The FBI "THRILL" to Lindsey to the NY...

The FBI "THRILL" to Lindsey to the NYS Trooper

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 12, 2013
April 2007 was the 'association" narration month for "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" when a group of ROGUE cops began to plug their own by dsome very cleverly arranged set ups..taht were MONEY payoff based..all under the cover a "sexual predator" undertone..that blinded the City and County Of Owsego and NYS state..TWO major plans going on at once..on the "profile" that I was strong enough mentally and emotionally to combat(REFUSE) what was being asked of me on foundation that is was all built on once I undersood it fully...until then I just appreared "crazy" to those like who did not understand it either..and listened to the gossip..

Believe it or not..The issue of Joe "Fritz" Kennedy and how he worked his son JFK into the Whitehouse at the AGE of 35 IS the "asociation" story plan behind all of this "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" and it's success so a new original version ..also "association" clued..just like that of the ZODIAC KILLER M O -Methodus Operandus(method of operation) in the original version..For those of you who lack 35 is also George Lundy's address.."association " clue.

Sometime before 1983 CHRIS BOWER years before claimed she was raoed by her brother Bill at the age of 13..and he as 15 and I was 17 she claimed..The BILL FACTOR 8-11 birthday issue ..Mine is the 3-11 birthday and hers fathers is the 4-5 and my mothers the sons 2-25..

Sometime near 1994 bill Vickery according to CHRIS BOWER just ran to a lawyer in "syracuse" and made a "statement" confessing to this rape..and then came home and tell her "WHY" he did it..thats all she ever wanted to know was "why" He raped her..So on his lawyers input he told her..He blamed me for doing it to him and he said I told him according to her to rape her..So he did under my "spell" those were her words..I told her to call police now that she knew this..She did not want to wreck his life..or his sons..or his family ..well ok then..I thought it was MY fault..according to her from him? So WHY not call police? Why would his family blame him? Especially is she not either now..? I went all through the "look on her face" crap also ..

Ok so part is done..

I have some "strry is big" according to Oswego Attorney Joe wallen issues going on in oswego also at the same my sisters rape talk again..I don't know what triggered her "rape" talk again..I think her husband was told to start it..His mother died suddenly while trying to split his marriage up..etc..It was a very stramge time..when you put it all on the table and look at it..My sisters husband Todd put the suspicion in my head back then about his mothers death and I did not understand it then..YES the car chases began..I now believe it is the "reason" for the D.l. Carrol(todds mothers name 'association" on the 4-8-04 Mv104A review time signature..with a first two initials also..just all to "perfect" at a 00:57am TIME "association" to Thomas Lindsey a car and zone this time to come on 4-12-07. Now a how the FBI is "working the case" judge set my 3-11-08 birthday "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "association" date on it..right? What else could it be? Or was it just my "LUCK" again?

I will post all 3 pages of that NYS MV104A accident report on 4-8-04 on a facebook page called THE MILLENNIUM ZODIAC I am building now..since it's all built on FACTS that are misrepresented on that report by the NYS POLICE I will point out I see no "reason" why issues should arise from it..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 12, 2013
Todd Bower my sisters husband is the one who put the suspicion in my head about his own mothers death Carol who died suddenly while on vacation..Here's what is ODD also about the RUNGE report..The review time is a signature by D.L. Carrol..for those who lack D.L. are alos MY first two iitails..and Carrol is Todd's mothers name by "association" She was NOT happy with his marriage to my sister and had made no secrect of it..A deeply religous woman DIVORCE was NOT accepted but she had come to the conclusion it was necessary..and worked hard to pass these thoughts..Then she just died suddenly..Todd was VERY suspicous of her death..I just did not understand why..She died on vacation in Canada..His family had just come home..from there..and the call came a few days's just all too "perfect" My sister as "in the middle" as she is all the time so rudely pushed her way to go with him and his brothers to bring her home..I don't care what they say now to defend her ..she pushed her way into it..and got to go..They wanted to bring THEIR mother home..No other wives went.
"In the middle" is CHRIS BOWER..that IS how you desribe of attention...and she is not happy any other way and Todd will say what ever he has to to make her happy..

BUT right now I have to concentrate on a former NYS Governer Marion Cuomo and his son the NYS Governer Andrew Cuomo and how they "encrypt" "associoation" in all of this by overkill already just like 'those cops" and all the others..right down to what is now a "perfect" forwarding girflfriend a name..

