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Utica, NY

#587 Mar 21, 2010
Hello...It's not. Just a question about something I read!

Watertown, NY

#588 Mar 21, 2010
He didn't leave. He was fired. Got caught with some drugs in the Evidence room.

Watertown, NY

#589 Mar 21, 2010
clouseau wrote:
I got Utica's biggest mystery.What does Dan Labella do for eight hours a day when he is getting paid by the city of utica?
Eats jelly donuts from Holland Farms
Frank Rizzo

Manlius, NY

#590 Mar 21, 2010
c weston wrote:
The Shadow...Who is this lawyer??? I'd like to find out as I am trying to sue St. Elizabeth's Hospital for giving me a blood clot in my arm and I haven't been able to get a lawyer to handle my case. I have all the medical papers to prove they caused this and the case really is undisputable, yet no one is willing to take on St. E's???(This is NOT the first time they have done this to me.) The first time I took my case to Brindisi, who said he thought I had a good case, so he sent my case to his medical consultants in Syracuse, and THEY said I didn't have a case because St. E's did everything legal they were supposed to do and didn't have to do anything more (Medically) to help me! So, Brindisi didn't take the case! Now I am also stuck with massive clots in my leg that I have to live with the rest of my life because St. E's didn't take the initiative and refeere me to a specialist who could have helped me!
Why don't you sue yourself for being a dumbass. If you weren't such a fat pig, you wouldn't have to worry about blood clots. Idiot.

Americus, GA

#591 Mar 24, 2010
She was my Sister. I remember everything..... Sad Day
was michelle your sister
joe k

Rome, NY

#592 Mar 30, 2010
Does anyone remeber Vinny Siringo? He was killed in 1991 in a drug deal gone bad.

Syracuse, NY

#593 Jun 22, 2010
Intensity wrote:
<quoted text>
I believe it was in 1973 and the newspaper carried a story for a few days last month about the DA's office was still investigating this and holding it a high priority.
I think they are still at nothing although a new tip has come in that they are investigating it.
From what I understand it is a toss up as to whether it was Bernard Hatch or Robert Garrow who was a convicted serial killer and upon his arrest they did find a map of that same utica area in his car. Although I must say, I'm not sure how credible the information is.

Syracuse, NY

#594 Jun 22, 2010
Steve wrote:
<quoted text>
anything anywhere on jimmy piluso?
Yes, he committed suicide a few years back. But that was after he slit his ex girlfriends throat. Luckily she lived.
Personal Interest

Houston, TX

#595 Jul 26, 2010
I need some information about Dominic, Thomas Bretti and the Columbo Mob family. I am related to someone very close to them.
viv wrote:
Last update May 01 , 2009 @ 03 :53 PM 1920 – Prohibition begins, unintentionally creating opportunities for criminal gangs to meet the nation’s thirst for liquor. 1925 – Salvatore and Joseph Falcone, brothers who immigrated from Sicily, become American citizens. 1930-31 – Five different people die in unsolved homicides attributed to the illegal alcohol trade. 1933 – Prohibition is repealed, but gangs that controlled bootlegging rackets continue to profit from selling illegally made alcohol cheaply. 1939 – The federal government wins convictions against the Falcone brothers in a tax case, only to see their efforts reversed in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court. 1947 – Ace of Clubs nightclub owner Fred Morelli is gunned down outside the club, creating calls for investigations into the many unsolved homicides in Utica since Prohibition days. These calls go unheeded. November 1957 – State police raid a meeting of gangland leaders from around the Northeast in Apalachin, near Binghamton. Salvatore and Joseph Falcone are present. 1958 – State investigations begin into allegations of gambling, prostitution and racketeering and whether Utica police and the Oneida County district attorney have ignored evidence of such crimes. Joseph Falcone disappears and does not re-emerge for about four years. 1959 – Utica Newspapers win the Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service for coverage of the organized crime investigations and of corruption in Utica city government. 1961 – A series of convictions related to the state investigations culminates with a jury finding former Utica Deputy Police Chief Vincent Fiore guilty of taking protection money from a brothel owner. In all, 22 people were convicted and nine public officials resigned or were removed because of the probes. 1963 – Convicted murderer and dope peddler Joseph Valachi testifies to a U.S. Senate committee that there were “80 to 100” members of the Mafia in Utica. He also testifies he had met Salvatore Falcone in Utica during a rumpus over a dice game in the 1930 s. Valachi’s testimony helps build public understanding of how the shadowy underworld of organized crime had operated for decades. 1970 – Bill Conley is blown up in his car near Mr. Joe’s Restaurant in South Utica. He had been a business partner of a man named Al Marrone. 1972 – Salvatore Falcone dies in Miami, where he had spent much of his time over the previous few decades. 1976 – Marrone dies after being ambushed in a shootout that left bullet holes in nearby houses along Kathleen Street. 1983 – Three people are murdered in the first month of the year, including attorney Joseph Dacquino, an associate of attorney Louis Brindisi who was killed inside Brindisi’s South Utica offices. Brindisi had defended figures linked to organized crime. Later that year, other violence would occur in Utica, including the bombing of a house. 1990 – Several men are convicted of racketeering over a period between 1973 and 1989. Crimes cited in the federal trial included Marrone’s homicide. 1992 – Joseph Falcone dies.
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Houston, TX

