Holland Patent teacher criticizes Sup...

Holland Patent teacher criticizes Superintendent for not considering...

There are 167 comments on the WSTM-TV Syracuse story from Feb 15, 2013, titled Holland Patent teacher criticizes Superintendent for not considering.... In it, WSTM-TV Syracuse reports that:

Parents and staff of the Holland Patent School District are at odds with the Superintendent's decision not to cancel school after the death of 16-year-old student Anusha Yagey on Tuesday .

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yeah u get a life

Little Falls, NY

#126 Feb 25, 2013
dog lover wrote:
Why do we even have snow days and delays if we aren't using them when the roads are bad? I obviously was still going to drive either way that morning since I had to go to work....but, I thought the roads were fine based on the fact that school was open. Again, the school was closed on Friday, February 1 and HP was the only school closed. The roads were absolutely fine that day and school should not have been closed. I'm not blaming anybody, this was an accident that was caused by several unfortunate events coming together at the wrong time. But, people should not be on here making any comment if they didn't drive the roads in HP that day!
The HP school district covers a lot of area and a lot or roads. It is impossible for anybody in any capacity to know what the conditions are on ALL of them within one's district. Get it?
it is me

Saranac Lake, NY

#127 Feb 25, 2013
i was driving on 365 shortly after the accident.with a 2 wheel drive truck with not so good tires.made it to work ok. but i am a 25 year plus driver and drove verry slow.dont known about any otherroads.oh and drove through h.p
The Victims Friend

Syracuse, NY

#128 Feb 25, 2013
If somebody that you knew and loved died, you would want something to blame for it. Me and Anusha are friends. The first thoughts in my head were fuck the superintendent, if they closed, he would be alive... But now I think more deeply about it and it wasn't her fault. She didn't ask for this. It was an accident with a very traumatic ending. There's nothing to truly blame except the ice. RIP Anusha. Your forever in our hearts.

Holland Patent, NY

#130 Feb 26, 2013
get a life wrote:
Not all roads were "covered in ice". Obviously many people made it to their schools or places of employment just fine.
The decision not to cancel school was the correct on.
End of story.
Continuing to justify criticizing the Super for not cancelling school is plain old fashioned bullying, without a doubt. Other posters have called you out for what you are and you're trying to sidestep it. Admit what you are because you are as transparent as they come.
A wiki definition? Yeah, you didn't make it past 5th grade, did you?
Yep you got me pegged. I have a GED, live with my mother and collect disability.

I quit. You people are freaking idiots. So now that one continues to voice their opinion on a subject is bullying?

And I'm the one sidestepping? You people have no valid arguments. You poke fun, call us names, state you know what kind of people we are. Yet I'm the bully.

Not all roads were icy. Come on, you are really going to say that?

With the morons on this board, I can now see why the country is absolute going to pot. You care nothing about what anyone else says, and live in your own fantasy world. I will except being a bully here.

It's like pulling hair out. You belittle my intelligence by saying I never made it past 5th grade. And in the same breath, call me the bully.

Brilliant. Called out? That is what you all do best. Debate? Is what you are supposed to do. Unless they have changed how you do it past the 5th grade.

And you know. I don't agree with the blame game here. But I am concerned about the lack of the concern for safety. That's my beef. Why doesn't this women ever close or delay school?

New York, NY

#131 Feb 26, 2013
Whatever wrote:
<quoted text>

Not all roads were icy. Come on, you are really going to say that?
Ball's in your court then. Prove that ALL roads were icy. Good luck with that.

Marcy, NY

#132 Feb 26, 2013
wrong wrote:
<quoted text>
Ball's in your court then. Prove that ALL roads were icy. Good luck with that.
So now this? So ALL the roads in the area have to be covered in ice to cancel school? Come on, you people are ridiculous.

Two buses for GWF slide off the road, that doesn't show any proof the roads were icy?

A multiple car pile up on the expressway in Floyd doesn't prove the roads were icy? And correct me if I am wrong, Floyd is part of the HP school district. Half or whole, I don't know, but the fact of the matter roads is Floyd, Marcy, Stittville were icy.

I don't get it, even the bus drives have complained. But still, we are wrong about the roads being bad in your eyes.

It is like you need some more tragic and huge to happen to even care about this situation. Yet those of us who would rather have the issue addressed now BEFORE WAITING to see if it gets worse, are the ones in the wrong here.

It is not about the blame like you are trying to paint this all out to be...it is the lack of concern for safety, and the iffy decisions and considerations when it comes to the condition of the roads.

You don't agree, fine? But please stop saying stupid things that do not pertain to the arguement here.

Fact of the matter is, there are a number of parents concerned about what the school considers safe road conditions. My gosh, burn us at the stake for having concerns about our childrens safety!

Faculty, Bus drivers have all voiced their concerns about the road conditions. Of which in the school policy letter that was sent home, states that one of the considerations on closing schools is asking bus drivers and faculty about their thoughts of the road conditions. Yet on those two days, their concerns didn't matter.

Why? All because other schools in the area didn't do anything? Why would what other schools are doing have anything to do with ours? If it was due to having an extra day added on to school due to not having snow days, fine. But it wasn't the case.

