Family trapped in house fire
I m Thinking

Utica, NY

#315 Feb 25, 2014
I'm thinking, based on his memory of events and details from the past, and phrases and statements he's made, he's with the UPD!

Lowville, NY

#318 Feb 25, 2014
Paid or volunteer, no one will ever know if it would have made a difference.
I don't know the whole or true story, but by going on news and of course "topix" maybe having a small professional department in New Hartford may be something to think about. It is 2014 not 1912 anymore.

Utica, NY

#320 Feb 25, 2014
Excuses Excuses wrote:
She never made EMT but she sure made the rounds. They all know who I mean. What a disgrace.
There is no female in NHFD. Unfortunately you douche you don't even know your facts you're slandering this agency with no factual information. New York mills FD has a female member. Maybe. That's what your referring to asshat.

Ardsley, NY

#322 Feb 25, 2014
You must be thinking about shebo!! You got it wrong man. She only likes butchy girls that had lots of food available! Probably why she was attracted her Debo! Lol!
Excuses Excuses wrote:
She never made EMT but she sure made the rounds. They all know who I mean. What a disgrace.

Utica, NY

#325 Feb 25, 2014
For The Record wrote:
If you RETARDS took the trouble to read and had any comprehension, that means UNDERSTANDING, you will see in this obituary below, that the NHFD WAS thanked. Because one idiot posted to the contrary to support his agenda against the NHFD, all you sheep followed him like he's the Pied Piper. Shame on all you idiots. ALL people should be thankfull for ALL First Responders, especially VOLUNTEER ones, the same as we should the Military. People give many hours of their time and risk their lives and safety helping YOU. And a number of you idiots show your thanks by your posts. Maybe volunteers are in their 50s because idiots like you are too busy bad mouthing others on Topix all day, rather than volunteer yourselves. It's the same with everything. Fraternal groups, clubs, Boy Scouts, etc. Do something worthwhile rather than flap your bungy hoes, because your mouth knows better.

Jennifer Rae Moore
Guest Book
"Praying for the family. I remember Jenn and Amanda as young..."
- Laurie Gonyea
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Jennifer Rae
Jennifer Rae Moore, 21, of New Hartford, passed away unexpectedly, at her home, on Saturday, February 15, 2014. She was born on October 20, 1992, in New Hartford, a daughter of Tina Moore. Jennifer attended New Hartford Schools and was a 2010 graduate of Adirondack Central Schools in Boonville. Jennifer was employed at the Lutheran Home in Clinton as a Certified Nurse's Assistant, a position that she truly loved and enjoyed. Jennifer was a free spirited, fun loving young lady who loved to laugh, shop and play volleyball. She was a loving and caring mother to her beloved son, Vincent. She also was a devoted and dedicated friend to her very best friend, Amanda "Muffin" Scheller. She is survived by her son, Vincent Antonio Talerico; her mother, Tina Moore; her sister, Jessica Morinitti; a brother, Jim Moore and Brittany Kitchen; and her grandparents, Janet Moore and William "Papa" Moore. She also leaves her life long friend, Amanda "Muffin" Scheller; a goddaughter, Miya Hubbard; a nephew, Mason Hill; a niece, Sydnee Moore; and aunt and uncle, Bob and Allison Moore. She also leaves a cousin, Dakota Moore, and many other very special friends and relatives. The family wishes to sincerely thank the New Hartford Police Dept., New Hartford Fire Dept. and The American Red Cross for their brave and valiant efforts. They also wish to offer a very special thank you to the New Hartford community and surrounding communities for all of the care and support that they received. Your kindness and generosity will never be forgotten. Funeral services will be held on Friday (Today) at 7:00 PM at St. John the Evangelist Church, 66 Oxford Rd., in New Hartford, with the Rev. Joseph Salerno officiating. Family and friends are invited to call at the church on Friday, prior to the service, from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. Interment will be private at Calvary Cemetery. Arrangements are with the Dimbleby, Friedel, Williams & Edmunds Funeral Home, 13 Oxford Rd., New Hartford. For online expressions of sympathy, please go to:
Published in The Observer-Dispatch on Feb. 21, 2014
- See more at:
I have the printed version, cut right out of the newspaper and it does not mention the fire department. Perhaps online is an updated version.

Troy, NY

#327 Feb 25, 2014
Provide us with names then since you keep running your mouth
Excuses Excuses wrote:
<quoted text>Again with the pisspoor upstate "education" and poor reading comprehension. I never said she was in the NHFD retard, but she sure tried and still "serves" the members! lol! Learn what is said before running your food-holes will yas?
My god the skin is mighty thin on these glorygulrs!
talk now

Carthage, NY

#328 Feb 25, 2014
Do share...
NHFD member

Ardsley, NY

#330 Feb 25, 2014
I would really like to see some fire bunnies down there!!!
Larry RapeO Tanoury wrote:
Perhaps "For the Record" is a loser who can't accept the truth.
Now let's talk about those NH FD cokevvhores that hang out at the NHVFD. MAybe some of the wives have seen a few of the firebunnies walking in and out it's NHVFD's biggest draw from what I'm learning.
I m Thinking

Utica, NY

#332 Feb 25, 2014
Larry RapeO Tanoury wrote:
Just look for a dumpster mouthed broad that has sores all over her face and drinks 24/7.
Yep, she still drives that Monte SS and looks the same as when you were doing her for the keys. Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!
For The Record

