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#21 Aug 16, 2011
How about this thought----
At six years old we demand a 2 hour practice to learn basic skills for a game?? Any ideas as to why Americans are so behind academically? Why such focus on sports when there is no long term gain? I haven't seen any kid from this area with a NFL contract. What happened to education? Maybe that's part of the problem with our economy.

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#22 Aug 17, 2011
High School backstabbing/ass-kissing is by far much worse. There is Dad at Utica Notre Dame who should have back pain by for all the bending over he has done to kiss the coaches asses. It's not the coaches fault but he is relentless. He will say or do anything to get his kid to play. Sad part is that it has worked for him. Not all the time but enough to make a difference.

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#23 Aug 17, 2011
That Derrick guy is creepy. Stares at you like some perv. He's gross!

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#24 Aug 19, 2011
Going to be a long year for the Jr midget team. Kids never practice defense and it showed in the scrimmage last night.That fat guy doesn't have a clue what he's doing. Kids were totally confused. The offense was pretty good against their second string. The coaches son couldn't block his shadow. My son is already discouraged. Played very little. This is the best Sauquoit can do for coaches?

Boston, MA

#25 Aug 25, 2011
So after getting thumped in the 2 scrimmage's it becoming obvious to most of the parents as well as some of the players its going to be a long season. The defense is non existent. Both Ilion and New Hartford's 1st string ran over us. Terrible tackling and because we never practice defense the boys aren't sure what to do. That coach should let someone who knows what he's doing take over. It's beyond bad. The offense has their moments but the line blocking is awful. The coaches son is really outmatched. Fumbled the snap to much. My son said the veteran players are confused with all the position changes and overheard several of them complaining that the coach is kind of a jerk. They're losing respect for him. I thought this was supposed to be about the kids. Clearly it isn't. Told my son just try to have fun and he said its not any fun. Way to go Sauquoit!

East Haven, CT

#26 Sep 6, 2011
Well it was an ugly game but the boys pulled it out against a surprisingly poor Ilion team. Thank god the Ilion coaches were worse than ours. Going for it on their own 2 on 4th and long gave us the ball on the goal line. Then they went for another 4th and long that gave us good field position for the other score. Way to much confusion though. How many times were they yelling not enough players were out there. Only saw a few good gains on offense. Hopefully the rest of the teams will be as weak as Ilion and we should be ok. No Dolgeville or Frankfort and already beat a weak Ilion. Might do alright inspite of the poor coaching.

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#27 Sep 7, 2011
Yeah. It was bad watching the kids yell we only got 9. We need 2 more. Nobody knew who was in or out. Think the offense ran the same 3 plays all game. Was surprised how small Ilion was. Defense was ok but Ilion didn't seem to have much speed. They went offsides a lot killing them with long yrds to get a first. A win is a win tho. My son was happy which in the end is what counts.

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#28 Oct 2, 2011
This program has been poorly run. Time for new leadership. Derick needs to step down. Jr. midget team is embarrassing. Lot of talent but not 1 good coach. They brought back the same defensive coach who gave up 30 points a game last year and are doing the same thing this year with better players. The offense should be scoring 30 a game but is too predictable. Very undisciplined. Other teams saying they play dirty. They just aren't being taught well. Game against Waterville was an embarrassment. Jr. Pee wee team can't score with Derrick calling plays. Offense is very sloppy and mistake prone. Joes defense is what keeps them in games. Time to go Derrick. You've done enough damage.

Brattleboro, VT

#29 Oct 3, 2011
I don't live in Saquoit but I know Derek. Alls I can say is that these posts r typical of cowards who would never state their opinion to someone's face. And half these people r probably used to their lil boys playing soccer..Now that is a man's sport!
done with this

Worcester, MA

#30 Oct 16, 2011
The people running this program are big time drunks. Party every Sunday at the presidents girlfriends house. Parents all drunk then drive their kids home. 2 of the coaches kids had birthday parties recently where coaches and parents got plastered while the kids were present. GREAT ROLE MODELS! My son called me to come get him because his head coach was hammered. This organization needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom. My sons last year so we're out. Get these losers out of there. Do kids really need to see this behavior?
yupper dupper

