OC ROGUES Nickelson and DA'S Ludingto...

OC ROGUES Nickelson and DA'S Ludington, Hafner etc.

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 30, 2013
They all talk a good story inthis ..that yes they believe etc.
BUT look how its all being worked still...

The DA Nickelson -Ludington conversations inthe City Of Fulton court room as my fair and speedy trial rights are being violated as as result of it..Well LOOK whos doing it..
Hafners "your'e arrogant and immature" to me was priceless..
BE in MY shoes..Your'e lucky that is all you got out of all of it from me..Someday I hope each and everyone of the ROGUES who help this along suffer horrors as bad as those put on others this..

While "JUDITHS" mouth coninued to have free run his court room

I knew from the 1-24-13 date it was all a "reverse" 'anagram" "trick" 4-12..I don't see anything else going on..

YES everybody knows that is what it is BUT no one but ME wants to try and stop it..I told you its a brother story either way clues ..They work now..BILL FACTOR JETTY direction..The "JUDITH DEVENEY" scorned woman scene was worked to sync with the Alan Jones atate appeal..it was too well timed..9-9-09 was the date clue ..ZODIAC MILLENNIUM that is..

EVEN "JUDITH DEVENEY" is talking the yes they did it way..BUT she keeps right acting her role out in it all..

As far as the BUS ride I do not know if he is the white haired kid..That is not the bus trips I tried to recall..that my regular run..I am talking about the sports bus..They changed so its hard to recall them all...the regular bus was no big deal..and neither was the white haired student.

The trip in ? was Co Rt 7..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 30, 2013
Tammy Rowe taunted me in 2005 about "PIRATES" toys..Toy sets I collect...I still have hundreds of them...I had the glasware and plates and all..Childrens sets..

I did NOT have "PIRATES"..Tammy knew this and that upset me in addition to everything else she was doing then also...Tammy was recrited by my family who tirned it on her later..George Lundy knew I was headed to 151(The Maureen levea birthday $s had already been "encrypted" in the AGES of the 4-8-04 CHARLES RUNGE "accident" where the Officers name MD(Dr) BEIFERMAN was a "beat her man till she needs an MD" clue if I do not comply with whats a head of me a 12-5-09 casino game ..built on me off hardship...living with no power or money or resources..a sure bet to get me to comply with the money scam behind it all..

BUT I would also have to keep my mouth shut about the horrors that go with it all..Now I cannot tell you how many took part in this one piece at a time..One thing creates another success for "He" and "they."

Ludington knew over the summer he would "dismiss" the charge ..said it to hype me up..over the summer so I would think it was soon..Dottie Mills was having the time of her life with it..her scumbags were still on me...JUDITH DEVENEY already knew who I was and so did DA nickelson ..knew that plan also..he made comments to Ludington about it waiting for the fight to start..a "6 month contemplation of dismissel" "reverse" plan in motion to set me up againn..BUT I refused the "offer" after all BILL MCcarty himself said after Dottie "half of Fulton is gonna wanna kick your ass" Well that is just more ahead warning..stupid of me to take an "offer" with over my head..it's a promise to screw me again..from the horses mouth himself off the way Dottie was ranting on also..

So I am better off NOT taking the offer from DA who was violating my fair and speedy trial rights anyway..and his name is NICKELSON..a nickel less name clue direction..

While Dottie is sitting comfortably at Bill McCartys mad because the State cut her Disability payments and she knws why..she blamed me for telling them she works under the table..BUT I did not..BUT she blames me anyway..3 weeks later she set me up..waiting to get her money back from the state off it..

JUDITH has a double role ..to get her husband to Margaretville..and wipe him out doing it...

