Oswego DA"S Office exploitation of Er...

Oswego DA"S Office exploitation of Erin Maxwell's murder.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 16, 2013
Let me explain right now to the BAD SCUMBAGS wo continue to attack where the direction of their doings now is headed..Do you know what "reverse"? look it up..

Right now Alan Jones current lawyer feels that Jones should never have been convicted of the charges he was convicted of..he is the same man who filed the Jones appeal and won..in Sept an issue the Oswego DA'S office was claimed to have been "stalling" well there was another THRILL scene coming up called "JUDITH DEVENEY" that was supposed to enure a nickel less(Nicholas Ivie-2nd dead fed time frame 10-2-12) upon me oonce and for all..

Now if any of the BAD scumbags can recall ..did you even have knowledge of the Maxwell murder? A lawyer named LANZA could not make legal heads or tails bck then of his clients charges and the DA"S appraoch to them..He made alot of issue about th is ot the public..the JUDGE did not like it...BUT that same Judge Walter Hafner who set the 9-9-09 trial MILLENNIUM trial date for it all let some very questionable issues take place during and off that trial..ow Jones current lawyer used one of thos issues to reduce his Oswego DA "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" sentence..just as LANZA had protested the Hafners court onthe same grounds in 2009..as the press was USED by the NYS police and the DAS pffice to build a hate on Alan Jones..what these ROGUES were really doing was setting up his release from prison off it..time served for his crime he will probably sue for later also.

Right now the DA ROGUE narration name GREGORY OAKES is the direction of the ROGUE plan to succeed off this.

Now during he state appeal on Jones sentece time..the DAS office was claimed ot have been "stalling" the appeal issue..well I can ell you why..They had a plan for it all off a scumbag recruit named "JUDITH DEVENEY" timed at the same time..it did not go as planned for the ROGUES so far.. so they are making adjustments now..as e nickel less taunt at my head was placed as a narration clue after her husband was set up to be in the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home of scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney and her mother and fromthere the nickelss clue was made "rock solid" as to the ROGUE itentions..they use me as the image of something they're going ot do anyway.

So to "WHY"..now they used scumbags for the last TWO major crimes..a LANZA and a KURT Myers..the KURT was a "rock solid" clue name "scene" called the "RED COP" that goes one year later in my mothers direction..They set up her stroke to use as a sympathy image for her..

The original plan was from the start..MOVIE.."Angie baby" began the BAD talk ad CHRIS BOWER and BILL VICKERYS front..

Now it's a Her or Kimer(Kerkiner)decision clue..to a SOPHIES CHOICE police dog clue back to "JUDITH" direction..?is ALLSTATE OR NOT?....off a JOHN "scene" that has not to take place yet ..its why GOV "ANGIE BABY" CUOMO was in Herkimer for the 3-13-13 13 either way dated clue direction plan off it all...One of JUDITHS 3 "perfect" timed missing dogs came home ..MIDNIGHT-12 clue. JOHNNY and BUBBLES are still out there..BUBBLES and JOHNNY the ROGUE celebration clue names..

The worked GIV CUOMO into in Herkimer..and if you did not knwo the THRILL doings..You would NOt susoect a thing..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 16, 2013
Now BAD scumbags do you understand NOW? WHY? they view you just that way and what you have ot say now..Tammy Rowe said it in 2005 "he said Who's going to listen to a bunch of scumbags?" That is exactly the direction the ROGUES are using..
Now just as many defect like Rowe did .."He" just goes and recruits new ones..Scumbags and ingnorance there is NO shortage of..
So CHRIS BOWER VICKERY believe with Tammy rowes help she was setting me up for Thomas Lindseys murder..she had been set up by hiting my JEEP BUT NOT by me..it was parked far away from her van..That's how she did so much damage to it..
BILL VICKERY the ROGUE plan all along off my "profile" by them..was clued in the damage report CHRIS caused on my parked JEEP She ran around claiming I parked it there for her to hit it.. She had Tammy Rowe bring Lundy to Fulton in 2005..BONE COLLECOR..YES CHRIS and Tammy knew Officer Lindsey was going to die...and believed they were setting it up..Tammy left claimg Lundy was "involved" in it..She let it slip..
I don't care what TAMMY and LUNDY DENY..EXPECT IT..
Tammy Rowe's recruited narration name was a clue to a MOTHER..and a plan to "reverse" the "row your boat" plans ROGUES knew I could pull off then....I was the fisherman with bait shop plans..BUT I was working for my income for it...and had no lawyer..The ROGUE gun control and other law change plans were was already in "reverse" set up motion on me and others..
Marla Miller was the "Angie bay" front..cover plan..that now links by "perfect" 'COINCIDENCE" to NYS current GOV Andrew Cuomos birthday through her 1206 cell phone.."line up" with my mothers..that cops name'sare Orlo Green and Gary Percival..ROGUE?..TIME WILL TELL..

