With the current budget changes are needed or we will collapse. Many people in Utica are moving to the suburbs and the population is aging and will not pay the taxes.

When you vote you need to vote for a leader with a proven track record. Thats why you need to vote for Larry Tanoury Jr. for Mayor and Maureen Albanese for Comptroller.

If they are elected the following will happened.

Immediate freeze on hiring.

decrease in city postions

all city employees with the exception of public safety will be contractors who will not be under the civil service pension. They will get a 401 K plan.

A surcharge for all volunteer organizations using city services.

Work with the Oneidas to open a casino with a small portion of the revenue coming to Utica.

Contract out DPW. Have 3 or 4 vendors bid to pick up trash. This will result in a 10 -20% savings.

In 2015 put all city employees under a high deductible health plan with a health saving account.

Work with a firm to better insulate city building with a projected savings of 10 - 20%.

Look at other city and see what best practices lead to increases in savings.

Hire an effective grant writer to go after federal and state grants. person must have experience and if they do do deliver after one year replace them. Grants are still reasonable to get.

Good Larry and maureen!!