Scumbag Dorothy Mills to NORTH MEDICA...

Scumbag Dorothy Mills to NORTH MEDICAL..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 9, 2013
When I was removed from scumbag recruit Bill McCarty's (as my brother Jerry worded it the night he moved me inthere as "He's helping us out" it IS very clear to me now how Jerry was helping me move into the situation and promoting my mothers words behind it all on me)

To why Jerrys wife "Sue" was worked to be at the Oswrgo Thrifty Shop on 8-18-11 wihth the***unknown to her mental roulette game clue "reason"..that was link to the "designer clothes" day charade and the later "drive by" by George Lundy himself..on and added later clue of the WILCOTT deliberate typo on an Oswego mans death GALLOWAY is the name they are going to now go the frighten and/or hang clue way on me..The first clue was Deputy Bernard Gallows death on the "line up" date with my 3-11-11 birthday.. His SON shot him..Its a clue now BUT in a twisted "trick"'s NOT my son "pat Rick's Hyde onthat one..and it's all part of WHYMAN scumbags had my son set the 6-29 "CARRIE" "scene" up in the 213(like the OCO "fat slob" bus driver stunt on NORTH MEDICAL day on 2-5) GREEN slumlord GEORGE home on w-2 St. That is how those clues roll alon intot he next "scene" Mccarty was planning to go to VEGAS on the 8-13 WEDDING date clue on the Radio Shack mailing sent to me in 2009..all part of the if she "throws" that game clues..of what "He" and "they" will do to me through all of you again.**Jerry called early one am when my mother was taken to the hosp with a hemotoma filling up fast on her hip..Ss is the second session of the "THRILL OF THE KILL"he was intense pain. my father called an ambulance ..she was on medications that thin blood and was told to slip in her wheel chair ..she did..a Hemotoma resulted..ths was after he 9-12 "fall" set up on a date to run with a Charlie Gaskos clerks birthday..They had also planned to set up..

Jerry knew something was wrong when he called.."What's going on he said" it was about 6:30am ..Scumbags had been out side his windows..alerting him..

Anyone the funny part my mother was told hemotomas were nto life threatening..LOLOL..She got this from the medical care..and told my father NOT to listen to me..I never heard of a hemotoma that canno tbe life threatening...if your not careful iwth it..Its mass of blood from an injry that builds in it own the brain a sudural can kill you fast..I knew from her words something was funny..Now this hemptoma took place a pivotal date also.

That's how some of those clues run off inthat direction of the THRILL plan..

To how Dottie packed the things I was allowed to have from Bills home..her doings were deliberate..and she did NOT give me my inhaler and nasel spray..the ONLY TWO meds I did not get..That is the issue of my health now..So for me being thrown into that situation like that I had to reunderstand my health issues..and start my medical care of them again..that is where I am now..I was NOT having headaches back then..and as my GERM lawyer pushed me to move out..a restraining order means you have to move" THEY ARE BETTER and faster than a legal eviction..So MISS FATAL ATTRACTION herself set me up just that way with her "partner" on it..and then DA Nickelson had the "perfect" cover for why he villated my trial rights off it all to keep me in the Margaretville in oswego direction off it all..YES I would tink DA Nickelson does cover his ass by saying Yes I think they shot those cops....well no shit. They are not done shooting cops..ok? another one "trying to help"

I don't care who flapjacks in this goes one direction than the other..that has been an ongoing "THRILL" for many for a long time and it's not new..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 9, 2013
YES I AM aware of the bond nwo I guess you could call it between Angie Vickery Lenahan Van buren to her daughter now..It's the family coming to gether on the "crisis" as a whole minus the "troublemaker" me ..well go figure..

Its all part of why the CARRIE" "scene" took place off my son on 6-29..for the paperwork image of him "he" and "they" wanted off it ..its why my sons 2-25 birthday is the link tothe Nicholas Ivies 0225 "friendly fire" badge number..WACO Rhymes with NACO..

So what my neice is playing out fo rall of them now in this "Gramma" concern she has now...even Angie chewed her ass out at the Salvation Army..for telling others the truth about "gramma" back then..

Then Angie got fired and clues were to me she was now I posted it came in and this was the cover to pull her back to the other side..

Its a strange part of the story..Now heres the really ODD name clue..Angie took up with a guy named Chuck Spencer who cleaned up his drug habits and got his State Disability off it...and won custody of their kids in court...then some woman slammed into him and caused another back injury...Now Chuck of course my fathers name also..and Spencer was the name I was going to when I was crossing Ver Plank and Morgan rd on 4-8-04..and had that oncoming lane right of way "accident" with Charles(cell phone future clue) RUNGE..Now how "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" is that..then Angie went off on Chuck not being able to spend all his money as she pleased and married Marty VANBUREN(presidential clue)on the "line up" date n 2009 witht the Brinkerhoff 07..The clues are the years 7 and 9 the year my sons was born..

