How the Judge Hafner and JUDITH DEVEN...

How the Judge Hafner and JUDITH DEVENEY "THRILL" is played out.

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Apr 24, 2013
"JUDITH DEVENEY" is the scumbag recruit for the "scenes" in the "THRILL OF THE KILL" that lead the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up that was then on both of us.

Now it all begins off how "JUDITH" played out the failure of her doomed anyway marriage..The whole Margaretville in Oswego result of the "JUDITH" "scenes" were preplaned in all of this also..Now BAD scumbags will claim my boyfriend was the one who was "involvled" in this also from the start....Now I had just come off a homeless summer off the last Scumbag recruit Dorothy Mills and the court "involved" of Oswego DA James Nickelson and City Of Fulton court Judge Spencer Ludington..This is all part of how the ROGUE FBI is "working the case" abd right now the BAD 'scenes " being set up on me are done by military scumbag recruits..who have no connection to each other then the "gain" they all want plan to make off it all.. they are all just real dirtbags with military connections..Like Bill McCarty..hes a functioning drunk with 16 years in the military behind him to Beverly Davis and her son and daughters link to he military of course the son is going to stick up for his mother and sister...regardless. Then you have Aftin Deveney and her boyfriend Brandon McCarthy..BOTH active in the military who laid him off after he assualted his own father in a fight she provoked with his mother..See as far as I know "JUDITH" has no military links but was the plan behind getting her estranged husband my boyfriend to Margaretville in Oswego..

Now here's the Orlo Green link to it all called the "or low green state" plan...Scumbags worked my boyfriend to play the mind games of "profiling" off it all...getting my boyfriend to do things that seem harmless...but work others who were told it was part of his doings in the "profiling" of it all planned outcome.

Take for instance the pics he took of the damage "JUDITH"
did to my things..He had stored in his barn waiting for her to leave..I was going to remove them to his sisters basement anyway..and he had no plans of leaving his home. "JUDITH" knew this and its all part of how it was timed for the 9-12 and 10-25 my mother fall and birthday dates also linked to it all later..

I had to be there with HIM when FED agent Nicholas Ivie the was shot dead..the National Grid BILL was the clue and was already in my boyfriends name off Peggy's non payment of it..Now Peggy's moving home off a failed relationship and now she has to play her own bills..for the winter..?? Her income has not changed etc..They needed AFTIN there are Peggy could never afford the bills in the winter either..Somebody had to be there..The part Aftin was fooled by was her boyfriends arrest and layoff..That was NOT supposed to happen..BUT AFTIN pushed the plan along anyway this time promoting her boyfriend would get his job back if he complied with what she wanted him to do..That was to help set us up at CHRIS T MAS time of the SANDYHOOK GUN CONTROL "association" to it all..clued in FBI Agent Nicholas Ivies death on 10-2-12..I was soon going to lose my unemployment in late OCT..Aftin's job was to split me and her uncle up and the stage was then set on me for the Nickel less time frame of the CHRIS T MAS snow attack on my son..OR..if her uncle would NOT comply the newtown "association" ROGUE plan took place for the GUN CONTROL- SANDYHOOK "association" to LANZA plans also time frame.

The plan clues to kill her estranged husband are as overkill as overkill gets also in that TIME FRAME..JUDITH narrated it all herself..and reinforced the "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" part to him twice along with some other things.


Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Apr 24, 2013
To make the 9-4 and 9-6 dates a success for JUDITH in this ..there had to be reason for her to do what she did..Now remember "JUDITH" who was out looking for high end apts and had room mates all lined make him her husband think she was leaving him..So as any guy would do in this situation..He began to go on with his life..while she was making plans for hers..he WAS going to keep some of her dogs for her and she was planning to come back an visit them from time to time..

I could tell from what he was saying she was up to something..and I told him be careful..He told me how she came from nothing with nothing...and she leaving to easy..with what? Roommates? Ok "JUDITH" married him and got her teeth fixed and back surgery off it in less than 2 years...She brought all those dogs in to wreck the place..So she was NOT planning to stay..JUDIH and the ROGUES who planned it all had a few plans going on in case one did not work out..and it works like this...IF I had NOT had an audio of Dorothy Mills ..ROGUE "THRILL" Oswego DA James Nickelson would have taken the case to court on her behalf..YES he would have..that is what the ROGUES who recruited his doings wanted a established image of me off these scumbag recruits..Beverly Davis had previously tounched on the issue BUT backed off..

AFTIN DEVENEY was waiting to pull her shit of the date clue of my mothers birthday 10-25..(it IS why the BOSTON bombings went off at 2:50pm(25) to how the RUNGE "accident" is documented at 10:52 am..AGE clue to 52 years old of Barry Lee Bush the FED shot HUNTERDON by his own man Like Nicholas Ivie was in the "OFF MEXOCO" location of NACO RHYMES with WACO..Now this is the time frame AFTER the 12-5-09 TS Casino deadly game "win" took place..That the one right after the other series of scumbags recruits came into motion in this.

