Utica's Top ten unsolved mysteries
joey trez

Fayetteville, NY

#525 Aug 22, 2009
Joanne P wrote:
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I remember this murder as though it was yesterday. It was horrifying to all of us young girls in Utica, NY. Scary for us all. I always wondered if they found her killer. I see here that they haven't. That poor girl. I believe it happened in the woods behind her home. To think that killer got away with such a horrible crime is unbelievable. Gives me the heebie jeebies to this day.
yea it was a very cold january day
The Shadow

Fayetteville, NY

#526 Aug 22, 2009
Grapevine says we should expect news on one of Utica's bigggest mysteries! I hope this is it.
Todd Van Poppel

Cazenovia, NY

#527 Aug 25, 2009
JoeyT wrote:
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Mayor Pawlinga's right hand man, Thomas Bach. He was intoxicated and Benny took care of it.
Tom Bach was not the man who drove a car into the group of kids near JCC in February 1981, killing three kids. It was a man named Anthony Scalzo, who had been drinking at the Sheraton. He refused a breathalyzer, and received two traffic violations plus had his driver's license taken away - no criminal charges. He and the Sheraton did later face a civil suit that was settled for about $250,000.

Manlius, NY

#528 Aug 25, 2009
The Shadow wrote:
Grapevine says we should expect news on one of Utica's bigggest mysteries! I hope this is it.

Palm Coast, FL

#529 Sep 2, 2009
How about the Lorraine Zinicola case in 1972? She was murdered along with her three children up near Boonville, NY. They have never found their bodies, but I understand that they found "articles" belonging to them in that area.

Houston, TX

#530 Sep 2, 2009
1980 s.  The decade begins with the release of Dominic Bretti from prison in 1979 who sets up a crew -- including Donato "Danny" Nappi, Anthony John D'Amico, Jack "Jake" Minicone and Dawn Grillo -- with the reputed backing of the Colombo crime family from New York City.  However, Bretti's run was brief because his conversations were being recorded by Anthony Mastracco who was an informant for the FBI.  In 1980 Bretti and D' Amico were convicted for conspiring to murder Utica tavern owner Richard Clair, and in 1982 Bretti, Nappi and D'Amico were convicted for the 1979 murder of Grillo who allegedly had stolen $4 ,000 from him. The decade ends with a federal racketering trial which finally brings down the remaining players -- Jack "Jake" Minicone, Anthony Inserra, Jack "Turk" Zogby, Benny Carcone, and his son Russell Carcone -- in the Salvatore and Joseph Falcone enterprise which had controlled the rackets in the city for 70 years through violent intimidation and public corruption.  Unfortunately, however, the "key players who built the foundation ... were never charged."  Salvatore Falcone died in 1972 , and his younger brother Joseph was a near-senile old man listed in the government's prosecution as an unindicted co-conspirator.  Other unindicted co- conspirators in the racketeering case included "loansharking chief [Anthony] Falange,[and] gambling kingpin Angelo Conte" who were dead.  Joseph Falcone died at 90 on March 27 , 1992 , and LaDuca reports: When the death notice came to the Observer- Dispatch, the night desk didn't recognize Falcone's name. Seventy-two years after Prohibition started, 53 years after the Falcone brothers' federal tax trial, 35 years after the Apalachin raid, Joseph Falcone's news obituary story had to wait one more day. A particularly interesting thread woven throughout LaDuca's seven articles providing a 70- year retrospective on organized crime in Utica is the role of former criminal defense lawyer Louis Brindisi who represented many underworld figures until 1983 when Joseph Dacquino, a 26- year-old attorney who worked for him, was gunned down in their law offices.
Repeat offenders

Utica, NY

#531 Sep 2, 2009
Nappi is out and was just arrested for carrying a firearm. tony I is out, Jake may never get out.
Repeat offenders

Utica, NY

#532 Sep 2, 2009
Mis Informed wrote:
LTB Digging for small nuts ? He drives a Bentley
lives on the parkway, home in saratoga , Florida
And U think he's hurting for clients or cash ?
also a rest. in downtown Saratoga. Several condo's in the tallest building in Florida