Now from Chucks computor he sold me that I used in the McCarty home till a key broke...That became JUDY DEAD END computo Bill bought me..that just a few weeks later just suddenly stopped it's internet connection..and this is where DOTTIE moved in for control of the issue there then on me being on his comp that he offered to me..and FATAL ATTRACTION set up on what it all is by "reverse" clues and scumbag recruit doings now.

I think the Charlie Gasko clerk had the word sucker on her forehead and was later suckered by Candy again..The most defenseless person...although there was talk she tried to work the DM ROB on me behind my back also..back then...ROB oh that name and how it went on just after he fired me..and armed robbery..the "Gary is a hero story" double clue..Tammy spoke of in 2005 also..

To Robert Levea's 8-11 death..He was Levea #4.

Then how the "Aim me robert"..a name clue linked to the BUFFALO BILL plan they had on me in this and how they set him up in 1994 off that name..His wife and daughter got NYS State jobs..just a short time after.. and Yes his name is a BILL FACTOR clue link..

Now the Charlie Gasko clerk thinks she hired Rodney the sex offender..He was sent to her for that image..Then scumbags were told to promote "she's trying to get Candy's job" Candy never discussed with her how she hired him into management..and the clerk felt threatened again..reasonable...Like my sons Green Acheiva he says he bought it he wanted it..See nobody placed a NYS Lic plate on Tammy K. vehicle..she played the CHRIS T MAS Basket syndrome charade on me all by herself.Like harbour Credit I asked her..knowing full well before she bagan what the issue was she would face..It was an "association" cover for her..It's why Tammy was hired there after scumbags pushed me out of there after the money was made..ask DAR. She put on extra help that day...then called me in...Yea nobody knew a thing...SSSHHHH no one is supposed to know..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 9, 2013
So off all of that at DD again in 2012..
To what was being set up on me and my boyfreind..(clues and taunts are it was another "siter" e 151 version on mhim plan if he tells the tuth about what he witenessed his neice do..Scumbags also claimed they would get him "fired" and began that Nicholas Ivie plan clue here in my NEWTOWN the day of the Sandy hook shootings..and the clue link name LANZA to it all..
So off DD at the 9 location in Fulton..You have 279..a 2513..just "reverse" the 12 in the 4-12-07 shooting behind the 25 in the 4-25-07 shooting..and you have Chris Bowers 2513 the 151 Maureen Levea address i Fulton I ended up at off CHRIS BOWERS drama a 3-29-05 issue she the 18 clued many times the homeless time frame off it all that brought me into homelessness. for 7 months..While my GERM lawyer pushed me to move my things ot where? on my 90.00 a week I don't know..a 213 W-2 GEORGE slumord house with a hole in the a romm no bigger than a closet..where the alternate plan for me to smell the plum of others feces off the 11 who share a bathroom there and with others at any given I waited all of it how I ended up freguently that same DD again for shelter sometimes..and to longas I made a purchase..So yes I was to learn that Hannibal was "supporting Tammy" Sivers was that name and she did not even like it when he came in for her...She never had a good word to say about any of them it all worked out "He" menatality wise..
To how on 9-6 and it all became a DD "reverse" JESSE plan through ROGUE NYS POLICE OFFICER L the set up on JUDITH DEVENEYS husband by her and him..a ridiculous "reverse" "menacing" charge..exactly how ROGUES do it..
Now let me right now slow down the scumbags who claim "JUDITH is gonna pack up and leave..she CANT..the rogues she works with would snag her as so fast..She HAS like Dottie to finish what they want..So scumbags get that delusion out of your heads right now..She plans to get her "gain" sometime just like Dottie Mills does..Dottie had "pertenr" Bill cover her ass..and "JUDITH DEVENEY" uses scorned woman act..and it IS an act..
To how it all becomes a "line up" date plan here in my NEWTOWN on her husband for scumbags to begin the Nicholas (nickel lees) Ivie..poison..plan on him the "revrse" doings of scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney.."cover it up" "get that tape from her" they even carry on about how "easy" it will be for them to break in here to get it..So as bait was laid by aftin to lure her boyfreinds 'scumbag' family in so her 10-25 date culd go off with out a what it all is now that was brewing on a 9-12..MOTHER did nto pay her bill clue..who talked like she ad some "gain" plans of her own there..
To how it is all now a new JUDY DEAD END computor "get Maureen's kids some money" community plan.."THEFT" off of death would be the "gain" plan ..and if my boyfriend defends his girlfriend against what he witnessed hsi neice do ..then MOTHER may plan to jump in and set him up also.. one is suuppsed to know what ROGUES and Oswego County is up too..SSSHHHH.
Now let me "decipher" how MRT Trooper shooter Norville "Pay her off" Yearwood name clues..Norville NO ville just Margaret..a Lundys mothers clue.??? why? Yearwood. Brinks dies 4-25-07 last fo the 3..3-8-06 was first to Geogre Levea after Brinkerhoff..on 8-6-08. YEARS would tell the story 6 and 8..Able to gore was the plan. CHRIS BOWER came because she's why they kept George Levea's death from me and played it a different way to others.

