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#41 Jul 21, 2009
Vho cares?

Manlius, NY

#42 Jul 21, 2009
Its pathetic that the best candidate they can find is this loser
Run run run

Calvert City, KY

#43 Jul 21, 2009
I live in Boonville. How come the guy that is running in Boonville cannot get Boonville residents to circulate for his signatures?

The word up here is the Dems are running a guy in name only just in case the Republican passes away between now and elections day. The locals think it a joke.

Lake Placid, NY

#44 Aug 6, 2009
Karen is a LOSER! A MOOCHER!

Syracuse, NY

#45 Aug 6, 2009
Who is Karen ?

United States

#46 Aug 7, 2009
Last week Julie Miller ( Oneida County Conservative Chair ) walked into the County Dems legislative caucus and called Davey boy out.

Apparently he went and collected some signatures for his Conservative petition and had them notarized at a later time. In other words, there was no notary present when the signatures were made. Under the law, that is called election fraud.

( Ask Bob Kelly, former Legislator and Republican about that. He was tossed off the line and it cost him his seat on the Legislature )

I will predict that Davey ( and the notary ) will get their chance to explain themselves in front of a judge very soon.

This is typical of Dave Gordon and his cohorts. Lies, cheating and fraud. Typical behavior for the County Dems.
Dave here

Oneida, NY

#47 Aug 8, 2009
I claim ignorance!!!

Lake Placid, NY

#48 Aug 10, 2009
Julie Miller is up to her manical tricks again... Or should i say Velma look alike (Scooby-Doo)and her coke bottle glasses are raging a war against an "Opportunity to Ballot" petition! She is spending thousands of dollars to get rid of a petition that doesn't even have Gordon's name on it! If I were Julie Miller, I would go with Darth Dote and leave town before the good old boys come down to play. Maybe the Republicans liked these two dirt bags but the Dem majority will tell them to hit the bricks!
Lets see

Lititz, PA

#49 Aug 10, 2009
Julie is doing her job protecting her party. Gordon is accused of fraud and your defending him. WOW lets see how this plays out in court MIKE.

Lake Placid, NY

#50 Aug 11, 2009
Julie's job is to let the people decide. It was my understanding that Damsky was the worst Conservative on the Board. It is also to my understanding that the Democrats are the most conservative politicians on the board. How could she have thought that putting in another Republican was going to be a Conservative measure? Is it that someone else is calling the shots for Ms. Miller? Or is she really that dumb? I hear Dote didn't even screen Gordon for the endorsement? What could these two numb skulls expect?
Frank Rizzo


#51 Aug 11, 2009
I think Daves brother Chris will do a better job he's got more Bull !
No Knows

United States

#52 Aug 11, 2009
Just for the record, Mike Damsky has never been a Conservative nor do I believe he been endorced by them in the past ten years at least.

The Conservative Party endorced about all the incumbents that applied. The 3 things they were big on this year were:

Did you vote for the Sheriffs raise ( yes )
Did you vote against anything at Griffiss.( yes )
Sis yo vote against the tax increase (yes)

If you score 2 out of 3 or 3 out 3, you most likely got the Conservative nod.

Voting for the Sheriff raise,voting against the Griff, and voting against the tax increase was the hat trick
Back on Topic

Providence Forge, VA

#53 Aug 11, 2009

Let's get back on Topic. Does anyone know if Resign is correct?

Did Davey commit Election Fraud???

He should explain himself publicly?

If he is innocent, he should hold a press conference and defend himself.

