An Open Letter to Clippers Corner

An Open Letter to Clippers Corner

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Ithaca, NY

#1 Mar 11, 2012
This is in response to comments made at clippers corner concerning a "psyhco" responding to some idiot named lioneljoe and his incessant rants about new hartford development, in particular Larry Adler.

1.) My daily activities don't include spending an inordinate amount of time posting on local forums and blogs under multiple names ie, lioneljoe, retired Army LTC, Larry Adler Panhandler, New Hartford Resident, etc. expressing unqualified childish negativity for any and all development in the entire region. I'm not the one obsessed with Larry Adler.

2.) I do enjoy reading comments from residents on local issues affecting the region but by no means am I the "psycho" here. See #1

3.) The term urban sprawl and talk of filling "empty storefronts" comes from individuals that either have NO CLUE or choose to ignore what it takes to find suitable real estate for a new business. It's not rocket science by any means. All you "keyboard developers and urban planners" can type to your heart's content but this is the real world with real money at stake. Filling an "empty storefront" involves first paying a premium for an OLD property. Second before any renovation/demolition, government requires lead studies, asbestos removal, possible soil contamination testing, parking requirement upgrades, lighting requirements, improvements to underground utilities, suitable ingress/egress, traffic control device upgrades and on and on. That's all before paying a fee in lieu of mitigation charge, paying for a building permit and before the first swing of a workers hammer. It just makes financial sense to erect a state of the art facility that incorporates all necessary design features required to satisfy the permit process for LESS money than filling an existing empty storefront. Now for those of you millionaires who are truly concerned about "urban sprawl" (including you Strikeslip), step up to the plate and invest your own money to right this terrible assault on our communities resources.

4.) New Hartford moves forward year after year while Utica continues it's downward spiral. Property values in NH remain stable and the town continues to be a nice affordable safe place to live despite what others say which leads me to #5

5.) The outrage expressed by a few fringe blogs and backward thinking politicians concerning NYSDOT improving the arterial accomplished what? Has the state walked away from this much needed improvement that would've been beneficial for the entire region? Case in point, when 690 was built in Syracuse, some of the side streets connecting E Syracuse to Erie Blvd and the rest of Syracuse were dead ended leaving a few connectors to traverse the new highway and they're doing just fine with much more population than Utica. You individuals expressing negativity concerning any investment in this area's future whether it be a new road configuration or seed money to get a project moving forward are what's holding this area back. Any change is met with a resounding NO. How's that working for you Utica residents?

6.) The concept of making the arterial into a boulevard "just like Seneca Turnpike in New Hartford", now that's psycho. West Utica for the most part is shot. Their will be no revival in that neighborhood which for all intents and purposes is the new Cornhill. I mean cmon, an entire city block (Bossert site) on State Route 12 for $140k and you people are jumping for joy? Let's see what local officials do for this "developer."


Ithaca, NY

#2 Mar 11, 2012
Finally, I'm not Larry Adler. I met the guy once briefly at a public hearing years ago. I'm posting this here because I wish to remain anonymous. My opinions are mine alone and were formed because I pay attention, educate myself on the issues and have the ability to separate fact from bullshit. I grew up in Utica then moved to New Hartford almost 25 years ago because i saw the writing on the wall. And no I don't work for the town either and I'm not in real estate. I'm just a tax paying resident with a modest home and income that's sick of all you internet "know-it-all do nothing thugs" bringing this area down with negativity at every turn. Screw you lioneljoe and people like you, you're a POS!

If my thoughts and opinions lead you to believe I'm the "psycho" here, SO BE IT!

Ithaca, NY

#3 Mar 11, 2012
Poke Poke Poke

United States

#4 Mar 29, 2014
If you want a great example of the racist haters hanging out up at that crazy site just google "BobbyZ" Barb Zexio and her dear good friend who was BANNED for racism Joan North Utica Murphy.

Typical lowlife utican "Law & order" correction retard NY welfare- pubic servant job dullard families. How many times has her son kicked his wife's azz?

