utica taxes to rise
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Manlius, NY

#1 Oct 17, 2009
wow I wonder why the taxes in Utica are going up. The brass in the fire dept and police department are making over 100000 dollars each a year. Even part time employees are making 30000 a year,and on average most employees are making 50000. Gee I wonder why taxes are going up. I predict that if this trend continues where the city taxpayers are making less,and unemployed people are in the city living off welfare, and city employees are raping the funds , the city will go bankrupt and that may be a good thing because it will force the city government to rein in spending.

Manlius, NY

#2 Oct 17, 2009
Yes they spent all the money that they got from the sale of the water company, which was a mistake in selling in the first place. Who was behind the sale. Was it Lapolla or Hanna. Either way it happened now they have nothing to show. Where was the comptroller Scalese or Cerminaro when the runaway spending was happening.
average tp

United States

#3 Oct 18, 2009
bottom line if you run the numbers average city taxpayer faced with a 25 plus percent tax increase. will someone please put a apb out for the comptroller. this guy is clueless. cerminaro where are you

Manlius, NY

#4 Oct 18, 2009
listen mayor get off your as and start laying off the fat in the budget,you know who they are ,the Obsever Dispatch should list the payroll of all city employees again like they did in the past.
long time Utican

Manlius, NY

#5 Oct 18, 2009
What is the City going to do when the majority of the homeowners in Utica will NOT be able to pay their taxes? Afterall, even if they start claiming all the houses that have delinquent back taxes, they are NOT going to be able to sell them as no one will have the money to buy them!!!!!

The majority of the homeowners here in Utica that are working, they are struggling to pay their mortgages and utility bills - both keep rising. Then there are the Senior who are on a very strict and low Social Security income that will NOT be able to pay any increases in their taxes.

Is the City ready or able to put these homeowners out on the street so they can become homeless?

We need a Mayor that is a leader - not someone who spends all our monies on the Friends and Family Plan that he is noted for. Remember Roefaro at the next Election and VOTE HIM OUT!!!!
my opinion


#6 Oct 18, 2009
suck it up......when have you ever known taxes to go down???? give the mayor a break....i'm sure he is doing his best..... while still attempting to keep this city safe.......he's talking revival......his talk of trying to bring back the james and oneida street area is awesome if you sit down and think about it....this area still has some good properties and young working people moving in....revive it and they will come in droves....remember younger people love urban areas.....this properties are filled with great architecture and style.....if you can add a cafe, a great specialty, grocery store, some service oriented businesses, maybe a small club,a ftness club, etc. it could be just the thing that makes this mayor's term a huge success...guaranteed young people do not want to live in the suburbs....that's great for families.....but give this city a charming urban area and it will really take off......the above mentioned is the only viable section of the city to create a renewal....

East Syracuse, NY

#7 Oct 18, 2009
Zecca, Roefaro, Wojnas and the rest of the do nothings gave the unions contracts that were made in heaven for civil servants. No lay off clauses, vehicles for every tom dick and harry. Pay for department heads that are so out of wack for this area that it is ridiculous for the taxpayer to even comprehend. Overtime in the UFD that is making them rich compared to the average worker in this area and all because the politicians didn't have the balls to say enough is enough. When a Deputy Chief on the UFD makes $123000 a year in a one horse town like Utica is becoming something is terribly wrong with our leader and when the comptroller does not question the spending he is not doing his job.

Newport, NY

#9 Oct 18, 2009
The nice letter in the OD for Mike C. was written by none other than Ron Mcmaster. His loyal employee. Wonder if he is trying to save his job? Considering what the NYS Comptroller knows about his "mistakes".

I'm just sayin.

Newport, NY

#10 Oct 18, 2009
The nice letter in the OD for Mike C. was written by none other than Ron Mcmaster. Loyal Employee. Big shock. Trying to save his job maybe? Considering what the NYS Comptroller's Office knows of his "mistakes".

I'm just sayin.

Bedminster, NJ

#11 Oct 18, 2009
leave my bro rockin alone. when my bro meola takes over he will slap that weiner mcmaster all the way to the curb. it only makes sense to ae a employee write a letter to the editor.

Manlius, NY

#12 Oct 18, 2009
city brass 100000 a year plus ,at least 6 of them ,thats 600000 a year times ten years thats 6 million dollars plus for only six men. Good job mayor we know your diong your best and we should give you a chance. You are really trying to save us money, so we should stop picking on you. Sorry that we are harsh on you. After all the unions are to blame and the health policy keep going up ,thats the problem, we know blame them.That works every time. I will bet anyone that this man is a one term guy,anyone want to take me on.

Manlius, NY

#13 Oct 18, 2009
please can anyone print the salaries of the city payroll. Let the taxpayers see who is making what and who they are.
George and Nancy


#14 Oct 18, 2009
Mine ain't. I just sold my house & I'm moving to the 'burbs.

Oneida, NY

#15 Oct 18, 2009
Mike Cerminaro is the most incompetent Comptroller the city has ever seen and he's almost sure to get reelected because the people are so stupid around Utica. They repeatedly vote for someone because he was at their grandaughter's graduation or he was their son's Little League coach. You get what you pay for you stupid people. Utica has no money left and is going down the toilet and you got some Bozo with a wrench in one hand handling all of the city money. HaHaHa....So glad I'm out of that place!

Manlius, NY

#16 Oct 18, 2009
I work for the city and I live in the burbs . Ha Ha . I take my money and run out of the city . Sorry you saps, you can pay for my do nothing job, when I drive around the city and see how you poor skum in west utica and parts of east utica and cornhill live and cant even afford paint because you work for peanuts at mcdonalds and walmart I just laugh and say thats the way the cookie crumbles.

Manlius, NY

#17 Oct 18, 2009
If the mayor ran his business like he runs the city what would he have.A vacant building that the bank would own.

Manlius, NY

#18 Oct 18, 2009
I drove through syracuse and I was amazed ,especially when I know that on the turn of the century from 1800 to 1900 the city of Utica had more powerful people and was heading to be bigger than Syracuse. What happened you Italians.

Long Eddy, NY

#19 Oct 18, 2009
Just sold my house in south utica last month, I almost couldnt give it away, people are very apprehensive about investing money in utica property; I dont blame them I never would again; In the last ten years my neighborhoud went from pristine to transient garbage.
don draper jr


#20 Oct 18, 2009
how much u get 4 it?


#21 Oct 18, 2009
run away you fools to the poor excuses for suburbs we have.........but please run quickly.... it your types the city doesn't need.....we shall remain strong and hopeful because we care about utica...

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