Houston, TX

#534 Sep 2, 2009
Last update May 01 , 2009 @ 03 :53 PM 1920 – Prohibition begins, unintentionally creating opportunities for criminal gangs to meet the nation’s thirst for liquor. 1925 – Salvatore and Joseph Falcone, brothers who immigrated from Sicily, become American citizens. 1930-31 – Five different people die in unsolved homicides attributed to the illegal alcohol trade. 1933 – Prohibition is repealed, but gangs that controlled bootlegging rackets continue to profit from selling illegally made alcohol cheaply. 1939 – The federal government wins convictions against the Falcone brothers in a tax case, only to see their efforts reversed in a case that reached the U.S. Supreme Court. 1947 – Ace of Clubs nightclub owner Fred Morelli is gunned down outside the club, creating calls for investigations into the many unsolved homicides in Utica since Prohibition days. These calls go unheeded. November 1957 – State police raid a meeting of gangland leaders from around the Northeast in Apalachin, near Binghamton. Salvatore and Joseph Falcone are present. 1958 – State investigations begin into allegations of gambling, prostitution and racketeering and whether Utica police and the Oneida County district attorney have ignored evidence of such crimes. Joseph Falcone disappears and does not re-emerge for about four years. 1959 – Utica Newspapers win the Pulitzer Prize for meritorious public service for coverage of the organized crime investigations and of corruption in Utica city government. 1961 – A series of convictions related to the state investigations culminates with a jury finding former Utica Deputy Police Chief Vincent Fiore guilty of taking protection money from a brothel owner. In all, 22 people were convicted and nine public officials resigned or were removed because of the probes. 1963 – Convicted murderer and dope peddler Joseph Valachi testifies to a U.S. Senate committee that there were “80 to 100” members of the Mafia in Utica. He also testifies he had met Salvatore Falcone in Utica during a rumpus over a dice game in the 1930 s. Valachi’s testimony helps build public understanding of how the shadowy underworld of organized crime had operated for decades. 1970 – Bill Conley is blown up in his car near Mr. Joe’s Restaurant in South Utica. He had been a business partner of a man named Al Marrone. 1972 – Salvatore Falcone dies in Miami, where he had spent much of his time over the previous few decades. 1976 – Marrone dies after being ambushed in a shootout that left bullet holes in nearby houses along Kathleen Street. 1983 – Three people are murdered in the first month of the year, including attorney Joseph Dacquino, an associate of attorney Louis Brindisi who was killed inside Brindisi’s South Utica offices. Brindisi had defended figures linked to organized crime. Later that year, other violence would occur in Utica, including the bombing of a house. 1990 – Several men are convicted of racketeering over a period between 1973 and 1989. Crimes cited in the federal trial included Marrone’s homicide. 1992 – Joseph Falcone dies.

Rome, NY

#535 Sep 2, 2009
Last name was Scalzo...can't remember the fist name.
just missed it happen wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey Shadow....tell us what really happend around 1980 when a group of people were hit by a car near the JCC on Oneida street.There were rumors about who the driver was, but i never really found out for sure. With all the stuff you have, i'm guessing you know about this one as well.

Woburn, MA

#536 Sep 9, 2009
Oh man...he's still in the clink? That sucks. Always was a good kid.
joey trez wrote:
<quoted text> marty the pollack is doing a long haul in state prison -drug charges

Craigsville, VA

#537 Sep 9, 2009
Bambi wrote:
Last name was Scalzo...can't remember the fist name.
<quoted text>
His first name was Anthony. He hit and killed 4 kids (Jewish I think. From CT or down state somewhere) walking abreast on Oneida st near Calvary cemetary. Very sad indeed.

Rome, NY

#538 Oct 4, 2009
Does anyone remember the murder of Ricky Ellis? I think it was in the late 70's or early 80's,? Don't remember if his murder was solved.

Manlius, NY

#539 Nov 8, 2009
Curious wrote:
How about the Lorraine Zinicola case in 1972? She was murdered along with her three children up near Boonville, NY. They have never found their bodies, but I understand that they found "articles" belonging to them in that area.
A lot of people think Bernie Hatch was responsible for these as well.

Red Oak, TX

#540 Nov 12, 2009
and the Number #1 unsolved mystery!
Where did half of Oneida County's population disappear to?

Rome, NY

#542 Jan 1, 2010
I knew Bob Hatch. He was my mother's first husband. I believe he did it. My mother commited suicide right after visiting him in oneida county jail. I am trying to get in to see him. I just want to know what the F---er said to my mother. he screwed up alot of peoples lives. he is up for parole in aug. 2010.

Chittenango, NY

#543 Jan 6, 2010
marty got out of clinton prison last year then the dumb ass got caught trying to sell pott at the lunchnette on mohawk st. where he was hanging out at

Chittenango, NY

#544 Jan 6, 2010
no none of them were sliced it had something to do with the black man bothering the sister. jimmy st john was also involved but he some how didnt get as much as the crouse boys did.

Los Angeles, CA

#545 Jan 6, 2010
UCA2009 wrote:
and the Number #1 unsolved mystery!
Where did half of Oneida County's population disappear to?
We moved to places with warm climates and good job markets ;)

Chittenango, NY

#546 Jan 6, 2010
the crouse boys didnt get sliced up the black man was bothering the sister.; it was on south st. my brother was babysitting garys girlfriends kid that night it happened.jimmy st john was in on it to seemed he didnt get to much out of it. both gary and darryl are dead now. i seen alot of stuff but one thing if you were female and they knew you saw you out they didnt let anyone bother you. i could go on forever but not enough time right now

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