JUDITH yes had no dogs when she got married her 9 as in baseball collection of them was made after she got married..smashd his jep etc..YES he was dumb elet her sucker him into putting it into her name..then she collected off it..Never ransferred the JETTA over and sold that too..It was in HER name..The TRAILER she lives in is in HIS..Now how does this work? BUT thats her now by marriage..well doesnt that make the JETTA half his also by marriage? What other property does "JUDITH" have to divide..? Nothing..same thing she came into all with..She just gave a wood splitter away..cuz it was in HIS BARN that he owned LONG beofre she came along..Like her JETTA was hers..

She was planning a gargae sale with my stuff..She targeted the 45s..BIG issue with me and someone told her..she knew exactly what to target in MY PROPERTY..and JUDITH knew all along...How her daugher now I was calling the DA he day she harrssed me abot him? I was inside someone elses home..when I made that call..?

The BIGGEST clue was Officer JESSE himself..and I watched and heard him do it on 9-6 to her husband..a foolish charge waste of tax payer money..a laugh comment JUDITH made about how her husband has to pay for his lawyer..as scumbag promote her husband was behind it all..See how easy it is for scumbag recrits?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 30, 2013
CHARLES RUBGE cuts me off at the erin maxwell clue location Morgan rd(Captian) and Ver Plan Rd(ship) intersection in Clay, N.Y, just behind what was Great Northern mall..He pulls into his oncoming lane as my Jeep begins ot croos becuase he ws talking ot his passenger..YES he was at the stop sign first just as I told Officer Beiderman#4619 one of the ONLY things he put on the report as truth off his input..

Our vehilces hit in the his oncoming lane..my front end was already across the center line when we hit ..Runge had plled into that lane..and drove up it..pulled his car along the front of my Jeep and rove up some more then pulled over on his oncoimg shoulder facing traffic..and that is where his vehicle remained until Officer Beiderman came..

The 4-8-04 MV 104A is not worded by my words..Its a twist of order of them..with much of the dialouge omitted from it..

Officer Beiderman did make the comment in fron of me "Why did I have to answer this call?" i did nto have a clue..But knew the onciming lane issue was wrong on RUGES part..BUT Beiderman insisted that because RUNGE at the stop sign first he had the "right of way."
I told my insurance company abot this also..

Tammy Rowe made the issue of the PIRATES toys in 2005..after my sister CHRIS BOWER had pulled her crap on me that night that became the 3-29-05 ALLSTATE damage report.

That took me to 151 in Fulton NOT knowing marueen Leveas birthday was encrypted like Bill Vickerys inthe AGES clues..BUT it all "adds up like a score" had not begun yet either..that was on Maegan BUCKS time..

RUNGE and his Pennelville address..is the later "Or low green state" taunts clue..
THIS part of "He" and "they" story plan..
RUNGE was 71 years old=8 and his passenger William (Bill) was 56-11..8-11 clue. Too "perfect"

So the BILL (FACTOR) JETTYS had to make it look like I caused that collision on 4-8-04..something to do with am me and George Lundy plan they had..but then they went and built and cleaned p with MY help Valerie Dedich for him and that is fine..So "he" cold go "good woman" to the military with her..alter..

CHRIS BOWER hit my parked JEEP and her 9-29 ZODIAC(BIRTHDAY) clue was set "in the middle" of the 1929.40 damage report..BY ALLSTATE ADJUSTOR BILL(FACTOR)JETTY.at a 10:31am time..

Thomas Lindey death ws already planned..and that became a 3-11-08 my BIRTHDAY by the MILLENNIUM ZODIAC influence date..JUDGE is the link..a clue on 4-15-08 the Syracuse FBI gave me..as to how they the FBI are "working the case"
The COWARD would not even look me in the eye in the hallway there..hide behind your gun tough guy..hide..I don't hide from anyone..

The male at the Syracuse FBI that day on 4-15-08 behind the observation wall..was trying to make it look and sound like he was puzzled by the dates..he metioned the 4-5 Hunterdon date..and the utica birthday trial date..He was sckering someone there..he sounded so puzzled about my fathers birthday and mine..then said "i'll tell the judge we are working the case" as he thought I would talk to a supreme court judge..he was being a child killing smartass..YES this all went on in Syracuse on 4-15-08 at the James Hanely Federal Building..