Herkimer, NY

#31 Oct 17, 2011
Funny how critical people can be. Hide behind this site..what a joke..These guys are volunteering their time...what are you doing? Are you one of those parents standing at the fence yelling the entire game? yeah you probably are. This entire season i read your comments and think ...Why arent you coaching? Do you have enemies, know the game, loud mouth, criminal record? Please explain Why your not out there. Dont blame it on the President and his Board.You act as though you never had a drink (lol). Well i hope you have a better season next year.. But probably not...Keep up the good work Jr Midget coaches the boys are still smiling.
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Herkimer, NY

#32 Oct 17, 2011
done with this wrote:
The people running this program are big time drunks. Party every Sunday at the presidents girlfriends house. Parents all drunk then drive their kids home. 2 of the coaches kids had birthday parties recently where coaches and parents got plastered while the kids were present. GREAT ROLE MODELS! My son called me to come get him because his head coach was hammered. This organization needs to be cleaned up from top to bottom. My sons last year so we're out. Get these losers out of there. Do kids really need to see this behavior?
I can't believe it has come to this first your comments degrade the fact that some of the coaches also volunteer as firefighters now it turns to their social life apparently you don't have one it. I believe all coaches and children get home safe and no innocent people are mowed down in the process. so grow up or stand up people

Little Falls, NY

#33 Oct 18, 2011
You people sit here and slam these people because you don't have the nerve to say it to their faces. These men are volunteering their time after they have worked all day long .what they do in their free time is their business and not for people to put on here and I'm sure that the ones writing the stuff about drinking have definitely done worse!!! What ever happen to it being about the boys and the game of football. I know for a fact that these boys give it their all!! What do you think the boys think when they read this stuff on here??? Really shut your mouth on the side lines and on here....grow a pair and say it to their faces!

Worcester, MA

#34 Oct 18, 2011
All you have to do is listen to the kids. Even the coaches kids say they wish they moved up to modified. Parents are saying that they are moving their kids up next year because of the way things were run this year. Season was a huge disappointment for the kids as well as parents. If they don't get rid of some of these people there won't be enough kids to play Jr. Midget next year. This group of coaches are only interested in making sure their kid plays the position they want them to. Head coaches kid got killed all year and is to small. 4 or 5 veteran players on the sideline all the time on offense. Defense couldn't stop a flag team. Hardly practiced defense all year and it showed every game. If the coach didn't know what he was doing they should have let someone else do it. This team under performed and was blown out most of their games. Coaches boasted that they would go undefeated. None of them should be asked back next year after failing so badly. Supposed to be about the kids but the kids aren't enjoying it anymore and don't respect the coaches. Just ask them.

Worcester, MA

#35 Oct 18, 2011
Why would these kids respect the coaches? They use their kids birthday parties and pop warner games as an excuse to get together and drink. Why would a kid respect his coaches when he's seen them drunk? If these guys can't even make their kids birthday party all about the kids, why would pop warner be about the kids? Last game was embarrassing. Coaches gave up so kids did too. Defensive coach was standing at mid field with his hands in his pockets while the defense was at the goal line. Had subs running in as the other team was already on the line of scrimmage. Head coach just kept throwing his hands up in the air like he didn't know what else to do. That team had 4 losses. Kid running was barely 4 foot. Their defense just kept running over center the whole game and the coach did nothing to stop it. Running backs rarely made it out of the backfield. It is what it is. Can't get this season over. Feel bad for the kids. They were a much better team than those coaches put on the field. Glad to be done with this level. Can't get any worse.
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Florence, MA

#36 Oct 18, 2011
I hear that the jr.midget has only had a real good record once in the last few years and it's different coaches . I don't believe that the coaches are solely to blame. I do know that respect is taught at home ,so if there is no respect at your kids football your teaching at home needs to be realigned also. The backstabbing that goes on on this forum really solidifies poor home instruction. Keep up the good work Parents like you will ruin any program you are affiliated with.