Lake Placid, NY

#54 Aug 12, 2009
Back on Topic you are so ignorant. Do you know what an Opportunity to Ballot is? It is a petition that is designated for anyone including Mickey Mouse to run a primary for that position. Gordon's name doesnt even appear on the Ballot! There is no election fraud. A notary who I understand is very well know witnessed and signed off on the petition. I'm sure the judge will uphold the decision of the BOE because the people that signed were indeed Conservatives and any case that negates this theory is candidate specific I am sure and doesn't relate nor imply that the Opportunity to Ballot petitions are null and void. Some of you people are so ignorant in what you say and or believe. Let me set the record straight. Dave Gordon is a aquaintance of mine. He is an Insurance Agent in the Village of New Hartford. He did not commit Election Fraud. He is a stand-up kind of guy. He has gone up against some pretty tough people and prevailed in making them change their ways. In speaking with Gordon I have learned that he has some pretty good ideas. Ones that very few of you posters could comprehend. Mostly because you are either not smart enough or to ignorant to even wipe your own ass. So come election day, we will see who talks the talk and who walks the walk. Dumb asses!

Manlius, NY

#55 Aug 12, 2009
I feel bad for you Mike! Wait until you meet the real Dave Gordon and realize he is so full of bullshit its oozing out of his ears!

Lake Placid, NY

#56 Aug 12, 2009
Anonymous - I can only say what I know of Dave. However, I believe the only bullshit is the bullshit that streams from your vagina!
Lets see

Davenport, IA

#57 Aug 12, 2009
What insurance agency does he work for? We keep hearing that he is employed but never where. Just to keep the record straight the notary needs to witness the signatures or they are not legal. Go back and have someone read the post to you slowly so you understand it. Davey got the signatures then had the notary sign off. There goes the reputation. That is fraud.
Truth or Not

Philadelphia, PA

#58 Aug 13, 2009

Although Davey boy's name is not on the petition, it had to be signed and witnessed. Unless Davey is a notary it takes one to witness the signatures. It is my understanding that a Notary did sign off.

The problem is they did so AFTER the fact and DID NOT witness the signatures. That is illegal Apparently there is proof of this. Enough proof to warrant an Election Lawyer's opinion that Davey has big problems.

Certainly the Notary that did sign will have some explaining to do and Davey can explain how he collected these signatures without a notary present to witness them then presented them to a notary to sign. Sounds like fraud and conspiracy to committ fraud.

The Courts will decide.....

The real issue is the lack of integrity and common sense this young man has and his willingness to misrepreresent himself while collecting signatures. If he is will to flagrantly skirt the rules of Notary, what else is he capable of? Can you trust him to do business with? Can you trust him not to misrepresent himelf in other matters? Can you trust him to be an elected official?

This is what is basically WRONG with SO MANY young people today. They have no education in ethics and little conscience about cheating or telling lies. The ends justify the means. That is how most young kids think.

That is what is at stake here. Not a simple Opportunity to Ballot issue Micheal. I hope you learn something fopm this as well.

Lake Placid, NY

#59 Aug 13, 2009
Poor things. Apparently you dont understand election law and or what really went down. Mr. Gordon did have a notary with him when he collected the signatures. He has witnesses to prove it I am sure. More importantly, I believe it is the young people that are the only ones that have integrity and a good conscience. See Ms. Miller, the fact is that the people who signed those petitions, were in fact eligable to do so as they were registered Conservatives. Your theory is garbabge about integrity. Dave's got my integrity in one testicle that you in your whole body. Scum like you and the other old bags forge people's signatures on a petitions. Your assessment of the situation couldn't be any further from the truth. You basically fault Gordon for his youth because he is so much more energetic than you were at your young age. And you fault him because he will be elected and you never got the opportunity. You have become old and bitter and disguisted with who you have become. To find technicalities to throw someone off of a ballot is sickning and mad. You Ms. Miller should consider yourself an abomination to society and the movement of it in a progressive manner. You make me sick to my stomach thinking that you are what is truly wrong with this area and that people like you drive our youth out by the thousands. People like Gordon have bright ideas that are ethical, legal and moral. You have nothing but your hatred and selfpitty. Good luck. Time heals all wounds but unfortunately, your time is running out!
The Bottom Line

Bedford, IN

#60 Aug 13, 2009
I think the bottom line will be what the Court does.

If he stays on the ballot, Davey is vindicated
If he is tossed off, He lieing, cheating piece of excrement..........time will tell.

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