BUT when you hide behind an FBI badge you can so cowardly shit like that..OK so TWO dowm how many more to go?? Work the case guys work the case..

So "they" were setting the dates through JDGES,,LDINGTON and Hafeners that I know of..9-9-09...YES JUDGE Walter Hafner set the ONLY MILLENNIUM date in all of this and his brother eugene set the "line up" date..with a 12-1-21 12 my byfriends birthday a TRIAL he was NOT supposed to win..as "JUDITH" believed anyway when she "YOU'RE NOT GONNA WIN AGAISNT ME" set him p..with some help from Officer JESSE..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 30, 2013
Ok so the AGES onthe Charles RUNGE 4-8-04 work to "perfect" all clues to the back up plan if I 'throws" the money offers coming..

They had to kill Maureen's husband off for her money to roll..her isster Cindy Manno was trying to give him back to me in 2005 ..at CHARLIE GASKO..YES I know blame the scumbags a pretty consistant pattern there also..So while scumbags are forcing me into a money offer..back plan is in motion also..They knew I would not take money on dead kids or the threat of it..The Diana "profile" was right..

"They" shipped LUNDY out in 2007 Oct off thew summer of dead cops...Albert Scerbo TEACHER had been arrested in Dec 2006..Meagan was an expert on that also..I was at DD #9 that spring and already ahd the BONE COLLECTOR from SETH. SETH is the character in the song the nights went out in GEORGIA the amos(aim us)boy.

So as all this was brewing..Remeber now in court all the rules cannot be bent when it comes to ME.
ONLY in cases like the Alan Jones 9-9-09 trial..for the murder of Erin Maxwell...

By March 2008(3 the month of MY birthday the month the first child was killed who's funeral was my 3-11-06 birthday..Who's dates are link in "reverse" to Erin's with that GEORGE year clue link..His name is always in there somewhere. she died on 3-8-06 and her funeral 3-11-06 that "in the middel" 8-11 date clue..is also the day in 2008 Erin Maxweel came home and died 19(soldier clue)days later..Dottie and Bill set me up on the 19th of March also..Now March 2008..just before Erin would die..My sons GREEN "Jack Him Wright" Achieva had the 3088 NYS lic plate put on it.

"Association" is so easy in this and it's "He" cover plan in court.

Then comes "JUDITH DEVENEY" back into it off her 12-4-09 Kohls appearance.

Her scorned woman "scene" is timed for the revival of the Alan Jones state appeal.

"JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" in "reverse" anyone..?
Complete with a MILLENNIUM date on it..to how the set up on my boyfriend JUDITH DEVENEY'S husband is a "line up" TRIAL date with his MILLENNIUM birthday 12-12-12..its a BROTHER thing..How "perfect"ly LUCKIEST for me..and I came out of it all "arrogant and immature" Phhewww..Well that better than a bullet in your head.

9-9-09 as in baseball does not get any clearer or easier to write than that.

So onward now to the NEXT JUDGE in all of this...

Ok some ? answered..No it was NOT JUDITHS husband's job to make sure her animlas had great care while she was onvacation from them .."she di not know he was treating her "I'm gonna sell un all" animals that way?? Well what was your first clue..His job maybe? The way you say he treated you? Oh the BS just goes on and on..

I would think "I'm selling un all" um falls under DIVORCE after all he met most of not all the care and feed bills for them....I know I know whats hers is hers and whats his is hers..right? "EVERYTHING IS MINE" and he has not been set up to be moved out by threat of death over his head..So far she has kept all her other words.."JUDITH" was NOT just running her mouth..She meant every word..
since she has lived in the "EVERYTHING IS MINE mobil home this way can't she be resposible for payement also on it during that time? Since whats his is all hers and whats hers is all hers...its all her property..she declered at him and police and had no issues with payments or cost when "JUDITH" conficated it from him on the set up on him way she did..There has got to be some law out there to protect him..She wanted it all so bad she should pay for it marriage bound..she forced him off by a false charge she "reversed" on him..and then threatened his life after..I would have fled for my life....
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Jan 30, 2013
"JUDITH" is living on the same income she was living on when she married him and she survives this time rent free..'After all this she still wants $10.00.00 more..??

