barrier windows.

Santa Clara, CA

#21 Jan 4, 2010
I worked there as a telemarketer for over a year.

The owner, tony cadieux is a complete scumbag. He screams and throws tantrums daily and he would constantly throw things and smash phone handles when something went wrong. He would get on the phone with the sales reps and joke about how they just scammed someone. One person might pay $500 for a window and the next person might pay $1500, they seemed to just charge whatever they could get at the moment.

One of the salesmen was supposed to go to albany on an appointment and he said "I'm not going to ni**ertown." the owner was right there when he said it on speakerphone, and he never fired the guy or anything.

Watertown, NY

#22 Jan 4, 2010
I asked them for a quote for my cellar windows. Big mistake.They came over and told me they had to give me a presentation, blah, blah, blah. You know the drill. Anyways, I got fed up and asked them to leave. They kept persisting me to replace my regular windows. Told me I wasn't interested. They called in back-up (the boss) and he came over as well. Finally after three hours, I got fed up arguing with them that I was no longer interested. They still wouldn't leave. So I retorted to one last option to get rid of them. I went in my den closet and grabbed a baseball bat and threatened them if they don't pack their sh!t I was gonna start smashing their skulls in.

Needless to say, it sent them in a panic and running out the door like dogs with tails between their legs.

Ithaca, NY

#23 Jan 4, 2010
Yeah, sure you did. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Ithaca, NY

#24 Jan 4, 2010
Ollie Tercucci wrote:
<quoted text>
She sounds like she is making an attempt at sounding 'folksy' to better lure in the suckers (hey, grandma says we need new windows, lol). Highly annoying.
Sounds more like a hillbilly to me. A major turn off.

Jamesville, NY

#25 Jan 4, 2010
jlzzzz wrote:
I worked for them for a week.....they r a freakin joke!!!! They had me drive miles unpaid! If you work for them u basically work for free because you dont get paid unless you sell and I not a push asshole... that company needs to go out of bus.!! asap!!!
you arent kidding either worked their longer and got ripped off

Jamesville, NY

#26 Jan 4, 2010
Holy Cow wrote:
I just read the blog and boy did that open eyes! Thanks for the heads up.
Just wondering: You ppl that wrote that blogg--were u fired from Barrier?
nope quite
Well Wishes

United States

#28 Jan 6, 2010
May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels infest the Barrier Window HotShot's Crotches

Ithaca, NY

#29 Jan 12, 2010
I was once an employee of Barrier Windows they are nothing but predators for the elderly and people who do not have the know how with these particular home improvement projects. I have seen and dealt first hand with people that had less than adequate customer service and the problem is not only with the installations of their products. In fact Barrier products are not Barrier products as they claim. DO NOT trust Barrier Windows they are liars and they are only focused on one thing how much money they can scam you out of. A distant relative of mine had Barrier come out to give them a quote and enter the contest(not knowing I had recently separated with the company.) when the representative arrived he was drunk and had urinated in his pants. I told this relative that was not the first time that representative had been accused of that. WOW! what a company.

