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"THRILL" Attorney Joe Wallens 2003 "Real big" story comment.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 21, 2013
It's pretty clear when the "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" was being set up in 2003 and on that the cover up story was already being worked at high levels..From "friend " of George Lundy Oswego Attorney Joe Wallens comments alone in 2003..He was making sarcastic THRILL comments ot me.."You want it so bad" to me off my pressure that they do somethign to stop Marla Millers BS after it had gone on so long..and she was still on me at work though scumbags there..at St Lukes nursing home back then..

There WAS talk going on inside the Otoole hokme also where I was employed..Who is linked by family to St Lukes..Its clear to me now that a member of the Oswego Otoole family was other side intention then..BOTH parents ended up passing at CHRIS T MAS time a few years apart..I am NOT suprised by this at all..Just about every link to me though all of this that was of a personal bond so to speak has death time frame linked to all of this..ITS SO MANY...TOO MANY to even begin to ignore..It's so suspicous its frightenting still to me..NO ONE has this much "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" death by dates and time frame specfic to the story clue and images..linked to them..NO ONE.

JOe Wallens comment that left me completely baffled.."this storys big real big" as he spoke of Marla Miller and John Sullivans plan to rip off the City Of Oswego then..NOT that big..Did Marla lie to me about the amount probably but regardless she said it..There isn't to much Marla didn't lie about..and Sullivan was right there to act stupid to it all..Who just walked away under the cover that Marla fell and went to the hosp..etc..Well she had to stage the fall injury issues for ti all..Like how DA Nickelson violated my fair and speddy rial rights cover excuse..The Judge made it for him first I think.....Like MD Officer MD Beiderman did for CHARLES RUNGE on 4-8-04 and Officer L JESSE did for "JUDITH DEVENEY" like Officer Marino did for Dorothy Mills on 3-19-12..etc. The bad side scumbags who have NOT a clue as to why they run their mouths the way they do..it sounds cool to harass someone under technology so they do. Gives them all a sense of power..

Do you see the pattern of how these scumbag recruits pulled their shit off with the help they had doing it? Do you see the consistant use of excuses used by those like the DA to the NYS officer.."is the law" YES it is if it all falls within the law and YOU don't fix the documentation or reword it to make it fit..That's EXACTLY what "they" do for these scumbag recruits..in "THE THRILL OF HE KILL"

Joe Wallen making the comments he did that to me then were out of place and suspicous.. The drive to stop Marla was NOT there the push to drag it all on to make $$ off it was..It's how the courts "do" things..We saw a REAL BIG $$ examples of that in the "JUDTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" issues..That I hear are still going on..$$$ To get Alana Jones ..You have to get them ALL..How this guy and I am going by STATE POLICE output highly possible is the one who sexually abused her..Well all he had to know was as Tammy Rowe did DSS child protective policy..and I am sure she knew..and so did someone in NYS behind it all linked to all of this who had that 3088 NYS LIC plate put on my sons GRREN Acheiva..before erin was sent ohome on 8-11 the BILL VICKERY FACTOR date to die 19 soldier onward days later on 8-30-08..Its he same way Officer L JESSE arrived for "JUDITH DEVENEY" set up on her husband for "gain" in all of this on 9-6..


Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 21, 2013
Then under it all you have nice guy George Lundy who sarted his name in all of this by having a "personal interest" in me..way back in 1999 according to Lorinda Fullington..He uses Cromies name..in 2003 "mysteriously dies" etc..

Let me "clarify" this part..There was tension in 2003 between him and Dehm and the job..I got that impression from BOTH of them..There was clearly a position issue..Lundy said in front of me in 2003 that Dehm did not have enough tests to be chief..and in 2006 he used it to bump him ou fo the Police Chiefs postions on a qualification issue..and one month later Lundy was ..was..fired? rehired? retired? who knows..The then Mayor felt the PUBLIC did not need to know why..

So George Lundy was playing a double role in this..under a "trying to help" cover..Tammy Rowes BIG push in 2005 to get "Fulton to "supoort" me was a head game on me to "come forward" a set up ..Cromie was dead..That is why Lundy used his name in 2003 to sway me..for what Tammy was going to pull on me later..at 151 off how CHRIS BOWER had set me up..and then Adjustor BILL JETTY set the other deadly "trick" clues in the damaage report off how she hit my parked Jeep..

