Why Send In A Poor Dog
to all you dimwits

Utica, NY

#153 Mar 17, 2013
to all you dimwits who don't want a dog to go in ahead of humans: NEXT TIME WE'LL SEND YOU IN FIRST.
Dawg Pounder

Utica, NY

#154 Mar 17, 2013
I see dum people wrote:
It was a police dog. It knew what it was getting into when it entered the police dog academy.
You are freakin awesome!
Dawg Pounder

Utica, NY

#155 Mar 17, 2013
wonder wrote:
U are right it is better to kill a person rather then a dog
What a dog humping tool some people are. Don't you know it's illegal to fornicate with animals? They should've sent APE into your house to save your pets from the abuse they get there. Don't even try the "it's consensual" defense either. Poor dog died doing what he loved before he could take action against tards like yourself!

Utica, NY

#156 Mar 17, 2013
In Honor of APE wrote:
This site and Ill have to take it on the chin because now Im part of it is pathetic. You f*c*k*n dumb asses, of course everyone is upset about the dog, its is very sad, but the application of a police K9 has a wide range of benefits to law enforcement, not the least of which is to protect its handlers and other officers and provide the police and advantage over a suspect. The small window of opportunity provided by K9 Ape helped police end this horrible situation. In this situation I'm sure there was a high degree of risk to the dog, but there was a high degree of risk to every officer there. The dog should be remembered with honor and dignity, and all of us in this area should pause to remember the actions of this K9 that ended a horrible situation this community was tossed into. The K9 was trained to do what he did, ideally yes the K9 would have made it out unharmed, but this guy was going to shoot at whatever he encountered first, and he reminded us of that all day long, until we reminded him and others who prey on innocent people that this will not be tolerated. God bless APE, all law enforcement officers, local, state and federal who ended this tragic situation and the families who lost loved ones. And god help us move to a society where these insane people don't prey on innocence any longer and scar the lives of good people.
Well said...
Black Eye

Austin, TX

#158 Mar 17, 2013
Could have sent in some Coons (Jiggers)! They could have scared him, or at least stunk him out. Poor dog.

Havertown, PA

#159 Mar 17, 2013
Ranger wrote:
<quoted text>
Shut up you dog humper!
Ranger go hump ur mother oviousy u don't have a clue bet u work for burger king

Dayton, OH

#160 Mar 17, 2013
wow, there are some really stupid responses here to a serious issue. Just when you thought people could not be more idiotic, moronic, or stupid... just look at Topix...
One just outdoes the other....
psycho people

Utica, NY

#161 Mar 17, 2013
i am so upset over that poor dog i cried.
it just brought back so many memories about cheap dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty... mentally ill people in that area.
dont give 2 cents about the wacko people but the poor dog is probably swearing in its grave right now at them all.

Since: Mar 13

Carthage, NY

#162 Mar 18, 2013
I have a question that maybe someone on here can answer. It seems strange to me the the FBI was involved in this and I've been scanning all the articles trying to find why they were on the scene.

I even asked my dad who is a retired officer and he didn't have an answer either.

I'm just curious because this tragedy didn't seem like something the FBI would be involved in.

Syracuse, NY

#163 Mar 18, 2013
it did seem like a slight bit of overkill on the size and scope of the so called swat team?

maybe he was making political threats or something i dont know?

Syracuse, NY

#164 Mar 18, 2013
i always thought it was funny way back in 1971 the FBI was involved right away in a so called "missing boy" in the adirondacks.

Syracuse, NY

#165 Mar 18, 2013
the black guy who shot 2 girls then himself in utica just days before that..the stand off didnt seem as large as that either, not sure if the fbi even was involved?

New York, NY

#166 Mar 18, 2013
not involved

Utica, NY

#167 Mar 18, 2013
I think it's obvious about the Feds/FBI, etc. There should ALWAYS be red flags going up whenever the federal government needlessly gets involved in and hypes the matter. Something stinks about it, and YOU KNOW we can't ever count on the Gov't telling us the truth on anything. From Cuomo's pathetic on scene hype action to the feds involvement and everything in between (Did we really need 2-3 hundred "troops" involved no matter where they're from?) is red flag and dangerous to the citizenry. Every bit as dangerous as someone like the shooter is. THINK ABOUT IT...

Syracuse, NY

#168 Mar 18, 2013
with a person that just shot 6 people and on the loose i think it was a safe thing to lock down schools and have guards and stuff, the utica one i question?
and yes also queermoe coming also seemed strange as well.

Syracuse, NY

#169 Mar 18, 2013
wasn't there one in boonville just shortly before too?

Utica, NY

#170 Mar 18, 2013
hal wrote:
the black guy who shot 2 girls then himself in utica just days before that..the stand off didnt seem as large as that either, not sure if the fbi even was involved?
No, they were not involved directly or at least immediately. As for the politics of it all, if the killings involve handguns only, which is statistically upwards of 85% of violent, criminal gun deaths, then the government simply ignores it. It's not important enough. Why? Well, even though ONLY around 300-400 of ALL gun deaths in America last year were due to "long guns" (including, but not exclusively the so-called "assault" rifles), most of them being accidental and not criminally malicious, hand guns do not pose the greater threat to either the state or federal government if "we the people" should ever unitedly decide to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights collectively and revolt against the criminal, tyrannical government. Demonize the dangerous long guns, no matter how much obvious, nonsensical lies and propaganda need to be put forth to do so, allowing the govt to take them away from the citizenry and you effectively eliminate any real threat to complete governmental abuse and totalitarianism. So, if a long gun is used in a multiple killing case, the politicians will try and swarm the hype to advance their agendas. So, much wasn't made of the previous Utica shooting. Just a thought to ponder. THINK ABOUT IT...
Get Rid of Pitbulls

Rochester, NY

#171 Mar 18, 2013
The dog was just another weapon/tool used by the L.E., it did what it was trained to do, it surved its purpose and function.
But if Myers had survived, they would've charge him with assaulting and killing a police officer on the dog.
And if the dog had mauled him to disable him and he lived. Of course they wouldnt charge the "cop" dog with police brutality.
I forget where it was, but a few years ago cops sent a police dog to chase down a suspect who was running. The suspect and dog went around a corner and out of sight. When cops turned the corner they found a guy pinning down the dog and punching it. they tasered the guy and then the K9 dog started biting him for awhile before they pulled the dog off. Turns out, there was a bystander walking minding his own business, not doing anything, wrong when the original suspect turned the corner and ran past him. The K9 dog came around and the innocent person was the first one he came across and attacked the guy. The guy didnt know it was a K9 dog, thought it was a loose dog who was trying to attack the guy who just ran past him. So he defended himself by grabbing and body slamming the dog. Then the human cops came upon him. They tried to charge him with assault on a cop for defending himself form a mauling dog. and resisting arrest and other junk. Well, they found out they had the wrong guy. and I believe he ended up suing the cops for brutality and won a nice settlement.

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#172 Mar 19, 2013
I knew a guy who got in trouble for hitting a police dog and was charged with assaulting an officer but the judge had to let him go because the dog never read the suspect his rights.

Utica, NY

#173 Mar 19, 2013
way to much talk of this dog. he was a service dog and died doing what he was trained to do. would you rather have another person dead? Christ sake

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