with one year waranty in house built or 69.99 mod made by ads idatalink one year warranty never had one fail. customer was upset and never came back to have fixed. there was maybe a chance the customer did not understand me or my staff and I am sorry for that but please if any one has a issue with CSW please feel free to give me call .
Mario From custom sound

United States

#44 Nov 14, 2008
Paul wrote:
<quoted text>
You lie Mario you never worked at Upstate mobile with Brian...Anymore lies you wanna tell
Really ask brian I have his number in S.C. if you need it or go to best ask criag we all worked together at upstate. I left when brian made a decsion on going to S.C.. Or you can go to carbone gmc/pontiac and ask the salesmen there about how I use to work for brian . Why wouldI needto lie were I worked ?? Paul you really need to get some help.

United States

#45 Nov 14, 2008
Mario stop lying and go plow some snow.
False Advertisement

Manlius, NY

#46 Nov 14, 2008
Anybody ready to see me prove Big Apple Music is falsely advertising the specifications of their car starters?

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