Another sellout

Vernon, NY

#33 Mar 8, 2014
Comet Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
I highly suggest you finish reading the rest of the article. Seriously. Keep reading the article. Wow you're dense. You seriously are dense.
Did you mean this part? To aid Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city's sales tax by 0.5 percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent

Vernon, NY

#35 Mar 8, 2014
Can I see your factual evidence? Everything I've posted has been facts.

And don't tell me your buddy told you while you were bowling.
The NH WalMartins

United States

#38 Mar 8, 2014
Facts? Such as "all stadiums are paid for with public money"?

Still waiting for that one!

Utica, NY

#41 Mar 8, 2014
Nono Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't pick and choose anything. You make blanket statements with zero facts. My expectations have not been met. You said they are performing above everyone's expectations. Unless you have polled everyone stay away from statements like that. Also, I hope the best for the comets in a search for a new affiliate next season. Mark my words, it won't be the Canucks.
That's exactly it... what are your expectations? It is quite clear from your past statements that you don't like hockey, the comets, or Utica in general so why the compulsive need to come onto Topix solely to wish failure upon things that you admittedly could give a rat's ass about? Is it just to break the monotony of watching porn in your parent's basement or do you actually have an obsessive need to troll on topix all day?

Utica, NY

#45 Mar 8, 2014
Fact wrote:
There will always be haters of other peoples success, But the fact is that right now the UTICA COMETS are a success and are exceeding everyone's expectations.
you are 100 percent correct. They take over an old broken down building that has lost alot of money for years and made great improvements inside and out with the help of private investors. They created a nice envirement considering the area. To not give these guys credit IS NOTHING MORE THAN BEING A HATER
Toe Jam

Ilion, NY

#46 Mar 8, 2014
We had a group of 8 going but the flu bug got us. Only 2 went. Had the tickets since December. Didn't even try to sell them

Vernon, NY

#47 Mar 8, 2014
Utica Marsh Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
What are you even talking about now? Seriously. What "facts" have you posted? I put an article up online that basically makes you look foolish and now you want "facts"? Facts about what?
Facts that Jerry's paying back the loan. Show me the facts that Jerry is paying back the loan please. I showed you the facts that the city paid for part do the stadium (325 million) with taxpayer money.

You said jerry is paying them show me where you found that info.

No name calling...besides I don't even live in Utica, never have.

I'm waiting

Ardsley, NY

#51 Mar 8, 2014
Aud Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
What part in the article that talked about the loans do you not understand or is it the whole general banking industry you have trouble grasping?
Oh son, please do not pretend you understand financial markets.

The city bonded the money to pay for their part of the financing. Jerry Jones doesn't purchase the bonds, they're sold on the free market to people who are looking for safe places to put their money.
Bonds are safe, they don't give you a high rate of return but they're not risky like the stock market...but you already knew that.

I hope your wife handles your finances.

Ardsley, NY

#52 Mar 8, 2014
Aud Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
All the aud "improvements" were paid for by the taxpayer. Zero private money went into it.
Yeah we're all well aware of that...thanks for playing

Vernon, NY

#57 Mar 8, 2014
Yes I did say that...I even gave you the amount. The taxpayers paid $325 million. The city is not getting paid back. Mr Jones is not on the hook for this.

It's called an investment. The city will get their money back in the form of taxes. You see the stadium will generate a hefty amount of sales tax which will go back into the city coffers. Kind of the way NY State looked at the aud upgrades, albeit on a much smaller scale.

You see every night there's a game at the aud, thousands of retail sales tax dollars are collected. Not only at the aud, but the bars and restaurants in the area. Plus if the team is from far enough away they stay the night which is even more tax revenue collected.

Hopefully I've made this clear enough for you.

Evanston, IL

#59 Mar 8, 2014
Lots of flip flopping going on in here.

Gouverneur, NY

#63 Mar 9, 2014
Aud Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
The aud is not a public building. You best check your facts.
The Aud certainly is a public building, owned by the county. Idiot!!!

