The BILL (FACTOR ) JETTY Novel is scu...

The BILL (FACTOR ) JETTY Novel is scumbags are in full motion again.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Mar 8, 2013
The Bill (FACTOR) JETTY ALLSTATE Nocle is scumbags are on full motin again with claims about the plans they have on my boyfriend..This time "They are going to keep it up until they screew up his pension" is their theme..

There is talk of theft know there IS security at his work place..and they do ask to search employee bags boyfriend ALWAYS complies on random searches as is company policy..The claim is their "he" is making all these issues at the plant now though higher ups to get control of the issue somehow over my boyfriend...There is no theft..and now I worry about sabotage..These scumbags ramble on and on and are capable of anything...YES my boyfriend does plan to retire is just a couple of years away..and scumbags are active onthreats at that issue again.

So off the issue of the GOODMAN Auot car ..apparently something is in motion again..There was a slight pause time..BUT nothing lasts for ever.

So as he enters into what will be his DIVORCE issues at the same time off all of this..No doubt "He" scumbags have scams and charades of no good planned to go even further.

And on that note scumbags boast that "they've got her thinking he is going to look dumb" They don't hype me into anything..BUT do HYPE..When scumbags out side your windows day and night non stop talk about all kinds of climas I have to keep track of it becuase in all of it there is the lues to what harm and horrors they will pull on others..The thought that they do actually promote good things to happen is not part of my thougt process I have dealt with scumbags for over years..the DO NOT DO GOOD THINGS..So when ever they hype a GOOD THING I am very cautious about it...becuase no doubt its all part of a "reverse" plan anyway..

YES to answer some ?? placed yesterday while I was out. The answer is YES I DO believe that the "Angie baby" hiring a the Salvation Army in Fulton was set up to be part of the lure towrds the NYS GOV clue links in all of this..and to be part of the "or low green state" plan..I'm just not sure exactly how it was going to be pulled off..

You have TWO very controversial figures in this Orlo Green and Officer Gary Percival who's name links ot several deadly areas of all of this..The 12 alone is frightening..from Thoams Lindseys death to the "firendly " shooting on 10-12-12 inthe NACO rhymes with WACO "OFF MEXICO" clue a "association" issues taking place now here linked to it all one a state appeal time frame for Alan Jones to the 3088 NYS LIC Plate on my sons GREEN car to his 2-25 birthday link to the 0225 badge number if the "friendly fire death of FBI Agent Nicholas Ivie on 10-2-12 in that "OFF MEXICO" "association" location clue a 10-2-12..makes a 12 -12 and one more makes my boyfriends 12-12-12 birthday this year..That was a "Line up" signature date "He"clue arrangement trial date set up on him by JUDIIH DEVENEY"s "I JUST GO WHAT I WANTED AND YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD" plans on take place on 12-11-12.."line up" with his 12-12-12 MILLENNIUM date birhday to the Line up" 12-13-12 move out of the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home set up on us by Aftin DEVENEY pullijng another one of her "THRILL" involvement "scenes" the 12-14-12 SANDYHOOK-LANZA shootings "association" to it all he had it all preplanned to happen on "He" signature line up" date clues..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Mar 8, 2013
From the "squalid conditions" issue that arose after my mother provoked me in 2011 to start a fight so she could summon the ROGUE NYS police to her home to just make me "calm down" and image of me she was trying to stage off it all. "Squalid conditions" was said as description by one of the NYS Police Officer who responded to the call..after he observed the room my mother had set up for me after she "saved" me from Fulton ROGUES and their scumabgs end of this..Now one week after my mother "saved" me ..Tanya Mellon "YA NOT MELLO" would die in the Hannibal "accident" on 10-29-09 just about where the 3 missing dogs "JUDITH" claims on the internet were last seen. Midnight(12) has been found.

Now my mother who was setting image up to give me 3-11-11 birthday eviction off the "He" she was working with..for instance as in her small streak of luck from the TS Casino and the other money issues she made on and off me in all of this..etc.

My mother also told NYS Police that day that she had not cleaned out the room observed as a place where I was "living on top of other peopels things" becuase she "had been "sick" Well she was fine until she broke her leg over 20 months after she moved me in..(Thats a MOBIL RT 11 "sue" story) My mother did NOT treat me well after I "threw" the money offers...From there "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" all by scumbag recruit timing turned into the BILL (FACTOR) JETTY ALLSTATE Novel is for "gain" off it plan on me by "He" version plans of it all.

