Mark Scheidelman accused of child mol...

Denver, CO

#85 Nov 15, 2012
yeah ok wrote:
<quoted text>
If you know mark then you should know there are a lot of skeletons about to come out of his closet and u should know that regardless of who the family is no one is doubting he would do this so my guess is your one of his house guest lovers are u upset your free ride is coming to an end? Better get back to packing and get the fuck off topix
Thank you for your input "yeah ok". Though I should remind you that trying to personally insult me is about as inappropriate as swearing on a public board. btw your guess is completely inaccurate.
if its true

Whitesboro, NY

#86 Nov 15, 2012
If it is true, then there should be a law passed where we would shoot him and anyone close to him,
just an opinion
the patriot

Utica, NY

#87 Nov 15, 2012
the patriot wrote:
<quoted text> I totally agree with you. she protects him like the nanny protected damian in the movie Omen. betsy mack needs to go
I agree with trenton wrote: so spam or mark my comment as nuts regarding betsy. I live in trenton and know our town board. this is your last term ms. mack!

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#88 Nov 15, 2012
Lee Town Park wrote:
Joe Griffo in parking lot.
Everyone in Rome could fill in the blanks on that
What happened in the parking lot?
father o'feelya

Ithaca, NY

#89 Nov 15, 2012
Blaster wrote:
Father oh feelya, perhaps you should learn to read. I never said it was or wasn't his "fault" I was just replying to the poster who said it was "marks party" and if you knew anything about it, those people where drinking at the Floyd field days all night and just briefly stopped at that house.
Whoa blaster, I'm not disagreeing with you and yes, I am we'll aware that they were at the field days prior. We lost 2 good people in that accident. I was only trying to point out that Mark's name has been involved in many different questionable circumstances.

Ilion, NY

#90 Nov 15, 2012
Planet Fitness Monster wrote:
<quoted text>Innocent? This guys has had more kiddie kocks in his mouth than Micheal Jackson. The only reason kids wont turn him in is because he pays them and most are not living stable lives.

Monster seems to sell himself for sex! Not exactly a reliable character?

Ilion, NY

#91 Nov 15, 2012
Party wrote:
<quoted text>
I remember this very well. Joe G and Tanya C lost their lives after Mark's party. I dont know how Mark got off of this one with not even a slap on the wrist
Again this is all opinion and hearsay, you have your facts wrong and obviously a personal axe to grind. Whatever you know you should come forward and if you can't prove it you should keep your mouth shut!

Ilion, NY

#92 Nov 15, 2012
Trenton Official Stance wrote:
Town attorney Thomas Hughes is keeping the child molester in office????
Wtf is wrong with this picture???
Is he protecting and enabling?
Thomas Hughes.Thomas Hughes. Thomas Hughes.
Matk there are more coming forward and you are going to be meat soon and get your JUST DESSERTS ANIMAL
Get ready Mark. Kill yourself because your life is done you will have Nothing Now Mark....nothing but severe pain
Boy you would hang a guy based on one allegation! If he is guilty he should pay, but an accusation is not a conviction! You would destroy a possibly innocents man life on a "maybe". Even if he is 100% innocent and acquitted his life has been ruined forever. Have you not seen the many child abuse cases where the parent had a grudge or was seeking $ and the cases are thrown out? The accused is still ruined because of jerks like you!

Ilion, NY

#93 Nov 15, 2012
Trenton resident too wrote:
The town board should have done any legal thing possible to distance Mark. sounds like they are protecting him. A seven year old does make up stuff like this and tell an Adult the name of the person who did it. When there is one there are many others who feel ashamed , that it was their fault. They never say any thing. hopefully they will now.
As the town board goes. Email them , let them know what you think and vote them out,
You were not there, you don't even know what this kid said or whether he was prompted by an adult! You do not destroy a persons life based on one accusation, his life has been destroyed anyway by this. What if he is acquitted or the case thrown out, will you have the balls to be sorry or apologize? I hope if you are ever in this situation others treat you better than you have him!