LUNDY the Hunterdon "encrypted" link (HUNTER DON - ORION Lundy's military brigade-the Gigantic what is now military scumbags AFTIN is from FORT DRUM..HUNTER DON-Lundy was fired in 2006 after 31 years in police work with a badge..after he pushed his way into a job he knew Oswego did not want him to have and he did this at CHRIS T MAS time..and by Jan. he was done, humiliated.

By 2007 on my fathers birthday the first FED went down..

So now its all the way to "JUDITH" and the continuing easy passage for her to work her charades like how it was for David Renz to commit his APE dog RHYMES with rape...Like NACO RHYMES with WACO..and 4 this time correections officers get shot the day before"line up" in HERKIMER ..that scumbag recruits name KURT(of course) Myers..and its all covered by his financial issues..for the HER OR KIMER(KIM RAPONI STEVENS) overkill of clues encrypted in it just like every other deadly scumbag "scene" in this.

"JUDITH" is plauyed out as a scorned woman..who's ultimate goal is "EVERYHTNING HERE IS MINE" and "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" Now the "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" part is the NYS LIC PLATE set up on her estranged husband OH NO NOT the 2889 GEORGE Levea plate BUT the 48408 -MC TIRES lic plate..the guy who sold them had in his "basement for 4 years" One of the tires was defective..and a tire man found it. the GEORGE LEVEA 2889 set on his SUV was the plan here on me in newtown over the winter..I gained some weight BUT not a lot....The "tracter wheel" drama JUDITH set up on him on 9-6 while she was menacing him BUT NYS ROGUE Officer L Jesse "reversed" that to him in front of me(and I don't care how many kiss ass state police Officer Jesse has for "friends" I saw and heard him do it)

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Apr 24, 2013
The TRACTOR WHEEL "scene" JUDITH set up on her husband to LIE to POLICE which she's good at and have him arrested so he would have to among other things PAY for his own lawyer while her lawyers bill was being sucked off taxpayers..Now this was all part of the get his money plan for the nickel less set up coming our way also...AFTIN told him who;s living with her mother now and her boyfriends been laid off from his job because of his arrest ..shes trying to convince my boyfriend if he leaves me "they" will find him a new girlfriend..and her boyfriend will get his job back..

So the tractor wheel JUDITH scene brought it all into place..Had JUDITH NOT pulled it ..AFTIN would NOT at her mothers on 10-25.

TRACTOR -link to Judy Blanchards death on 5-3 I was told a tractor wheel fell off her tractor a she was killed..and there IS a lot of suspicion bout how that wheel came loose..Judy Blanchards announcement was on 5-5- that is would b GEORGE LEVEAS birthday..the Blanch means clot "association" set up on me here if I made it to the newtown set up and WHY MAN my mail came up missing about my DSS Food stamps in Sept along with the ticket to get my drivers lic suspended.

BLANCH means CLOT...George Levea died of a sudden attack of illness most claim was a clot that caused his massive heart attack while working at the NYS FAIRGROUNDS an OZ-Dorothy link..the 10-25 "association" in all of this her birthday my the BOSTON "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE now of 2:50-pm ..remember "zero's mean nothing."

In the movie Wizard of OZ..Dorothy leaves in a HOT AIR BALLON..maked OHMAHA STATE 2006 scumbags taunted "OH MA HA" mother is still laughing clues..So that is why GEORGE LEVEA was set up to die on a "MOTHERS DAY of THAT YEAR" clue date death ..that Meagan BUCK shouted at me through the floor BEFORE she had shouted "He just looked at her" "THEY WANT TO KNOW IF HE LOOKS AT HER" about G Levea on 7-25 when he drove by the same way Charlie Diefenbacher shouted "SHE JUST SAID HIS NAME" when I had said Virgil Yablonski's name talking about that bus route in my apt just a few weeks before his niece was killed by TRUCK DRIVER Brett KURTz on 3-8-06...."HE" and "they" had picked Virgil as the virgins narration in the Hannibal yearbook YES his name and his brothers, the childs father are transposed..and they worked that on me in 2006 so I would do it also at the FBI..and I did..another "her and Lundy did it" set up on me..

I went to school with VIRGIL and don't know his younger who was classmates with CHRIS BOWER
They buried his niece on my 3-11-06 birthday..

So from BRETT KURTz to KURT Wyman to KURT Myers..<- Fla mothers scumbags claim I will NOT make it down there to live. That is probably why all my Drs are now playing roles in this..some will get "gain" some will not and just continue their "THRILL" ways..