Ablegore -Green laces..Percival -DEAD MAN WALKING- Blazinski the Blazin Pollock..Todd and Chris and Abelgores wife the cover.."DID YOU KNOW WENDY WAS GOING TO DIE?"
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Feb 9, 2013
ok off some of the talk today..
What was my first "357 Dirty Harry" clue reality?...WILLIAM LEVEA..YES those off before his brother Roberts death on 8-11-10. Before I met the Davis scumbag recruits..

The ROBERT name had to fall into place at a precise time frame..There are ROB Feister ROBERT "aim me Robert" to Rob ..Peggy Deveneys boyfirend who did or did not cause her to move home in Dec..after Aftin got there first..If Aftin had not been there ..Peggy would not have been able to afford it either..She could not afford it over the summer..

It's that BUFFALO BILL "aim me Robert" time frame off the 8-18-11 "drive by" clues starting to appear stronger now..esp off Ray GREGORYS name and that "Get Maureen's kids some money" date "accident" clue..Thats a 151 clue 3 times by "accident"...and now it's also link to an Oswego DA'S name's on my "dismissed" letter..dated 12-18-12 of course..the day ALBERT CHIP SCERBO was arrested in 2006..."TEACH HER A LESSON."

Here's what confuses me..If my sister made the "video" of me "talking in your sleep" How do Maureen's kids get money out of that? The FBI set me up with GEORGE LUNDY by shooting their own men..?? None of the others caught on to it till...? Oh yea there was money to be made.. I forget..

it was this importan to get valerie Dedich a new life? the clean her up part I understand...Move her into a Maureen address..ok they did that to me too ..So whats up with this Maureen?

See I don't think good fortune just gets yelled into your windows..or taunted at you through floors about the LOTTERY etc...weight loss..etc..while horrors take place all around you that NO ONE else seems to see..?? and YOU know they did..

I LOVE how they still "fool" people into going to Charlie Gasko..and buying gas..HOT! 399. a gal this week there 389.00 everywhere else go FULTON GO..Show "support" for someone who showed support for a court active a sex offender..that is HOT LOLOL...can't blame the scumbags this time..

YES I knew when I sat in the Hannibal Town Court room on 1-24..that as long as DAS and Judges were active in the "THRILL" for the in motion scumbag recruit while playing off the victim of each "scene" would go full throttle..into the finale scenes..

YEA YEA YEA all these people know they are going to get fired BUT until then..they remain an active part of whatever they chose its really the first indication that the community has shit on the vicitms families all along....The sickening part where some in restaurants wanted more money off it all..sickening..old bullshit..They act shocked this could even be suggested cus they came clean..They came clean..well at least they don't have to crawl out of a grave to get anywhere...

I just cannot get over how clever the second plan to make money of the old scumbags at Charlie Gasko was..Then Candy made fast tracks to cover her ass either way and that is exactly what she did..I'm glad it ended..Most did not even know Rodney was under court jurisdiction for a sex offender offense..that was the art of the manipulation off 2005..So while I was homeless off a another scumbag recruit set up on me ..Charlei gasko made some more momey off I could wash up some times..

Now understand where the name Charlie Gasko comes from in this..ROGUE FBI..James Whitey Bulgar captured 16 years after being on the lam as the FBI calls it..tipped off by an FBI informant..he ran..they caught him just two weeks after DEPUTY Wyman was shot dead..He was captured in SANTA Monica CA.under the name Charlie article I had at Margaretville and still have color copy of ..from 2006 taunted at me then at Birdseye so I removed it from the paper..I wrote about it many times ain all of this.

Charlie, "JUDITHS" last dogs name etc.
Can you say

Utica, NY

#5 Feb 10, 2013
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 10, 2013
Can you say wrote:
Is a pretty big word for an idiot like you to spell out..Did you look it up?
hank hill

Milton, WI

#7 Feb 10, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
<quoted text>
Is a pretty big word for an idiot like you to spell out..Did you look it up?
lmao!! Wow...

this is why I keep coming back to your threads!

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