Tammy Rowe to the Deveney "reverse" M...

Tammy Rowe to the Deveney "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 25, 2013
Here is how Valereie Dedich daughter of scumbag recruit Beverly Davis was cleaned up and rebuilt for the "THRILL OF THE KILL" the BIG ? is WHY? Becuase her mother got in volved in this for the "gain" off it? NO it was much more than that..

The cover is Valerie's friends may have somehwa coached her into her life changing inprovements that TIME wise sync with THE THRILL OF THE KILL" Valerie will play down as she was making the changes long before she met me..She started making the changes when her mother got involved inthis and the TWO issues were to sync in the end time wise..Valerie did not progress as fast as "He" had hoped..By the time I arrived she still had not learned to clean her home..and blamed her mother for never teaching her how even at the age of 44..Valeries body type was part of the how she was picked decision..and then the BIG issue her military links...Valerie will swear she made all the decisions herself..Her fieneds just suddenly though she should improve her life? Didn't they she should clean her house too? Exercise can come many ways..and be beneficial many ways..BUT insists she made all the decisions herself..So this part fo the story was built for all of us to feel sorry for her because her mother just as Valerie plays it as her mother is the one who got involved in "THE THRILL"..

Now it makes you wonder why "he" and "they" had to put so much effort into reconstructing her..Body correction surgeries etc..all for the later image they had planned.. The "GOOD WOMAN" who blew her own mother in after she used her for what she needed from her first...Kind of like the issues I have with my mother..ONLY my mother knew she was coming in Oct to "saved" me from Fulton and she knew why.

This whole issue FITS what maegan Buck was telling her now husband Eric..let me talk about him for a minute here..Eric Swick..who was sending hsi frioends ot Wendy's in 2008 for sales..for me..He had been told about the money offers coming..TS Casino and LOTTERY etc...and NOW wanted to back me up..The image is there by his froends who came who belive he was "supporting" me..Eric knew I was expected to "gain" lots of money off all of this..Maegan had told him ..it was not until latr she told the real plan..So he was covered by the image of "trying to help" in all fo this by his own friends..He just up and tried one day to "help" me..? NO The whole time he was sending friends to Wendy's..Maegan was the one counteracting him..Then later she ahd to tell him the whole story plan ..He knew who valerie was in 2008 ..He's the one who made "ass" size comparisons..about "jackie Lundy " and this other woman..NOT me..My ass has never been big..They were planning to rebuild Valerie ..and Maegan and Eric planned to merge with her later in their part of the plan..MILITARY..

"He" and "They" were now already in the slow process of cleaning Val up and rebuilding her.

If I HAD taken the money offers..fromthe TS Casino ..the talk was that I would get "busted" on my way to NY for the netx BIG money off ..a spot on DEAL OR NO DEAL..Yes my mother told my father about that too..He yelled it out outside.."she gave up a chance to be on DEAL OR NO DEAL..that is why the Brett Kurtz-figi game ran on 2-24 and 2-2-5 in 2010 on channel 117..Brett Kurtz is th ename o fth man who was driving the truck that killed the Hannibal child on 3-8-06..it all took place during the patwrson to cuomo GOV change.

The DEAL Brett Kurtz was married and had 3 kids and was a stay at home mom type..He wantedto go to Figi ..and won 8 dollars in the end..the BIG money was under 11. 3 and 17..TOP 3 money cases in that game..just as my mother said.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 25, 2013
According to Maegan BUCKS input to scumbags the DEAL show hat featured Kurtz as the contestant ..was older..before 2008 it was taped and rerun again that night on channel 117..on 2-24..Now on 2-25 my sons birthday - as in today in fact..I stayed home from the casino trip my mother made that night to watch the second half of the game..She had sat htere with me on 2-24 and made her "that could have been you comments" ..the next night she was so sure I would go tthe casino with her..I did not..The 2nd part of the game came on and I watched it..The TWO fnal cases 10 and 5.."Angie Babys" birthday date..Kurtz took a bank offer of $8.00 off it.

