That what they preach in today's church is not helping the political issues that this country is going through. It is only helping to further this country into another civil war that it saw 150 years ago. Preaching on the streets to people that don't wanna hear that there going to hell if they go and tithe there money to the modern day church. Charismatic churches are terrible and reflect too much on materialism and brainwashing you into praising a false sense of god. They make you go up conferences as children and pay so much money for an uneducated preacher yell in your face and tell you your a bad person if you masturbate or watch porn, they make all this money and drive around in Lexus and BMW cars. They wear expensive suits and live in big houses but won't go down to east Utica and preach that violence isn't the answer to the youth of society that need it most in this country. They would rather go to a foreign country and ignore what's going on in their own. Have kids pay for an internship and their not even getting a college degree from. They taught "leadership" skills and garbage from mostly uneducated people without college degrees which everyone needs in today's society to succeed. Give up everything for the local church is what these pastors preach. A civil war will be caused because they are ignoring the issues and preaching on false transliterations of the New Testament. A great awakening is needed in this country right now and it won't come from these charismatic preachers that charge you more than a penny to hear about hope. These pastors aren't willing to put there life on line to see someone else succeed. They would rather sit tucked inside their office at their desk and read their bible hoping something good will happen. A great example of this is redeemer church in north Utica. This church is the epitome of today's modern Pentecostal charismatic church. They have a large pastoral staff that drive nice cars and dress above average and look down on those that in their own city. If your not a refugee or someone with lots of money, you won't be accepted to this church. They have huge amounts of brainwashed people who go there as an obligation to give there money away into a basket and them fend for themselves hoping something good will come out of it. I still wonder what happened with the "woo" lawsuit towards that church which is the former mount Zion. It makes me wonder why they changed their name to redeemer. Maybe to cover up some dirt that would have gotten them a bad look from the public? Hmmm