Ilion, NY

#94 Nov 15, 2012
Nurse Gretchen wrote:
Interesting how all of this seems to fester in Oneida County. I know a lawyer here in town his names john p. He brags that he does work for oneida county, for kids oneida and that his uncles the mayor of utica!! He's married, has some grown kids. Funny that this guy likes me and my girlfriend to pee on him, beat him up and take pics of the whole thing!! He loves it! cant get enough! Hey for $300 a session who cares right. I just dont get how somebody like this can be such a freak and do all this work for government and stuff.
Look at the pot calling the kettle black, you and your girlfriend do these types of things together? You are both prostitutes! You are just as perverted as you accuse him of being. Hypocritical moron!

Ilion, NY

#95 Nov 15, 2012
OOK wrote:
As someone who knows the family of the accusor as well as Mr. Scheidelman I tend to give Mark the benefit of the doubt. This family lies, cheats and steals. If Mark is guilty then he deserves what's coming to him but if he is not then I really hope the parents of this child are held accountable. As for the others - if your stories are true then I feel for you but if they are not then I suggest you get your 5 minutes of fame elsewhere. We've seen countless stories in the media where people are accused of horrible things only to find out that they are not true after their reputation is destroyed. Keep an open mind people - at least until you have all the facts.
Care to elaborate about the family "lies, cheats steals" or are you just blowing hot air? The accused and family are a bunch of white trash with criminal and civil records themselves!

Ilion, NY

#96 Nov 15, 2012
Not so Sure wrote:
I happen to be an acquaintance of the Scheidelman family. I am not sure what is true or not in this case. Based on what I know of Mark he was always a descent a guy. The one thing he is definitely guilty of is being naive. The family of the child in question has been taking advantage of Mark for years. He has financially help them out for YEARS. Family members and people who have known about this have foreseen something like this happening. Meaning that this family might try to extort money or possessions from Mr. Scheidelman. Again, If there was a true incident of sexual abuse it is a tragedy for all involved. But I am not so sure that is what happened.
Thanks for the one honest and fair comment I have seen. If you were not there you don't know what happened, wait until he is convicted before you lynch the guy!
Jerry Sandusky

Boston, MA

#97 Nov 15, 2012
I know what you're going through Mark!
Did you hear about what Mark Schneidelman has in common with Kmart?
They both have little boys pants HALF OFF !!!
How about that Trenton Town Board keeping him on....lawsuit biotch

Utica, NY

#98 Nov 15, 2012
Rocco LaDuca is at it again with his slander and shoddy "reporting"!!! His piece on the Shcheidelman case in today's paper is typical of his "reaching" and his slander, tying this to the Boy Scouts when there is absolutely NO evidence that anything happened involving the Boy Scouts in any way. The hack should be charged with slander!!!!!!!
Not so Sure

Syosset, NY

#99 Nov 15, 2012
person1 wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks for the one honest and fair comment I have seen. If you were not there you don't know what happened, wait until he is convicted before you lynch the guy!
I held back on saying too much about the accusers family. But from what I know of them they are pretty trashy. The parents of the alleged child have not provided for themselves or taken care of their own children ever. They are leeches and users. They have been living off of Mr. Scheidelman for years.I have to wonder if a disagreement or a pull back of financial support prompted these accusations? This family had no problem taking from this man in the past. I say let the investigation play out before there is a public conviction.
nursing home fires

Denver, CO

#100 Nov 15, 2012
He was also arrested years ago for starting fires in a nursing home. I think he served some times in the pysch unit.
that was his brother I think.


#101 Nov 15, 2012
Its about time they caught up with him.He runs unopposed because no one runs against him.He is not well liked in Trenton.

Herkimer, NY

#102 Nov 15, 2012
"He runs unopposed because no one runs against him." Your a genius!
oh no

Herkimer, NY

#103 Nov 15, 2012
did he ever work with jerry at penn state
Oh Boy

Minoa, NY

#104 Nov 15, 2012
Baby Mama don't like it when she finds out she's sharing Baby Daddy's big sausage with godfather Mark. Hell hath no fury...

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