Tthe JUDITH and Peggy DEVENEY "THRILL" "gain" off it plans...

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 23, 2013
YES I am aware of famous author Louis Romanso's "image" or link in all of this ..His newest relase just last week Intersession...norance on the about his resentment at the Cathlic Church on their cover up up or just plain ignorance on the issues involving clergy and others linked so heavily to the churchs foundation..Louis Romano's resreach is good..and he attacks the religious institution that America was pretty built on..for its resistance to the sexual abuse issues ..First off the church is built on belief in GOD and Jesus Christ and forgivness of sin..and Romano HAS created a very interesting point of view on not only the church BUT also society today..

Sex Offenders church linked are not I do no believe excape prosecution that way..BUT in faith with how the church operates ..forgivness by the church for those who ask is theirs not from the church BUT GOD..for whom the church is built..This is really about sex offenders...and the different points of view as to how they should be punished and banned from the church..Why am I writing this under the post tittle I do? Read on to understand...Louis Romano is on MY Facebook list and JUDITH DEVENEYS..and there was talk of him in 2008 I found him..he is an author that attacks the cathloic church for its stand of lack of its sex abuse issues..and his protest right now is heavy a new book relased called Intersession..I do not believe Judith know him any more than I do..BUT I have talked with him on Facebook as I am sure she also.. BUT the talk about him in 2008 I DO recall..

Let me just acknowledge this also this very week of Memorial weekend ..the moving Vietnam Wall is in New Haven this very weekend and as far as I know its the only NYS stop for the wall this summer scheduled so far..and that schedule is pretty full(YES I am a little dissapointed at how little attention was giving to this in anouncement-trun out will probably be low )..President JOHNSON was very heavily linked to the Veitname era..and he was President when my uncle died there and what is even stranger..My uncle deaths is linked to my 3rd birthday..Johnson we all know became President sworn in hours after President Kennedy was shot dead..with Jackie Kennedy looking on over both..This is all just too "perfect" this weekend here in New Haven. "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" right now is established on an overkill of clues that link back to the Kennedys and the picture of the 3 brothers placed for me just as maegan BUCK had spoke of in 2008..along with other Kennedy clues placed for me during all of how the Kennedy LIBRARY caught fire during the Boston bombings issue..JOHN NY is a Carolina based militray clue link right now..the JUDITH" on 2-24 "line up" with my sons birthday "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" JOHN NY clue the dogs ruin her estranged husbands home ..which talk is "JUDITH" has actually spent time fake her image again..well the Vietnam Wall is here of all places..with no other NY stops on its schedule right now and all this info comes with it..Hey did you know LUNDY served in Nam also?

Regardless of the LUNDY link I have always respected those who served and lost in we prepare for the now over 4000 names that will come to be on the roadside bomb inspired a wall off President BUSH'S decision years ago after Sept the military scumbag recruit "THRIL OF THE KILL" deadly linked "scenes" continue..

In addition to the book theme Louis Romano has just released.
I had heard this story in 2008 and now it links like this..all at the same "TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" time frame..just to "perfect" "COINCIDENCE."



Lowville, NY

#2 May 23, 2013
wtf? Are you on drugs?
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#3 May 23, 2013
off o while all that was brewing...I have since learned it is claimed by DEVENEY family that Peggy had no real plans of staying here at CHRIS T MAS time as she charaded with her military scumbag daughter Aftin on us then ..when Aftin timed the instigations on me for what was to be the next scumbag recruit set up plan on me like that of Dorothy Mills..where my boyfriend under the extreme JUDITH pressure then an all he was losing his beliefs that JUDITH was moving out and leaving him that she played him for a sucker in to stage her "EVERYHTNG HERE IS MINE" plans off it all to end with her ROGUE involvement plans of YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD" on him also..right down tothe use of her familys DOG names as the taunt clues behind what she is scumbag recruited into for her "gain" off it and how..Now the barn burglary set up on her estranged where the links to Peggy and Aftin Deveny pick it all up in their scumbag recruti roles for "gain" in all fo this begin..YES her brother asked Peggy if I could stay in her empty Oswego home as she lived in another state..after the last tenant she had house sitting moved out..JUDITH was nto moving out as she played she was her roommates had backed out on her etc..JUDITH went though a whole summer of those ploys on her husband...She did not care if he out and they had no relationship fromthe day I met him and before that..although I do want to note right now he had NEVER spent the night with me outside his home all night as JUDITH testified in court he HAD been out all night with "someone" and she never pulled the "you left" act on him then..there was nothing missing in his trailer..except the clothes he never took that JUDITH knew were gone and she says it also on the audio...So its clear JUDITH was playing this as he was moving out on her..NO he was NOT about to just GIVE her his home that he still pays on..thats why she set him up inthe preplanned set up on him anyway that was to force him to Peggy Deveny's who had not paid her NATIONAL GRID bil all summer so they could set up" Peggy on my mothers 9-12 fall date by shutting her power off..Knowing her brother was going to pick up the bill until the Thanksgiving charades began..Her MOTHER'S DEATH clue link time the "profile" talked about between Aftin and Peggy for me to hear..Aftin arrived in all of this complete with my mothers BIRTHDAY clue attached to it off another fight she had started at her boyfriends home..that landed her boyfriend in jail and got him laid off from his military job a wek later..