So Fulton spoent thousands upomn thousands at Charlie gasko..the Drive thru Sunoco the "reason" I was hired there..by Candy..and why her assistant was so hostile to me..Then they sent the sex offedner to get hired this time by the Assistant image..and then CANDY did the rest..to thank YOU all..and make more money off me ..and all of this ..He got fired and herreplacement for him a "fat slob" was already the back up plan in 2008 set to be..I was never going to be rehired off the sahdy shiity way they set me up there after they sucked all that money from all of you..They just wanted to sucker scumbags and the public again..for $$..

It was set up again at Wedny's though HOLLY..and the WATERTOWER strange issue on these forums back then..Maegan set tha up..Public Knowlegde posts..it was an "association" clue..Our watertower is on HOLLY dr.."fill up the dinning room" plan at Wendy's to DD and what DAR did in 2006 to how Tammy K was hired off it all..and how it was altered in 2012 by a JESSE ti why NYS sent L JESSE to help set my boyfriend up..off his scumbag recruit wife "JUDITH DEVENEY"

The set up was on the Sunoco assistant mamager..9-12 birthday..foreward as the POWER out issue to the "reverse" margaretville in Oswego ..POWER out is dead cop clue..Lindsey 7-7-09 to Gallow on 3-12 to a 10-2-12 shooting about to take place on the NACO gun control plan rhymes with WACO..as I was being forced to a move to my newtown all set up for me to be here..with all the new charades in place and motion..

Now the plan is to make themselves LOOK GOOD off BIL VICKERYS side of the story..He just ran to a lawyer way back because ..?? Then he told CHRIS and ? WHY? He raped her..and from there he played it cool..

So "he" plan on me was take the money so we can set you and your mother up and some other family at the TS CASINO becuase Cuomo wants to build 3 more now..Maybe take his SANDRA LEE girlfriend also..on his 12-6 birthday maybe..Lets waxth how it does..

So "they" got on Bill back then to set Chris up?

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 21, 2013
No I do NOT thinks someone is working the story in Syrcuse for me NO BIG plan..I think there are some sharp people who have knowledge of BOTH sides now..and have connected some dots themselves ...just as I am learning off them in my pretty isolated and controled life..Its pretty clear "He" fears me on an equal podium with him..If I had the life I had when this beagn on me and others ..and knew then what I know now I would have this story out..and "He" knows it..and I would NOT waste my time wih it in NYS and Oswego County or the Whitehouse direcion..So "he" had to strip me there first..and from there try a lure of money on me off it all..I would NOT sell myself out on his terms for the few bucks "He" offered inthis.."He"s cheap. I am very inerested in the methods he uses to connive and set me up. I am very interesed in the finale glory "he" has planned for himself off it all..I am very interested in the use of Maureen Levea in all of this to spite me image he set up off it all..Her family was trying to give me her husband in 2005 with no shame about it..and me NOT having come to full realization in 2008 wanted to help his kids also then..Now I realize its the reason George I dead and Marueen was "encrypted" by signature MILLENNIUM ZODIAXC use of her birthday in this. They had Officer Jeremy Hutchinson jumping around like jack ass back then on it..seat belt he came out of nowhere just for a seat belt issue..my ass..it was all part of the run me out of money plan...to make the Casino look more atractive..I heard that oh SO important scumbag call being made that morning before I left the house..and there he was just as scumbags wanted..You should see whats on that ticket..My sons birthday exp date on MY lic..

Now all the scumbags behidn all of this are only going to get theirs if I get the story out..??b There bosses know it too..Ok so do I get the story "out" to then when "He" controls the press like he does all of you..In other words YOU all will kiss scumbag ass till you die and the scumbags know it ask Dave Scoville he want so far as to tell his boss if she fired him ..she would get fired.

Now did his buddy Charlie Diefenbacher get fired in 2008? I still do not know for sure BUT talk is YES he did..and it all only goes in one direction..unless a bad scum gets inthere and talks shit just cuz he can.

See though it all George Lundy has this nice guy image..FEDS are shooting FEDS to his and my fathers image..NYS POLICE are setting up false accident eports to help put the scumbag recruit who clued the casino-cell phone thing link to my parents thing ..I had NOT moved to Fulton YET to 151 West First St...So the I did this to Tammy Rowe claims are total BS. She was doing it to me and she waited for me to show..My sister CHRIS BOWRR set uo 3-29-05 to make it happen.

So you are all doing all of this to get marueens kids some money HE style and help BILL VICKERY who should have kept his mouth shut from the start..CHRIS would have no reason to ??? Had she gone after him..She would have never incriminated herself...So WHO does that help?

