NY limit on magazine size won’t slow ...

NY limit on magazine size won’t slow killers, gun experts say

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#1 Jan 17, 2013
New York’s new law limiting the number of bullets in semiautomatic rifle magazines won’t stop determined mass killers, firearms experts said yesterday.

It takes six to eight seconds to fire off a 30-round magazine like that used in the Newtown killings, said Joseph Green, a retired firearms instructor and agent of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

A well-trained shooter would need roughly 13.5 to 22 seconds to fire off the same number of bullets with six magazines of five rounds each, which are legal in New York.

A shooter needs 1.5 seconds to swap out each cartridge, and each five-round cartridge takes one to two seconds to shoot.

Killers facing stressful situations — such as a lot of screaming people — might need a bit more time to swap cartridges, Green said.

But he and other experts say swapping magazines means just a minor delay for determined mass killers.

“It’s not difficult for someone proficient to change magazines. It will take you a few more seconds, nothing longer,” said John Cerar, a retired NYPD deputy inspector and former head of the firearms-training unit.

New York’s new gun law, signed by Gov. Cuomo Tuesday, limits semiautomatic rifle magazines to seven bullets.

Rifles with seven-round magazines aren’t widely available, so as a practical matter, legal New York gun owners will probably stick with easier-to-obtain five-round magazines for now.

Cerar has doubts about the new law but, on the other hand, he said,“I’d rather have someone shooting at me have seven rounds in their gun rather than 30 rounds.”
i love Oriskany

Utica, NY

#2 Jan 17, 2013
no one manufacturer is gonna run out and offer 7 round mags just for new york.

it is a round about way to limiting guns in this state.

These scum bag liberals should be shown the door.
Shut it

Little Falls, NY

#3 Jan 17, 2013
The funniest part is these D- bag politicians didn't exempt police from the mag ban. Every cop on the street with more than 7 rounds is a potential felon. Yah. Lets pass more laws unchecked in the middle of the night. This state and governor are deplorable.
Betcha his protection detail along with all the other elitist politicans will be carrying whatever weapons they want. There lives are so much more important than ours after all.

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#4 Jan 17, 2013
Why the 7-round limit?

I'm willing to bet that a manufacturer who supplies 7-round magazines made a generous contribution to a legislative re-election fund and had something to do with the choice of 7.
Oh so right again

United States

#5 Jan 17, 2013
Shut it wrote:
The funniest part is these D- bag politicians didn't exempt police from the mag ban. Every cop on the street with more than 7 rounds is a potential felon. Yah. Lets pass more laws unchecked in the middle of the night. This state and governor are deplorable.
Betcha his protection detail along with all the other elitist politicans will be carrying whatever weapons they want. There lives are so much more important than ours after all.
DoJ statistics- You are more likely to be murdered by a cop than anyone else.

In 2008, ten times more civilians regular people were killed by cops than cops were killed by perps.
In 2011, 72 cops were shot and killed in the entire U.S.; in L.A. County alone, cops shot and killed 54 suspects the same year--22 percent of those people were unarmed.
As Scott Reeder reported at Reason this morning, "Farmers, ranchers, commercial fishermen, loggers, garbage collectors, truck drivers, construction workers, pilots, steel workers, roofers, and others are far more likely to face death on the jobs than police or firefighters, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics."
And as Choire Sicha wrote earlier this year, "2008 was the ten-year low for police officers being killed, and 2012 is, so far, year-to-date, down 49% from last year."
viscount tool bag

Little Falls, NY

#6 Jan 17, 2013
7 round limit has nothing to do with crime or safety. Any fool can still carry multiple magazines on there person and simple change them out in the firearm.

The intent really is to limit guns in NYS. Those that have guns that take more than 7 rounds in the magazine, could possibly not ever attain a 7 round mag made by the manufacturer. So those guns would need to be disposed of. Then the other side of the coin is a lot of manufacturers wont make a seven round mag just for this socialist state. And since now Don Coumo has stated this is the law of our socialist land, The gun buying public wont have as many products to chose from and therefore no one will be buying new guns in the same fashion as they had been.

This is nothing but a slow and methodical gun ban that will end years down the road with the intent of gun grabbers everywhere. No guns in anyones hands except who they say.

They will then fire up the machine years down the road after another tragedy they can take advantage of and move in with more "Common sense" restrictions. The 7 round limit will be changed to a 3 round limit ten years from now, etc ec. Its all nonsense and is akin to turning up the water slowly while your standing in it. It will never be enough for them until there end goal and by then we will all be to late.

In the mean time all these political jerkoffs that tell us whats good for the safety of our own families are surrounded by professional security details armed to the teeth with whatever they please. Hypocrites all of them.

Little Falls, NY

#7 Jan 17, 2013
Again, the devil is in the details. No story I have perused says whether this only applies to new sales or is retroactive. Most handguns come with magazines that are at least 8. My Walther P99 came with a 15 round mag, and P22 has a 10 round mag. Either gun makers will have to create magazines that only hold 7 rounds to fit in guns that have grips that are designed to hold more, or they will just not bother selling in New York state. Which I suspect is the point!!!!
this is too much

Little Falls, NY

#8 Jan 17, 2013
If you REALLY want to know what is going on. read Joyce Malcolm "Guns and Violence". Chapter 5. What Cuomo and the rest are doing is right out of the Blackwell Committee of 1918, and its support in the House of Lords. Naturally they claimed that a huge crime wave existed. There was no crime wave. They said "if it saves one life". All must keep records. It was now up to the Police who gets to have a gun.
It was passed at 10:49 pm - at night, with a few minutes before adjourning. Only a handful were given the bill to read.(sound familiar). They claimed that you have elections and Parliament and courts, and thus NO NEED for weapons. Thus a RIGHT became a PRIVILIGE - at the WHIM of the Home Office and the police. Then the Home Office sent CLASSIFIED directives to police chiefs about who can have weapons. Are you getting the picture ?
Actually, one reason they wanted the law was to deal with Labor unrest. It was also done INCREMENTALLY. First get the law. Then say it needs to be 'improved', until you get what you have today - you can't even defend yourself in your own home. Whose side are they on, anyway ? And BOTH sides were doing it. On page 135: "The protection not of natural rights but of social and political ORDER - equated with the state itself - was elevated into law's primary objective."
So. Everything these creeps are doing is Right Out Of the English Playbook. This is the so-called PROGRESSIVE agenda. You see it all over comments at Lib websites. The same arguments, the same rhetoric, the same propaganda, the same legal malarkey, and the same desire to DISARM the people. That is why they do not have any respect for the Constitution.
My suggestion is that Nadler, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Silver and Cuomo all should be DEPORTED to England so they can live with the consequences

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