This "profiled" manipulation of "scene" links all began of military linked scumbag recruits Valerie Davis and her DIRTY HARRY daughter Valerie Dedich my "replacement" "he" plan..I did not take the "Pay her off in Pig latin" money offers..BUT thats a dead cop name narration plan of clues..another part of the story..

Right now its all based on deadly military scumbag recruits and links to them..that began on the 3-19-12 Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty set up on me to link tothe JOHN NY military scumbag finale..that was clued by JUDITH and her "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" sync with a triology of horror scenes in all of this. JOHN NY is the Carolina military based husband of my boyfriends daughter how BIRTHDAY is 3-19-also..all the horrors scream military scumbags and FBI doings..with some ROGUE NYS police playing small deadly intentions roles this second half of the plan that began on 4-5-12 again same as the read it in "reverse" first plan(Readington-Readingnot Penn) if I "throws" the money offers..from 4531 to 1354..a "THRILL" called "those cops" who's lives meant nothing..BUT their names and other coverkill clues tell a story you just would not believe..that's all TRUE.

Ithaca, NY

#4 May 23, 2013
Please post more stupid stories, this entire forum is practically begging to hear them!
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#5 May 23, 2013
So the barn was robbed and it all beacme a "prove" cop issue...JUDITH had convinced Inv Beckwith that JARROD did it all..and she was willing to help him finish..then use him for a scapegoat..YES she tried to pull that off also..JARRODS not being real truthful about anything as far as we know and still has attitude that a boy who makes his life out of theft off others...while his mommy protects him..should not have..

JUDITH knew exactly when to time her arivals for her scorned woman acts in all of this..How it went from the Sheriff's dept(go figure) to the NYS police(go figure) to what ir is now..add another dead cop who's death is overkill of clue directions in that "friendly" part of the story..BUT the poor dog they set up to be about animal cruelty..The "code" of cops to keep the cop kills part quiet so this GREAT sex offender MOVIE plan can evolve from it all is "cool" ask any deadly scumbag...

Now heres the confusing dead cops part..WHOS DOING IT? The FBI thats for sure..BUT the "encrypted" clues are fabulous..they shot their own to set them..taunt them whatever..FACT is they fit and they are a "friendly" start..and end hopefully..the DOG..So the FBI wante dme to knwo and understand the ROGUE they shot their own men and dog ..Do you see something I have missed in this? Am I supposed to be
heartbroken or anyone else for that matter but the victim's family and friends? Well if that be the case they failed like gun control did the ONLY part of that that was a success was the murders..called SANDYHOOK.

Keeping MY version of the FACTS quiet is really an important issue to the ROGUES behind it all..MAJOR...HUGE. OR they might "find" the story later after my nickel less and ny poison death plans cleud also...then try to "gain" off it and "Get Maureen's(levea's) kids some money" She's well "encrypted" in all of this as deadly birthday clue also.

So off the turmoil and fabrications to set JUDITHS husband up..3 major horrs that clue link like a perfecting fitting glove with 100 fingers of undeniable clues took place also and the MO was "rock solid"..HERKIMER to VER PLANCK RD to BOSTON.."ironic" the same day I sat in the offices of the Syracue FBI in 2008 TAX DAY..trying t unravel info about a dead little girl who's death like Erin Maxwel's was NO "accident" as Alan Jones now prepares his appeal to completely overturn a murder(sex abuse cover up)conviction the NYS FBI/ NYS ROGUE 3088 police way....Right now ROGUES and their deadly scumbags are very concerned with the issue of TRACTOR that JUDITHS husband owned..and hwo they can manipulate a story on him fof it becuase he sold it to his brother upon realzing he would not being going out there again..and dealing with all the choas JUDITH has caused hsi family off it all as she remains a marital squatter out there living FREE as her self declared "owner of the property" off a facricated set up on her husband...and how she pulled that off on 9-6 with help from ROGUE NYS POLICE Officer Lee(lying) Jesse-FULTON Barracks of course..The LEE clue name is link to me my "in the middle" name is LEE parents gave it to me..and it means to LIE..Like the name Barry lee Bush on 4-5-07...So Officer L Jesse is the ROGUE Anti Christ answer to me..and to how these sleazebags pull shit off.

