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Oswego Attorney Joe Wallen "friend" of GEORGE LUNDY

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 3, 2013
There is some link to what took place on 4-15-08 at the Syracuse Fbi to the words out of George Lundys mouth on 4-12-09 to me of "they said you lied"

There is some "reason" that "HE" scumbags pushed on me so heavy back then that began around CHRIS T MAS time off ABB..Where Tammy Rowe had set up 3 more movies to be given to me there..That "reason" was clued by a Horoscope on 1-10-09 as a line of ..You may never know the "reason' for your current struggle But there is reason to get beyond it all..with a successful out come in mind you soldier onward to victory..

PAYBACK, HELLBOY and Kate and "Leopold..were the new movie clues I had now to "decipher"

Now in all fairness George Lundy was still overseas..
The Palladium times set the Horosciope clue on the day Jean Levea died..

Lundy's new input "They said you lied" was to me a refreshing twist off "they said she's crazy."

Now Valerie was built as the good woman replacement attraction for Lundy now..as all this was taking place..BUT her "perfect" "COICIDENCE" tranformation was taking place before I "win" the 2009 TS casino game..Maegan BUCK knew about it in 2008..before she left in Oct who was overseas ..BUT Maegan said it was LUNDY doing it also...as she taunted me about it all..She knew Tanya Mellon was going to die in 2008 also...BUT never taunted me about it..she spoke of her, her name just as John Lincoln did..I WOULD have said something and I knwo now they is NOT what "they" wanted..WHY else Tanya's name?

I can't do all this to people on my own..So the issue of setting meup with Lundy was positivly a plan "he" and "they" had..My sister CHRIS T MAS"S scumbags were running that promotion..

My mother said it also "They said George Lundy did it."
Beverly Davis tld her daughter Valerie "George "Lundy" was behind iit all..

Dorothy Mills said George Lundy was the one also..

The evil doings behind it all on me all have military links..My Uncle George tried to create that image..before he die don that 6-27-10 "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" day 11 years later.

Now talk is Carol was fired finally from the Oswego Sheriff's dept for going against Lundy's doings(they set it up on her) back then he learned later that in 1999 Carol told Lorinda that Lundy had a personal interest in me who then tried herself to get in the middle of it all..and did...as Carol regretted telling her anything about it..She knew he was up to something after learning about Cromie's death..Lorinda had talked to Angie baby and others and got their version of "she tied to do this to them for no reason" about me. Carol upon learning this and of Crmoie's death had told Lorinda to stay out of it back then..who did not..Then in 2001 Lorinda told Mary, Jimmy Galloway girlfriend. Jimmy's brother Jeff's 8-18-11 WILCOTT death was used to clue another BILL FACTOR direction..NAMED Bill McCarty who was planning his trip to Vega's off it.

8-18-11 was "desingner clothes" day at the Oswego Thrifty Shop..and "roulette" clue day..head game clues played on me at the TS Casino on 12-5-09 when my brother Jerry insisted on showing me how to play roulette at the game tables..He won $300.00 that night but had not on the roulette table..George Lundy had just done his "drive(GREGORY)by" after I left the thrifty shop that day.

Now the roulette clue came at the Thrifty shop as a "sue" name clue..Sue Russel is also a pastors name also at the Lighthouse church in Mexico..Lundy did his "drive(Gregory)by" clue on the bridge where you see TWO Lighthouses..one in the habor and the BIG painted one like for ships..a LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH and a ship and a captian LIGHTHOUSE link to a "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN" "OFF MEXICO" location clue.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 3, 2013
Let me reacp Mary for a minute..mary is the one that had the response words ot something Lorinda had told her in 2001 "Lorinda you don't want to be involed in this" "You don't know what those feds will do" "Thats a whole different ballgame."