Vernon, NY

#64 Mar 9, 2014
Aud Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
What you've made clear is you have zero clue...make blanket statements...and when confronted with the facts change your story.
How did I flop? From the first sentence I've said that cowboy stadium is a public owned bldg...never once have a strayed from that.

You're in over your head, so instead of manning up and saying "I'm sorry, I was wrong" you're now making stuff up.

Show me once where I've flopped on saying that cowboy stadium isn't publicly owned. Plus you still haven't shown me where jerry jones is paying back the city.

C'mon give me something to work with.

Vernon, NY

#65 Mar 9, 2014
trenton wrote:
<quoted text> its a public building. Who did you think was going to pay for it??. That would be like you paying to fix every pothole on the route you take from home to work....
Thank you Trenton for understanding my analogy about repairing the roof on your apt bldg.
ahl fan

Westernville, NY

#71 Mar 9, 2014
I really don't get all the negative posts.the comets are such a positive for our area.when there is a sell out (in any arena) there is some empty seats,you'll never get 100% of season ticket holders anywhere.please support our comets and look at the positives/benefits that they bring.there is absolutely nothing negative regarding the comets
Sgt Shultz

Washington, DC

#85 Mar 10, 2014
The negative comments are so funny. I guess even with all the welfare they are collecting these internet trolls and malcontents are pissed off at life in general and the fact that they donít have the disposable income to have some fun and enjoy a local attraction like the Comets. How much of a loser do you have to be to worry about what other people do and support? I love the minimum wage issue thrown in too like thatís somehow relevant. More women now go to the Comets then Iíve ever seen in pro hockey in Utica since the 70's. The ratio of 100 to 1 thrown out in a post is totally incorrect.

You can go right now and look at Ticketmaster interactive site and see there are less than 30 seats available for the Friday 3/21 game. Is Ticketmaster in the business of lying too? Paid attendance is what counts not what season ticket holders are no shows. Current AHL stats have Utica average attendance at 3,351. Thats better then Oklahoma City, Albany, Abbotsford and Portland but more importabtly our percent sold of capacity is amoung the highest in the league. To date just over 97,000 tickets have been sold for home games.

The jersey auction Friday night was crazy. Well over 50K raised from about twenty jerseys. Opening bids were at $500 and $1000 and most jerseys sold for 3K! Go Comets!
Puck You

Herkimer, NY

#87 Mar 10, 2014
No matter what these constant whiners will keep it up. They must live sad lives to find fault with everything and complain on Topix. Puck off.

Utica, NY

#89 Mar 10, 2014
ahl fan wrote:
I really don't get all the negative posts.the comets are such a positive for our area.when there is a sell out (in any arena) there is some empty seats,you'll never get 100% of season ticket holders anywhere.please support our comets and look at the positives/benefits that they bring.there is absolutely nothing negative regarding the comets
Some of the comments stem from the fact that at a time when our taxes are going up, the county can't see its' way clear to lower the sales tax and it's costing more every week to fill our cars with gas, our elected representatives have given the Comets and the Aud over $7 million taxpayer dollars. Soon the taxpayers will be constructing a new parking lot across the street from the Aud and taxpayers will pay to park there. This may be fine with hockey fans but what about the rest?

When you peel back the layers the Comets are a privately owned, for profit business that benefits a relatively few people. You know, like Hotel Utica that the taxpayers are paying the mortgage payments on. Privately owned - publicly funded. There's no money to pave the roads but by golly we've got us an AHL team.

Vernon, NY

#91 Mar 10, 2014
Cow Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
You'll be complaining come June when the comets are searching for another affiliate.
And I'm sure the ppl of CNY will support the new affiliation that comes to town. Think about it, how many local ppl do know that are Vancouver fans? I'm sure you could count them on one hand. It's a west coast team, not many ppl stay up till 1am to watch the end of the game. The majority of hockey fans around here support the Rangers, devils, flyers, bruins, etc....

Could you imagine the support they'd get if they landed one of those farm teams.

Vernon, NY

#93 Mar 10, 2014
Cow Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
You will be in a dogfight for the flames affiliation. Like I've said before mark it down and check back in June.
Like I said before, the ppl of CNY will support any team.
You must feel privileged to have such a wealth of knowledge.

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