From there Peggy Deveny began her role in this and shes back in Maryland now finishing her Ivy League nursing's all part of why she had claimed her boyfriend who by he way was "fired" from NOVEL IS and ended up in MARYland..would say this or that about why she was moving home at CHRIS T MAS time and the SANDYHOOK GUN CONTROL plan behind it all ROGUE FBI style also..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#6 May 23, 2013
LOL and CNY are probably the same person...LOSERS with no real names to mention..

Now Peggy enjoyed herself playing two faces in this...She LOVED making her brother fell like she had control of the family at CHRIUS T MAS time..So what? I don't think he missed any of them and they are exactly the way he describes them...EXACTLY..

Peggy is a nurse who hides this side of her personality I sure ROGUE ways she will get LOTS of nursing her new level and how she got there..They out to shut National Grid down for setting her up on 9-12..BUT that was a "rock solid" dead cop clue coming so Thank YOU Peggy for NOT paying that bill.. I had the right idea BUT wrong name. How else would they have set that already est about to be a dead cop clue...I was homeless till Peggy's...BRAVO Peggy DEVENEY BRAVO..and your mother's stroke priceless..what a GREAT addition to my story ..and Peggy is going to use the she's being forced in this image..Bill Vickery is playing that score also..Enough about her "gain" plan to set her brother up as the 'reverse" Bill FACTOR VICKERY sex abuse ..there are other more important issues now..

It's al off the unspeakable horrros onthe night of 3-14-13 on VER PLANCK Rd all "line Up" to BOSTON on 3-15-13 with "JUDITH'S unmistakebale 2-24 "WHO LET THE DIGS OUT" clue direction of it all.

I just have one note to make here Peggy's I image of being forced into this a cover for her and others later..So Aftin can claim she was victim like Dottie plans to etc..Peggy what ? will claim she was not doing this at all..BUT played all the "scenes" for it..?? What Twist comes off thsi iff any..?

"JUDITH" still wants the EVERYTHING promised to her in her scumbag recruit role off it all..that is clear..Her husband is supposed to be dead BUT when?..The WALL is here and that opens issues up again..If he was dead I would NOT be here.. I would NOT know this ??? Who would? The arrival of the Vietnam Wall is TOO "PERFECT" and it links the name Kennedy and JOHNSON again in military way..<- those are the clues that can' be ignored..

Kennedy LIBRARY fire-BOSTON bombings 4-15-13..New haven now..Memorial weekend dates 5-23 5-24- 5-25- a 25 clue "either way" TIME 10-25 mothers birthday..
I really have to look at that wall..its a soldier clue..
FIRE FIRE FIRE Dept- Kennedy library..

5-23 a movie about numbers 5-24.."anagram" 4-25 "Pay her off in Pig Latin" to 5-25 a 25 "either way" You always have to look at the dates.

The 4 tools of the ZODIAC KILLER ..FIRE- KNIFE-ROPE-GUN..which one lacks of the last ROGUE crimes?.....ROPE..This one is GREEN an used to kill ERIN MAXWELL..<-that is the ROGUE issue here..

KENNEDY LIBRARY FIRE in Boston is the odd clue...ROPE. HANG..the Galloway they, scumbags frightened Alan Jones into killing Erin it..the sex abuse cover a "genius" crime..The "HE" signature..3088
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#7 May 23, 2013
All the focus here in New Haven by deadly scumbags who operate off the ROGUE how to screw my boyfriend and his brother out of the tractor "JUDITH" sold who did not own it by marriage either.

Ithaca, NY

#8 May 23, 2013
Hurry Diana, I want to know what ridiculous delusions are next!
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#9 May 23, 2013
I went to see the Moving Vietnam wall here in New Haven this evening on memorial weekend and upon seeing the date my uncle died logged in the records book...I can now put in order the issues my grandmother, his mother made about my Uncle William(Bill) who died in Vietnam on Feb 26th 1966. That same day many years later I was throwing my sons party on Rt 57 in Fulton at my parents home..When my grandmother showed for an unexpected visit and said "What's going on?" I said today is my sons birthday party and to my shock she replied "My boy died today" It was a short time later she explained about my uncle who died in Nam, a story of interest in him from his scrapbook and talk of him that I had followed as little girl. When to my surprise again my grandmother also told me that same day about his funeral being on my birthday..It was my 3rd birthday....She never spoke of him as "Willie" to me as others did she always called him "my boy."

The date is logged in the Walls Vietnam record book. My uncle PFC William M. Tarbell Line 83 of Wall E-5 died on February 26th 1966 on his 3rd tour of duty in Nam..that is a "line up" today with my sons 2-25 birhday..

We did speak to man who takes great pride in this wall and talking about it..He told us the wall was requested 4 years ago..and today it arrived..

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