Larry Lupas Josheph

United States

#279 Feb 23, 2014
Liar wrote:
<quoted text>
You are a lying sac-o-shyte Cretin. You didn't go in because you're a coward. Karma had nothing to do with it.
LOL typical mental infant CNY lowlife reply. Listen retard what part of "reading comprehension" did you miss in your ignorant little Angela Elefante Empire school?

To repeat since you're so retarded and need extra "special" attention... I WASN'T THERE RETARD until 10 or so mins AFTER he stopped calling lol so GFY retard and learn to follow along with written words much better.

"Yup! It's a CNY Cretin Loser alright!"
Larry Lupas Josheph

United States

#280 Feb 23, 2014
<quoted text>
You reply to Post #271 which is a ditto of Post #264, however, you forgot to change your name when YOU posted both of those YOURSELF. Ha, Ha, Ha, just more evidence that you're a phony!!!!! AFPAK borders? More military BS.
LOL! Retard acts like he somehow discovered a "clue" LOL! RETARD I CHANGE MY NAME OFTEN LOSER you JUST got that Shercock? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!

OMG these people are mentally feeble, NOT any kind of trained observers of ANY kind and analphebetic! My suggestion to you is don't quit the day job to try out for detective, my dear Investigator Retard!

WooOOOoo! Retard thinks he found a "klue" and wants to show the OTHER analphebatic retards hah!

Utica, NY

#281 Feb 23, 2014
ahh, you are getting rattled. Forgot to change your name again!!!!

Utica, NY

#282 Feb 23, 2014
I don't have a day job, but funny you mention detective! I happen to be retired, getting a hefty STATE pension, Merely mentioned the name thing so unbeknownst readers wouldn't give you sympathy since you are such a liar. Want some OOOtica tomato pie?
Frank BodilyFluid Meola

United States

#284 Feb 23, 2014
Frank BodilyFluid Meola

United States

#285 Feb 23, 2014
I don't have a day job, but funny you mention detective! I happen to be retired, getting a hefty STATE pension, Merely mentioned the name thing so unbeknownst readers wouldn't give you sympathy since you are such a liar. Want some OOOtica tomato pie?
LOL! "Detective"! Well obviously you inhaled cock at it Shercock!

If you want tell me where you posted and I'll light you people the fk up it's never hard to pull a Brady list from a given Dept. for us. And we all know you're largely greedy phonies anyway so we never have to dig that far geeze!

So how many people did you frame up? In another 12 years I'll talk pensions with you... if you're still around!
Angela Elefante

Utica, NY

#286 Feb 23, 2014
What's your car number?
Angela Elefante

Utica, NY

#287 Feb 23, 2014
Comonamyhouse, mymy house, Imagonna giveaya some.....OOOtica tomato pie.

Utica, NY

#288 Feb 23, 2014
Ha, Ha. Gave you the bait and you swallowed it whole. Ha, Ha. You are no match for us Central New Yorkers. Even though you are one yourself.
Where did I say I was a detective? Merely said it was funny you mentioned it. See how easy you are? You're getting weaker!

