The BOSTON 'MOTHER" link to the "THRI...

The BOSTON 'MOTHER" link to the "THRILL" MO

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 Apr 28, 2013
Yes it is correct the mother of the BOSTON Bombers..IS a HUGE front issue right now for the FBI..

YES the US did give Obama Bin Laden the burial respect HIS religion called for..BUT the mother of the BOSTON bomber has been denied that right ...He's dead what more could they want his body?

YES my mother did pull Angie Baby back into her ways while she worked at the Salvation Army and is now longer there..

YES the last JUDGE clue name in this was Judge Sharpe ..Yes my parents live on the Sharp Rd..the Judge is a NYS judge who strongly defends the "integrity" of the probation dept that that overlooked the court ordered monitoring of David Renz for the 3-14-13 VER PLANCK RD rape and murder..

YES last I knew first hand my mother Dorothy was adamant that the ROGUES behind all the deadly and criminal issues of the THRILL' of this were on HER side in this and that was the issue of her "small streak of luck" at the TS Casino..and her "win" also during it on 12-5-09 there when I had mine also..(her 1205 cell phone # link) Now Angie Baby's 1206 links to NYS GOV Cuomo's birthday..12-6 most likely are being worked to link the same way some day..Its very puzzling though right now..He wants new casinos open in NYS soon..?? Talk is "If she (me) wins any good amount of cash at that casino" They will say she was being paid" "Her mother already sent scums there to work it" OK so now hat we all know that and MY chances of a BIG win there are compromised unless my mother has control..Life goes on so far for those not targeted as victim'd in all of this..

Lets get of the casino for a while...They I am sure had NO role in the what strongly appears to be the fix and placement of the NYS LIC plates in this ..Maybe GOV Cuomo knows about that..OR could look into it all the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" of it all..

George Levea's would be BIRTHDAY is fast approaching...and
I HIT MY HEAD ON THE TRACTOR" JUDITH DEVENEY is in motion again with her trucks..Geez I wonder what did happen to that Inv Beckwith and all that evidence he had on "JARROD"...I wonder if hes related to Orvis Beckwith who won that BIG money at the casino like my mother did ..more than she did..on a few occasions also..?? Orive used to sit with my mother and give her ear reports all the time off scumbags there who watched me...I have to turn every stone in this..People are dying..brutally..

So we have a BOSTON "De lore ea" link that is to "perfect' an a kick and spit on the murdered librarians name..BUT thats the ROGUE FBI for you..while you have Judges here in NY linked to the David Renz murder of her defending the "integrity" of the Probation dept who failed us all..

There is a lot of "TODD BOWER" talk in the air now scumbags are mad he told me in 2003 and 04..How it was going to be arranged for the other "inmates will cut that skin off you" This was wayyy before the Valerie Dedich issue etc..wayyy before the HERKIMER shootings of TWO corrections officers..and Wayyy before the "or low green state" taunts began..or before Orlo Green was even police Chief..I have NO talked to Todd Bower since 2005..The corrections officers shootings in HERKIMER spin ouit a lot of clues off it..

Pennelville for instance was a Prison clue back on 4-8-04 when Charles Runge set me the PIRATES( raped little girls now on eof whom is dead off a "genius" plan behind it all that began om 8-11..Pennelville is where RUNGE was from.. location narration clue for ROGUE NYS of how they embellished the "accident" on me s the cause..cleverly covered up on paper that is..

CONTINUED 9291 "cool" Hey is it HALLOWEEN time again?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 Apr 28, 2013
So Boston FEDS are making a BIG deal about the mother of the two suspects one of whom is dead..She like any mother wants proof that's all..The brother who's dead slipped off the FBI radar" How "perfect"

So much for homeland's too busy setting up the vindictive I hear rapes of little girls anyway to notice real terror in the US...

Some claim the corrections officers JOHN(KURT Myers) shootings were a IRIS like warning..That's interesting...They know I will be "cut" so they struck them first..laid with all these clues..?? Doubt it it might be another decoy image the rogue FBI is playing like the APE DOG..You send a DOG to snoop a GUN man who the FBI already knew was capable of anything....My first guess was the DOG could get shot was the needed NAME clue and the FBI had control of it and how...JUDITH DEVENEY knew when to let the clues out..on get this 2-24 "Line up" with my sons birthday or FBI Agent Nicholas Ivies badge ever you want to look at it..for this very ongoing story I wrote off it now..They want all of YOU to deny was taking place here to cover their asses...

