Utica Notre Dame recruiting????

New Hartford, NY

#24 Sep 13, 2011
Larry Byrd wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey, goofball. It is a PRIVATE school. Anyone can attend. If someone feels they want to pay for a kid's tuition it is not illegal, or against any NYS PHS ruling. Get over it. ND has students from every suburb and town in CNY. It has always been that way, and will continue no matter how much you whine over it.
Enjoy the upcoming football and basketball seasons.
Your a bigger Goofball for sending your kids there. What are they CLASS D play someone at a higher level OOOOOOOO I'm Sorry your kid must not be good enough.
Larry Byrd

Baldwinsville, NY

#28 Sep 13, 2011
ND company man wrote:
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I bear no ill-will toward ND or any other local school but apparently you do. Your remarks about public schools are filled with all the hate, anger and biased unknowing that you attribute to another poster. You are spouting the ND company line and are, I'm sure, a good little soldier for their cause, whatever that might be. Let's not forget all the public criminal acts and immorality ( public record) committed by ND graduates. They are not as squeaky clean as you would like to believe. Keep it real. The former priest pedophile H.Charles Sewell did most of his lewd molestation of young men right on Notre Dame property, repeatedly, right under the nose of the Bishop, and with his blessing.
Ye doth protest too much. I maintain that nothing illegal is happening with regards to the accusation of recruiting. You, however, spew forth with your nonsense about all these other agendae.

Utica, NY

#29 Sep 13, 2011
I heard there was players recruited this year on the football team. No names, but I'm sure you can figure it out!
catholic double standard

Herkimer, NY

#30 Sep 13, 2011
The old catholic double standard seen at its best here...... Do as I say, not as I do!!!!
Didn't ND just lose to Herkimer in football??? What a joke. They have gone from a Big School football powerhouse to a Class C-D joke. Playing Herkimer, Frankfort, Oriskany etc.... who would go there when you could play at Wboro or Proctor and at least play some competition!!!
As far as education, the UND kids are smart because of their upbringing and the parents hard work. Smart kids are smart kids regardless of where they go to school.
HS Recruiting is illegal in NYS as spelled out in the doctrine above and UND is doing it like crazy. They know all the loopholes and legalease but if it looks likeshit and smells likeshit... itsshit!
just saying

Boston, MA

#31 Sep 13, 2011
What's important here, sports or academics? What percentage of high school athletes play professional ball?

My son goes to Notre Dame because it's, hands down, a better learning environment than public school. Notre Dame doesn't need an on-site cop and social programs to deal with underequipped students sent by neglectful parents. Notre Dame stresses academics, not daycare. Sports? Great for team-building skills, but not the be-all end-all for kids whose parents put education in the forefront. Channel your energy at bettering your situation.
John Kazanjian

Ithaca, NY

#33 Sep 14, 2011
I expect to see NHCS recruiting soon. Only so long they can let their football team SUCK!

Fulton, NY

#34 Sep 14, 2011
Proctor is after ND players like crazy. Its a known fact that proctor coaches are talking to ND football players about attending proctor ...while these kids attend ND. W'boro recruited an oriskany kid who stars a W'boro and still lives in oriskany...wake up people...there is no double standard. Love the comment about the ND walk on who is now on scholarship cuz he starts....too funny lol ... cant even believe people worry about where kids and their families want them to go to school.


#39 Sep 14, 2011
According to our parish priest ND is closing in 2012.Too bad.

Utica, NY

#40 Sep 14, 2011
ND Grad wrote:
<quoted text>It cost almost $6000 and yes they pay for all athletes in full just to keep the school going. You think inner city can afford 6g's?
if the inner city parents would get off their asses and wokr instead of live off my tax dollars they could afford to send kids there.

Greenwich, NY

#42 Sep 14, 2011
It is extremely funny how all you people hate on ND...to me it is just jealousy...so so so jealous that you can't send your kids to the best school in the area...so so so jealous. Try working a little harder for your kids!!!

Oh and AOL idiot you have been proclaiming that ND is closing for the past two years...you are such a joke! Every time you post you add another date to it...wow...