That the DEAL OR NO DEAL story FACTS..there is a show out there somehwere an old one with this exact working of the numbers of this story by a contestant named Brett Kurtz who has kids of his own ..who a stay at home dad does not work..who wanted to go to Figi with the money...who has a wife named Sophia.."Sophies Choice" began.
The show ok reaired on 2-24-10 and 2nd part on 2-25-10 on GSN channel 117..So now you know why hey arget my father to covert..ind of foolish after how they set his whole image up in all of this off being the one they had to cunteract..My mother could NOT convert him as planned.so thy set him up..just like every other target inthis one way or the other.. Like they set my boyfriend up now..in it's "JUDITH DEVENEY" "scenes" now playing.

Now on "our" way to NY.off my casino wins and my mothers "small streak fo luck" we were to get busted by Federal authorities..My mother did not believe this part..and argued with my father about it..I wanted NO part of any of it..The casino woudd look guily if they were not part of it fromthe atart..of something and ANDREW CUOMO was getting ready to sit as GOV. link to "Angie babys" cell phone #...The phone plan was my mothers doing..

Angie Vickery gave them the story though Lorinda Fullington was the 1999 image ..It's why "they" had Lorinda snooping around..She took the "gain" her oryssster Carol who worked inside the Sheriffs dept was so angery at her for it BUT she is the one who fed her the a story and about George Lundys "personal interest" in me..from there Lorinda found ou Bill Cromies name and the Rapnoi version of the issue..Angie was right there to back ti up...Carol got on Lorinda with "DONT PUT THE MONEY IN THE BANK" "I TOLD YOU TO STAY OUT OF IT" its all part of why Lorinda's frineds said she was now "stalking" LUNDY..by 2011 Lorinda hd "Angelina Jolie lips" she said people told her this..and then she had that conversation with Mary about a "whole different ballgame" and FEDS.. in 2005...By 2005 GEORGE LUNDY was in Fulton for his BONE COLLECTOR rearview mirror charade wih Mary(or image) and then Tammy Rowes later shout "YES GEORGE LUNDY WAS INVOLVED IN THIS AND SHE SAW HIM TOO" just before she left town..and she very angry when she said it..

By Nov. 2005 just one month after Tammy left Investigaror Michael Anderson came to Charlie Gasko that is Fultons Drive thru SUNOCO now..and Anderson did his gas drive off after grtting his teeth at me..at the widow ..than later the CST-7844 mini van GREEN drove in with the "TODD BOWER Look a like" and this male was a "look a like" got the 10.00 in gas while I was in the bathroom..You have to know the bathroom is outside the building..in another building..Its he "reason" SONOCO Dist Manager Rob Feister would NOT under any circumstances give me the security video of what took place that night..the money had been made...They culd chop the video up now and work it to "they" needs..CIA style probably..There was NO reason NOT to show that video in 2005 in all of this if I had done something wrong.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 25, 2013
Then came Dunkin Donuts and DIST Manager DARS plan to make money off it all on me...and off all of you..BU she claims she did not know Tammy was doing this to her(me)...BUT she knew BOTH sides of the story in 2006 I heard her say it they day she planned BOTh sides for the money off it ..it all flipped at NOON-12.One side had come and nwo the other side was in....Why was she even involved in it? For the money?....and this gave "He" and "they" the TIME span of the plan they needed to pull it al of..each and every "scene" NO 7 STARS neeeded yet..it was being timed for CHRIS T MAS TIME 2005..and by Jan 2006 it was done..LUNDY was out..

"THE 7 STARS OF ORION" began by April 2007 my fathers birthday to be exact....Federal Agent Barry Lee Bush was shot dead by his own man..in HUNTERDON COUNTY..an "anagram" in meaning to Oswego County, New York..

So did the FBI set GEORGE LUNDY up because he had a "personal interest" in me in 1999?..What did they need Valerie Dedich for?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 25, 2013
Now during all of this..CHARLES RUNGE sets it all in motion as far as I can document back..There IS other very ? "accidents" AND HIT AND RUNS that took place before him..The issues go back as far as 1997 at the Os. Co. BOCES campus in MEXICO where I was a nursing student then.

