Oswego Countys "THRILL" "JUSTICE FOR ...

Oswego Countys "THRILL" "JUSTICE FOR ERIN" idiots..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 24, 2013
Forget for one minute the story about "those cops" posted on my front lawn in 2008 and 09 till my mother "saved" me from Fulton scumbags..So "he" and "they" behind it all could work the next deadly "scenes" of the story..THE THRILL OF THE KILL" work of the MILLENNIUM ZODIAC...a copy series of killing inspired by the 1960s ZODIAC KILLINGS themselves of which the MO of those UNSOLVED horrors was used inthis story and became a reality..ZODIAC- Hororscope dates..the CLUE was set on 10-10-09 when the 2nd member fo the Fulton Levea family died..at 40 years old just months after his 48 year old brother..and their father and uncle would pass soon after the last ROBERT died on 8-11-10..The BILL VICKERY FACTOR date...also the date of the home purchased that day by scumbag recruits Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty..that I would move into in Dec of 2011..

Now the issue of WILLIAM LEVEA I am hearing some do not understand..WILLIAM Levea caused a death by road rage in Cayuga county on 11-29-09..One month after Tanya Mellon was killed in Hannibal in "accident" Tanya my mother "neighbor" Maegan BUCK spoke of her in 2008 as "YA NOT MELLO" what my familys says about me and some from hanjibal school from what I have learned..so they "encryped" the message though her name and 1-29 date in all of this..
STORM.."Never have I been a blue calm sea" I have always been a storm" 12-5-09 I played the FARM game STORM at the casino after my "win"...130.00 worth of the money and one week later ANGIE BABY just as Maegan said 1300.00 the "zero" in "reverse" now..fixed inthe bingo hall..so that month alone my family walked out of the TS casino with over 3 grand..in the "small steak of luck"
that would continue..How many other do you know of have done this?
3 monhs later my mother owuld gop on to win another 13.000.00 yes THOUSAND in one night there..along with Angie again and offers I was made too to shut up..a couple hundred here and there..etc..it went on for months..

I kid you not..scumbags claimed I was spending so much money ..the money was NEVER coming out of the machines..I would NOT take it..I played it all right back in..I did not have that kind of money..I knew why I winning so much..I wanted no part of it..

My mother would get so mad at me for not taking it..so mad...
She won a grand the night I did on 12-5-09..HELLO???

"JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL 3088 was sitting on my sons car as I droive there in 2009..Erin was sent home on 8-11-08 thats a BILL FACTOR BOTH ways.."perfect" "COINCIDENCE" and then the rest of the "perfect"..

Scumbags ranted "he was the type to do this" in 2005 off Tammy Rowes input in her head games with me about my son..Like she played with Ange at the drive thru Charlie Gasko..I was 'evesdropping" she would say or play it as "she thouight I was talking about her" It is what she was doing planning intending..Ange had her issues with her family...and tammy who tauned me was going to use that for a cover.."I would think this hearing her talk..its how she played the head games..She knew about the JONES issue and potential of it and life style in 2005..There is no DOUBT some at DSS are scumbags..who play along with this..How did Tammy get info about it all? I would say easy..just like they get every other scumbag recruit to perform..

Now the potential of Alan Jones being a sexial issue was his life style..So "he" and "they" manipulated it..and set all the clues in the story along with the 3088 NYS LIC PLate..Alan Jones was NOT abused by his mother..is the message.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 24, 2013
"He" and "they" had to have the scumbags set it up..actually taunt Jones into doing it..then telling him how to cover it..The crime was coming..the NYS LIC PLATE was set up on my sons car for a reason 3088..

Just like all the others..like the now 2889..the EBT 1080 linked to Dorothy Mills a TWIN clue..and my GERM lawyer phone number..forwarding clues..off a 1080 BILL McCartys address EBT -a fuure FOOD STAMP Plan on me in this and the fact that Dottie abd BILL were doing wrong then also with hers..He planned to cover her all the way and does..
ONGOING clues..forward it to the next scenes..It's all part of how my US Mail vanished off my "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego address...NOT only DSS other mail also..This is not hard ot fiugure out NYS had given every clue and I give it to you as it comes in..sometimes before they sue it..Like the GOV birthday now..12-6 thats an "ANGIE BABY" cell phone clue link along with all the orest ..Keep an eye on the name SANDY..in that one.

Jones sexually abused Erin..her behviour changed..part of the issue..Its why the ONONDAGA Naion vicitms father made such an issue of his hostile daughte now..he was told too on the interenet..there is no claim his daughter was physically harmed..just "touched" by the teacher..noe he claims she hostile fights etc..all signs of physical harm sexual abuse...My sister claims it now also...after she learned the psych of it all..