As for JUDITH shes still sucking all she can off her estranged husbands possessions..along with her daughters who named those 3 missing dogs just "perfect" names after "JUDITH" brought them in.

So the my sons BIRTHDAY AKA 10-3-12 NACO RHYMES with WACO dead FED badge number link "JUDITH" "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" and I THANK HER very much..YES I do..for that "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "in the middle" clue timing(I would be lost with out it).."JUDITH" was told to torment ME with it what she believed and she would get more "gain" out of it..Dottie Mills did the same crap.

Nobody is "holding" her dogs and she knows it..The reports on news station posts are that she let them out and they ran off...She also claims to have seen JOHNNY weeks later BUT her ran from her. The TIME "JUDITH" recovers JOHNNY is VERY important..
I have a feeling they know exactly where he is..

Your talking a woman here who staged a set up on her husband to get her "EVERYTHING" out of it and as previously told she would off how the "YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" plan was set also on him later.."JUDITH" is like Dorothy Mills invincible in the "THRILL" just as she claimed prior..This is the scumbag level of it ...then you have the FEDS and NYS police ROGUES doings..all JUDITH has to do is play the role..act like she did in Eugene Hafner's court ..he was waiting..and make some comments on her behalf and did..Like Judge Sharp did for the Probation dept regarding Davis Renz...Like Judge Ludington did to cover the DAS ass etc..They BOTH knew and so did my lawyer Leslie Germanaw from the start there would be no trial for me ...the audio..That's why Germanaw pushed me so hard to get Dottie and Bill what they wanted to of it and I would NOT buckle..It's all the same shit different JUDGE,,how the ROGUE FBI "is working the case"

It's really NOT that hard to figure out..I' am one of their "THRILL" kills in motion..I was supposed to die last the stress..Dottie was sure she had it all covered and told others this also. The ROGUES had a back up plan anyway of what my family had planned off these scumbag recruits. It's one suckerpunch plan then another

Now another little girl has been raped and her mother is dead..Must be she would not comply with ROGUES..

So we have a DIVORCE lawyer to contend with now etc.

Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 Apr 28, 2013
The ROGUE FBI is laughing at the entire US right now...YES they are they just pulled off a Terrorist fronted bombing a store front..what a bunch of losers..NOT impressive terrorist wise..They do that for shits and giggles oversea's. They used two kids to pull it off....The ROGUE FBI fronts being pissed off about WACO..LOLOLOL ..TWO FEDS get shot 'friendly fire" and this story is out they work to cover it up .."COOL" in caps I say..What made the two narration "friendly's" less valuable than the 4 in WACO? I be dammed if I know....They are psychos..They did it so I would know whats up? There is no sanity in any of it ..The FBI reaction to Davidians was just as bad as the FBI attack on the them later for revenge..If not worse.. People die all the time in mass numbers by guns and religion ..and now the FBI has done that too..So stop trying to make "reason" out of it..insanity has none BUT BILL VICKERY this time.

Right now the BOSTON TAX DAY FBI is fronting a "DE lore ea" name continuation clue..So I would pick up the "line up" date for sure.."JUDITH" was at work here on her JOHN DOGS NY I would know that also..Its all supposed to upset me..I;m supposed to be in anguish over it screw that been there done that in Fulton..I'm as curious as the rest now..

You have NYS Judge in motion supporting the good work of the Renz linked Probation dept..etc Don't tell I don't know what JUDGE E Hafner was doing..
and JUDITH knew it also she told her lawyer right in his courtroom "They said hes involved in it too" and she nodded towards Hafner..

What E. Hafners the odd ball Judge in all of this scumbags promote..? He is the JUDITH'S "crying" "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS" JUDGE plan that's what he is..."JUDITH" was NOT planning to get arrested for it..she was NOT told that part..Officer Jesse had to get the "reverse" Margaretville shit he fabricated a report and charge was "dismissed." While "JUDITH" sat there laughing about how he as to pay for his lawyer she sucks her off taxpayers..In fact everything she does is off taxpayers money right now..Just like Dottie Mills.. the ROGUE FBI is sucking just as hard on taxpayers themselves..and laughing about how clever they are..knowing I am the only on of few trying to fight back with what ever I can...BUT they have scum bags..