Raleigh, NC

#43 Sep 14, 2011
greasy election wrote:
<quoted text>
"The pedophile card"???? My, My, how dismissive you are about all the thousands of lives world wide that were ruined by your church. It is this very attitude that allowed all of this to snowball for all those centuries. If this is your attitude about the welfare of the kids at that school then perhaps it is long past time that that dump turned its lights out for the very last time.
The study is inaccurate and was done long before all the abused children came forth--tens of thousands are probably still in silent shadows--and the church STILL has not released all of the documents with regards to exactly how many that have filed claims and by their own admission, still do not have enough safety measures in place. How long do they want??? Another few hundred years and another few thousand victims.
You are an enabler by your blindeye attitude as was Byrdie. You are both sad and pathetic.
I am dismissive of nothing. I said in the previous post that it is all bad. One does not excuse the other. What evidence is it that you are relying on that proveds the inaccuracy of the study? the absence of a link to anything like that answeers my question.

Please present some factual evidence on the numbers that you've mentioned too. I am not trying to downplay the significance because of the numbers. One is too many in my opinion. I am just sick of hearing pedophile every time a converstaion about anything Catholic takes place. Was what happened wrong? Yes. Did it go on too long and get covered up. Absolutely. My point is twofold. First is that these hoorible acts and the subsequent coverups were carried out by a very minute percentage of Catholics. Again, not trying to excuse it. I only mention it because by far and away Catholics find the whole thing reprehensible. Second, I've presented evidence here that shows that terrible things like this are much more likely to happen in a public school setting than in a Catholic church setting. You don't agree with the conclusions of the study but it is what it is. The subject of pedophelia doesn't come up every time we talk about public schools does it? So why should any conversation about anything that has to do with the Catholic church always have someone mentioning it?

Again, any and all pedophile behavior is terrible. I'm just saying that Catholics don't have a monopoly and shouldn't be referred to constantly as if they do.
ND Too

Baldwinsville, NY

#45 Sep 14, 2011
I went to ND because of the hot priest! We had GREAT times wresting and showering together!!!!

Baldwinsville, NY

#47 Sep 14, 2011
I like to touch my mommy while she's asleep and when he was alive my Uncle Ernie use to come in my backdoor three times a week, that is why I like this post!I sure hope I spelled everything the right way!(If not I'll have to spank my little fella till it hurts)

Raleigh, NC

#48 Sep 14, 2011
Priestpedophiles wrote:
<quoted text>
Lady, you are up a creek without a paddle. The numbers that come in daily on the overwhelming extent of the abuse in Catholic schools, churches, rectories, orphanages, seminaries and even sacristies is mind boggling. Your little study is way off. But hang on to it if you must to justify what you believe in. I suggest you start reading the news on exactly what the numbers on pediophilia in catholic churches and schools is in reality. Ireland is the current hot spot and the abuse levels in the schools and seminaries there will blind you.
Show proof.
I've presented a study commissoned by the US Dept of Education and performed by a Hofstra PHD. You can't just say that it is way off without offering proof of that. You can't just say that because you disagree with the conclusions of the study either.

What is the reality. Let's look at it. But, let's look at all of it with proof. The study I've cited offers proof based on facts. Where is the research(that is not commissioned by a public teahers union or other interested party) that proves the opposite?

My point was and still is that it seems like it is impossible to discuss anything that has to do with Catholics without having someone mention pedophilia. Again, there was abuse by a small minority of Catholics. Those abuses were covered up by a small minority of Catholics. The vast majority of Catholics find the pedophiles and their enablers to be dispicable.

This started as an allegation of impropriety by ND in athletic recruiting. No one here has to date offered proof of that either.
ND Too

Baldwinsville, NY

#49 Sep 14, 2011
And if I need too I will show you my boobies(some of the priest like them)and I can also put on my Catholic School girl uniform like I do for my daddy!(and yes I'm a "man")
NY Voter

Watertown, NY

#50 Sep 14, 2011
Recruiting at Notre Dame? I don't believe it. Bob Cook made the honor roll every semester if I recall?


#52 Sep 15, 2011

Raleigh, NC

#53 Sep 15, 2011
Parent wrote:
The scholl(?) might be closing but the school will be open for a long time to come.

AOL user,
What is it that you get out of posting this same nonsense under a multitude of names? I'm really curious because it seems like mental illness.


#56 Sep 15, 2011
It was announced at my parish church the school will be closed by 2012.
Peter Politick

Baldwinsville, NY

#57 Sep 15, 2011
Alice wrote:
It was announced at my parish church the school will be closed by 2012.
Alice, you have too many aliases.

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