State Police claim someone sexually abused Erin..BUT who? the scaring was old..She was only 11..How old? DSS had a policy in place known to "He and "they" that would cover the plan..NYS placed the clue on my sons car..the date "anagram" according to tammy "he was type" She was talking about Jones..so from there the TIME FRAME had to be set up..She was abused BEFORE her trip out west..scars had time to heal..then she was home on 8-11..WHO set that date up? 19 days later she was dead..the 19 NOT an issue to me yet..She was attacked on the 29th..BUT the DATE 8-30-08 was on y front widows as a 3-8-06 "anagram" and the 6-8 was an ABEL TO GORE" "You know your sisters not violent" set up on me night in Fulton for my sister to cover her as simage..Her and Todd BOTH showed up..along with the Abelgore and his wife's talk as they walked in..same payers..as I met Wendy Dumez..to the GREEN laces on 4-7-11. So TOM was to be a hero that night off the "profile" off me set up off Georges death..BUT my sister already knew "your sisters not violent and you know it" TODDS word sin 2004 "and your doing this to her" he shouted at CHRIS..Now it makes sense..I'm all over again..let me back to Erin's death..

Now this same Price Chopper issue is why 3088 was on my sons car..by March then Dave scoville did his thing..etc Officer Blazinski-> #29 <- showed up off it..to be the hero..a CHARLIE clue link to a little girls death.

So he sexually abused her..They had cover it up ..and NYS someone there knew seh was going to die..Tammy Rowe knew it too..a DSS can do what they want plan.. JUST GIVE MORE OF YOUR MONEY FOR THEM TO FINISH IT..HELLO???

So Erin was abused sexually..Now what? JUSTICE?

Then the DA and Judge HAFNER circus and it was a circus..with the law on the 9-9-09 trial..another clue coming ot me on 12-5-09..

So what happened next off it all? Another Tax payer funded issue off it all..4 years later and JONES makes a fool out fo the DAS office..which the HAFNER 9-9-09 JUDGE should have done in the first trail..THEN the story could have unfolded later..Do you understand how its being done..Unless my sotry goes down..JONES is going walk out of prison some day..and live his life..ERIN is never going to get "JUSTICE"..even after her death.."JUSTICE" caused her death..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 24, 2013
Now in this part they ave taken the whole "Alan was not abused by his mother" concept and "reversed" it to me and my son as cover issue for "He" and "they" off my mothers input..Yes she has all these stories.."YA NO MELLO" to if throws the money ..Pat Ricks hide..the next death after they got rid of Uncle George.."TEACH HER A LESSON" would have started making sense to him too..so that had to be stopped..

So my son had to be set up to look "just like his mother...a 6-29 "CARRIE" "scene" set up..

So do you see how "reverse" works off reality?
"He" and "they" set it all up..every narration detail and FACT.

Now either the GOV is being flapjacked right now..off the clues that were set for me to have the reaction I posted that I did to it..usually that is how they do it..Now they convert him to ROGUE..all the way..Some claim they are planning on using my son for this..and played his head to modl him into postion for a few years during this..I can see this also..He is angry I did not take the money and feels I sold him out..NO the case at all..

"and she is going to come out of this smelling liek a rose" Yes that was said also in 2004' THE ROSE "soundrack" was sued on me during the Beverly Davis along with BLUE on BLACK- skin..Kenny Wayne Shepard..AMY had it as her cell phone ringer..and would play it over and over as an alram..

They were cleaning up and rebulding their version fo a ROSE..called Valerie Dedich..and the plan for mewas this the NEW ROSE(the peoples princess died onthe 13th oillar and that si why all the diana things were placed as like the Kennedy items in all of this- it was a head game)..."Just remember in the winter" "Far beneath the bitter snow" "Lies the seed that with the suns(sons)love in the spring becomes the rose" as Valerie Dedich was expected to bloom off the story they would "find" in my things at her mothers home..It's all part of why grandma Beverly sent the kids to school to promote MY story..and then her and Valerie argued about that also..If that plan failed FATAL ATTRACTION would begin..Supposed to be at CHRIS T MAS TIME..just off RAYS GREGORY'S DEATH if I had not been trapped at Beverly's by BILL McCarty and his "crazy mother" call to me at the last minute..on CHRIS T MAS eve..as Tammy Kennedy did that years scumbag CHRIS T MAS basket syndrome charade behind me..TIME was the clue..So "they" settled for 3-19-12..a 19 soldier onward clue and to frighten and hang..Like the 19 days from 8-11-08 to the day Erin Maxwell died.

Now to understand this as a whole ..go back the 1-10-09 Horoscope plan..Soldier onward..Now it's a soldier on my back plan in "reverse."

Now do you really think Oswego County is going to get JUSTICE FOR ERIN?..They set her death up the ROGUE way with some NYS and FBI help..The ROGUE FEDS and possibly state work the JUDGES for dates..The HAFNER dtaes I think are deeper involved in this than that..a "reverse" glory finale plan.

The ROGUES here who set it up work it on the surface..now..BUT are waiting my death out in reality..

