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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 3, 2013
Its pretty clear from what scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney staged on me just prior to my move that NEWTOWN was a forwarding clue to what "He" and "they" plan and next.

So as the world is at a loss for reason as to why Adam Lanza walked into SANDYHHOK school on 12-14 and did what he did to innocent children and others..Oswego County scumbags recruits and ROGUE cops already know why..
So let me recap what was going on here that sync in clues and "association" to all of it..

NEWTOWN is the forwarding clue name link issue taking place here off scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY"S "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plans and her role in "THE THRILL."

"JUDITH DEVENEY" and how her head into the tractor wheel "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" clue links to Judy Blanchards tractor wheel death on 5-3-10 as an "association" clue just as it was intended to be at me. Its WHY MAN JUDITH sat down when she did..to pull it off as part of her plan and role in this while "menacing" her husband.

"JUDITH" knew right when to come home off the Sheriffs Dept being there about the barn robbery issue. How did it happen and WHO or WHOS did it? "TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" from the start of "THE THRILL" till now.."JUDITH" played her scorned woman role to the sheriff that day who was NOT impressed with her..and advised her husband NOT to come home that night off her presentation of herself as a scorned woman..Now we ALL know the focus of the other sides scumbags is to play my boyfriend is involved in this..BUT here are the FACTS..Since "JUDITH" so far has been a success in her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plan on her husband off all of this..Everything fell into place "perfect" off it from the Sheriffs adice to how "JUDITH" took advantage of it two days later...with HER explanation of ownership under marital law and "assualted" set up on him that JUDITH describes in her own words as "I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOUR FUCKING DEAD" seconds after she set him and it up..Then along comes "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" name NYS Police Officer JESSE who in front of me reworded her husbands account of the issue in the barn..

This is all part of WHY MAN the NYS LIC plate on his suv is 2889 ..Here is how it links ..8-2-08 GEORGE LEVEAS death..lets forget for now the other Margaretville in Oswego NYS LIC plate of his sisters and how its link to GEORGES 8-6-08 funeral date..talk about "perfect" "COINCIDENCES" ?? HOLY SHIT!! Judy Blanchard died on 5-3-10 in a tractor wheel "accident" and her death was announcd on 5-5- what would have been GEORGE'S birthday. Now I had posted about Judy Blanchards death on this forum and others after she died..and have printouts of those posts also from then. Blanch means clot and GEORGE died of a sudden attack of illness.

So now for some peciliar reason Judy Blanchard is "THRILL" linked also NOT by the way she died at first..BUT by other clues like the 3-10s in the TS Casino game and other clues. Then the story of her death was told..later and I knew..A tractor wheel just fell off in this "perfect" time frame and this womans everything fit missing pieces like a glove of the story I was working on from clues given to me.

Which brings me now to 9-6-12 and "JUDITH DEVENEY" doings..That link to NYS police Officer JESSE..with the 13 either way LIC Plate..A 6+7 clue and how it "adds up" and becomes the "RED COP" shooting date..13 WAS the # ask ROGUE Officer Blazinski..who knew PRIOR to JESSE"S LIC plate at Margaretville for the set up on "JUDITH'S" husband as it is now a horrific AGES clue.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 3, 2013
Intermission ..as I write this scumbags outside here in my NEWTOWN..taunt "You better stop writing this up" WHY? now? &cops get shot I post everywhere about ti and noone gives a shit..that is clear..BUT now I "better stop" according to scumbags..?? The deabet is this ..Scumbags claim the FBI is coming to take the story from me one way or the other..YIKES!!! We all know how crooked some of them can shoot..scums also calim when they take me this time..THIS TIME? I missed the last time I guess. That I WILL NOT be coming back this time..ok so we all know..thats the plan..et labeled by the FBI as "crazy" well thats somethign new right? Does NOT change one FACT of the story I write..No "crazy" in the world is going to do that..

YES Waco is like Margaretville(fire)clue and is now a NACO clue link called how "OFF MEXICO" took place..Link to talk in Oswego Attorney JOE WALLENS back room over Marla Miller that ran into talk about my brother and father. THE 4-5 combination clue image in all of this..se it s the reason 45 was placed on Brinkerhoffs badge number sometime AFTER 1994.. so 45 from from a badge number to a date of a "friendly" issue within the FBI. "Friends" is my conclusion..Joe Wallen gave me the hint..I want you to meet a friend of mine" His name is George Lundy." Who got fired and his "friends" got mad. The other story CHRIS and BILL was already in motion same year Tammy Kennedy lost control of her mini van..and the same year ANGIE BABY called "THE STATE POLICE" and never went to court over the isssue she started on my son..While Lundy who wanted to be chief BAD..was waiting for Oswego to make a decision it after he pushed his way onto the seat..and they made it one month later.