Ithaca, NY

#30 Jan 12, 2010
FK them wrote:
this is too weird..this is exactly what happened to below...I read this after I posted previous post...unreal....Now I want them to come to my house....
Once you set an appointment, you will be continuously called and called and called for as long as humanely possible. A barrier sales rep will show up at your house, and act really nice (they are trained to). They will first "warm up" to you for roughly half hour trying to earn your trust. Then they will take some measurements and start pitching you on the barrier window systems company, the barrier window products, blah blah blah. They are trained and under orders to spend at least 2-3 hours in each house! Yes they will do everything in their power to stay at least 3 hours in your home so they can pressure you into making a buying decision. They will pull out every tactic and pressure the heck out of you. They will make numerous phone calls to their manager kirk hilts or the owner tony cadieux telling these complete fibs about the advertising budgets, or a big order up in the north country that they can group with your order right now!
All of this is an act, and is a lie. There is no big order going on that will make your windows cheaper, and the script they say is told daily for years and years, it is all a completely fabricated story of nonsense.
Should you be able to get them out of your house without buying, you will start receiving phone calls most likely the next day from someone saying that they are willing to even lower the price again.
Posted by Barrier Windows Suck at 9:53 PM 0 comments
First of all, there is no such thing as a Barrier Window. They do not make their own windows like most of the salespeople will tell you. They buy their windows from whatever company at the moment is willing to deal with them. They basically will change their window selection every few years so that they don't have to honor warranties, or they just piss off the manufacturer.
Regardless, the windows are very high quality, however they are severely over priced and you can find better quality for much much less elsewhere.
The barrier salesperson will quote you somewhere around $1500-$1800 PER WINDOW!!
Yes that is PER WINDOW. Barrier window systems have their prices set so ridiculously high that it is insane. And this price is just for a regular double hung window!
If you get conned into paying this much for a window, the salesman will make 20% on commission! That means on a ten window job, it will cost roughly $15,000 to you, and the salesrep will get $3000 in commission! We are not kidding about this, it is the truth.
If you keep saying no, then the price will keep going down and they will call their boss kirk hilts over and over until the price will finally be offered to you for as low as $600 per window. Yes they will go from $1800 to $600 if you keep telling them no. The windows are triple pane, and the double pane versions will go as low as $400.
The reason they will come up with lowering the price so drastically? They want you to put up a sign in the lawn! Ok that makes alot of sense huh! Its nonsense because it just means the salesman couldnt pressure you into buying right now, and he is just trying to make a sale, although instead of making 20% he is more likely now making 1 or 2 percent. Or in some cases nothing.
All barrier wants to do is pressure you into buying something. They will stay in your home for hours until they have tried everything.
This is a very accurate description not only of Anthony Cadieux but of how the whole Barrier process works. At one time I worked right under tony and he acted and scammed like this day after day with no regard for anyone but himself. He treats everyone like they are garbage.. Maybe if he laid off the drugs he would be able to have respect for other people

Syracuse, NY

#31 Jan 12, 2010
thanks , I was going to get a quote from them for some windows, now I wont.I dont need that headache.

Syracuse, NY

#32 Jan 12, 2010
how can such bums continue to operate.I can buy great windows for about 250 apice and just pop them in and insulate and cauck around the sides. Job done in no time.
15 minutes PT Barnum

Newport, NY

#33 Jan 14, 2010
there is a sucker born every fifteen minutes, all that they have to do is find the sucker
Rite Aid Sux

Auburn, NY

#34 Jan 14, 2010
They tried to con my wife while I was at work one day. Tried to convince her that I set up an appt. When I called Barrier the woman haressed me for calling them on it. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE BOGUS PEOPLE!!!

Rome, NY

#35 Jan 15, 2010
we bought from them did the whole house had a bay window installed had problems with it and they never fixed it junk


#36 Jan 15, 2010
They call everyday of the week!!!!! 3 or 4 times!

Boston, MA

#37 Apr 3, 2013
Coke habit?
he dont stop

Rome, NY

#38 Apr 3, 2013
Want the to stop calling after the hundreds of times that you have already told them to stop. Set up an appointment with them. Make them drive way far out into the country at some random House. Meet them there and tell them you'd appreciate them to stop calling you. They won't want to waste their gas anymore
i worked there

Grafton, MA

#39 May 25, 2013
he dont stop wrote:
Want the to stop calling after the hundreds of times that you have already told them to stop. Set up an appointment with them. Make them drive way far out into the country at some random House. Meet them there and tell them you'd appreciate them to stop calling you. They won't want to waste their gas anymore
barrier windowws iis a joke tonyy is a joke tom is a joke they all lie over at bbarrier winndows they should bbe stope and shut down and made to pay all the coostuumers there moneyy back they riped off
ur too dumb

Herkimer, NY

#40 May 25, 2013
i worked there wrote:
<quoted text> barrier windowws iis a joke tonyy is a joke tom is a joke they all lie over at bbarrier winndows they should bbe stope and shut down and made to pay all the coostuumers there moneyy back they riped off
you can't even string together a complete sentence and you want anyone to believe that you've ever had a job in your life? doubtful.

Barrier are scam artists. Worked in the office and they lie, lie, lie. They aren't honest with customers and they aren't even honest when hiring people either.

United States

#41 May 26, 2013
Rip off

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