Charles Runge of Pennelville hd a passenger in his vehicle on 4-8-04 named william Supple..the day he cut me off on his "right of way" by pulling into his oncoming lane to do it after waiting me out..Then just as NYS ROGUE Officer JESSE turned the set up scumbag recruit "JUDITH DEVENEY" set up on her husband on 9-6 under a scorned woman cover act. There were other ROGUE cover ups also...NYS ROGUE Officer MD Beiderlman #4619 worked the NYS MV104A to be in RUNGES favor..and he embellished a great deal of the FACTS regarding the "accident" hat day on that report..along with the clever "encryptions" placed in it also..How AGES of a TIME IS AN IMPORTANT CLUE..become links to My borther BILL VICKERYS 8-11 birthday and Maureen Levea's 11-5 birthday..off a TIME set on that report at 10:52am..in "reverse" my mothers birthday...The TIME clue is also link to WHY MAN the first 3 numbers of the TS Casino 12-5-09(my parents cell phone 1205) game are 17 13 and 15 they're the AGES of the story my family tells for "gain" off all of this..WHO will get it in the end is the issue..BILL VICKERY is the ROGUE direction name..off the later 3-29-05 ALLSTATE damage report created by my sister CHRIS Bower after she hit my Jeep while parked..set at a TIME of 10;31am..with a 1929.40 damage total link to her in the middle 9-29 birthday.

On 12-5-09 at the TS Casino the cell phone 1205 deadly clues game was set up for me to "win."

This was all arranged off how Fulton scumbags worked the community to knock me down during it all to how my mother "saved" me from Fulton off it all by Oct of 2009..

The MONEY was set up to be made off me at CHARLIE GASKO the FBI clue name to it all..by cooperation from candy Cowen..to later Rob Feister the Dist Mamanger..AFTER the money was made off the entire community..any way scumbags could achieve it..Then the night Oswego County Sheriffs Investigator Michael Anderson pulled his gas drive off gritting his teeth at me during it all..IS the "reason" Dist Manager ROB Feister would NOT show the security video of that night ..during the time I asked for it..off having been fired..a set up on me.

To how DD #9 address District Mamger DAR set up the same issues to make money off BOTH sides at DD in 2006 shortly after hiring me..She was completely aware of the issues and knew in the end I would be pushed out after the money was made off everyone by either version of the story..

To what went on at Birdseye where the what would be the Charlie Gasko clue ROGUE FBI article was tauned for me to have..after I "throws" the 12-5-09 casino game scumbag recruits starting with my won mother we set up on me to piece by piece steal items like the 2006 Charlie Gasko article from me..through as series of set ups..Those scumbag recruits are Beverly Davis, Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty to Aftin Deveney at the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up on me and her uncle..

NOW I ma at the part of the "He" and "they" plan as to what route they will go with WHY MAN Federal Agent Nicholas Ivie was gunned down by his own man on 10-2-12..Who's badge numbr 0225 is clue to my sons 2-25 birthday that id TODAY..

"He" and "they" victims do NOT get to make the choces..

This is how the deadly NYS and Oswego County "gain" plan is being worked called "THE THRILL OF HE KILL" desires of the MILLENNIN ZODIAC by those who take part in it every day here for their share of the "gain"


Bradford, VT

#6 Feb 25, 2013
It's 2/25 Diana what do these ROGUE SCUMBAG HE AND THEY ORION people have planned.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Feb 25, 2013
Banksy wrote:
It's 2/25 Diana what do these ROGUE SCUMBAG HE AND THEY ORION people have planned.
Since you ask and this part may be above your head since you don't keep up accurately with things..and probably would not knwo how even if you ddi..so since your making ypourself noticed by use of MY forums ..

Here's the latest..Seems "he" has NO plan of attck on my son tof rtoday anyway..So he can have scumbags run around yelling "she's making a fool of herself " They are not going to do anything to her son" Now in Syracuse today talk was very low key and mixed..

Now the WORST part is I focused very heavy on the issue of my son a clue given by THE FBI on 10-2-12..I was in that time frame focused on orlo green as he target...OK so I have th right idea wrong direction of the bullet and that is my fear now also.. The "trick" clues made their appearances to day ..and the direction leads to a 3rd FED going "down" just as I had already suspected..Even the OCO BUS # today was ..You guessed it 212.

