The THRILL military scumbags Levon Wa...

The THRILL military scumbags Levon Wameling links..

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Oct 29, 2013
e There is now far more deadly "association" to Levon Wameling death and the story I have been writing called THE THRILL OF THE KILL" based on real life issues taking place in mine..and the taunts made at me for years by the deadly scumbags who work it all..Levon Wamelings death was No exception and now the issues link by deadly overkill of clue direction to the next deadly direction of it all..

I became very suspicious of this story upon hearing how Levon talk made in 2008 ..Yes before he was born..of a story that was very similar to what began to unfold in Utica on 5-29.

I was already aware of his name and how in "reverse" a clue direction my own sister set up on me on 3-29-05..became the word NOVEL off Levon's name..and then his BIRTHDAY of first posted in his official missing page as 8-30..the same date Erin Maxwell another part of my story in 2008 ..had died also after being murdered at the age of 11 by her convicted stepbrother Alan Jones..The PIRATES ongoing water clue..and the "reason" FORT DRUM soldier Landon(land on in "reverse" clue) Collins crashed the way he did in New Haven N.Y. just about 100 feet from my door around 4:00am on 9-15..

The address of 748 Jay St was another TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" direction in "reverse" 8:47pm the TIME my sons was born on 2-25 many years ago..That's why I used his birth announcement card as my Facebook page photo for a while.."ITS A BOT born at 8:47pm.. on 2-25..just as all his birth announcement info says...I had heard the story of what is JEVON Wamelings doings to his own son in 2008 taunted as a GONE BABYT GONE 'scene" that after seeing the movie later ..made no sense to me. LEVON WAMELINGS death was the "association" crime to still ongoing deadly Oswego County, N.Y activity here by the deadly scumbags who promote it a story plan called THE THRILL OF THE KILL" of the MILLENNIUN ZODIAC who does it all for later "gain" off it all..

Before Levon Wameling vanished on 5-29-12 ...there was a previous "association" issue being set up on me by then deadly MILITARY scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney and her mother Peggy known as the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up on me link to the "friendly fire" NYS trooper shooting death of David Brinkerhoff badge number 4531 on 4-25-07.. AKA the "Pay her of fin Pig Latin" cop death in all of this..Thomas Lindsey was the HALLOWEEN "trick" clue deadly scumbags here who helped set it all in motion step at a time..

Aftin Deveney the also FORT DRUM linked deadly military soldier direction in this also had a BIRACIAL child that she planned to use as a cover excuse to a confrontation she was instigating at me to fill in the ongoing series upon me like My Mother to what Beverly Davis and her "Good woman" daughter Valerie Dedich was attempting on how I ended up there in her mothers home..TIME FRAME MY 3-11 BIRTHDAY start of it all in how Military scumbag recruit Bill McCarty and his "partner" Dorothy Mills set me up on 3-19-12..that I was to learn was my future BF'S daughter's BIRTHDAY who is married to the Military scumbag known as the coming JOHN N.Y clues upon me now by "association" and that will be explained later in posts also in sequence with it's time frame..

Aftin arrived in her mother Peggy's Oneida st home in Oswego on 10-25 my mothers BIRTHDAY ..all part of the military scumbag plan out in motion by "HE" to protect my mothers doings in all of this in "HE" "reverse" plans called "sexual predators" later "gain" off the "victim's who all took pat in the story activity themselves..and now want to play "victim" brother bill no exception either..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Oct 29, 2013
Peggy Deveney made sure the 143 address Oswego home was hers of HER DIVORCE by the time this was going into full motion. That address was the forwarding clue to a date of a missing New haven woman who vanished on 4-2-1994..the year this all began to take shape after BILL VICKERY made his "statement" and then gave the information back to Chris Vickery Bower the other "victim" It's also the SAME year as the tragic Kennedy accident in Oswego..and there are your key clues in all of this now..That I still say began with a HIDE ALLEN name "reverse" to a Fulton man's death in 1994 also..Alan Halstead..a sudden death that always had struck me odd in it's timing..and who he was by 'association" to me in the time I was a night cashier..The story of how Heidi Allen vanished ..I also waited on the man who was convicted of the crime..Heidi has never been found..That in 2004 became the setting for my sisters "landfill" and Judge" charade on me in another chaotic time of my life..

The missing overkill of "association" upon me now in New Haven less than a mile from where Heidi Allen vanished..was the "reason" this entire New haven "scene" was set up on ME and planned t be on my BF if he did comply with the planned out come of it.