Meriden, CT

#4 Mar 16, 2013
The Oswego DAs office did a fine job with what they had to work with.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 16, 2013
Paul wrote:
The Oswego DAs office did a fine job with what they had to work with.

No the Oswego DAS office played a image game with all of us on it and has continued to do so..One "pressured" the JUDGE who ?d the DAS presntation also before the trial really began..FACT is the JUDGE sould have never allowed the DAS presentation fo the charge Depravced indifference to be..That was the basis for Jones appeal in 2102 off he he won a reduction in his sentence..If you only have evidence of a shoplift you dont present a burglary..WE PAID FOR ALL OF IT..and the DAS office claims they will someday present another case or issue against Jones to reinstate his sentence to it's original..They had plenty of time fromthe trial to the appeal to present those issues...

Paul you need to read the tragic story of erin Maxwells deah and the iss with the DSS prior to it..to what state police found after she died..and then the revelation of the sexual abuse scaring she had also..No one will ever be charged for it..Erin is dead.
hank hill

Bronx, NY

#6 Mar 16, 2013
So sad, she deserved to have ppl around her who cared about her. Not abuse and starve her. This is so wrong. No child should have to go through that.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Mar 17, 2013
hank hill wrote:
So sad, she deserved to have ppl around her who cared about her. Not abuse and starve her. This is so wrong. No child should have to go through that.
THAT IN ADDITION TOTHE WAY SHE WAS LIVING..FILKES UPON FILES OF UNFIT LIVING CONDITONS AT THE DSS .. who's commissioner claims they had by "policy" been blocked from helping her or getting her parents into the proper channels to clean up their lives..her step mother was nurse..Child protective was sent ot the home several times off the complainsts of others...BUT a "plocy" the DAA child protecive unit did not allow them proceed further..after visits to the home.

The time that erin was sezually abused..is unclear..BUT state nd police and the DAS office did use the iformation found by the ME to put out to the public that beagn a firestorm of public hate directed at Jones and the family..They press claimed Erin has scars of sexual abuse..and JUSITCE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" promotions began here you bumberstickers the whole nine yards...While the 9-9-09 JUDGE Walter Hafner MILLENNIUM dated trial circus began here off it...Jones laywer from Fulton LANZA conteded that the approah the DA was using did nto fit the definition of JONES crime as described by the state police who investigated..The JUDGE also made issue of this as seen in press reports als..The JUDGE who had control fo the courtroom questioned the DAS approach also..that his depraved indifference was not with the definition of the law..The JUDGE should have overruled the DAS claims and forced him to proceed properly with in the definition of the law...The DA insisted he could get a conviction and prove his case...Jones was convicted of the harsher drime..BUT he filed his appeal to the state as just about all criminals do..and in Spet just about the same week JUDITH DEVENEY was seting her husband up who is my current boyfriend..that appeal by the state was won by JONES and his sentence was reduced..

I understadnthe DA wanted him jailed for ever..and he should have been..BUT vigilante use of the law will get you nowhere..The DAS office STILL contends they will someday get JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL..They had 4 years while Jones appeal was being held..to prpeare the JUSTICE plan..This trial was expensive and a complete embarrassment to anyready horribly shameful death.

There is very deadly activity taking place her ein oswego county..that alsmot ALL have pretended they don't see..thinking someday their manipulation of the law version of it all will bring them glroy off it..its called THE THRILL OF HE KILL" and "he" scumbags behind it all are everywhere making their taunts..