So now doubt by the way it all "deciphers" just like the oast overkill of clues here is the directio it is all going..offf the Clay, N.Y. State Police. "Where the story was molded" Whitehouse-Station clues where it all began on a NYS MV104A report taken ny Officer MDBeiderman#4619 ..46 is a "line up" after a 4-5 and a 19 an "accident" report I had with CHARLES RUNGE..

Now on 4-15-08 tax day..I gave the Syracuse FBI the AFD-5166 NYS LIC plate off a Dodge caravn that had chased me and attempted to run me of the run me off the road several times..

Now 6-15 is Mario CUOMOS BIRTHDAY..

YES I DO believe there is "association" to how the Joe "fitz" Kennedy bought JFK the Whitehouse at the age of 35 compares to this ROGUE story somehow..

Now its obvious the LIC plate was set up AFTER all of it on CUOMO then..

BUT it gets complicated when my mothers cell phones links to his soms birthday ..she purchased years before he became Gov. in 2010..and his 12-6 birthday links to "Angie babys" cell phine 1206..which is another "perfect" link..the SRIHC video,, what "JUDITH DEVENEY" and HOW timed(you have to hear the tone of her voice to know...? is will the JUDGE do the same thing to LANZA in DIVORVE COURT as was done with JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL plan..??) to be in moton with now an how scumbags play it to what Officer L. JESSE did to work it..

Let me brak this down for you..

Dorothy Mills /Bill McCarty set me up..Da Nickelosn violates my fair speedy trial rights..its drags ontothe teach her a lesson date of 12-18-12 arrest date from 2006 the ALBERT(BILL VEGAS wedding brother clue) chip Scerbo arrest date..the drive by bother GREGORY clue set by Lundy on 8-18-11 as I left the "sue" roulette Thrifty shop clue..on a Galloway death clue in WILCOTT No such place just a BILL FACTOR clue..well its a good thing Jeff just happened to die that day right? Like Jean Levea just happenned to die on a soldier onward horoscope day 1-10-9 like my uncle GEORGE linked to the ONONDAGA "TEACH HER A LESSON" nation died on 6-27-10..etc..etc...etc..There 's a lot of etcs in "get Maureen's kids some money" plan off it all..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 12, 2013
Ok I would believe it safe to go the pattern of how "theose cops" in all of this No one says its NOT true anymore ..its all been reduced to disrespectful etc BAD scumbags will always cheer it on and NOT want it to stop.soo..

THE BILL FACTOR is a BIG MONEY Plan..for "HE" the 8-11 and 11-5 dates..

Someone most likely "HE" wanted me to make this Governer past and persent "association" Like I had control of how or even knowing my mother owuld get a family plan of cell phone numbers and "Angie Baby's would be the future Governers birthday cell phne LIC plate I gave the FBI in 2008..How GREAT..!!! LOLOLOL.. Now that's LUCK!!!
Forgive me..I mean what do you want me to do with it? You cleaned up some fat slob and wanted me to wipe up her rough edges and teach her a few things to make her "good woman" while she runs around claiming she did it all herself knowing dam well her mother and her were up to no good all along and knew others were dying as a reseult of it BUT she wants her cut..Now like every other victim in this all I can do is write about it and try and survie it..ok? from I learned ot day its going to get much rougher for me and my we head by forces upon us towards the "He" planned "Angie Baby" shack -see my Facebook photos for that info..could by in Syracuse the other day the Gov. clues were made..we just the mail today.

Ok so its pretty clear Mario Cuomo bought his boy a Whitehouse ROGUE style..and like "those cops" there isn't really a whole lot I can do about it..and from there a MOVIE plan is being made..

Now how that SANDRA LEE name lcue is being worked on me called "JUDITH DEVENEY" called a scorned woman..linked to a "reverse" Margaretville in oswego plan off it what is in motion Angie Baby shack for both fo us me and my boyfriend off it all .let me break that all down..

YES there was a lot of LOVE "profiling done in this..Jerry my bother and his wife "Sue..shes a Russel..same name as pastor at the church in Mexico a LIGHTHOUSE..they met just three or so years ago over a trailer issue.

Angie met Marty Vanburen(after Charles Spencer) and married him on 4-24-10(yes "line up" with the 4-25-07 Brinkerhoff shooting date) a very rush Brinkerhoffs widow "pondered"? opening my letter in that same time frame..scumbag ail was VERY intresting..