There is a shadow over all of this now BUT it's not over me..I don't know how else to explain it..The clues are linked to dead cops..This is 2-25..Todays clues were placed at "tricks"
the continuation of..In fact just about all the issues in the last TWO weeks have been "tricks" of some sort.right down tothe consignment shop..and the image to claim that I "do NOT know old things" and Key lock skeleton key lock with brass fittings for locks is OLD..Old enough to impress me..esp with the skeleton key locks still in place...Most get removed the item is damaged or invaluable..and many just take the key lock and leave the hole..I'll be honest about it..So I do not know what the "they left a piece of paper down there for you" ticket was about..BUT someone played a game on someone..I just don't undersand all the talk about it.

There has been lots of games played this past two weeks..LOTS of "tricks."

So you have my fathers birthday and my sons linked to 2 "friendly fire" deceased FEDS..If I was to guess after today I would say the NEXT FED going down this way would be on MY birthday..just don't know which year..

There is anoher way to look a this info also..2-12s..is a date 10-2-12..a 1 left over BUT 2-12s in the last dead cop date.

That would be Thomas Lindsey he was the first a "trick" myu sisters plan to slam my Jeep set the TIME at 10:31am as try about the clue.."IT'S HALLOWEEN" Then to NACO rhymes with WACO on 10-2-12

The story taunted in 2005 about an attack on my son..was linked to the name "Gary Percival" by scumbags and Tammy Rowe back then along with how they carried on he would also have something to sdo with how "EMILYS GONNA DISAPPEAR" I did not know Percival was a cop till Jan of 07..The Dave Quinn/Charlie Diefenbacher issue..Percivals badge number is a 12..So off 10-2-12..There is TWO forwarding clues.."DEAD MAN WALKING" is already established.. My fathers birthday to my sons..from a HUNTERDON clue to a badge number( I see this as a BONE COLLETCOR link or direction -focus) So off the date the next badge number is a "reverse" clue..I still say MY Birthday would be an obvious clue focus now..The 212 BUS today threw me off some.."He" plays these games with clues mind games..

There are 2-12s..One on 4-12-07 and the other NOT technically est yet...BUT on 10-2-12..the focus was a 2-12 direction..off a "trick" "He" played on me to set it..I had the right idea-wrong cop

So "He" is hung on 12s now 2 of them..sets them in mind game ways
TODAY of all days a BUS..OCO no suprise to me. YOU are not supposed to know.

Now some claim cops some already know so he can establish a being honest image with them now..?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Feb 25, 2013
Now just remember this .."HE" built himself a Dirty Harry and he's a few death short of his 357..Right now its a 247..I used to post it was a 246 until 10-2-12..

I am sure "he" is very serious about this goal..Just remember EMILY Lincoln is #3..

Now the name linked to "EMILYS GONNA DISAPPEAR" in 2005 by scumbags was Gary Percivals also...??

Tammy Rowe knew the "EMILY" issues also..

So "He" is NOT done yet..NO "HE" has MASSIVE Plans..also..and "He" is very about them.."He" has given enough examples of that..MORE than enough..

"He" is NOT right in the head who ever "he" is..and neither are those who follow "HE".

United States

#9 Feb 25, 2013
Whose Tammy?? And what did she have to do w it?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#10 Feb 26, 2013
Msdazzle wrote:
Whose Tammy?? And what did she have to do w it?
Tammy Rowe was the first scumbag to start tanting me in all of this in 2005..She caused a pretty big commotion in 2005 during her role in all of this..Most of the sales that went on at Charlie Gasko in 2005..Fulton had a drive thru gas station..where you pull in and pump and then pull up to the window to pay..no prepay like all others..Sales there in the summer fo 2005 were the best they had ever been in 17 years..and it all stopped when I was set up to be fired in NOV for gas drive off off which the Dist Manager would Rob Feister would NOT produce the security video to help resolve the issue..

Level 8

Since: Jul 12

Brooklyn, NY

#11 Feb 26, 2013
Lady, give it a rest will ya. Holy freaking crap!!!!!!!!!!

Level 8

Since: Jul 12

Brooklyn, NY

#12 Feb 26, 2013
Do u have an off button?
hank hill

Vienna, WV

#13 Feb 26, 2013
Marty Peppershorts wrote:
Do u have an off button?
shh Marty! I love her posts! One of these days they're going to make sense, I'm waiting it out.

United States

#14 Feb 27, 2013
How old is this woman? Her name sounds very familiar. Did she live in Utica Rome area ever?

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