My crime is in her words I parked my Jeep in the wrong spot for her to hit it...She did not watch where she was going and I knew she would? Its prety clear she was setting or planning to set me and Lundy up..You can tell by how scumbags ran her story. All her stuff is ALLSTATE clue linked. State Police shot one of their own for a Casino payoff clue..and other money racketering clues to come. They built Lundy a new lure or she was hand picked by him..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 21, 2013
The "They said you lied" plan began on 4-12-09.(that was a 4-15-08 FBI- Syracuse lundy input to me).fresh off the non stop 1-10-09 soldier onward scumbag hell I was put though that led up to it all..Just as it did on 4-15-08..The "reason" they were on me..for it to happen..Kinda like how Bill Vickery's "statement" came to be..to what it is now for them...So off it CHRIS BOWER hits my Jeep after she though scumbags got me to her home..to pull it all off..My whole family was in motion then one way or the other. So WHY did "they" CHRIS to hit my Jeep?

To get back to Fulton to waiting apt and address..? YES. The rest was played off by scumbags "She(me) set it up with Lundy" etc I remember.. I had not set up anything with Lundy..

Tammy Rowe was waiting for me in that upstairs apt and Charlie came and then Maegan and the Jackie..

I was being controls down run down off it all.."crazy" in Fultons money plan off it all...and no one BUT me could see the horrors taking place of fit all? I DONT believe and I know thats NOT true..anything I tried to claim inthat neighborhood ..No one else heard it..noone but me the "crazy" lady." My signs went up and up and up..when people have a ultierior motive they have one..

The GREEN acheiva sa parked on the front lawn signs on it and that 3088 LIC plate also..

Maegan BUCK was above me preparing to be the one who "figured out" the connection to "those cops" and the scumbags doings..She cleaned up her act went to college and got married etc..Maegan taunted me about a dead little girl just as scumbags had calling it all a "HOAX"..A mind a reality so hard for me to believe that "HOAX" felt so much better in my mind..Maegan gave me the input about the casino and the LOTTERY..Now would YOU have listened to her? People were dying..and she is the last person I heard talk about Geporge levea..before he died..That shout she made when he drove by and "LOOKED" at me..George was dead 8 days later just like the Hannibal girl was shortly after Charlie reacted to her uncles name from my apt..

Yes Tammy Rowe, Charlie Diefenbacher, Maegan Buck and Jackie Martin are some of the scumbag recruit s who have built themselves to be "HE" heros in this later when the story comes out in their version of "crazy lady" of it. Maegan talked out BOTH sides of her mouth Like Tammy did..BUT as Tammy left she was no more a scumbag...The "reason" you all continue to control my life and others by any conniving method you can.

Ludington knew in 2012..He knew the plan..So did DA Nickelson..The eugene Hafner court date trick on me..1-24..is WHY JUDIIH was sent out to harass me..
"hey" have it set up on me from the start each "scene"...No being RUSHED and I mean RUSHED to pick up broken glass an other items I have one pic in MY camera I dont even recall taking it thts how ruched I was I got upset BUT ROGUE L JESSE was so pushy HURRY we got to leave..HURRY..I had to call my boyfriend to help me..I had cut my hand..It was not a photo session..and what took a few trips to bring there was only one crammed packed SUV tcip out ..the rest was lost -gone.

He took my boyfriend an SUV load full from storage and the rest was moved in truck right behind us to a porch location until he could make room for it..We picked it up a week later Like I said we would and he took ot to his barn..from there I retrieved not quite an SUV full after "JUDITH" did her damage..in a very rush repack of what I could slavage and grab.

I was supposed to produce a detailed proof -receipts for everyting I lost..I gave a $600.00 fast est and "JUDITH" only wanted to pay half..it was all preset up to screw me again.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 21, 2013
Ok so off the Hannibal Judge thing the "THRILL"
To "clarify" the Judge who presided over the 9-9-09 "JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" trial..is the brother of the Hannibal Judge who I won't say handled "JUDITH" so far but presided over those issues..and the last one was how she worked no payment on the damage sge did to my property..and how the "system" again accomidated her with that..The ONLY "reason" menacing set up JUDITH set up on her husband was "dismissed" is because there was an audio of it. They would have ung him or made him take the rap just as the State Police wanted..They are mad at me and my boyfriend was "profiled" into this..The part where he buys his Jeep at about the same time Tanya mellon was killed..is another "profile" part of this story..just like my sons GREEN Acheiva comomlete with the Erin Maxwell "anagram" 3088 NYS LIC plate on it....and the new job he got along with it off his March 17(Kennedy accident memorial date) in 2006 layoff from Birdseye..I will get to all of that in detail later...If you know this sgory you will see exactly how it came to be..and why. Now right now le me NOTE this comparison..Tammy Rowes 2005 "They're gonna kill you're son" mpm stop taunts..Always came out of her mouth like she was being filled in on it..NOT from her. She ws confused at times herself..conniving as hell she was. BUT played TWO roles like Maegan BUCK did..and gave some good info that is useful to me now..BUT she did it like Maegan in head games with me.