Its based on a duel between and my family..whp works with some very conniving and deadly cops in it all..with a GEORGE LUNDY is pissed off theme under it all because he was fired in 2006..

ERIN MAXWEEL is dead a result of what theese scumbag promote of "he" profiling..its a mind control game of death..

Her death date was placed on my sons GREEN Acheiva..as 3088 his NYS "perfect" "COINBCIDENCE" LIC plate..someone is HIGH power in NYS is using the sytem in "reverse" to acheive all of this..a plan to make my sister CHRIS BOWER VICKERY or her bother BILL *-11 birthdya clue)VICKERY the ICON off it all.

The Oswego DA'S office had $ years to build their challenge to the JONES appeal..They should have had the vengence they did in the
court room..like a murdered family victim facing a the killers parole board..for some reason it was claimed at appeal time the DA was stalling(I know how that works) stalling by the DA was helping JONES out..just like Dorothy Mills and her scumbag recruit role in all of this 3-19-12 set up on me..The DA"S office can make up so many assorted excuses..and then just blow us off by the press and walk away.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Mar 17, 2013
Erin Maxwells death was premeditated..and planned of someone who knew the loopholes "plolocy" at the DSS that would protect them..

her death was pre set to happen around it and in 2005 Tammy rowe had the "profile" on Alan Jones..and how it would all take place..She taunted me with that "profile" as it was something for me to worry about with my own son..Its an exhcange off which the TS Casino and others were used ot amek the HUSH money offoers to me to shut my mouth because of a series of murders were going and did take place off it all and are sill in motion..IT began with my signs..YOU REMEMBER MY "CRAZY" SIGNS DON"T YOU FULTON..the ones you were TOLD to ingore

The behid it all used POWER in "reverse" to clue it to me like the nYS LOTTERY whoch they had the audacity to use agin on 4-5-12..BUT the killings have NOT stopped..and the scumbags "He" behind it all sends are still in FULL MOTION.."HE" has some very loyal followers..MY own mother for one..Beverly Davis,,Dorothy Mills..Valerie Dedich Bil McCarty he plays a double riole like Val also..and there are others stillbeing recruoited all the time here..The DA'S in Oswego pave the raod for these scumbags and the JUDGE name Hafenr here in Oswego County NOT GOOD..

Now right now the scumbags taunt at me how my boyfriend was "profiled" on e, to get into the postion in this the ROGUE FBI and state police want me in for their finale plan off it all..clues to be an "Or low green state" plan...Orlo Green is the name of current Fulton Police Chief..Tammy Rowe had taunted in 2005 and I Posted this anywhere I could for years..She taunted me in 2005 by head geames "They're gonna kill your son" and on 10-2-12 while i was going through the hell at the "reverse" Margarville in Oswego..off the JUDITH EVENEY set up on her husband..His own family there was seting him and me up again..for out t newtown "line up: move with the horrors of SANDYHOOK off which the clue name LANZA surfaces again..Now the current GOV CUOMO birthdya is link to my sister Angie bays 1206 cell number a # set for just that taunt clue on MY head. "He" and "they" are taunting me again about the POWER they have to pull this all off in "reverse" Herkimer the 4 deaths was a result of what "he" and "they" with their POWER..as they plan to manipulate the story on others for their "gain" off it as to how it came to be..

Right now "he" and "they" police are at a loss they claim to explain SANDYHOOK and Herkimer..I can explain it all..It's all linked to my family and the name GEORGE LUNDY..and the others who get involved in it..

So while the oswego CO DA'S wait for their ERIN MAXWELL "JUSTICE" Miracle..as long as they avoid the truth like others there won't be one a miracle for her "JUSTICE."

PEOPLE JUST DONT CARE!! and "HE" knows it.."He" found a way to use GOD SHOPS to make money in all of this..You "support" Angie and all is fine she's "HE" girl...I dont get that kind of support..I'm one of your planned vicitms..in your wonderful "support" the BAD guys "gain" plans..

There was NO charity for me just like there is NO "JUSTICE" for ERIN and anyone who tired was attacked by "He" and scumbags..