Heidi vanished just few weeks after the Oswego,,N.Y. Kennedy tragedy..3 deceased children resulted..and a mother makes 4..clue now an "eeerie" again to me "pregnant" military scumbag "association"..calle d JOHN NY and his 3-19 wife's birthday and her current pregnancy ..a child die near my 3-11 birthday..and how it all falls into place up me off the ongoing series of deadly military scumbags behind it all..

Jevon Wameling's body was found by police on 9-6..the day one year ago deadly scumbag "gain'er recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" set her estranged husband up in 2012..He is my BF now and was then with the 3-19 birthday daughter who is married to the JOHN NY clue.."JUDITH" set up herself on the 2-24 "line up" date with my sons 2-25 my sons birthday...her 3 "missing" dogs...Heidi Allen and Levon Wameling clues now..2 of "JUDITH"S dogs came home ..JOHN NY was never found..YES that does to me look as though the 3 who went "missing" in all of this ...2 will be located clue..the 3rd was taunted at me as "Emily Lincoln" in 2005 and on..

"JUDITH" IS HAVING the time of her life setting these clues for the deadly ROGUE COPS behind it all
off her scorned woman act set up on her ex to destroy his life to give the Peggy Deveney plan more POWER..a 9-12 date clue..called National Grid again. remember is was all about ME at one time and claims deadly's were promised as "proof" back then off video and "heat sensors" in Fulton and of course "THE LOOK ON HER FACE" and everything that was behind how I arrived at 151 west First St in April 2005..The "Maureen Levea" "anagram" birthday address..

ONLY BILL VICKERY could go to lawyer and confess he raped his sister...and then give the psychology behind it all back to the victim..So she could do this for him..and claim fro years he knew nothing about it to his wife and family as he waits for the outcome for HIM he knew all along..he had to incriminate the victim and her mother first..Who do an awful lot of work in this to protect him...and NOT from me..Bill was going to punch me in mouth in 2005..?? After he came to see me at Chalrie Gakso not once but twice of course that's his mothers fault..ask him. He knew then Chris had hit my Jeep..already..and he did not know SHE was going to do this..with the "why" he raped her story he gave her from his lawyers...the "statement"
Bill even tried to talk to me at the casino also...?? AFTER he made his "statement" ??? i wont nothing to do with him or his JOSHUA TREE "gain" plan..
God I Love This Woman

Utica, NY

#3 Oct 29, 2013
I'm willing to bet you're the most sane woman in the world. It's everyone else who can't see the forest through the trees or connect the dots that are insane.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 Oct 29, 2013
God I Love This Woman wrote:
I'm willing to bet you're the most sane woman in the world. It's everyone else who can't see the forest through the trees or connect the dots that are insane.
Ok if you believe that...I don't..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 Oct 29, 2013
I put the "statement" Chris Vickery Bower..claimed Bill Vickery made to his lawyer about "why" he raped her in the middle of the Crystal Lanning to move into 1994 508 Oneida St time frame..

From there a series of bad things took place..that are all overkill of clues and links now by "association" to even more bad things.

"Angie Baby" as it's known in "THE THRILL" now off the "soundtrack" song they taunted me with and the bizarre video of the SHACK..with the SRIHC on its door..It's the soundtrack" "signature" clue to the THE THRILL OF THE KILL" by Bill Vickery's version of it..His is BILLY "reverse" called One Tin Soldier..Like the TIN Man from OZ who had NO HEART...Put at the 690 Junction off Rt 48 during the time frame this all began at CHRIS"S home..Someone forgot that "OZ never did give noting to the tin man that he didn't already have"

The BILL VICKERY AKA uncle BILL in Utica "association" plan was CHRIS went "crazy" when he told her "why"..that blows all the scumbags she says she saw us claims...or maybe she will stick with that also..

So he old her and from there it all began..The Marla Miller crap was the cover front for it all..Lundy's name in motion already as Cromie is dying..So Lundy knows I have noting now..then 1999. The 911 was still there..and he knew it.

Some how it becomes a front plan of deadly military "association" doings o the real life horrors.??

Bill Vickery's lines he all prepared to protected by ROGUES cuz he did not know CHRISSTY was going to do this .. She picked up where my mother left off in 2001 after smashing to my parked Jeep in "reverse" also. Yes I think there was a power struggle in motion there..Who's scums could out fox who..and of course BILL the innocent one..Play that front on it..He's got Chris right where he wants her.. He claims "they" probably deadly scumbags got on he ran to a lawyer..then ran back to Chris to tell her "why" ..from there Chris went "crazy" and did this..planned it...Now DON'T FORGET..TODD'S fathers death date AKA the Kennedy accident 3 years later(The "they do things in 3s" clue Wallen gave me in 2001??) and then his mother's...his mother's death kept Chris secure.. Todd played it as If my mother knew this was going on your sister would not be here" I don't know what he meant by or her..?? I had NOT met George Lundy yet...In fact Walter Todd's father was dead before 1999..a clue to them ? NOT to have ME around? Does NOT fit Chris 's doings..