So I met my boyfriend and that price tag is JUDITH DEVENEY called "EVERYTHING IS MINE" NYS Disability section 5 and food stamps to a wipe him out plan off a "profiling" so "He" can show everyone how good "He" is when he set ALBERT SCERBO up..well "He" tampered and manipulated everything I don't see how he can't be viewed as good.."he should be viewed as fablous..BUT how come "he" does not see the real issues ??? and does NOT want anyone else to either?

So as I post scumbags claims hes NOT going let Cuomo have the Whitehouse now..awww(really he has that much control..I thought the people did -scumbags0..OR "he's" going to claim thats NOT what happening..go figure.

An ANGIE BABY cell phone "THRILL OF THE KILL" LINK to Governer Andrew Cuomos 12-6 birthday..details next post.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 12, 2013
My mother gets the cell phones family plan numbers start t 1205..1205 is a date in 2009 at he TS casino..plan off a hell I am going through in fulton that begind off the way my sister CHRIS set me up on be at the 151 Maureen Levea's all part of why her birthday adds up like a score off the 3 ages of me, Runge and Supple in it just like Bill Vickerys does also..So Chris knew then as others did Like Mmaegan BUCK that George Levea was going to die..its why she shouted "MOTHERS DAY OF THAT YEAR" and the "HE JUST LOOKED AT HER" as he drove by on 7-25-08...and Geporge died by "sudden attack of illness" on John Lincoln who lived next to me heard Maegan Buck yell about how George had just looked at me that day..she was that loud with herself from inside her apt. I don't know what the bizarre circle from Maegans apt to John's windows was but it was linked more than this..Johns daughters name is Emily and in 2005 scumbags taunted "Emily is gonna disappear" this is before I knew her..and the name they used with that claim was "Percival"..

So I live at 151 wwest First st off the 3-29-05 issue with my sister CHRIS about two weeks after it takes place..I live there almost 5 years. the family cell phones are 1205 , 1206 and 1208 to my knowledge there is no 1207..

12-5 becomes an issue on 12-5-09 at the TS casino..the night I "win" the ONLY night I have ever "win' in the casino bingo hall..In fact the ONLY time I have ever won that kind of money inthe casino 15 years..BUT my family wins like that all the mother a grand that night brother Jerry $300.00.

This whole cell phone birthday story was on 2-5 in Syracuse for me took another turn when it was tunted to my attention about an "Angie Baby" birthday I looked it up ..and to a lic plate birthday FATHER clue..unreal..

How do I explain this..

Let me start here ..2-5 in 2009 was the day Lundy came home from over seas and was actually back in Oswego..on 4-12-09 I was having a "retired" disagreement with him in his driveway..

There was a peculiar "Angie baby" video running on UTUBE years had a **Blair Witch theme to it..just a B and W woods theme late fall just woods sticks no leaves a walking video slowly up to an old run down shack that at the end of the song the door a zoom in on a "reverse" SRIHC-CHRIS appears in it..I printed out several of the video frames of the "Thats where your gonna live" taunts video..and soon after it vanished from UTUBE..

** I went to see the Blair Witch movie the Oswego theater with Marla miller years ago..

I have the "Angie baby" video photo posted in my Facebook pics.

soon after coming home from my 213 OCO bus fun ..Oswego Co Ooprtunities can waste like that I guess.BUT look how easy it is to waste a cop in this scumbag WHITEHOUSE plan they have to be famous..I thought about what had been said and looked up the info..and HOLY SHIT there is Andrew CUOMOS 12-6 birthday link to what was ANGIE BABYS THRILL 1206 cell phone number.."line up" with my parents 12-5 number..and his fathers birthday is 6-15 fit the 5166 Lic plate I gave the FBI in 2008..Like 3008 fit Erin Maxwell's that one disturbs me esp how it all links what "JUDITH DEVENEY" and the NYS POLICE are trying to pull of fit all gain in the "association" time frame of it all after what they set up the first time.

Now either offier L JESSE was TOLD to do what he was told because cop killing has become a real commidity in HOLLYWOOD for Governers on their way to the Whitehouse off it.

OR ROGUE cops are ROGUE cops..

