Zero Sewage in Barge From Mohawk CRET...

Zero Sewage in Barge From Mohawk CRETIN FAILED

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Gouverneur, NY

#1 Apr 25, 2014
You can look at the DEC sewage overflow maps, Sewage Discharge Reports and see how there is no way any sewage can be at the barge at Aqua.


Living 24/7 on topix on public assistance has his jealously running a muck.

Here are the reports.

Gouverneur, NY

#2 Apr 25, 2014
The clown posts a od article from a year ago and then post proof of the sewage control showing where it enters the mohawk and hiow there is no sewage at the Aqua in the barge, but acts like there is, what a sick welfare low life, when does it go back to hamlin, HAHAHAHAHAAAAA
AquaFeces on duh Canal

Hialeah, FL

#3 Apr 25, 2014
Looks pretty clear to me it runs DIRECTLY past nice try chump!

Photodocumented crud floating past AquaVino. Go make up another story!

As you all know, the Oneida County Sewage treatment system is old and the phony worthless politicians you retards elected over the last 40 years did nothing to maintain it, much less expand capacity to account for the endless suburban sprawl the politicians allowed without proper sewage handling so they could eat some more of your taxes.

The result? About 6 years ago the state came in and slapped a mandatory fix order on the system and approved the runoff of raw sewage into the "Canal" which runs right next to Aqua Vino not 15 feet away.

So about 4-5 times a month when the county's capacity to handle these millions of gallons of raw sewage, much HOT from the assholes of unhealthy Uterines... the county guys open the shitgates and let the raw sewage spill untreated and stinkin' into the canal, to float on past this fine taxpayer subsidized dining dive.

It's so bad the green slime from the bacteria and algae extends all the way to Utica limits to the east/ Further back... there's Esche the phony grant blower businessman's "fine dining establishment"... stinkin' all day. Stinkin' all night and no those are NOT meat-A-balls floating by yes that is very surely human feces floating by the windows or deck to remind you of the soon-to-be feces you are eating at your table. The smell helps the whole shit-roma-therapy and "Utica ambiance" thing!

Eat up Uticans!

Photo of the feces:

Proof the county is not only dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of raw decomposing sewage, it's gotten so bad the county has taken to announcing when they are in "overflow mode" about 10x a month depending upon rain/snow.

Gouverneur, NY

#4 Apr 25, 2014
I looked at the overflow report map, and you are a idiot. Thanks for posting the truth how there is no way sewage makes it over 10 miles in the mohawk or never gets into the barge.
AquaFeces on duh Canal

Hialeah, FL

#5 Apr 25, 2014
Shelly wrote:
I looked at the overflow report map, and you are a idiot. Thanks for posting the truth how there is no way sewage makes it over 10 miles in the mohawk or never gets into the barge.
Whatever you say. Glad you think you know now go eat up LOL! Now back to blaming your fired dishwasher that just got you some more posts on other forums.
When you can explain away the photos of floating feces being posted around let us know!
AquaFeces on duh Canal

Hialeah, FL

#6 Apr 25, 2014

"Da Law" explained it best so I repost.

"If you cannot, google map it. The FACTS are, Aqua Vino is on the Barge Canal, a Mile UPSTREAM from the sewage treatment plant, which does not discharge into the Canal, but to lowlying areas SOUTH of the MOHAWK RIVER.

And you were doing so well. The Oneida County sewage facility is upstream at Sauquoit Creek. You're thinking of the Utica municipal plant that is, indeed, downstream.

A river of raw sewage will keep flowing from the Sauquoit Creek Discharge Station until at least 2024. While you're perusing Google Maps for verification, please note that the so-called "Utica Harbor" is also within the fecal flow area. Yes, that's right. The city is planning on spending millions developing the shoreline of a cess pit.

The sewage discharge flows directly into the "Utica Harbor", such as it is. As you can see in Google Maps, the flow channel suddenly widens when it gets to the access lock junction. That's why the rafts of feces and toilet paper develop at that point. It also leads to untreated human feces filling the harbor area, eventually dropping to the bottom of the water and establishing a fragrant, biologically active layer of filth.

Follow the flow channel downstream and you'll find the Aqua Vino parking lot adjacent to the raw sewage. Keep in mind that the harbor access lock is also used to stabilize flow rates between the river and the canal. When the canal is low and that gate is opened the sewage spews into both the Mohawk River and the Barge Canal, surrounding Aqua Vino with sewage contaminated water to both the north and south.

If I'm being unclear about why the entire area is contaminated with human feces, please don't hesitate to ask for more information. Utica's effort to develop an open sewer as a tourist attraction is one of my favorite subjects.

Your humble servant,
Da Law"

Gouverneur, NY

#7 Apr 25, 2014
Talk about someone with no mind. South of the mohawk, it flows east and west, so south is in a field, we know what DA stands for Dumb AS.
You can see the discharge into the mohawk at wurz ave, downstream DA of aqua and the other is at sauquoit creek on the mohamk.
So post which overflow listed from DEC allows the harbor to get sewage I'll wait to laugh.
AquaFeces on duh Canal

Hialeah, FL

#8 Apr 25, 2014
BTW according to the ruler on Google Earth it's not "10 miles" though I can see why you liars would like people to think that! So there you go again just caught blatantly lying. Like Utican cheats typically do, the morals of Uticans are just as much a cess pool.

Try "one mile" "Shelly". Each time the locks are regulated, the flotilla of shyt goes right on past numerous people have seen it so sit there and lie to yourself [and "laugh"] but you can't lie about the facts.

This is part of why people dislike upstate losers. They're utterly ignorant, can't even read simple maps being the example here... and they lie about everything so they feel "right".

Now go try to smoke THAT in your crack pipe "Shelly".


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