Todd had said "stop him from taking that job" They don't want him to have it" ?? So me and Lundy had already been "profiled." Because?? My sister off what I told her claimed..I myself was NOT sure..He was odd to me..very odd..So someone had her slam into my Jeep..?? AFTER the look on her(MY) face "scene" That does NOT make sense to me..So she went "crazy" then and did this..? Allstate adjustor BILL (FACTOR) JETTY report links was all just a "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" ? HOLY SHIT..I really am trying to understand this..How "luckiest" I am..CHRIS claims I parked behind her so she would hit my Jeep..?? Is that what she was told to say thinking she was setting me up for Thomas Lindseys death..? That just became my birthday link to the trial date 3-11-08(It "friendly" FBI clues to me) That's all..There ARE at least TWO teams at work here..scumbags promote and post I "work" with at least TWO others..?? TWO teams mean TWO captains..??

YES I know LUNDY was shooting his mouth off about how I would look like a fool after he used Cromies name in 2003 to make me look that way later off the shit going on..It was cops thats for sure..BUT not a dead one..I had learned their style from him in 1997..and in 2002 and 2003 there it was again and off Lundys words in 2003 I just thought it's him (Cromie) again..I "reacted" exactly how LUNDY wanted me too so "makin fools" then of others about all this was easy. THEN how my Uncle GEORGE dies on the same date 11 years later as Cromie in 1999..How "luckiest" for me again!!..See there is NOTHING "crazy" about it..Now I just don't get as upset as I did back then over death threats..Now I have a they are gonna kill someone again calmer position on it all now..Got used to it happening..thats all.

Continued now back to "JUDITH" who's nothing more than a scorned woman in this..Yea right..ok.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 3, 2013
Ok now back to "JUDITH"

She lt me recap meets her future husband who is nwo my current boyfriend..They get married ..she loads 9 more dogs into his mobile home over a short time after..So this makes 11 dogs and 2 cats now in TWO bedroom with 4 occupants..OF COURSE there was animal damage..JUDITH had smashed HIS Jeep he signed over to her..and she never signed over the old JETTA she gave him to replace the trade..He loved his wife..and had no suspicions..JUDITH had a back surgery on his insurance and got her teeth fixed..This was all in the first year and a ahlf of the marriage..Her daughters almost 21 now never contributed to the household either and neither did "JUDITH" Her husband carries all the bills.."JUDITH" claims she used her NYS Disability money to "support" her daughters..One of them had a job and a car..

Then she told her husband she wanted out of the marriage..and was mvcoing out..BUT had to get some things together first..Let me also mention "JUDITH" had called the police on him a few times..calls that went no where for her..Just a screaming woman routine.. I laugh knowing how easy women pull this shit off..I have seen it so many times. A woman can drive a man easy going one to cheat over time..all she had to do is badger him all the time..to get HIM to leave..treat him like she so she can have bigger cut of the money..It works BOTH ways.."JUDITH" was clever ..she played him ..told him she still needed his insurance..ect after she moved out..and she was in motion to do just that..and he after he met me pushed the issue also..He is NOT woman smart.. I knew what she was doing..off the claims he told me of threats she made at him..JUDITH" had a money plan...and the longer she was linked to his wallet the more she gets on court later. Some claims she moves out she gets nothing..??? Your spouse dies YOU will pay the bills if your still married..regardless of where you live..if no DIVORCE was in motion..."JUDITH" was setting him up to make it look like he drove her out..I myself would NEVER have looked at apts or homes esp high end ones...I would have just taken all the rentals he gave me and showed my DIVORCE Lawyer. ESP if I knew my husband had a girlfriend..after all he had been with me in the evenings almost every one since JUNE.. it never affeced her vacation time..or other overnights out. I know this myself personally..