From the 3-11-11 "line up" with how "he" and "they" scumbags manipulated Deputy Bernard gallows drunk son to shot him on 3-12-11 off it all (ask Mike Tetro abpout his interest in me that next day) It remided me of the the Willaim Levea road rage issue..One month after Tanya's death..and odd but "perfect" in an overkill of links to all of this also..beginning with the dates 10-29-09 to 11-29-09.."line up" in and odd way link. One month? The approx timing of m eviction out fof this state police call for warning for I "throws" the money offers?

Now off of all of this after numerous scumbag recruit set up on my by them for "gain" off it ..I came to meet my GERM name laywer appointed by ROGUE City Of Fulon Judge Spencer Ludington...who did her job slowly to accomadate the 12-18-12 "TEACH HER(me) A LESSON" 12-15-12 "dismissed" date of it all..Now on 5-14-11 Jack Tyries death was a 'line up" remider clue..Jack Tyrie Jack this "crazy" 5-14 is another "perfect" COINCIDENCE" death name link the AFD-5166 NYS LIC plate issue linked to Mario Cuomos birthday I gave the FBI on 4-15-08..I could NOT have known Mr Tyrie was going to die also unless..the plan to set me up as part of all of this was carried out..There is a very preculiar link to SANDY at the lib in all of that how it all fits inot the overkill of clues linked to NYS GOV Mario Cuomo now..and his SANDRA LEE girlfirends name.

So I am NOT at all suprised at all by the court game charades played by Oswego Couny ROGUE DA'S and HAFNER BROTHER JUDGES in all of this now or by how they link on the 9-4-12 clue date TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" time frame off the manipulations of scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" and her scapegoat? partner? "JARROD" Was she setting him up or was he setting her up? or was this TWO TRAINS on a track to deliberately collide as a manipulated plan on them result of BOTH plans. It's clear ROGUES needed what "JUDITH" is doing now onhe date and time frame she futher their plans off all of this.."JUDITH" bragging on the audio mouth is the biggest conformation of that.

Like how a drug dealer just happened Thomas Lindsey at just he right date place and the "trick" set up he pulled it off on..

"Jarrod" looks like he was the pawn this time..all around just cuz he's a thief?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Mar 8, 2013
Ok its been a ususal day here in Newtown..The scumbags have carried on todays claims "Yes he is going to say something to her" Im not quite sure what that is about..guess I'm going to find out and I will let you know if you want..

There has beeen all kinds of wild claims to day ..BUT a male calmed some of the scumbags down with on their "Grand Theft Auto" claims about the car..( I don't think Grand Theft Auto applies either but something illegal is going on here) That "no he's just going to give them the money and and the part" as he speaks like an authority on the issue here to the other scumbags..I have a problem with the "part" money..They were selling the car illegaly and represented it as the ownership when they did..My boyfriend was told to get the part so he could drive it away aftwer the sale he made a down payment ion was complete..Now he's stuck with it the part? Because the car was NOT theirs to begin with..I believe and say the part is now their cost in all of this also..My boyfriend should get the money for it back from them ..Since he has no use for it and should NOT under these circumstances have to try and take it back now..They may not take it back..Thats HIS money and time wasted off this scam of car sale on him. YES it has caused isssues in this home..

Scumbag Recruit

United States

#4 Mar 8, 2013
I hope you have a nice day Diana! And just so you know, that Saab is going to leave you penniless :)
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Mar 8, 2013
Scumbag Recruit wrote:
I hope you have a nice day Diana! And just so you know, that Saab is going to leave you penniless :)
Scumbag Recruit

Ithaca, NY

#6 Mar 8, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>
It makes perfect sense... Saab (sob), low GREEN state, GREEN mile, etc.
Scumbag Recruit

Ithaca, NY

#7 Mar 8, 2013
Also Orlo GREEN
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Mar 9, 2013
Scumbag Recruit wrote:
I hope you have a nice day Diana! And just so you know, that Saab is going to leave you penniless :)
its odd that you word it like that YES I say that too fromthe comments the seller was making to my boyfriend that I did not post..He even hinted ot him that he was not trying to screw him and that he did not need a receipt fo the down payment from him..Thank GOD my boyfriend said yes I do..Hes a pushover like that ..and I know who ever set this up on him knew that..

This car sits at GOODMAN Auto in Syracuse NY ..So BEWARE id you ever do business with any of them.

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