Mary is the same one who told Lorinda the story that her boyfriend had killed someone by a hit and run and how she had put "two and two togethr" on it to the damage done ot the car they owned then..She told Lorinda she took photos of it and if Jimmy Galloway ever fucked with her again she was gonna blow him in..The shocking story brought Lorinda to the verge of tears..who after Mary left that got on the phone and beagn to tell someone what she had just told her..I laid in bed and listened to this whole thing go on...Mary was what? later claiming she wanted to see "which one" of us would blow it in to police first..as in me or Marla? Mary is the one who or the image of(I say it was her just heavier than I recall her) who showed up with George Lundy in May of 2005 for Tammy Rowes BONE COLLECTOR charade..

marys details of the hit and run issue were graphic she desribed long strands of hair. "JImmy didn't hit no deer" "There was hair and blood all over that car" front end only passenger side I belive..she said he pulled the car close to the house..and shortly got rid of it..It was big ole car..that I recall..Mary I do not believe knew I was upstairs..the shock of her vcice when Lorinda told her to lower her tone..I was up th sleeping.. she heard me?" Mary asked..well if she wanted me to hear her...so she could BS later about it..She knew then me and Marla would have a police issues also..Yes it's called JOHN SULLIVAN and Joe Wallen..it was coming that summer in late August Marla staged her "fall"

Now in 2005 Tammy Rowe claimed MARLA used the hit and run story..I never said a word to anyone..not a soul..Marla never told me either she knew this..Jimmy was Marla's ex..her daughters father..I was NOT about to go there..Marla counted on Jimmy for money and off Mary sometimes..

Lundy's in a they said you lied mode now?..So they built abd cleaned up Valerie Dedich.it all depended my MONEY decision? "He" and "they" already knew the answer..BUT to get it all this far..to finsih the ORION issue and the others..POWER. they had to work on setingme up for later use also..

Now the image on 4-15-08..at the Syracuse FBI was probably I would really bet for the miitary "CIA" use of "verification" of my sisters "proof"..and no one would suspect everything that is behid it all..

Now if can shoot cops this easy..you can sure as hell set some others to take a fall for your ass also.."either way" and then walk away witht he "gain" that way..all for yourself..and look like a good guy doing it..

Some one was setting George Lundy up?

What did they build Valerie for?
Oh I know she was never involved in this...never suspicous etc..somebody framed her..yea ok..it's a "GOOD WOMAN" military front(see I'm NOT military)..BUT Beverly told her "this is NOT what they wanted you to do" Kim Kardashian will play you"..Well scumbags were on her about all her "perfect" "COINCIDENCES" that no one was supposed to know about(Lundy "they said you lied" cover)..Yes her mother was right.. So what else could she do..

Now let me guess..about KK it's in "reverse.

Flapjacking is how "they" get it all where they want it in the end.

That's the Mary part to a MOVIE clues to Valerie Dedich clue links..all set up on me off hardwroking ROGUE cops and BAD scumbags in the City Of Fulton who kept control of my life this way..for all this to fall into place..for all their later "gain" off it..right now it all heads into massive POWER clue direction.

My JEEP is in the Oswego Lib photo NOT Fultons..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 3, 2013
YES I know military scumbag recruit Aftin Devney was working the Oswego ROGUES into this ? was it them who responded to her call? at least 7 hours later after she tried ot provoke my NEWTOWN 'association" move whoch after removal fo the toilet set etc anf the FECES she left for us..yes we left the scumhole known as the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego location of her mother Peggy.

YES the FBI was expecting me in 2008..just as they had "profiled" it to happen..scumbags were ome heavy then I could NOT breathe..they were about to start the Levea killings..YES they were..the "scrrtary" clue linked later by Officer Arigio began off Todd Bowers mouth in 2004. I NEVER said it.."He" has no record of it from my mouth..NO NOTHING.. So I wonder HOW they both came to that conclusion.."secretary " so many years apart..
as Maegan BUCK sent Officer Arigo to the house ethat day to make of fool of him.."forensics cop" a routine they tried also..He is a friend of the future on me BUFFALO BILL link in Fulton Dottie and Bills old neighbor..off my homeless time..a man they had already set up in 1994 also..They had something over his head...BUT I could tell he knew something was very wrong....So they brought his daughter back to him..and I walked away..So why bother now guys? You had already wrecked his life..
Like an Onondaga Nation school teacher..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 3, 2013
They gave his wife and daughter BOTH as in two NYS state jobs back then also.."So now you know" Maybe his life is looking up now..good. Phone books.