Utica, NY

#335 Feb 25, 2014
Larry RapeO Tanoury wrote:
Perhaps "For the Record" is a loser who can't accept the truth.
Now let's talk about those NH FD cokevvhores that hang out at the NHVFD. MAybe some of the wives have seen a few of the firebunnies walking in and out it's NHVFD's biggest draw from what I'm learning.
You can't handle the truth! You're the one that can't accept it. That's why you ignore it even with your own quotes posted atcha. Like TBS Network, VERY FUNNY.
How about you meet me in person at the Fay St. Warehouse this coming Sunday morning, say, about 6:58 AM. How do you like your coffee and from where? I'll bring it. Donuts? You can tell me more about A and B.
Me Thinks

Utica, NY

#336 Feb 25, 2014
Me thinks you should bring him some tomato pie. He's stated he likes it on other threads.
For The Record

Utica, NY

#338 Feb 26, 2014
Larry RapeO Tanoury wrote:
<quoted text>"ha ha ha"? You're not thinking at all. I guess we struck that nerve again eliciting the usual sexperv oootican reply!
"It truly is all they know. I would really like to see them in a negotiation process.
Outsider " I think it's only worth 1.1 million"
Typical utican " well you're a loser and your fat wh ore mother is on welfare so go give a rim job to another black you homo!!!"
Struck a nerve? Whenever a poster beats you at your own game, you claim you struck a nerve of there's. Ha! You talk about comprehension, read your post. If anyone struck a nerve, I DID YOURS!! You just don't get it do you retard? You should be a politician, the way you try to spin things in your favor. NOT !!! Just like when you forgot to change names a while back and when exposed, you spun it to having changed name numerous times and having the right to do so. However, that was NOT the point, and if you had comprehension like you claim no one else has, it would be evident what the point was. You posted your made up crap story of "A" and "B", for sympathy with one name. Then you posted a hate reply to it to gain more sympathy from the readers, by you getting bashed like you've done this entire thread with the same name. You forgot to change the name of the basher, using the same one as your sympathy post. Had nothing to do with the right to change names. Had everything to do with you "Screwing Up" and posting the sympathy and then the hate basher post using same name. You can't compete with upstate/central New Yorkers. Sorry, forgot you are one yourself. Better put away your laptop now, or you'll lose your prison yard time. But then again, you can play "Drop The Soap". I hear you excel at it.
For The Record

Utica, NY

#339 Feb 26, 2014

Troy, NY

#341 Feb 26, 2014
well you keep saying you know somone who is you must have a name that you could share with us
Excuses Excuses wrote:
<quoted text>Why there's more than one cokevvhore frequenting the ranks?
Dinkus Maynards

Saranac Lake, NY

#343 Feb 26, 2014
If Brooks were there he would have saved them all.He's a hero!

New Hartford, NY

#344 Feb 27, 2014
Larry RapeO Tanoury wrote:
Anyway back to the cokevvhore.
Yeah back to her. Would love to hear this one?
Closing In On You

Utica, NY

#346 Feb 28, 2014
Whens the next BBQ wrote:
When is the next human BBQ due to pisspoor NH pubic service?
The following is strictly hypothetical, so as not to alarm you in any way and be grounds for any official complaint or action of any type.
Well, I just happen to be employed with NSI at Rome Labs, and am able to pull your electronic cell ID and GPS locations for all your posts. Just a matter of time to close in and ID YOU! Oh, did I mention we do this all the time for in service training, and all the servers and businesses co-operate for Homeland Security training. How do you think the recent arrests with the cell pedophiles were accomplished?! It does take a while to get your info, but once obtained, we can really mess with you. Using a electronic device to harass, annoy or alarm someone is a misdemeanor under the NYS Penal Law, however, a complaint must be filed, and that requires a citizen or peace officer. But, from our standpoint, maybe you won't receive your auto reg or driver's license renewal. Maybe your cable starts screwing up. Maybe State and IRS refunds get held up or that dreaded word AUDIT!! Once I get your info, I intend to post it on Topix. I'm sure some poster will appreciate meeting up with you. AND, if you're doing this with a work phone, Good Luck. Another dreaded word, dismissal. Have a nice day!
Or is it?!
For The Record

Utica, NY

#350 Feb 28, 2014
Must have struck a nerve! You disclosed your registered Topix info. Getting rattled are ya? Getting easier.
Bad boys bad boys Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do When they come for you?!
For The Record

Utica, NY

#354 Feb 28, 2014
You're not your.
Hey lil girl

Sullivan, IN

#355 Feb 28, 2014
For The Record wrote:
Must have struck a nerve! You disclosed your registered Topix info. Getting rattled are ya? Getting easier.
Bad boys bad boys Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do When they come for you?!
How did I disclose anything? I never clicked the link have FUN WITH THAT LMFAO!! I never click links found on Topix EVER so try AGAIN Einstein LOOOOOOOOL!

Also, "Watcha gonna do?"
A- Why would I CARE what you losers think I'm almost 1000 miles away ANNND [best part!]

Anytime I run into lowly LEOtards and they get mouthy I have a few people who watch over me I call and the retards all vanish.

So now that you're batting .1000 and making EVEN MORE OF A RETARD out of your wannabe spycraft self I suggest giving up before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself. Wow this has to be the stupidest attempt to "rattle" me I have come across yet. Can you say FAIL!?!

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