Comets: Hundreds of empty seats.

Westernville, NY

#71 Feb 18, 2014
Does cretin need to pay for three seats an does he bring his own skittles ?
Larry Handiman

Gary, IN

#75 Feb 18, 2014
wasamassercretin wrote:
Does cretin need to pay for three seats an does he bring his own skittles ?
The cameltoe! You can see it from space!

To all potential investors in Utica: Stay away, if you don't like a lowlife police state making KKK jokes leave! NOBODY DARES attack the upstate lawsuit-prone police! The Utica NY Police under Mayor Robert Palmieri and Chief Mark Williams have an online contingent that patrols Facebook and Topix all day responding to any valid posts with race baiting.

Now the head racist is posting from "New Hartford, NY".

If you make a Topix post that offends their puffychest self-delusions of grandeur or "glory" they will bury it with these racist posts as you clearly see here. Try it yourself to verify it! Again this is by their own admission the work [via proxy] of the "Friends" lawsuit-prone Utica NY Police under Mayor Robert Palmieri and Chief Mark Williams. They are cowards posting race-fits to hide their own deeds from public online discourse. Period.

Also, this forum is infested with ignorant, unsophisticated, largely illiterate lowlife CNY people. They are ignorant, combative, annoying and ultra thin skinned. A well-known example:

"It truly is all they know. I would really like to see them in a negotiation process.

Outsider " I think it's only worth 1.1 million"

Typical utican " well you're a loser and your fat wh ore mother is on welfare so go give a rim job to another black you homo!!!"

Typical words found in UPD/CNY Cheerleader [aka "Analcretintalker"] Spam posts are "BLUEPRINTS" "ENGINEER" "SREGGIN", "Cretin", Cliffy/Clifford, "wh ore", and "welfare", usually ALL CAPS.

They are saying: "Stay away, its none of your business. We have ALL the answers and don't need outsiders looking in laughing at our disasters and economic failure at the hands of lowlife politicians and pubic officials! If We don't need you or your money. We are ignorant and obsessive here. You should have nothing to do with CNY. Stay in your progressive enlightened villages and cities because we don't want you. No one here has the intelligence, education, or cultural maturity to support any high paying jobs you may think you could bring to this area. Save your selves. Leave Utica alone to eat our own young and mind your own business cupcake."

That's Utica! Where even the Comets Hockey is on the Oneida Co.$2.5M Friends & Family Plan™ welfare!
Welfare Hockey Rules

United States

#79 Feb 19, 2014
Losers in a loser rust belt town talking abut their welfare hockey while their futures burn.

Enjoy that new ammo plant and your monkey sport retards.Any women show up yet?
utica rules wrote:
<quoted text>. Yes paper!!!!! Comets counting paper checks, paper money, and paper credit card statements all the way to the bank!!!!!
Welfare Hockey Rules

Cleveland, NY

#81 Feb 20, 2014
I got my rash from mom, she's a welfare failure like me an my homies cliffy the head welfare no job car waxer that can't afford a cell phone.
No one inportant

Ardsley, NY

#83 Feb 20, 2014
Mannys Cheesecake Face wrote:
<quoted text>
Oh yeah. They're rolling in the dough. Why do you think the rest of the aud upgrades haven't been done yet? They have no affiliate secured for next season. You people have been warned. The Canucks will not be in slum land next season.
I just shake my head at the posts from some of you. You want to know the real reason the remaining upgrades haven't been completed??? Cause it's hockey season you moron!! The aud ice is booked every night through March. Come April you'll see phase two begin.

Why do I bother....
No one inportant

Ardsley, NY

#85 Feb 20, 2014
Ok, let's wait and see. I'll guarantee that you'll see the construction crews arrive this spring.
Albany Devils

Herkimer, NY

#87 Feb 20, 2014
Mannys Cheesecake Face wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm not sure why you do bother moron to use your word. The money has not and will not be allocated until the auditorium proves it has a viable tenant for the foreseeable future. Search that out for yourself if you don't believe me but I couldn't care less. This was a quick burst of money to the aud. this was a temporary home for the Canucks. The comets will be scrambling for an affiliate next season. Those are the facts.
There will be no aid expansion. There will be no suites built. No restaurants. No...whatever anyone thinks. What had been done to the aud is it. New locker rooms, a paint job, video screens, and a souvenir shop framed in by office divider quality material. Enjoy.
IF you keep repeating yourself long enough eventually you start believing your own lies. You have a serious problem.
Of course

Gouverneur, NY

#89 Feb 20, 2014
utica rules wrote:
<quoted text> that guy has some serious issues... I agree with you....
You're dealing with the rashed hate filled moron Cliffy guys. What do you expect? You can not engage him in any decent conversation because he lives to pizz people off. He will always, and I mean always, show his azzz. Good luck!
Super crazy Dave