Then came the barn burgalry..on 9-4-11 or so..and "JUDITH" was ready for her "sceene." She showed and made her impression just like she had planned and from there her husband stayed away for TWO nights..and off that "JUDITH" who had been outlooking at apts...NOW declared becuase of this "EVERYTHING" he owns "IS MINE" and she knew MY things wer einthat barn..and what was what. Claims she told officer JESSE also..I don't that he was up her ass..Even after he was TOLD she lied and had to accept it.."DNA" I said to him and he commented "She knows how it works." "JUDITH" told Officer Jesse she owned "EVERYTHING" on the property..She lied and got her self arrested for it because she called 911 and said it..and her plan was to stop her husband from taking MY things and others off HIS property..She harassed him..gt in his face..amd TOLD him he was NOT taking anything off "MY PROPERTY" because he "left" for TWO nights..and now it was all hers..From there she tried to stop him from loading totes into his vehicle..by standing in his way ans she testified to this in court and she said he went around her to get more and when he went to load it she says he "pushed" her with it on the arm and she hit her head on the tractor tire..She claims he pushed her to get by her as she was trying to "block" him from taking it.


Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 3, 2013
Now this is how one scumbag recruit "scene" linked right into another scumbag recruit "scene" called Margaretville in Oswego...a post I will add on Thursday to how it all links to NEWTOWN..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 4, 2013
Ok So as "JUDITH DEVENEY" was working her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plans now off a marriage she stpped into to destroy her husbands life from the start at EVERY angle..Guy gets charged with "menacing" and could spend up to 15 days in jail for it ..You think his job of over 30 year have been affected? YES..Thats WHY MAN Oswego DA CIANFARANO to use intimidation of that nature to win a case he knew was NOT going to and should never have repesented to the anyway based on the LOUD words a male was having with a female in another room before the trial began..SO ? Did "JUDITH DEVENEY" make a fool of him? WHO was the male putting out down the hall to a female that there WAS an audio and he did not want to make a fool of himself..as the female claimed "thats NOT me on that audio" and then some claim from the male about a 911 call also..YES the LOUD bickering that day inside the building between a male and female was quite amusing...Was there another audio in ? that day someplace else in the HANNIBAL TOWN COURT building? I say no becuase seconds after it all stopped "JUDITH DEVENEY" and DA CIANFARANO came walking out of that area..I was sititing the court room down the hall and I heard it.

The ridiclous "memnacing" charge against her husband was "dismisssed" by trial..See how expensive "JUDITH DEVENEY" can be?

Now do you see how ROGUE operates off scumbag recruit? whom they work hard under the most ridiclous circumstances and FACTS in efforts to make them a success..HEY? Did I ever tell you about the charge scumbag recuit who brags ged about it Dorothy Mills set up on me with her "pertner" BILL FACTOR 8-11 clue called a JETTY plan also to VEGA'S for his "gain" off it all Bill McCarty...That was off motions filed for a FAIR and speedy trial just "dismissed" on me off the March 2012 beating I took from Mills. Do you see how "he" through these mindless for couple fo free bucks scumbsga manipulates a "sue" issue for "He" later NEWTOWN forwarding clue "scene" plans? Now to have that all sync "HE" recruited Margaretville in Oswego's scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney for the TIMEing of the NEWTOWN SANDYHOOK LANZA horrific crime ..to sync with NEWTOWN here plans "He" has called an ALLSTATE BILL(FACTOR)JETTY NOVEL IS plan off "reverse" on me and my boyfriend.."he" plans to take Oswego county "down" now..in his "Marines mean nothing" show of ultimate POWER. The scumbag recruits were promised all kinds of "gain" for their doings..The ONLY who got to any "gain" close was my mother and "He" turned that into a reused WHY MAN clue and then there is VALERIE DEDICH the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "good woman" miltary link now off all the BAD military links before and after her..??
hank hill