BILL VICKERY is "HE" ICON..its all in "reverse."

Erin's death was the result of EXPERT mental manipulatons and timing..

Utica, NY

#9 Mar 17, 2013
Ms. Vickery You were a writer on Twilight Zone RIGHT?? No, then The US military, Darth Vader and DA's office are sending illegal messages through your home electrical outlets, IMMEDIATELY cover these portals with aluminum foil! FOR you own safety act quickly. Finally, your computer might also be infected, put it into your oven, set at 375-400 degrees for about two hours! And for good measure toss in that 'bama phone too!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#10 Mar 17, 2013
My BIGGEST ? WHY wuld Bill Vickery "confes" all this rape crap..if someone was suddenly getting on him..and then come back and tell his vicitm? He didn't know something was wrong?. He knew exactly how CHRIS BOWER VICKERY was...Bill could have "profiled" her himself just as we all could have when it comes to money issues..She was spending her husband into the hole even then..and did they went bankrupt..She was "GREEDY CHRISSY' since she was small child..never could get enough..

Now they are setting up my boyfriend who is a "reverse" "association" plan to all of this now..called a nickel less plan..they have clued they will kill my son its done..on 10-2-12..by a FEDS deah..RARE again and another "perfect"' "COINCIDENCE" ... FEDS MUST LOVE GEORGE LUNDY..BUT the biggest clue the scumbag miltary links they chose..to be the story and Fulton's and Oswego Couny ICONS..The Fulton and Oswego County part I can understand..I am NOT being "arrogant" BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS.."he" attemped to clean up some dirty miltary scumbag recruits.."HE" had Candy Cowan hire an a still active in the courts sex offender for you all..to show "support." Well go ahead Fulton show your "support"

"He" plans to convict me on the same offense by his HERO BILL VICKERY..nd then all this sex offender "support in Fulton would sympahize with me?? Is that why? "HE" is NOT puting me down by it.. "HE" was mad so in 2005 he sent INV Nichale Sderson down to helo setme up there at Charliw Gasko and DIST Manager ROB is exactly what they did to Fulton through all of it..and planed a sex offender joke on all of you..So RUN Fulton get your gas..

Now her assitant has the 9-12 birthday..?? Shes the one scumbags recruited to gove me a hard time in 2005..To cover Candy and ROB..the money and then though Brenda Candy hired a sex offender..? Brenda thought she hired him..Candy hired him BUT he was sent to Brenda..? 9-12 they used the date in Oswego ans a NATIONAL GRID CLUE..There is one too many 9-12 dates in this..and one had to go..

I knew the 9-12 clerk..and there were "6month contemplation of dismissel" offers being set up on me to screw it all up if I had taken the offer.."JUDITH" arrived on it..I didn't take the set up on me offer and "JUDITH" did not play her role in that part of it at the lib..I went back.

"HE" was out to get the 9-12 clerk ..now they all act like nothing went on..and the clerk started crap with me about something she HAD done to me..all part of the "HE" manupulation on her..
"act like noting went on"

The scumbags who worked part so the plan are PROTECTED more than anyone..and there is a list of them..

In 2005 the scumbag plan was to ge m efired from Charlei Gasko.. all kinds of games went on..Then SUNCO - Charlie Gasko hires a sex offender..when they had made thousands off me in 2005 THOUDANS upon THOUSANDS..Then Mike Anderson came down and some well covered up gas drive off went on..and i was fired..

Then in 2006 for the BONE COLLECTOR the move was placed..and scumbgas worked me out of there..CINDY MEEKER like the SUNONO clerk was worked in mind games becuase of sales set ONE BIG ONE up by DAR..CINDY was then in the I'm out ot get her job mode..and that is how they made my railroad out of DD by scumbags work..CINDY ws listening to them.
even after all that theft..

DAR had been worked by Tammy Rowe..BUT DAR usedme to amek the money off all of you..then scumbgs pushed me out..well they could not drive off with product or gas there as easy as SUNOCO.