So how they work the "Angie Baby" shack issue is in motion now on us off "JUDITH DEVENEY" "EVERYTHIMG IS MINE" plan on her husband..complete with some FAMILY help with it all.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 12, 2013
The ROGUE sides whole concept set up on me off hwo Dorothy Mills had set me up to be homeless with some assistance from DA Nickelson..was to be able ot claim later through her scumbags tht i was only with my new boyfriend becuase I had no where else to be..NOT true anymor than it was true off her claism that i just wanted to be will impotent BILl Mccarty so I attacked her on how she fronted reality i kind blew my current boyfriend off the first couple of times he talked to me...No I was NOT embarrased to tell him or anyone else my current situation..I was telling everyone..anyway I could..The bullshit..people can absorb the bullshit faser than anything..

So on 12-18-12 the 6 years later "TEACH HER A LESSON" arrest anniversary date of ALBERT Scerbo's arrest and WHY MAN Bill and DOTTIE were recruited and BILL was planning his VEGA'S trip to pay his 8-11 BILL fACTOR house off..the horrors on the inocent continued...So 2011 alone had claimed Deputy Bernard Gallow..3-12-11..Patrick Hyde 4-18-11 Deputy "RED COP" Kurt Wyman 6-7-11..8-18-11 Jeff Galloway of WILCOTT...9-12 Mike Miller...11-5-11 Ray Gregory..

12 the "trick" year pretty much a homeless summer intened to be a 6 month contemplation of dismissel set up on me by "JUDITH" also..<- right now is the central in motion to watch..everything '"he" and "they" have planned right now centers around her linked to "Angie baby"..thats now a Cuomo "association" and to state police direction..

The FBI 0225 "freindy" death badge number to my sons .my sons 2-25 birthday is another direction..

JUDITHS role is to cause as much financial hardhip for her husband as she can as a scorened woman cover while she destroyed everything she could that he had built up and spent two years in the marriage doing just that while contributing NOTHING beneficial to it finiancial or healthwise to it.

You have to ehar her tone of coise when she talks about ehr dogs before she set him up for the ridiclous menacing charge..that "You better get your two dogs out of her cuz I'm selling um all" (they've served their purpose vindictive tone in her voice) um all" YES she did want those extra 9 as in baseball dogs in that two bedroom trailer room...and what hers did not produce she brought in off her trips overnight outside the home during the marriage..So "JUDITH" was NOT being forced to stay there or under any finacial pressure that way either..

She told her lawyer in court she "NOT have acromeagly"..but does have a heart problem..well you would NOT get that impression listening to her on the audio..anymore than you would think Dottie Mills is disabled either..if she was not deaf..the limp does not hinder her at all..

I heard her say this when she told her lawyer as I was facing JUDITH claimed I was "crying" and I was NOT..Yes this si the same woman Officr JESSE filed a "menacing" charge agains her husband on so they can work an Angie baby shack for him out of it...I know why...So "JUDITH" can also laugh in court at how he had to pay for his own lawyer and he does NOTHING is FREE(THATS NOT A POKE AT LANZA) or out of concern NOT in this county or state....DONT WORRY SCUMBAGS...Let me guess NYS state and Oswego County who lOVES "THRILL" scumbag recruits like "JUDITH DEVENEY" pay for hers..NO ? asked..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 12, 2013
"JUDITH" forced her husband out of his by a false claim a harm on her she set up on him...and threats of death she made on her efforts to make everything he had in his life from him off it all..while forcing him to lose him home in the process of it all also..A payment he cannot afford to make and afford to pay elsewhere to live while fighting this court..It is not unreasonable to expect that "JUDITH DEVENEY" should be expected to pay as she did on her husband for at least half of the damage done to his home since she brought 9 dogs and two cats in the home in two years during the two year marriage that she describes in her own words as her hers and shes "sellin um all."

It's VERY expensive to feed and maintain that many animals in a clean and healthy enviornment..BOTH of his dogs are fixed "JUDITH" had an income..You can afford what you can afford and the rest you dump on someone else because when someone us blinded by love you can do just that to them just the way you planned to. DAMAGE...He never got ahead what so ever being married to "JUDITH" it was a slow steady decline..i two years he had nothing..He told me he thought at his age marrying an older woman would give him more security in a marriage.."JUDITH" wanted more than he could give her and he was willing willing to give.....and she offered nothing..nothing at all..

His "two dogs" are here...They have caused NO damage what so ever to anything..I have seen the damage done to his home and funiture.

Utica, NY

#7 Feb 13, 2013
omg cant someone stop this woman holy s...
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Feb 13, 2013
cindy wrote:
omg cant someone stop this woman holy s...
LOLOLOL you have to have VALIDITY to just stop someone

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