Does he get half of her state disability income off the marriage..? She set him up..and threatend his life..???

I cannot to hear what she comes up with under oath in divorce court.. I think it will be exciting...How's her son doing? Is he taking good care of his mother?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Jan 30, 2013
The scumbags have been taught that "they" don't like my attitude and that Valerie is much better suited ofr this role now..well for the all money and effort put into cleaning her up after all these years...and she dies just happen to have a military link ..although one of them divorced her..Her mother could make the cover of Woman's Day next ..I think this is all part of the Joke on everyone..Like JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL etc..Valerie the "GOOD WOMAN" The FBI telling JUDGES they are working the case...splendid...their style is remarkable..GO scumbags go..

5405 either way..?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Jan 30, 2013
The scumbags carry on that I would not take the money because I was afraid that they would come back later and get me also on it..At the time YES that seemed too easy to do..Just win and walk away..It was too easy..So yes then I did have that far also..BUT later it was not an issue..

As more and more time passed and it took almost an act of God it seems to draw attention to Beverly Davis what she was doing..May be it was me back then..BUT how did this go on so easy for so long with "He" hovering over my head..talking about every detail of my doings and adding what "he" lacked and NOT having a clue what was going on at Beverlys' as I sat there watching it also..over and over..those who came stayed and left..I was NOT the only one there..BUT she had excuses..to cover them all.

I lived since April 10th 2011 till Dec..nothing changed..kids and her ate all the time together her daughter came ina d joined after work sometimes..
Beverly pushed me to share my food stamps with her..etc I know there there did..she had tenants all the time now..in and out..visitors that stayed for weeks..I could NOT figure out how she pulled it off.."he" was me for everyting during it all..BUT "He" did not see told the whole story..I began to realize scumbags were protected by "He" no matter what they did..just as Beverly and Dottie promoted..

Dorothy Mills frequently ate with Bill..then came this time frame that he had this big receipt issue for groceries..He had to go shopping now also..I did not know she was even on food stamps till he told me..Bill is the one who told me about her disability and I thought how can she work too? I thought ok partially disbaled..NO completely he said..???

He never asked me to join in for food..never.
BUT if I did anything like an invited pizza and wings one day because he had company over ..OH "he" the scumbag ICON made a BIG deal out of it.."she's eating their food" His son had brought it in..

"HE" was encouraging them to rip the county and state off..

When I lived at Margaretville in Oswego..I had to be so careful..3 families in the fridge at one time..a mess..Scumbags tried to make such an issue of mine. my health suffers if I don't eat my won diet..My boyfriend cannot stand what I eat and cannot afford to keep up with TWO seperate meals..

Then "they" got my Food stamps under a vcery stressful time from me..they got my fishing ticket -tried to suspend my drivers lic thinking I would not pay it off and no money later to do so..That is what that is all about anything I do that is a NO NO he sends a cop on it right away..This one's was DO NET..this I already knew..

It's been this way all along..BUT "CARRIE" comes to the door wants to sell her food stamps..to my son..He is not home at the time and "He" does not see or hear a thing?? Her 4-12 mother and Dan chewed her out for it "Don't say anythig to that woman."

Yes there was an issue with bath salts in that house.and it was distrubing to others who lived there who did not use drugs who made issue of it..Stupid me did not know what bath salts were.."He" did not see a thing..

Unreal what "He" overlooks..

I know "HE" could have found Ray Gregory much sooner than they did..BUT that is what Brian Dolbear was for.

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