Utica, NY

#290 Feb 23, 2014
What the hell are you talking about!!? That maybe happened with a crack heads perspective! If you new the family you mostly likely aren't one of societies leaders. Do the rest of us a favor. Kill yourself but kill your family first so society may have a little more of a chance to flourish!!
U really wanna know wrote:
So with B still calling A from inside A's room the local foundation savers [whom we knew] turned up and proceeded to asses the situation and began erecting some crazy portable pup-tent like tank in the front yard [!], meanwhile B is still trying to get out and it was very clearly remembered by all. At this point half the upstairs of this large colonial home was CRANKIN! I do not know how long he called out for in the middle of that but it is clear from the whole neighborhood that showed up and witnessed it was quite some minutes after the volly glorygurls showed up he was still yelling. I had heard all the fire trucks and after finally just driving past the retard volly at the end of his road to get there perhaps 10mins after the FD showed up it was a disaster going on. "A" and two other friends who'd now showed up were literally fighting with the FD to let them go in themselves if they were just going to sit and shine their equipment. A was as bad as I'd ever seen him and was already a mean violent Sicilian badass being restrained from killing these phonies.
They finally got water going on it well into the whole top floor, yet the only room "intact" was A's room with B lying dead on the floor. Since I knew all the cops and they looked at me as a liaison of sorts between my crowd of hellraisers and them anytime SHTF they asked me to go upstairs with them to ID "B" and also show them which room was originally who's. I remember it was unexpectedly hot more than 3hrs after this fire was out. There I saw our friend's body on the floor in B's room which was largely untouched except it looked like someone had taken a 2qt devilbiss spraygun with black pain and a compressor set on BLOW and shot the whole inside of the room. Pictures of Corvettes I'd drawn for "A" he had in frames on the wall were still ok except where the glass had cracked the heat and smoke turned black lines there. I witnessed "A"'s BARE footprints in the melted carpet going up the stairs.
So no... I have little regard for Vollys since then and almost ALL I have seen in the years since [drunks, drugs, the flashylight fairies and the braggarts that tick-off their pumper capacity like anyone but they care] I can't say I've really seen many redeem my view.
Should they have gone in? A cop I know explained it thus when I cornered him on it and wouldn't let him make their excuses for them and to this day I still use the phrase: "Some hear the call others just say they do." Based upon timing you may say they were wise to get back until their la la dance was over but I can't see it and those that REALLY SAW it have always ALWAYS been clear and consistent about the time. They were on-scene 4- mins before the calls dwindled down. I did a lot of justifying and talking so they did not charge A with going after the FDs and I don't agree with what he did but hey it is what it is.
They had the time and many access points into that home. Here as in NH they just watched and did their usual "best" which to me, wasn't enough.

Utica, NY

#294 Feb 23, 2014
This is how you spell stupid. S t u p i d please continue to do what I said. Thanks!
U really wanna know wrote:
<quoted text>RETARD! The post wasn't about the NH fire loser!
GOD! These people are so feeble and mentally infantile they CAN'T EVEN READ!
LOOOOL!!!! This backs up my claim that CNY is largely a bunch of immature emotionally underdeveloped retards with celophane-thin skin!
Try again RETARD oh SIMPLE ONE and back up a few posts loser.
Wow! Just I mean WOOOOOOW those people there are fckin STOOOOPID!

Utica, NY

#295 Feb 23, 2014
Notice you stay away from being accused of being a central New Yorker along with us. When someone challenges you and shows you up, they're immature. Ha. Don't have to make things up and lie about the rest like you. What does that make you? Come on now, impress us with your degree in Psychology. BTW, I'd be careful about accusing the FD members about being afraid of going to war. They have a LOT of war veterans that may take exception to that. They just may want to rip your head off and stuff it in the hole in your throat! OORAH!
Free Beer Crowd

Utica, NY

#296 Feb 23, 2014
I guess I've used up all my ammo here and am falling far behind now, since I'm exposed and lost my advantage. Best I go looking for another thread since I've lost this one.

Clinton, NY

#297 Feb 23, 2014
WOW wrote:
WOW!!! Luther, AMEN, in solidarity and sorta, have it all figured out and are collecting kudos in the judgement category. And they don't mean to be negative! How about the boyfriends or whatever the relationship was? Talking about the fathers of these children. Since you all know all the details, how much child support were they paying? But, they don't have any responsibility here. Was all the girls fault after all, as you experts said, they spread their legs and did all that terrible wrongness without any help at all. What do you people do in your spare time? Wait at the top of stairways for little old ladies in wheelchairs to push???
agreed.these idiots act like they knew the family and their living situation.i don't think they realize that,as jennifer worked full-time,she would not qualify for ANY assistance.i worked with jennifer and she loved her little boy and did her best for him.also,maybe the grandmother enjoyed having them there.

Clinton, NY

#298 Feb 23, 2014
For The Record wrote:
This guy posts on a large number of threads to raise ire and controversy. He just recently finished trying to bash Erin Hamlin's winning the Olympic Luge Bronze Medal, but was chased off the thread by other posters and also had some posts removed because he went too far, as he has here in my opinion, Over the last year that I have been monitoring him, he has bragged about his degree, family's owning patents, his world wide engineering feats, military prowess and numerous other bull shyt. He tries to put locals down and brags he's from out of the area, but, his own ego causes him to flap his mouth (very rpropos) that he gives himself away that he resides here. He's obviously lacking in self esteem and craves attention. He either has no common sense or intelligence, or pretends not to. We should all pity him. I might add that he has given numerous clues with certain phrases and words as to what he does or did for a living, which if I'm correct, surprises me greatly that his problem didn't show up in any pre employment checks.
yeah,if he wasn't from the area why would he even be posting here,since what happens in this area would be none of his business.he's an ignorant hater who doesn't know whereof he speaks.

