How to defeat the police licence plat...

Miami, FL

#191 Sep 10, 2014
driving is a right! you jackasses may argue it, doesnt make it not so. go back under your rock, please! ya cant fix stupid!
I guess

United States

#192 Sep 10, 2014
Pigs need to be fed I guess. People are starting to wise up and even the politicians are rising up against the phony copaganda state of greed.
I guess when you can't actually PRODUCE anything for a living.....

Spartanburg, SC

#193 Sep 15, 2014
This is brilliant! Where can I find these paint options?

West Memphis, AR

#195 Sep 22, 2014
Wrong wrote:
You must be one of those dumb cops that wouldn't know the law if it hit you upside your square head. Our constitution clearly says “All men are created equal” so if we are all equal, who has the right to be privileged? If you are privileged and I am not, we are not equal. You cannot tell me I am wrong, that would only make you ignorant and ignorance breeds stupidity.
Educate yourself moron!
Driving on American Roads is a Constitutional Right,
not a State-Granted 'Privilege'
<quoted text>
The declaration of independence says all men are created equal. The constitution says slaves are three fifths of a person.

Roslindale, MA

#196 Sep 22, 2014
Ive used these plate readers, its not anything to do with the reflective property, its hit street parking signs and has bounced back data . It simply identifies a series of numbers and compares them to a data file of reported stolen or expired reg and insurance lapse. Its no big deal... Pay your fees and drive safe. The money you spend to try and defeat these can pay for your registration. This is a silly concern.

Miami, FL

#197 Sep 23, 2014
Heres Ur Ticket wrote:
Driving is not a right, it's a privilege. You are just another whiner who cries harassment for no reason.
HOW DO YOU FIGURE THAT DRIVING IS A RIGHT? I am trying to figure out how to came to that conclusion![BTW- your wrong!!!]

Regina, Canada

#198 Oct 20, 2014
Heres Ur Ticket wrote:
Driving is not a right, it's a privilege. You are just another whiner who cries harassment for no reason.
Hahaha good one and your a corrupt pig
ex cop

Hayward, CA

#199 Oct 22, 2014
Covers Code 3 wrote:
Stop breaking the law and you don't have to worry about it - who cares if they read your plate? If you aren't breaking the law and your vehicle is leagl then what do you care.
You sound like a cop or a cop wanabe..which ever the case, wait until you've done nothing wrong but you get tangled up in the red tape of the people in charge that could care less about your so called civil rights...just because we have them, does not always mean we get to exercise will get tangled in that web someday somehow and see if the powers that be come to your rescue then.

United States

#200 Oct 22, 2014
Nice to hear what the cops really think behind the fake smile.
real nice

Miami, FL

#201 Oct 23, 2014
yes it is, it is real nice to hear what THEY really think about us non=cops, us, non-LEOs. it is them against us, will get all us beat down, and they just dont get it. the SYSTEM will get them too, it is just using them now! who they work for will turn on them in a blink of an eye, faster! the SYSTEM uses people then spits them out, them gets new clowns to put on the uniform!
when we all have had enough, then it may stop, till then the shit will continue! sadfully!

Roswell, GA

#202 Dec 5, 2014
Covers Code 3 wrote:
Stop breaking the law and you don't have to worry about it - who cares if they read your plate? If you aren't breaking the law and your vehicle is leagl then what do you care.
How dreadful it is when the wrong Judge judges right as wrong and wrong as right...never knowing the difference. All owing to lack of knowledge and understanding.
Jim Burke

Orlando, FL

#203 Jan 26, 2015
If you're not breaking the law you should not object to being photographed, probed, cavity searched, or DNA tested... right?

Lowville, NY

#204 Jan 26, 2015
W O W ....... i am just rolling in laughter from your response ...... your link leads to the right to travel. uh, travel..... bus, walk, bike, automobile, truck , motor cycle, skateboard, horse n buggy... get the visual pic on this one, buddy? under normal circumstances, that's right, normal circumstances, you have the right to travel...unless an accident prevents your passage, or perhaps a funeral procession is passing thru. you see a funeral procession, law enforcement ,fire trucks,, natural disasters, inclement weather, Cuomo, can all stop you dead in your tracks, even though you have the right to travel. yes, Cuomo, can issue a driving ban and he has...... now the method by which you choose to travel is another matter. there are laws, rules and regulations which govern what, when, why, etc. you must have a valid drivers license to "drive", oh let's pick an automobile. now obtaining, that drivers license, well sweetie, that is a privilege, and screw up, and you can bet, it will be revoked. SoThere, a drivers license is not a right. look up vehicular traffic law to prove it to your misinterpreting brain.

Lowville, NY

#205 Jan 26, 2015
to: Wrong wrote:

Columbia, CT

#207 Jan 28, 2015
Covers Code 3 wrote:
Stop breaking the law and you don't have to worry about it - who cares if they read your plate? If you aren't breaking the law and your vehicle is leagl then what do you care.
The fact that what I'm doing happens to be legal still does not mean it is anyone's damned business. My car may be seen all over town, but nobody needs to know who it belongs to UNLESS it is doing something illegal.

What is so hard about that concept for some of you folks to grasp? Or is it a fault in your mental wiring?