Wonderful, keep beating all of us down so nothing happens, just like you want. Hope that makes you proud of yourself. Beating people down because they care for their kids. How dare we be concerned.

And if and when the day comes, and it will, when this starts up again...make sure you are ready and armed with more crap to keep us down. I pray we don't have to bring this all up again because the luck runs out on these roll the dice decisions and we have a huge tragedy on our hands. Seems that is what most of you want in order to agree with the situation at hand.

Funny thing is, I am sure the majority of you will have a handful of idiotic comments towards that. It snows here, roads aren't bad everywhere, driver wasn't experienced enough, it was the only accident, etc.

Blah you hard-headed people make me sick.

New York, NY

#133 Feb 26, 2013
There is no expressway in Floyd
dog lover

Utica, NY

#134 Feb 26, 2013
The person is obviously talking about Route 49 when they say expressway.

The one thing about Kathy Davis that bothers me is that she mentions the fact that none of the schools surrounding Holland Patent were closed that day, but none of them were closed on February 1 either and she closed the HP schools. And the roads were fine on February 1.
worn out

United States

#135 Feb 26, 2013
dog lover wrote:
The person is obviously talking about Route 49 when they say expressway.
The one thing about Kathy Davis that bothers me is that she mentions the fact that none of the schools surrounding Holland Patent were closed that day, but none of them were closed on February 1 either and she closed the HP schools. And the roads were fine on February 1.
There are a lot of times they have closed schools, when it ended up not being as bad as they thought it was going to be, and vice versa. I think every school has been in that predicament.
Sometimes they go by the forecast, and figure maybe they should close, so the next time they figure, well, we better not close this time, look what happened the last time we closed.
worn out

United States

#136 Feb 26, 2013
Just because we all don't agree, doesn't mean that one or the other is an idiot. We all have that right to disagree, doesn't mean anyone is right or wrong.
We all figure, why doesn't that one or the other see it my way? Well, that's what makes the world go round. We all have our opinions, and we all think we are right. I respect your rights, and you respect mine, that's what makes it civil.
It's when we get into name calling that it becomes wrong.
it is me

Saranac Lake, NY

#137 Feb 26, 2013
bet ya she closes school tomorrow.

Brooklyn, NY

#139 Feb 26, 2013
Real voice of reason wrote:
<quoted text>
No, I respectfully disagree. On the 12th the roads were worse where the accident occurred. At least in part, this is because the DOT was short on manpower and equipment and the county had to cover additional roads normally covered by the state. Combined with the fact that at the time the county was busy cleaning up Rt 12, Rt 365 wasnt getting plowed, at the same time the lake effect band had shifted south to Floyd-HP.
There were circumstances beyond KD's control that day that made roads hazardous, no question. What she did have control over, and failed to exercise it, was delaying or canceling after a thoughtful and thorough review of conditions at hand.
How did you know all this and where can one get this information..is it written down somewhere?

Windsor, CT

#140 Feb 26, 2013
wrong wrote:
There is no expressway in Floyd
Rt. 49 passes thru the Town of Floyd, it is also known as the "Utica-Rome Expressway".
Bad Things Happen

Oneida, NY

#141 Feb 26, 2013
Sometimes bad things happen. Why do we, as a society, always find the need to blame someone? How does blaming Mrs. Davis change what happened? An inexperienced driver had an accident. That's the beginning and end of the story. And, while tragic, no one is to blame.
Floyd resident

Brooklyn, NY

#142 Feb 27, 2013
I live a half mile away from where the accident happened. I was on my way to Barneveld when I came upon the scene of the accident about 10 minutes after it happened. I can say for certain that the roads were terrible in the town of Floyd that morning. In my opinion, there should have been a two hour delay to give the plows a chance to clear the roads for safe passage.

Kathy Davis has the reputation of being a person who is very hard to get deal with. I think people are taking this opportunity to blame her for everything that occured that morning, hoping for an investigation to commissioned that would eventually lead to her dismissal. I don't feel that it is entirely her fault, but her decision not to close/delay school did play a part in the accident. The majority of the blame should fall on the town of Floyd for not clearing the roads in a timely manner. They consistenly do a poor job, and that morning was no different.
Floyd resident

Brooklyn, NY

#143 Feb 27, 2013
I meant to write "Kathy Davis has the reputation of being a person who is very hard to deal with." Sorry for the mistake.

At the end of the day, nothing we say or who gets the "blame" is going to bring that kid back. My heart breaks for his family.
dumb floyd resident

Saranac Lake, NY

#144 Feb 27, 2013
hay floyd resident how long have you lived in floyd.ifyou lived in floyd like you said you must be blind. because the town does not plow a state road . and the trucks are two different colors.open your eyes. half mile away and you dont know who plows the roads.

Utica, NY

#145 Feb 27, 2013
nothing to see here folks...move along

Holland Patent, NY

#146 Feb 27, 2013
missd wrote:
nothing to see here folks...move along
Maybe, maybe not. See you at the board meeting.
worn out

Johnsburg, NY

#147 Feb 27, 2013
That's just it. Some people have a beef against the superintendent as it is, so take those issues up, but blaming her for the accident is a different issue.
Every time something tragic happens, we always say, well, what IF, and IF this, and IF that, but it doesn't bring them back.

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