Now on 10-2-12 the deadly link to my son goes "down" a FED with a 0225 badge number..My sons 2-25 BIRHDAY..Going back tothe BONE COLLECTOR..a Movie a I have to use as guide for many reasons..placed by a set up Tammy arranged in 2006...the finale "scene" is about a badge number..Lincoln Rhymes.."link on rhyme" when all else fails me..my mind..scumbags who meant well gave me that direction long ago..NACO rhymes with WACO a gun control plan..in "reverse" now called NEWTOWN..all by "association" clues..to "THE THRILL" The MOST pivotal dates in the entire story are fast approaching..after my sons 2-25 the focus "He" wants now.."He" had his ROGUES "down" a FED to do it. This conversation about "they'll never know which one of them did it" went on between Mary and Lorinda Fullington in 2001..off the "whole different ballgame" talk they had. mary was with george Lundy in 2--5 in my rearview during the BONE COLLECTOR charade he pulled...Then someone had Tammy Rowe set the movie up OR she already knew. Tammy knew the potential of her being set up now was also there..in her "YES George Lundy was involved in this and she saw him too" It was the way she said it ..involved..Tammy believed she set it all up..Just like the Sunoco asst..believes she hired the sex offender. Like how my son bought his GREEN Achieva..The NYS "JACK HIM WRIGHT" Plan to get him involved..and the 3088 LIC plate was NOT his choice either..he was scared and I knew it as could NOT help him or make him understand..So the on 6-29 pushed him to set a "CARRIE" image up on him..his anger at me for not taking the money..would have made no difference..then they would have me..MORE than they tell scumbags they do..? Why would they need to? It's the TS Casino..State controled casinos bring in more money to the state than Indian casinos ever will or have to.

BILL Vickerys "statement."

"JUDITH" is yelling to her husband after she set him up.."YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" "YOU"RE NOT GONNA WIN AGAINST ME" ec.. She already knows what "He" plan is for her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" Now Maegan told her husband hat "accident" plan also..and NOW it makes sense I knew after they cut the tiurck off near the GEORGE Rd.."They" have set it up before.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 21, 2013
So now do you understand why the scumbag recruits..proceed in this like have not a care in the world to worry about? Beverly davis became well NOt cautious she played the games even after DSS came about her food stamps..BUT she was NOT confident about police matters..That struck me odd..all the rest were..BUT Beverly had her daughters inpu now ot fear..You mised a 'look on her face" when her daughter told her DSS investigators had come and she told them the truth..She had her boys to worry about and "good woman" image to protect now..anyone could have gone though Beverly's finances and known something was up..BUT scumbags promised to help her out later also..and by then her overpayment money would be all taken care off with SSI..

So Beverly played the eviction games BUT no backbone on the real porcess.. My mother played a similiar game revolving around MY birthday ..that Deputys name was Gallow..

McCarty is the only one who had no dead cop..

So "JUDITH" has walked a pretty smooth road in all of this during her role in it..She was NOT counting on the arrest or losing the menacing issue..BUT theres a new judge and DIVORCE court now..

My damages are lost..and any efforts to retrive them could bring more ROGUE activity out..There is already enough deadly ROGUE activity in motion.

As far as the TWO news links..one is "JUDITH"S at CBS ( whos nwo running the NORway serial killer 'association" about Adama Lanza that is pretty much being blown off....amd one is well a Gov, CUOMO link..called CHRIS..at ABC the order of clues "they" said she(me) will never figure out.

BUT "he" said she ould and never get the story out..MICROTEL was the plan set up on me if I tried.
MICROTEL-"the insignificant amount of people you will get the story out to"

The double play was this..One on me and one off the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego if need to shut him up..TWO news stations..and scorned woman running her mouth about him also..was "He" original plan..and now it's all down to a "He isn't going to listen to her either" after "JUDITH" ran her mouth to DA Cianfarano about her plans..Scumbags were already shouting about it taunting me..