YOU spent thosands of dollars playing these let them kill others "proof" games..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#11 Mar 17, 2013
WMastr wrote:
Ms. Vickery You were a writer on Twilight Zone RIGHT?? No, then The US military, Darth Vader and DA's office are sending illegal messages through your home electrical outlets, IMMEDIATELY cover these portals with aluminum foil! FOR you own safety act quickly. Finally, your computer might also be infected, put it into your oven, set at 375-400 degrees for about two hours! And for good measure toss in that 'bama phone too!
I don't know anything about Darth Vader or aliminum over my electrical port needs..

Now do other posters see hwo scumbags immrediatly take facts and turn them in thier delusional version of it on other peoples posts?

Now that is "crazy" Someone aking your facts or delusions or "crazy" and exteding it into their own..Thinking maybe they sound intelligent?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#12 Mar 17, 2013
Now remeber this the whole"HE" "reverse" manipulation plan is set u on me off the scumbag recruits..Some of them found their won troubles with the law off it..

From there the ROGUE cops sent to take care of the plan on me off it arrive to do their part..

Right now the scumbags claims are they are using my boyfriend to do this now as they slwoly manipualte issues on him to destroy his life also...to bring me into their finale plan "scene" its name direction.. JOHN and the clues are as follows..

First the last scumbag set up on me dated 3-19-12..is the irthday of my boyfriends whom I did not know yets daughter birthday also(There is your continuing ZODIAC clue)Her husbands name is JOHN and hes in active in the military right now..

Now "JUDITH DEVENEY" the other scumbag set up this time on my boyfriend..JUDITH has a well planned scorend woman acxt and ROGUE cop arrives off it also..This was after the Dorothy Mills and Bill 811 "witness" McCarty 3-19-12 set up on me..

Then you have Afin Deveney..SANDYHOOK to a LANZA name..again time frame "association" now a NYS appeals court issue ..time frame also 'association" to my sons 3008 lic plate and why a FED was shot dead with the 0225 badge number link to my sons 2-25 birthday..

Now NO they did NOT use valerie Dedichs or her mothers birthdya in this BUT they ARE part of the ROGUE military link plan in this..Valerie sporting the "GOOD WOMAN" plan cover end of it..so no use of her birthday..and the WIFE of JOHNS intead of his..and who owuld have known if BILL M was in VEGAS gettin his money if I was dead over the summer of 2012. Doties insitance on him to get me off his computer there..and set a dead end JUDY one up on me called the "He" "or low green state " plan iff need..

Now Aftin Devney was "sticking up for " me BUT BILL McCarty couldn't? Whas up with that?

The needed Valerie Dedich cleaned up and rebuilt? Why? Her mother knows..and Valeries "GGOD WOMAN" and she just decided to clean herself up time frame cover act is part of it

Now it's clear that the courts will assist these scumbags in their roles in this..it was just done in Hannibal on me..for "JUDITH DEVENEY"
all part of her role in the nickel less( deceased Agent Nicholas Ivie narration continuation) plan..
Aftin was coming..

Now "JUDITH" and her "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" lost DOGS... Names.. MIDNIGHT(12) "reverse" GOD "trick" clue.. to the wo srill out there "lost" JOHNNY..and Bubbles..

In Herkimer on 3-13-13..Her or Kimer Raponi Stevnes BILL Cromies gal pal..they shot the DOG finale..is the JOHNNY military plan ROGUE "THRILL" ""scene" now off?

"JUDITH" played the "crying" scene i Hannibal town court..the GOODMAN Auto bullshit sale in Syracuse a car owned by William Greer..

now maegan BUCK spoke of a deadly accident on the Middle Rd..fits in the time frame of the GEORGE RD truck accident talk she ad..JUDITH is standing in her garage yelling at her husband "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOUR FUCKING DEAD" ..Then she let the DOGS around my birthday time frame..

Now I KEEP telling my boyfriend not to get confident or let his guard down and I hope he is listening..ROGUE is very deadly..and full of "tricks."

Now he has a truck the color as my son GREEN Avheiva..So what are the plans "HE" has on him at me later? "fired" as scumbag threaten all the time?

Now do you know why the Oswego DA was "stalling" on the Jones appeal issue.. The plan was to link me and my son to it the ROGUE way..

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