My mother has bragged from the start..she took the ROGUE money and went back for more..ok?

Right the ROGUE FBI is at a De lore ea name continuation..BOSTON TAX DAY..been there in Syracuse on 4-15-08 TAX DAY..picked up the how they are working the case clue..That is a HAFNERS, LUDINGTON, BAXTER to SHARPE cooperation..etc with the ROGUE FBI..Throw a couple of DA'S in there and a probation dept of two..etc..hey guys GUN CONTROL case you have not does that mean if at first you don't succeed?

The press is pretty much bought and paid for in this..sucking ass bad they are like JUDGE Sharpe and you know Ludingtons on his knees for them...Press may be felling bad for RENZ it sounds like..I have old scumbags to work with..the FEDS were laughing about that in 2005..ask Tammy Rowe..9 cops later it could start getting REAL funny if I say so myself.

So ? is there is a JOHN NY scene coming and if it fails ..what is the ROGUE back up plan? last time it was SANDYHOOK off Aftin Deveny's plans to set me up.

That's the focus..clues are JUDGE Sharpe(RD) likes what the probation dept did in the scathing report on them that to him is "integrity" "FEDS are hanging out in BOSTON on a MOTHER issue and De lore ea is the name..Geez how "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "luckiest" me again....

Carol Livingston

New York, NY

#4 Apr 28, 2013
I will be calling the Fulton Salvation Army tomorrow inquiring about you.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 Apr 28, 2013
Carol Livingston wrote:
I will be calling the Fulton Salvation Army tomorrow inquiring about you.
Knock yourself out I don't work there and never did..In fact I have not been there in a long time so fill me in later..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 Apr 28, 2013
Ok Judge Ludington covered with excuses for the DA Nicekelson (LOVE the "perfect" forwarding clue name) violated my fair and speedy trail rights..The Ludington sent me the "dismissal on get this TEACH HER A LESSON date link 12-18-12..How "perfect" Then on to Hannibal Town court to another Hafner JUDGE this ROGUE time Eugene...who did not sign the restraining order on JUDITH as the DA requested..See If there was a restraining order in place JUDITH would not have been able to work her "crying" his court room as he sat there on the bench watching it go on..Hafner had worked the DA in the back room..and covered his ass
with some other version..They will call it scorned woman doings if all else fails..Hafner ignored JUDITH and let her carry on like the Probation dept did for Renz...It was only when he had to he put on a JUDITH'S favor of course..Don't tell me he was NOT involved in this...

Then you have Judge Baxter now who was never going to get a "whiff" of Renz's wrong doing because the court orders put on the Probation dept about David Renz completely ignored....Now you have NYS Judge Sharpe(rd) calling it Probation dept's doings..."integrity" a woman has been murdered and her 10 year old daughter raped..Now cover up ass kissing does NOT get any worse or more humanly disgusting than that.

Carol Livingston

Brooklyn, NY

#7 Apr 29, 2013
The woman on the phone with the name of barb knew al about you. I was told you were caught stealing at the Salvation Army a while back which led to you adding them in to your crazy scheme.

Several fire departments were called to the Sherrill Shopping Center at about 10 a.m. today after a 911 caller reported smoke and flames coming from the Oneida Limited store, located at 606 Sherrill Road.

606 = JUNE 11th. CLUE. Just trust me.
Number Nine


#8 Apr 29, 2013
Carol Livingston wrote:
The woman on the phone with the name of barb knew al about you. I was told you were caught stealing at the Salvation Army a while back which led to you adding them in to your crazy scheme.
Several fire departments were called to the Sherrill Shopping Center at about 10 a.m. today after a 911 caller reported smoke and flames coming from the Oneida Limited store, located at 606 Sherrill Road.
606 = JUNE 11th. CLUE. Just trust me.
The Civil Rights Address was a speech on civil rights, delivered on radio and television by U.S. President John F. Kennedy from the Oval Office on June 11, 1963

Let me get in contact with President Kennedy and he might be able to address you concerns Ms. Vickery, using a router to change your protocol is interesting plus making up cryptic messages lets talk 909 play that backwards.

Number 9 Number 9 Number 9 Number 9

By the way, I work at the Salvation Army, you didn't call!
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#9 Apr 29, 2013
Carol and No 9 you to make a good pair.

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