See even "JUDITH" says yes they killed those cops..Well YES thy did any idiot has to know that by now..BUT "they" did not stop there..and are not done yet..

See how clever each "scene" of "THE THRILL OF HE KILL" gets manupulated into place and how "they" cover their actions..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Feb 21, 2013
Now here are the details of the latest "they're goning to get him fired" scumbag claims about my boyfriend..

It's TAX time and we all are waiting our refunds....

The plan according to scumbags is for the BILL VICKERY(FACTOR) JETTY NOVEL IS ROGUE scumbags to set up a plan on my boyfriend nwo to get him "fired" again in this time frame TAX TIME..That is the little bit of money he is planning to use ot help finish his DIVORCE from "JUDITH" BUT scumbags claim NOVEL IS scumbag recruits have anohter plan to get him "fired" so he'll have to use the money other wise..helping to bring "JUDITH" one step closer to her "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plans off it all.

They even claim he will be "escorted out of the building" where he works..BUT fail to give the details of why or how...but that it will happen soon.. The scumbags always push to create a stress issue..and in this story you never knwo who will set up what on who.

But this is what they carry on about now.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Feb 21, 2013

The "profile" on me is "She'll act like she did not do anything wrong"

In 2008 I went the FBI alone and unprotected and volunteered to take Sodium P..The TRUTH serum..regarding an accident that took place in Hannibal on 3-8-06 that I knew then before all of this took place after..was NO accident..i was then from behind the observation wall that a male made his comnents about telling a judge they are "working the case" and he made comments bout dates..my dathers and mine birthdays...He said "something went on there too" Now who gave it to him? Why was he suspicous of me and made this connection already to them? Later I came home and in less than two weeks Maegan BUCK had all figured all out also..Fulton cops had it also then.

I called the FBI on short notice and they said come on 4-15-08(TAX DAY) I get there ands a male as I talk to NANCY like as in Lanza..makes comments about my birthday and my fathers..and a trial date..sounded just like the guy in Joe Wallens back room in 2003 he did..it's why the Marla shit kept going on so easy..just like the "JUDITH" does now..

"The fathers had a job all is life"..
and "after 40 years the brother finally got a job."

Remember Joe Wallen was a "friend" of George Lundy's...

What did that Syracuse FBI asshole say to me on the phone..? Skullen was his name..Oh yea I remember.."I thought Lundy retired" No he got fired" Who told you he got fred" Jackie Lundy"
He had a distinct voice a slight speech issue. Full heavy mouth type prononciations..

He's the one who made the later comment "Somebody lied to me" after he asked me about the "do you own a drug book' "no" "You don't own a drug book?" "No" "somebody lied to me" he said..

George Levea died of sudden attack of illness on 8-2-08 and and that drug book" ? ran though my head a thousand times after..I believe that FBI Agent was taunting me..It's all part of why I was "bent over" in the kitchen when it hit me.. and no sosoner had than begun to pass and the soldier onward charades and taunts began..

They did not do this for BILL VICKERY.. He's cover plan in excuse and even that is in "reverse" by GREED..

They did to wipe my ass out because I "throws" those money offers..and I was probably the ONLY one in this deadly game. Now NYS state plans moves to control it all.

That IS exactly what it is..
Youre Lazy

Ithaca, NY

#9 Feb 21, 2013
Hey instead of typing stupid stories on the computer all day, how about you get a job? I'm tired of working all week to support your fat a$$ so you can sit at the library and post dumb stories.
You are a lazy loser!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#10 Feb 22, 2013
Youre Lazy wrote:
Hey instead of typing stupid stories on the computer all day, how about you get a job? I'm tired of working all week to support your fat a$$ so you can sit at the library and post dumb stories.
You are a lazy loser!
Your actually funny ..if you only took the time ot understand hqo your TAX dolors were being spent..I don't feel so bad anymore about the welfare system..YOu should see what the LOTTERY and NYS disabiliy and UI system can do as they please with your money..LOLOLOLOL ..You can yell at me for colleting that too..

I DONT feel at all bad being a "azy loser" at this point in my life..I worked TWO jobs and sometimes 3 most of life anyway..This was put on my by FORCE P O L I C E and F B I force..So why would I mind now? You you should see what they let happen to their own..people like you call it "stupid stories" I think that has a very appropriate ring to it...thanks for your tax payer concern input..Since YOU must be the only who pays taxes..

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