This GOV hing scumbags have many outcomes projected now..maybe they all wait till I die..and then tell all of you to kiss their asses as they have been all along. its YOUR MONEY...BUT "He" nad "they" control it...ita a POWER OF ATTORNEY "association" joke.."He" tells now..off all the rest he has told..

Now that leaves it at a SANDYHOOK - newtown 'association" now..as it moves on..the will begin DIVORCE will be soon if scumbags dont get her hunsband fired off the "EVERYTHING IS MINE" JUDITH DEVENEY" plan..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 24, 2013
Now rest assured about a few FACTS inthis //if oswego County wwants you dead..dead your going to be..POLICE are going to help it..Hospitals and Drs will..The technology "gets" something on them and from there they cooperate..The public well scumbags are everywhere...fact of life..

I just do not understand how taking this out on the Levea family other than for Marueen purpores as Stat epolice ;encrypted" right down to brian Dolbears lic plate..was necessary..They needed a 5 for the 357 Dirty Harry link..about a rebuilt and cleane dup woman putting on a BIF front..I understand that...that has NEVER been who I am its exact "reverse" ..so to me it makes sense and the MOVIE clue link..well the name and gun...It's a Hunterdon clue plan..finale direction. a Dont blame the military for this..image or as scums say he claims " "he said she's not blaming the miltary for this" Like Offier Blazinski said on 3-21-08.."if you're going to blame the police for this than I'm not taking a report either"...Well then don't..let "He" and "they" proceeed..I will not BEG cops not shoot each other..and I see no one will either..

RAY GREGORYS death..VERY important clue direction name..GREGORY is a DA..So from a ALBERT "TEACH HER ALESSON" brother clue link..to this..its now an OAK tree..clue...either a Tie a YELLO RIBBON..or in a cemetary..scumbags talk.. I think they picked cemetary for me..T "thorws" the money,,,and now they are "pissed"

Tie a yellow ( a BUS in that song also and 213 OC Opportunitues was the latest charade..

Yes song lyrics are very important..guide..YOU like the movies would not understand..HALLOWEEN for example..NAMES..

Now YES I have NOT forgotten "He" and "they" go by TRAIN..a TRAIN ticket placed for me at the consignment shop..too "perect" and the man who sold the piece knows they "left it" there for me to find in his sarcasm...I just don't have time to play the games..The other side says the piece was jink ok leave it that ,,,he sold me junk..and knew it..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 24, 2013
So with all that out..YES Tammy Rowe like others knew Erin was going to die..Just as some knew Ray Gregory would and George Levea and others..They knew and told me by head games that had a horror direction..FEAR is all I felt..the more they challenged me the more I tried to stare them in the face..

I think this was their "profile" of me they counted on me being this way..It was too easy for me to safe..all the hate being pushed on me and I was never attacked..ONLY once threatened by knife by aPuerto Rican at Birdseye I understand why a hispanic now..Never had issues with those people before ..

Ok let me get the Oswego Thrifty shop issues now..the talk is She wont find no more desingner clothes there anymore" ec..Its obvious some were being placed for me..On 8-18-11 for example..a The roulette clue..and clothes ..BUT that is all over now as of 4-5-12..Pay her off is over..

Now the plan is to attack anyone else who has the notion to do what "He" and "they" were doing.."They" always get one someone ..I dont see this going on BUT..If I did..

HISPANIC..was the set up..Thats NOT good..Hispanics were used as criminal elelments in all of this..The BSD guys like the one at Birdseye she was told she would be covered if she pulled a knife on me scumbags ran it as I provoked her..NOT TRUE..So management would have tossed me out as "he" planned..I knew something was up this woman was sleaze..not worth my time..I'll have to look her name up can;t recall it right now..

So "they" had plans everywhere on me..

They put these people in harms way though their own stupidity sometimes..Someone tells youi its ok to pull knife and you think its safe..YOU dont know trouble when you hear it? I would say if it's so safe YOU pull the knife..

They say this "rican" got a full time job out of it all somehwere else..She left shortly after it all went on..she had been there a while.

I believe what went on at the Oswego Thrifty shop was third party..Like how the BONE COLLECTOR arrived at DD in 2006..

The same placement M O.

Then George Lundy drives by on 8-18-11 on a WILCOTT death name Galloway.. and on 10-2-12 I am not sure no what that means..was Tammy Rowe right about her "they're gonna kill your son" taunts..in 2005?..OR was a clever "CARRIE" to Pat Rick hide plan set up..See my mother would have started that one....Mr Parick Hyde died on 4-18-11..one week after I moved to Beverly Davis's like Tanya Mellon did one week after I moved to my mothers..

10-2-12 it was all clued..to the exact date..2-25..that is MONDAY.."They" are at 7 dead cops..and a 9 makes the year my son was born..see lock in at 7 ORIONS and 2 more make 9...7 2 9..? Scumbags chip at it ..so it means something..

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