How Little League Screwed Up My Gener...

How Little League Screwed Up My Generation

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#1 Apr 19, 2014
By Nick Halaby

Jr at Notre Dame HS

How Little League Screwed Up My Generation

I hear many adults who are much older than I am complain about my generation. They say that young people, those about to enter the work force for the first time, are the most spoiled and entitled generation in this country's history. I happen to agree. Where I happen to differ from those complaining is that I think that they are the ones to blame.

My generation, which was created in the 1990s, is the product of a child self-esteem movement that started in the 1980s. This movement was designed to boost the self-image of children while they were growing up. Now this isn't an entirely bad thing. Kids do need to know that there are things that they are good at and a high self-esteem is healthy for a child to have. The problem is that it went too far. The movement had reached a point to where every child had to feel that they were good at everything and that they were both infallible and would never fail at anything ever. The result is a generation which feels that they deserve everything for doing almost nothing.

There are examples of this unnecessary lift up of children everywhere. My personal favorite is little league. Now as much as I love baseball, I really sucked. I could barely hit and when a fly ball would come to me, it would hit my glove and immediately fall to the grass. Needless to say that I only played the minimum two innings and one at bat required by little league rules. The very fact that I played that much is evidence that the adults feared if I was not put in every game I would be emotionally destroyed. It is true that when in the beginning stages of baseball, everybody should play. That is because nobody at that level is good enough to the point that you would have a set team of players who would play and those who wouldn't. The problem is that this standard does not change as the players get older. As a 13-year-old, I would still have to be put in by my coach because of little league regulations. At that level, a coach should have the power to put in whoever he wants for however much he wants. Not only is that because it affects his chances to win, but it also affects other kids chances to get better.

United States

#2 Apr 19, 2014
If you suck but still get to play, then why would you ever work hard to get better? If I suck I should work hard to earn my spot on the field, not have it given to me because the rules say so. That has the same negative affect as giving every kid a trophy at the end of the season. The only kids who should be given trophies are the ones who are in the league championship, or have the best record, or do whatever make them the best in their league. If you get a trophy just for showing up, you will never work hard to get better and you will grow up knowing that you will get rewarded no matter how much work you put in or how much success you have.

And I am not just picking on baseball, there are many to blame for my generations entitlement, namely parents. Parents are the ones who build their kids up so much that they are not able to accept failure and to accommodate to that, they have to create a world that will ensure their kid will never fail. This creates a life for a kid where they are always right and expect to be given everything they want. It creates kids who always feel like they should be rewarded.

There is a reason awards exist. Yes, it is good to reward someone for their hard work and success, but the main reason you give awards out is to show everyone else that they fell short, and in turn they will work hard to get it next time. My school calls an assembly to give out honor roll awards so that everyone who didn't get one has to watch and feel bad. That creates initiative and will make kids work hard next semester to bring those grades up.

If everyone in little league gets a trophy and gets playing time, no matter how bad they are, they will grow up knowing that no matter how bad their work is, or no matter how little effort they put in or how smart they are, they deserve everything. So yes older generation, young people have an entitlement issue, and it is your fault. You created a world in which we didn't have to work and we would get everything. You sacrificed learning and working hard for self-esteem and making sure your kids feelings weren't hurt, so now it is time to deal with it.

Whitesboro, NY

#3 Apr 23, 2014
It is all true. also you have kids that don't know disappointment and failure like you mentioned when their not that good, and get that trophy, and on top of that, you have kids that not only aren't as good as their parents think they are, but have the worst attitudes in the world and get rewarded for that attitude also. (see the maroon, green and red team, red team last yr)

Cold Brook, NY

#4 Apr 23, 2014
Quite true and insightful. Your generation is also the product of many parents that put their own wishes over the needs of their kids and compensate by spoiling or being friend rather than parent.

Utica, NY

#6 Apr 23, 2014
Yo! baseball is for losers. I plays baketball. It be my ticket out of da hood.