So from JUDY BLANCHARDS 5-3-10(1-35 "win" location clue) tractor wheel death to JUDY-Bill McCartys scapegoat DEAD END computer plans on me off how he knew he was going to set me up with Dottie on BIRTHDAY date clue 3-19-12..To "JUDITH DEVENEY" and her "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" to what is now the JOHN NY military scumbag recruit "scene" direction.

Off how "JUDITH" was like David RENZ and others protected in their doings by the "system" behind it all that is a very strong JUDGE clue..How the ROGUE FBI is "working the case" It's all part of things like Judge Spencer Ludingtons snide words in court to DA Nickelson "Let the scumbags stick up for her(me) if they want too" to come other comments those two made back then also.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 Apr 24, 2013
They ALL have a cover story..all of them for Bill McCarty it was called his brother ALBERT'S wedding (VEGAS)and his sudden new need to be with his girlfriend Dorothy Mills again..I did NOT want him and he knew it..He's impotent, he's cheap BUT worse he drinks himself to death every night.. Dottie is far better suited to have him..BILL approached ME when she was not around..and the scumbags would tell her phone the same place she got all her info that she told her friends and family before she set me up on 3-19-12 the next birthday clue date..its all part of the ROGUE way of taunting me.

Now remember the ROGUES have some "video" drama they are planning on me image and I CANT WAIT to see it myself..the "PROOF"

You should hear the story Maegan BUCK was told as to why they sot and covered up Brinkerhoff's death ..YES they said he was doing something to children..and I am wondering if he was Tammy Rowe's 2005 "They said he heated up talking to a bunch of boys" talk..and it does NOT fit the Alan Jones and Renz crimes..

I could tell the way Maegan BUCK spoke her words in 2007 she was quoting my sister CHRIS..and Maegan had also figured out then that Trooper Brinkerhoff's name just happened to fit also...The 4531 BADGE issue was not there yet.

Maegan knew the Margaretville link and about JUDITH DEVENEY..she relayed that info to how it got to my SANDY at the Fulton Lib etc. SANDY was the first one to speak about Jack Tyrie's death and how his name fit..his "heart attack" date and he was a TEACHER also -HANNIBAL.

Its also reinforced the "JACK HIM WRIGHT" plan..
JACK links to a car and slang on a person going to be attacked and TYRIE means crazy.

They will kill my son if I think I plan to challenge so they got my son heavily involved and turned him on me..the "CARRIE 6-29 "scene" and his cry now of "abuse"'s how they played his head...while playing mine they would kill him anyway.."either way" and Maegan said it also in 2008 along with "they will kill her(me)if she does this" Throws the money offers..Their MOVIE plans start..

So now I know why LANZA was NOT pushing JUDITH criminal issues in a criminal court trail she set up on her husband..

I know why Dorothy Mills was NOT immediately tel investigated by the state for her under the table work...she had to set me up first and doing that to her would give her a immediate blame for why it went on. Dottie got caught and I decided to start a fight with her? BS. She may have gotten her NYS state "gain" Disability money back I don not know.

So right now off the BOSTON horrors and I TOLD YOU..there was no more than 3 of them and they are WHITE he Al-Qaida shit is the cover. Those boys lived here and posted that also they needed to look no further than lovcal Boston HAAA WATERTOWN..of all "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" FORT DRUM "association" clues to why Aftin said she would step outside her platoon..BS..Now this was LONG before BOSTON and I posted that also..

DO you have any idea how many innocent people have died off these ROGUE assholes and their deadly scumbags? This was NOT the first movie plan..they were supposed to catch Bulgar with out the ROGUE FED info linked to it..they made that movie anyway called THE DEPARTED..The family sued and the ROGUE FEDS were pissed off a FEDERAL JUDGE awarded the the the money..looks like the entire FBI is ROGUE ..shooting their own and they call me heartless and unemotional...fuck them. Keep the front cover of "accidents" on your...its all good...BUT raping little girls..Shit I though I was the bad guy on that issue in all of this ..WTF?
Pleasure Kevin

Ithaca, NY

#5 Apr 24, 2013
Diana, i'm curious. Do you think that President Obama is involved, or even aware of the Thrill of the Kill / 7 Stars of Orion?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 Apr 24, 2013
Pleasure Kevin wrote:
Diana, i'm curious. Do you think that President Obama is involved, or even aware of the Thrill of the Kill / 7 Stars of Orion?
Do you think they told him the truth? I believe from issues wayyy back ..He was "fooled" just like many others by the scumbags and ROGUES behind it all...its a very BAD case of what you don't know will hurt you.. and I think you know it too Kevin BUT your scumbag role to work me in this as a crazy image.

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