#596 Jul 26, 2010
I was told about a jewel thief in prison for stabbing a women 16 times in her bathroom and blowing off the head of the wrong partner of a law firm, as wll as Thomas Bretti being blown up by a bomb, then he left the country and there was a car set on fire with bodies inside. Is Dominic the murderer or was he framed? How dangerous are these people today? What is the connection between FL and NY?
car guy

United States

#597 Jul 26, 2010
you have no idea what your talking about, you think all theses crimes are connected, your wrong ,only connection to fl and ny is in the winter it isa cold up here and hot down their, get a life,and post something that is intresting and real
mayonaise face

Camillus, NY

#598 Jul 26, 2010
car guy wrote:
you have no idea what your talking about, you think all theses crimes are connected, your wrong ,only connection to fl and ny is in the winter it isa cold up here and hot down their, get a life,and post something that is intresting and real
You are either out of the loop or this is a cya memo...grin

Salem, MA

#599 Jul 27, 2010
would like to hear more wrote:
didnt a guy kill his parents with a hammer in barneveld i know its not utica but its close by, i remembering hearing about this when i was younger...
That would be the father of a no good emo punk named Gavin Law. His daddy went off and bludgeoned his parents with a hammer, then tried to off himself. Sat down and ate oreos till the cops showed up. Apparently his son was blessed with his psychotic tendencies, though he hasn't wielded his family weapon of choice yet.

And I believe his family is from Remsen not Barneveld, but its essentially the same thing.

Cortland, NY

#600 Jul 27, 2010
This is a craaaaaazy topic keep it going!!
its only me

Cortland, NY

#601 Jul 27, 2010
wow!!!!!! just spent the morning reading this post. best darn book ive read in a while, litteraly sitting on the edge of my seat at times! does anyone remember sometime in the 90's a parked car on columbia st. behind the brewery that someone was found dead from a gunshot? SHADOW where are you? its been awhile.all of the posters on this site thanks for keeping it real. after reading other sites was thinking of not visiting topix you have restored my topix faith.

Syracuse, NY

#602 Jul 28, 2010
Wasnt shadow some biker guy.I think I met him once.Then poof he was gone.

Albany, NY

#604 Jul 29, 2010
Watertown wrote:
<quoted text>
I was there on the bar stool right next to him when he went down.
Boby shyt his pants.
" if you were there what kinda car was used, how old were you...I was there with my wife that night we lived on james st and Oneida st...i was roughtly 18... they popped him as he was to testify at the trial of the asshole they just sent back to prison for having a loaded gun under his bed after he served 25 yrs"
that ginnie

Canton, NY

#605 Jul 29, 2010
from north utica who torched his friend did that.

I wanna know who shot Nolan Woods?
its only me

Cortland, NY

#606 Aug 2, 2010
sssshhhhaaadooowww where are you? can you just say hello or something??? you have so much to offer us. the stories please continue.

United States

#609 Aug 2, 2010
the cops treated mark as a runaway.. they really screwed that one up. the boys were last seen getting into a car with a man. this was outside of the bar DJs that was notorious for serving under age kids. marks permit which he had just gotten was in his wallet at home. why would he leave that when he was going to run away. they need to re open this case give the family of mark and the other guy some closure..
mayonaise face wrote:
<quoted text>
two boys disappear on 6/8/90 mark seelman and douglas goodwin
from a rome ny bar.
anyone know whats up with that?

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