Groton, NY

#7 Apr 24, 2014
Welcome to the wonderful cult/religion of liberalism where everybody gets a trophy..........Enjoy, its just beginning........ Im just so happy were all winners.............

Whitesboro, NY

#8 Apr 25, 2014
One little league coach is the worst, gets away with murder, runs the whole town, should be in jail.
Uncle tony

Carthage, NY

#10 Apr 25, 2014
Nobody gives a shyt about little league baseball.
district 10

Whitesboro, NY

#11 Apr 29, 2014
The guy who runs this district couldn't run a candy store and is very rude and bias

Whitesboro, NY

#12 May 2, 2014
who got suspended for a game in whitesboro?
Decrepit Old Man

Oriskany, NY

#13 May 2, 2014
Ever visit a church assembly where they hand out trophies for members? Eegads, I'd tell you all about how sick to my stomach I was during the whole time, but that doesn't matter. They told me I watch too much television - and what else can I do during the cold winter nights but tune in and see awards presentations. So after all those bitter cold winter nights indoors with those nauseating speeches and trophies, I was goated by my pesky relatives to attend a church service. I desperately wanted to shoot spitballs at these socially challenged dweebs in their sunday best. I couldn't believe I trimmed my Andy Rooney-like eyebrows for that. However, on a positive note, one woman gave me a hug when she welcomed me. I could have used five minutes of that hugging action, and since we were already in a hotel grand ballroom, all we needed to do was stroll to the front desk and book a room. When I tried to make eye contact with her again she looked down and hurried away. Oh I will never forget that brief moment of physical interaction. You know who you are, you cute little vixen!
Common Sense

Utica, NY

#14 May 2, 2014
When kids are in Little League they should ALL play. Even in the valley I heard the same crap goes on. Its pretty sad. When it really comes down to it a child's education is what matters. Sports help to shape them into a young adult, and teach them responsibility, but never takes the place of a good education. The truth of the matter is that too many parents and coaches try to live their lives through their kids. And sometimes winning to these adults means more than it actually means to the kids. Let kids be kids and let them all play. If you try to dispute this you really have no clue about the difference between what is right and wrong.
Common Sense

Utica, NY

#15 May 2, 2014
Dose, you touch on the subject of trophies and that is understandable. But when a child is 10 years old they really should ALL play. To have all kids attend practice equally for the same period of time should earn them all time to play on the field. Little league is about learning to play baseball, not prepped to be drafted into the majors. When my brothers and i played in little league growing up we were all put on a team (some of us played better than the others), and we all played. Did it shape our employment future? NO. But It created some long term friendships. And no one got into the major leagues out of 100's of kids. And the coaches were excellent. They taught us most of all to be responsible, and show respect for adults and our teammates. That's what Little League should be about. We all worked together to become better players and learn respect for the game. Very few adults understand this anymore.
they do all play

Whitesboro, NY

#16 May 2, 2014
just not equally, and sometimes the less talented are put in a position
where they can get hurt. So yes, they should all play, but not
equally. Practices make them learn the game, not the games

Whitesboro, NY

#17 May 2, 2014
suspened wrote:
who got suspended for a game in whitesboro?
two players, older players

Whitesboro, NY

#18 May 5, 2014
suspened wrote:
who got suspended for a game in whitesboro?
Two 7th graders got suspended for a game in modified

Whitesboro, NY

#19 May 22, 2014
I know my towns little league is all about two guys who get away
with everything. They run the league, walk all over the president,
pick all the kids, put THEIR OVERRATED kids in the best possible
positions there is, will wreck all stars, talk about everyone and everything. Then when their kids get to modified and varsity, where
they don't have that pull anymore,(well thanks to Aaron whom they know well, their kids got SOME time) their kid is where
they are suppose to be, on the bench or playing very little. I watch
one of them at the varsity games all yr and he just looks sick to his
stomach thinking how his kid should play, when he actually sucks!!!!

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