Brighton, MI

#7 Jan 4, 2013
Your level of commitment to these issues is impressive.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Jan 4, 2013
hank hill wrote:
Your level of commitment to these issues is impressive.
Trust me its NOT a level of commitment..Its a life forced upon me and others.."Commitment" was part of "he" and "they" "crazy" plans outcome on mind off it all..I was never supposed to be able by scumbag efforts here to get the story out in any reasonable or sensible way as it was taunted at me when it began years ago..and MY oputput then of it all sounded "crazy" as hell even to me..I actually bought a recorder and taped my version of the info I had then onto it and then played it back to myself and alomost shit my own pants thinking WHO is this nutcase? Aftr I heard it myself..well since then the missing pieces of that recroding have been filled in..as real life horros that take place in sync with issues forced upon me over and over by the scumbag recruits behid them..Right now I am in my NEWTOWN ...and YES there is a SANDY in this..She is City Of Fulton librarian who taunted the words to me in 2010 inside the library one day as "NO one is ever going to read this story" as I described then in my post outputs as her having a sexual pleasure in her voice when she did it..SANDY is a scumbag recruit who once belived she would be director the Fulton Library after Penny was forced to resign..and it WAS intended to happen for her ..and part of this story of how..regardless of what the "Board" claims.. kinda like Wendy's Dave Scovile and his 3-21-08 dedication to Charlie Diefenbacher..So ROGUE Officer Mike Blazinski #29 would show up at my door soon after. All heading towards the massive POWER plan finale "scene" "He" has..BUT WHERE is the "trick" ? to be answered now..

"And here's to you Mrs Robinson JESUS loves you more than you will know" "Whats that you say Mrs Robinson JOLTIN JOE has left and gone away" a vanishing ink clue..

WACO to NACO was a clue that FBI does NOT like to be told what to do..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#9 Jan 4, 2013
Let me be FAIR to those who are truly concerned as I am very concerend about the output coming in that "He" WILL do this POWER plan

"He" came so close to a BUSH death a few days ago..to TIME "perfect" with all of this..Did I know BUSH would be moved into IU after I made my posts? HELL NO I post base on taunts and incoming "encrytped" info and the clues were there heading in a deadly direction..STRONG and some even physical off my NEWTOWN move also..."TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE.

CLUE WACO(a Texas link to a BUSH clue..The branch Davidians-TEXAS again to me a STAR at THE Last Chance TEXACO..Clue tothe casino from a "soundtrack" song..in 2009(I printed it out then and still have it)

LET me go back to page one and link this now ..it ALL makes sense now..Here off NEWTOWN.

"Soundtrack" song Last Chance Texaco makes sense now in 2010 its meaning was incomplete..

I printed the song Last Chance on 11-23-2009..after being taken in by taunts and links in it to MICROTEL and how I had just been paid off..Now this was just after my mother "saved" me from Fulton scumbags BUT before the 12-5-09 casino cell phone clue game. I was about to "win."

There IS some link to Fulton librarian SANDYS taunt of "No one is ever going to read this story" (She claims Orlo Green trold her to say it)and the name MICROTEL(The much taunted "in significant amount of people you will get this story out to" Where I was hired and laid off at a specific time to fit this story needs of "He." The manager then there who hired me was a MILITARY link himself and I believe he did get some "gain" off it. The owner I know personally was told his businnes could suffer if he did nto comply with my layoff -a "time" need by "He" The UI amount off it began at 118.00('reverse" BILL FACTOR clue) and I was going through hell with the "OFF MEXICO" DSS then no food, no power and barely enough to eat..all my money was rent bound. Adult Protective came AFTER they tried to wait me out on FS I lost over 20 pds in one month and played a heap date game with me while scumbags worked my mind..I was NOT giving in to anyone even if it killed me.

The long stretch of highway that bends into 1-9 ..I clearly understood was an I-90 reference clue..MICROTEL was off RT 31..just down from the 690 to 1-90 exit. the TEXACO STAR referenced inthe song was clearly the clue..A BUSH reference..off a gas station(I view as a CHARLIE(Sunoco)GAS station clue) The sleepy diesel eyes..a truck driver clue..to a slow easy mark..a child in HANNIBAL clue on 3-8-06..

"It's your last chance" "to check under the hood" "she aint sounding to good" to the man with the little star .."YOU found the last chance Texaco"

Now on ST RT 31 YES the same RT ALLSTATE Insurance 4531(badge number clue) sits on..known to me as a Penny Levo's name clue of what will happen to me if I don't by song lyrics clues "To turn her over and go" (Now to go to the casino by that route 31 where a large TEXACO STAR is painted on the side of a building(right side headed to Oneida along the way. A RARE thing to see now days) in a car that is barely running..My sons GREEN Achieva..Yes the one with the 3088 NYS Lic plate on it.

"ITS YOUR LAST CHANCE" "Cuz you found the last chance Texaco"(BUSH clue)..The TS Casino.

From that then to THE HERE AND NOW "perfect" fit of it all here in NEWTOWN.."TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE." all fits like this...next post

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