Bill comes to SUNOCO in 2--5 after he learns CHRISSY went "crazy" was doing this to me..actually he came the first time to see if I suspected him..I was NOT listening to Chris and thought well he can call the police and i did not know if her claim was true anyway..I think he plays that trump card now...She just went "crazy" no "statement" now..Still screws her..So she's got "proof" or someone does back then and deadly scumbags believed it.

Bill comes the second time to SUNOCO after finding out Tammy Rowe was counteracting it all..Yes he had that cell phone open..a beam me up Scotty type phone then.."checking the time" he said later..Same way he had it open in my fathers kitchen my father said and became suspicious as he was talking about the dead Levea's and Joe Younis I did not know was "cousin" Then then Bill's "Dad he said stop saying it" "She's getting mad" lines from him...I didn't hear anyone but those two..My father was confused also....and then all the shit outside my "squalid conditions" he was on his phone again..He knew I was in there and wanted NO part of the CHRIS T MAS crap going on.. at CHRIS T MAS time as deadly scumbags worked his wife to talk to me..he stopped her..

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 Oct 29, 2013
So he knew and that is Bill;s I did not ask them to o this for me...So he knew..BUT he stayed with it and the players of it..

Now I do LIKE the "CHRISSY" did all this claims...and hwo my mother was "used" to get me to the casino to shut me up with money ...So why so much for her also? Small streak of luck? "They" were taunting CHRISSY" that's why..They knew they had set her up..My mother looks like the Virgin Mary..and that was in motion also ..She "saved" me from it all in Oct 2009..CHRISSYS son played a role also in that arrangement..he just began to show up....BILL is with his mommy's version..that's clear..

He did not know Chrissy was going to do this..ask him..Bottom line us the ROGUE cops behind it all protect ONLY their this deadly military scumbag recruit plan they have now on me,,headed into JOHN they laugh at all the dead in the trail of it..and those to come off it..

Right now it all centers on a pregnant JOHN NYS wife ad her 3-19 close to delivery time frame birthday In the middle of mine and hers also expected date..

It went biracial child to Bircial from Aftin to Levon's what is confusing went SANDY the HOOK clue librarian to the Ver plan(C)k Rd murder of a former Oswego SCHOOL librarian ..that military direction was Bill Cregg..on LOTTERY TICKET clues..

Now from bill M Carty and what he "saw" claims on Stacy - MILITARY JOHN NY wife and the plan to have her separate me and my Bf..with deadly scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" filling in all the taunting ROGUE FBI and NYS Police clues to it how she set it all up and was assisted to pull it all off by ROGUE NYS POLICE for the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego "association" plan ..Even the DOGS names were right..and I know the dates were right on...YOU are NOT supposed to know that ...So it will all drive me even more "crazy"...

So "they" got Jerry involved into to get my mother there..?? Then he married Sue..had his own military link now..My mother was working that into place.. So "they" could call ti a small streak of luck and everyone who believes other wise "stupid" and "makin fools" of themselves..BILL hangs put on all of this...he should not have to stop talking to his parents..over this,,he said it hes the one they want to execute their will if need..?? Why not Jerry or Chrissy or Angie baby???

Do they feel bad for Bill now since Chrissy went "crazy"..with it all?? CHRIS claims the "statement incriminates my mother also..."MOM DID IT" Sure does look that the plan to "get" me to protect Bill they BOTH had..

There are a lot of "revenge" issues in all off this...Who's revenging who is the ?

CrOmie was at crystals BEFORE 1996..then he showed up at NUTTTN FANCI..AT JUST THE RIGHT TIME FRAME...LIKE HIS DEATH ALSO.

Syracuse, NY

#7 Oct 29, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>Ok if you believe that...I don't..
I don't either, Diana. I believe you are a complete whack-a-doodle.

Ithaca, NY

#8 Oct 29, 2013
Yuppp wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't either, Diana. I believe you are a complete whack-a-doodle.
Don't say that. If you refuse to believe her insane paranoid rants, she will accuse you of being part of the conspiracy!

Auburn, NY

#9 Oct 30, 2013
Hey Yuppp.......ha ha ha you said whack-a-doodle.

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