Ardsley, NY

#93 Feb 21, 2014
crazy john wrote:
the game was a sellout. a lot of people went to the SUgame though.i used to go to all the hockey games. they are great. I used to be the nut that sat behind the penalty you remember me$ in section 115
You and me Buddy! Those were the day's - harassing the other teams and haggling

Utica, NY

#95 Feb 21, 2014
The Comets will be playing the Crunch in Syracuse tonight. Anyone going to Syracuse to watch the game tonight ?
No one inportant

Vernon, NY

#96 Feb 21, 2014
Manny keeps twisting it and twisting it to fit his opinions. You hit him with facts and he backs off a little more each time.

Which is it Manny? So now you're admitting that those additional upgrades were done?

C'mon people come with an arguement or stay off this board.
Dont expect a response

Gouverneur, NY

#99 Feb 21, 2014
from "Manny" for quite some time today. He was up all night drunk spewing hatred and talking about cheese curds....I kid you not.
manny the loser

Utica, NY

#100 Feb 21, 2014
Dont expect a response wrote:
from "Manny" for quite some time today. He was up all night drunk spewing hatred and talking about cheese curds....I kid you not.
Isn't there someway he can be banned from topix .
Who knows but

Gouverneur, NY

#101 Feb 21, 2014
manny the loser wrote:
<quoted text>Isn't there someway he can be banned from topix .
that would be nice.
team USA

Utica, NY

#106 Feb 22, 2014
The Crunch vs. Comet game was televised on Time-Warner Sports channel last night.

Utica, NY

#107 Feb 22, 2014
Playing in Binghamton tonight. Go Comets !!
Comets Fan

Herkimer, NY

#108 Feb 22, 2014
comets uc wrote:
<quoted text> your life must really suck. You claim no one cares about utica and its a dump. You you have such a pathetic and useless life, and so little to focus on. All you do is come on here and waste all day on topic trolling utica!!! What a charmed life you must have. Good news for you is the welfare check is only a week away!!!! The rest of us are enjoying the hockey season!!
He is both jealous and obsessed with everything Utica.
No one inportant

Vernon, NY

#111 Feb 22, 2014
Mannys Cheesecake Face wrote:
<quoted text>
Like I thought. When asked for the facts the typical Utican scurries. Such trash.
And again. Who gives a sh it how many Uticans traveled to a road game? Is that really something to proud if. Be proud when utica can brag how many people traveled to utica. You people are so dumb.
Sorry I didn't get back sooner was Friday night and unlike you I wasn't glued to Topix. If you'd like to know what I was doing, the wife and I went out for an enjoyable dinner.

Now back to your ranting about facts...they've already been posted. All of the upgrades that have already been completed at the aud. Chillers, lighting, new bar, etc.... Do I need to go on? You're such a simpleton.

I'm probably not checking back tonight. Heading out with some friends to catch the SU game. How about you...what are your plans tonight? Please tell us, this should be interesting.
No one inportant

Vernon, NY

#113 Feb 23, 2014
Mannys Cheesecake Face wrote:
<quoted text>
Wow dinner and a college basketball game all on the same weekend? You must be considerably wealthy to have such an extravagant and enviable lifestyle. What I've found out through the years is people that brag about mundane things people do regularly, they really do no t lead a very exciting life.
Now back to the aud simpleton. I said future "enhancements" will not be done to the aud until another affiliate is secured next season. Make sure you check back in June...unless you're busy going out to dinner.
Not really sure how my finances came into this, but if you'd really like to know,a bunch of is went skiing yesterday at Gore Mt and then we caught the game in old forge and now we're going to cool up breakfast at my camp. A fun filled weekend to say the least. Would it have been better if I attended an art exhibit or a wine tasting event? Sorry not my cup of tea.

As with every other time, you completely ignored my question. What exciting things did you do this weekend? I can guarantee you won't answer.
Frankie -Fulfilled- Meola

United States

#114 Feb 23, 2014
Comets Fan wrote:
<quoted text>
He is both jealous and obsessed with everything Utica.
Maybe the "jealousy" defense worked when you pissed your pants in school so your mommy told you everyone was "just jealous" but face facts: NOBODY, ATTENTION - NOBODY is "jealous" of you losers stuck with welfare hawkee in central New York so just get over yourselves children.

When you have something to be jealous of we'll come take it from you losers as usual..... end of debate.

Oh yes! The WHOLE WORLD is so "jealous" of the statistically obese pubic servant copsuckers stuck in that corrupt feces-hole and prison economy that's frozen-in 6 months a year and has grey skies the rest! So jealous!!!! LMAO!

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