Now that BUFFALO BILL issue comes off taunts I went though waaay back..about my father and Aunt his only sister...that follows some of the same pattern brewing now about my boyfriend..a plan "He" and "they' have on him..if need? To how his barn was burglarized on 9-4 to how on 9-6 JUDITH made her scorned woman debut into all of it off of months of hard work on her part to get it there..To the link clues at me at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up on BOTH of us..

Now IMPORTANT..George Lundy made another drive by clue in May..off a "line up" date off one of JUDGE. Spencer Ludingtons "line up" court dates..So I knew it was trouble..and it was going to be a long

JUDITHS BS being staged on her husband LONG before I met him put him in find another woman mode..so he did..just as it was "profiled" and scumbags jumped at the plan to say he was involed in it..each little scenario set up..like that linked to my father..that was all there by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" Runge 4-5-07 etc..

Does my father movitvate my mother in this?

Yes you could get that impression..I never saw BILL M work Dottie until AFTER she pulled something BUT she claims he did..The futher along she got the more he seemed to give in..I see my father the same way..My mother clearly told him about the casino deal and money plan..and she would get so mad at him for talking about it.."What are you trying to do Charlie destroy this family?" No he was curious about things left hanging that he did not know how to explain..thats my father..thats how he is..He had one BIG factor working against him..He does not lack common sense and was seeing BOTH sides of this..as he being tugged by scumbags left and right..Nobody offered my father any money or "gain" BUT he did off my mother get a boat motor out of it..her desicion.

In fact my father IS the comm sense "reason" Fed Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot dead a 10:52am CHARLES RUNGE TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE" link to hsi AGE of 52...My MOTHER and her TWO "rick" children could NOT get past him..invite him in etc..after all my brother BIL "incriminated" her in his "statement" that seems to have disappeared..WHY CHRIS BOWER made that story up I don't know..then claims I parked my JEEP foir her to hit it so BILL (FACTOR)JEETY could "encrypt" what he did on the damage report for me..???

See I have heard all the claims that Rowe was running her mouth about me BEFORE I moved into 151..I did not know her..I knew her family name ..everyone knows a Rowe somehow..BIG family.
So what was she saying? and why did she get so invcolved like Charlie and Maegan did?

Moving me out of that apt was the last thing Maegan BUCK wanted even after calling police on me the way she did and the signs I had posted about her on the house..She could have called my landlord..Eric had before..They wanted my mother to "saved" me from all of you in 2009.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 3, 2013
All these "perfect" issues one right after the other..in a CITY with no heart or concience..for ANT of the victims's..so I did not fell completely persecuted..or alone..they wanted me to have the money..and of course my mother wanted her share of it..See we stuck in the middle..me by force upon me I resisted no matter what..I NEVER asked for anything..and was really insulted at the low money amount offer..really bad...Cheap is chaep but don't make it free and then deliver it...CLUE-something is WRONG.. BILL and CHRIS stage a control war now..BUT go back to how it all began..whats the "encrypted" name in all of it?..Pussy cats, streets..scorend woman..

Who's pulling those tirggers for "HE"?
BETTER YET according to scumbgs who stands around like they do and watch it all happen..whispering yes that is what it is.."yes they killed thos ecops" NO SHIT BUT "they" did nto stop there and have NOT stopped yet..

So lets see their PWOERful asses in court with it all now because dam they worked so hard to manipulate it all fo the law anyway...So theyr ill be no surpsie there.."JUDITH" just pulled it oof in HANNIBAL..I had no video of he doing it..

What's worse than one ROGUE cop? TWO THAT DON'T DO A DAM THING ABOUT IT.

Windsor Locks, CT

#6 Feb 3, 2013
diana could you email i need some advivce , thanks
Michael V

Syracuse, NY

#7 Feb 3, 2013
I am a close friend of Joe's and i assure you that if you do not remove this post you will be sued for libel. Choose wisely.

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