Humboldt, TN

#209 Mar 1, 2015
i work in a office that issues vehicle tags and registrations. it's amazing to see how many people that have completly legal vehicles, license plate, and registrations receive tickets for bullshit caused by the automatic readers. in my state you are not required to report to me that you have painted your vehicle a different color, however, when the automatic reader tells the officer that your blue car is supposed to be red, you get pulled over. also, my state had a bad problem last year updating information. this has led to many people getting citations for out of date tags when they have correct stickers, registrations, and reciepts where they paid, just because the automatic reader says the plate is out of date. even though the person can prove everything is correct, it usually involves a visit to court, usually requiring court cost. i see many times where the automatic readers trump common sense.
shyecopath troll


#210 Mar 1, 2015
The sad story is, when photo ticket readers come out in NY, there is nothing that can stop them. It has been proven that all the sprays and different light devices will not stop the readers from getting your plate, and registration form windshield. At least not yet. These readers are different then the one's on patrol cars.

United States

#211 Mar 2, 2015
I got a DWLS on my way home from work. Within 2 weeks my husband was followed, pulled over or they drove by 6 times. We passed state patrol daily. Theres a place just after my exit. They sit there all the time.
We were getting on hwy and passed county sheriff. Within 2 mins he was on hwy looking for us. He flew by us even hit the exist waiting for us to exit. We pulled over just off exit to see what theyd do. They saw us and went down exit ramp at us.
I thought this was bull so i started reading up on it. I sprayed clear spray paint then took a make up brush and put really fine glitter on both plates. My plates are white with green lettering so i used opal green fine glitter. Almost a powder. All over it. Im not going to bet my life on it but we havent been pulled over since then. We have had them stoped behind us at a light. Drove by them on streets and hwys. One night we were out late and a cop started following us and when we were at a stop light we saw him have to type my plate in. As they passed my husband rolled down window to make sure he saw a man not a women. I also live in a area that i know all county, city and state rigs have them.

Fresno, CA

#212 Mar 18, 2015
disgusted wrote:
<quoted text>How can you say you are a "law abiding citizen" when you condone using things to fool the police from "finding" you!!!!
As another poster stated - "Don't break the law and you will have no problems with the Police"
Police do NOT go after the good guys - they are too busy arresting the bad guys!
Are you really this clueless? Preventing the police from violating my 4th amendment rights is the problem. I'd say more but you probably lost interest or do not understand.

Deer Park, NY

#213 Apr 26, 2015
It's stunning how arguments like these always seem to push people to opposite poles of opinion. On the one hand, you have the constitutional preachers who will moan and groan over anything that even remotely infringes on their rights, whether significant or not, and who do so sometimes to the detriment of society as a whole (looking at you, Tea Party). On the other, you have the idealistic fools who pretend the systems we have in place are 100% trustworthy and infallible, turning a blind eye to the realities that exist and the need for change. The truth, as it almost always tends to be for such arguments, lies somewhere in between.

The reason we can't have nice things is because people lack understanding and empathy toward those who come from different backgrounds, livelihoods, or who are not part of their immediate family. So few ever seem to consider the realities that exist outside of their own little bubbles. Cops complain when they aren't given a raise. Blue collar workers think doctors and lawyers should make far less than they do. And most recently, citizens think cops are racist and/or abuse their power. They are all sides of the same coin. We're all selfish and hardly ever look at the "real" truth, but rather our own version of it.

To get back on topic, to say that by simply not breaking the law one should not have to worry about the amount of info collected on them by the authorities is laughable. Police DO abuse their power, not because they are police, but because people in positions of power tend to abuse it. It's just the way we're built. Having access to such info can allow officers to unfairly target specific individuals due to bias, unnecessarily harass individuals, and more. These things DO happen; there is no debating this. More over, it's laughable to think only guilty individuals are punished, and going a step further, that the punishment often fits the crime. The latter is of particular concern when it comes to abuse of power and police brutality. Whether such law violates the constitution is of less interest to me, though it arguably may. Because such technology advances bias and the likelihood of abuse, while also potentially violating freedoms, it should therefore be reexamined.

With that being said, such infringements are sometimes necessary, at least to some degree. I say necessary because if they were not in place, and let's say for instance crime spiked, people would complain. It's akin to if another terrorist attack occurred and we weren't wasting the ungodly amounts of money we were to prevent such attacks, in which case people would lash out and blame the government. No one seems to understand that every choice has consequences. My issue is that, knowing how you constitutional types are, no amount of compromise is ever good enough. You want ALL of your rights to be preserved, 24/7, 365 days a year, for every second you are alive. I'm sorry, but that is just as much a fantasy as believing only criminals get punished for their actions. You like to hide behind your principles above all else, and while I can appreciate that to a certain extent, when it is taken too far, it often defies logic and inhibits progress. You spend so much of your time getting worked up about others have access to your information to the point of obsession. And while there is a need for individuals to push back against invasions of privacy and infringements on personal freedom, when such obsession takes president above all else, including the welfare of society, it often leads to problems.

The real crux of the issue here is, where do you draw the line on something like this? It's not an easy problem to address by any means, which is why I can understand people's opinions on both sides of the aisle. I'm sure the rights preachers will argue constitutional rights should always come first, but in gray areas like this where there are SOME benefits to the aforementioned, it's at least worth debating.

End rant

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