Yorkville, NY

#299 Feb 23, 2014
can you say meth lab?
For The Record

Utica, NY

#302 Feb 24, 2014
"So I really don't care what the upstate NY poverty crew thinks you people lie by genetics anyway so only you care lil one."
Ha, Ha, Ha! If this were the case, you wouldn't be bothering to waste your valuable, highly educated time on us, by constantly posting your dribble on this and all the other CNY threads.

Struck your nerves causing Royal Screwup AGAIN!
For The Record

Utica, NY

#304 Feb 24, 2014
Boohoo wrote:
<quoted text>Sorry, I wasn't that interested in your rant so it hadda wait. So much for "struck a nerve"! Speaking of which, how many more posts yuou going to troll me on since you have no point and can't argue yourself right. Retard.
Hows the free beer crowd drunks? They chilling at the NH Station with their cokewhore drunk "EMT" hokkah again?
Why did the let these people die?
Tell us more about when you were 19 and doing your mother.

Utica, NY

#310 Feb 25, 2014
I believe the posters on here were not on the scene. If you weren't there, you can't put blame anyone. HOWEVER, the family WAS there, and THEY are the ones who did NOT thank the NHFD. I believe that is what says it all.
For The Record

Utica, NY

#311 Feb 25, 2014
If you RETARDS took the trouble to read and had any comprehension, that means UNDERSTANDING, you will see in this obituary below, that the NHFD WAS thanked. Because one idiot posted to the contrary to support his agenda against the NHFD, all you sheep followed him like he's the Pied Piper. Shame on all you idiots. ALL people should be thankfull for ALL First Responders, especially VOLUNTEER ones, the same as we should the Military. People give many hours of their time and risk their lives and safety helping YOU. And a number of you idiots show your thanks by your posts. Maybe volunteers are in their 50s because idiots like you are too busy bad mouthing others on Topix all day, rather than volunteer yourselves. It's the same with everything. Fraternal groups, clubs, Boy Scouts, etc. Do something worthwhile rather than flap your bungy hoes, because your mouth knows better.

Jennifer Rae Moore
Guest Book
"Praying for the family. I remember Jenn and Amanda as young..."
- Laurie Gonyea
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Jennifer Rae
Jennifer Rae Moore, 21, of New Hartford, passed away unexpectedly, at her home, on Saturday, February 15, 2014. She was born on October 20, 1992, in New Hartford, a daughter of Tina Moore. Jennifer attended New Hartford Schools and was a 2010 graduate of Adirondack Central Schools in Boonville. Jennifer was employed at the Lutheran Home in Clinton as a Certified Nurse's Assistant, a position that she truly loved and enjoyed. Jennifer was a free spirited, fun loving young lady who loved to laugh, shop and play volleyball. She was a loving and caring mother to her beloved son, Vincent. She also was a devoted and dedicated friend to her very best friend, Amanda "Muffin" Scheller. She is survived by her son, Vincent Antonio Talerico; her mother, Tina Moore; her sister, Jessica Morinitti; a brother, Jim Moore and Brittany Kitchen; and her grandparents, Janet Moore and William "Papa" Moore. She also leaves her life long friend, Amanda "Muffin" Scheller; a goddaughter, Miya Hubbard; a nephew, Mason Hill; a niece, Sydnee Moore; and aunt and uncle, Bob and Allison Moore. She also leaves a cousin, Dakota Moore, and many other very special friends and relatives. The family wishes to sincerely thank the New Hartford Police Dept., New Hartford Fire Dept. and The American Red Cross for their brave and valiant efforts. They also wish to offer a very special thank you to the New Hartford community and surrounding communities for all of the care and support that they received. Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. Funeral services will be held on Friday (Today) at 7:00 PM at St. John the Evangelist Church, 66 Oxford Rd., in New Hartford, with the Rev. Joseph Salerno officiating. Family and friends are invited to call at the church on Friday, prior to the service, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. Interment will be private at Calvary Cemetery. Arrangements are with the Dimbleby, Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral Home, 13 Oxford Rd., New Hartford. For online expressions of sympathy, please go to:
Published in The Observer-Dispatch on Feb. 21, 2014
- See more at:

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