Culver City, CA

#5 Mar 29, 2014
South street is so nice an safe, you only need to duck every hour to miss the path of a bullet. So clean, garbage on the streets, it's like Christmas decorations.

Glenfield, NY

#6 Mar 29, 2014
I don't know who wrote that first couple posts but the person is a genius. I see it's an older post but it's spot on. To many keyboard gangsters think they are financial and economical wizards in the area of new growth.....Like the concerned peeps in nh and all the other blogs. Nobody wants old store fronts. You dinosaurs simply hate change and progress. If you all really knew wtf you were talking about you would be working in that field making millions not sitting at home hiding on a computer telling us all how to live our lives.

I too grew up in Utica. But once I hit adulthood and had to start paying the freight it was time to move to a community that takes care of itself and it's residents. I love the suburb I'm in and will never ever move back to Utica. Utica will never change. It's citizens keep electing the same tired and inept politicians expecting different results. If by the act of satan the city ever got its hands on the suburbs I would then move further out. The sprawl and all that that slipstrike and others carry on about would simply continue unabated. You can't simply put lipstick on a pig as they always say.
New Hartford Cupcake Face

Whitesboro, NY

#7 Mar 29, 2014
Hmm... The original poster was the key note speaker at Donna Donovan's tearful retirement party. The only reason the Concern Citizens and Topix exist in the first place is because Donna's OD failed miserably in holding this area's politician's accountable for their incompetence and corruption.

If Donna did her job over the last few years this area would have been far better off then it is now and their wouldn't be alternative media.

Topix and Concerned Citizens: Monuments to Donna Donovan's incompetence as a newspaper publisher.

Whitesboro, NY

#8 Mar 30, 2014
Clipper's Corner? Is that Forum still around? It used to be very active but it was dead last time I checked about a year ago.
Clipper Beating Off

Whitesboro, NY

#9 Apr 13, 2014
Drop dead libtard.
New Hartford Cupcake Face

Whitesboro, NY

#10 Apr 13, 2014
Clipper's Corner jumped the shark when it turned into Larry Tanoury's personal soapbox. The Clipperites hung on his every word and cheered him on like he was the savoir of Utica. We all know how that turned out. Clipper's Corner is still technically alive but hardly anyone posts there anymore. Its totaly irrelevant.
Dont forget

United States

#11 Apr 13, 2014
New Hartford Cupcake Face wrote:
Clipper's Corner jumped the shark when it turned into Larry Tanoury's personal soapbox. The Clipperites hung on his every word and cheered him on like he was the savoir of Utica. We all know how that turned out. Clipper's Corner is still technically alive but hardly anyone posts there anymore. Its totally irrelevant.
Don't forget the racist white trash "law & order" badgebunnies that infested it and turned everyone off. Clipper and Ralph were cool but it's no different than the UPD Facebook site now. The police are "always right" even when they're dead wrong and everyone else's opinions are deleted and the self-righteous judgmental narcissists can say whatever they like.

Carthage, NY

#12 Apr 13, 2014
Chipper (Mr. Know It All) is the one that started that web site, and he was the one responsible for its death (just as predicted).
Adding more names

Whitesboro, NY

#13 Apr 14, 2014
opinion wrote:
Chipper (Mr. Know It All) is the one that started that web site, and he was the one responsible for its death (just as predicted).
The ironic thing is Mr. Clipper escaped from this area YEARS ago! Yet, he feels he has to have a Utica Forum
NH Library Tortoise

Albany, NY

#14 Apr 14, 2014
It was funny watching Larry Tanoury social engineer the Clipper Corner posters. Larry always sounded like a conservative reformer on Clipper's Corner while on his blog he sounded like an arrogant liberal Friends and Family want a be.
The Clippers would always try to defend Larry as they bought his bombastic BS.
The result: Larry has faded into oblivion and so has Clipper's Corner.
Azs Crack For You Corner

Whitesboro, NY

#15 Apr 14, 2014
Corner- big jerk off ex cop neocon poster.

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