United States

#37 Oct 23, 2011
Finally! After a very disappointing season the kids got a win inspite of the horrible coaching. Coaches kept the second string defense in most if the game which Little Falls easily kept scoring on. It also kept the kids who's last game it was on the sideline most of the game. Funny how in the games they were winning by 20 points they never did that. Kept the starters in the whole time those games. Then kicking an onside kick with a minute left giving the other team great field position to potentially win the game at the end? So glad for the kids that as bad as their coaches tried to lose that they still pulled it out. The program needs to get rid of all those dead weight wanna be coaches. The president of the association should be shown the door. He hand picked the coaches and the team big time under achieved! Not one parent was happy with this group of coaches and the head coach should be shown the door. Starting his very young, very small, and totally overmatched kid at center was a huge reason this team did so poorly. Kids weren't happy about it and the parents hated it. Shame on him for sacrificing the good of the team for the good of his kid. Word of advice for parents that have kids coming back next year. Demand a change or be ready to accept below average coaching. Association is a mess. Bunch if beer guzzling wanna be coaches who couldn't coach flag.
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#38 Oct 23, 2011
Bleacher coaches are very interesting people. That is what most of you are. You comment on the lack of skills by the coaches that are giving their time each and every week prior to and during the season. Ask yourself... "why am I not coaching?"

The reality is that not all of our kids are meant to play sports and for that matter some parents live vicariously through their children as they did not have a prayer to play a sport as a child (recall that only the kids that were good actually played when you were a child). Our children enjoy going out there each and every week until they hear their parents screaming from the stands or making comments about how bad they are playing.

Should the coaching change... maybe.... rather than complain get out there and do something. Rather than bash someone efforts ... go out there and make a difference. Then once you and other actually get out of the stands then you have room to comment about the coaching of the staff. You are relying on someone other than yourself to actually teach your child. Not doesnt that say something abot you as a parent.

As for the personal behavior of the coaches... well that is not something that we should throw stones at. I am sure that we all have our own secrets. Should they be a role model for our children... I thought that was our job as a parent to be a role model. Besides the fact that Derek is not a parent, his girlfriend is. What occurs at his girlfriends house for a birthday party or sunday get together is his/her buisness...not all things are as they would appear....maybe things are just for appearance sake.... and if you dont like it dont go.... and dont send your children.
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Herkimer, NY

#39 Oct 23, 2011
Parent2 nicely said. Parent you were making me nervous, I thought you ran out of stupid things to say. I stand corrected. While you are throwing stones, take a step back a couple of years to the Jr. pee wee program. The same kids that are ending there pop warner career this year were on that team they had a completely different coaching staff. There were 2 coaches on that team that were consumed in proving their kid was better than the other maybe you know them. I don't think those 2 cost that team the same perfect season they were supposed to have this year any more than I think the current coaches did but they did end up with the same record. Coaches can only put the kids on the field it's up to them to perform.What I don't understand is , what the private time of the president, board ,coaches etc. has to do with how the kids play on Sunday? Good luck next season I hope you find enough reasons to bash your kids next coach on some forum to prove you have no guts.

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#40 Oct 24, 2011
Becky wrote:
<quoted text>
Really! I seem to know that Joe, Wayne, Derick, Ron, and Steve all played school football. So I sure hope they remember how to play and coach it. Until I see kids getting hurt I will have to believe they are doing their job. Hummmm
Several of the players on this team were hurt, and Joe was the first to respond. Just as he did on the oppentents team when they needed him. Its his job yes but with Joe, he cares. Derick on the other hand was sly making some players believe how important they were, yet when they goofed up he didn't want to know the kid, as if he was disgusted. Ron didn't do much as all. Steve, he loves the sport and maybe a little over the top with his son at times, BUT..his son never gave up...overweight and all! He was dedicated and I praise him for that. What I hated was seeing those men laugh at the kids when they hit hard..when they got clobbered in practice. When I hear kids say that Derick is a rat and can't be trusted...thats worrisom. When all he is interested in really are those that can win the game, and shuns those that can't. Or be so nice to your face and become unapproachable at game time. Or telling the kids not to look at thier parents or listen to them at games bc its stupid. Really Derick..get your personal life in check...she doesn't like you that much...get a clue. Joe, many parents praise you. Compassion is a part of coaching, when needed...being hard at times is fine...being an asshole is not acceptable. Steve, Joe...thanks for your time!

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