Griffiss drone site still waits for t...

Griffiss drone site still waits for test program

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Greig, NY

#1 Jul 13, 2014
Of the six sites in the country that got a Federal Aviation Administration designation for civilian drone testing, four already have at least one testing program authorized to start.
The NUAIR consortium at Griffiss isn’t one of them.
NUAIR Executive Director Lawrence Brinker said not being among the first doesn’t mean Griffiss is falling behind.
“We are all moving along at the pace we can move along at,” he said.“Each site is different in what its offerings are and how they are going about things.”
NUAIR has six applications now being processed by the FAA, but none has been granted yet. Brinker said he is confident that at least one will be approved soon.
“This is kind of where we expected to be,” Brinker said.“We are getting a lot of interest in utilizing the test site and we are excited about that.”
Oneida County Executive Anthony Picente said he is happy with NUAIR’s progress.
“I think having six applications at this early stage in the game is very good,” he said.“I’d like to see the FAA have a quicker process for approving these.”
Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi, D-Utica, said Friday the state had just made it possible for NUAIR to draw on $1.6 million that has been allocated for the project but had been held up.
“With this initial $1.6 million, we are showing that we are making a commitment to making this test site successful,” he said.“I know the other states are making commitments and we want to make sure we stay competitive.”
U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said he is pleased with NUAIR’s progress.
“NUAIR is on a positive trajectory,” he said in an emailed statement.“They are continuing to meet benchmarks that are crucial for their first test flight, and I expect they will soon begin working with a number of clients they have waiting in the wings.”
Brinker said the six applications come from three separate entities but declined to say specifically who the applicants are.
One is a private entity, one an arm of a university and one a government contractor, he said.
All the testing in those applications will go on in New York, as opposed to Massachusetts where other NUAIR partners are based. But not all will happen at Griffiss, he said.
One is for an unmanned aircraft already in use in France that checks for leaks in pipelines or broken utility wires, he said.
Stick to Boilergasms

United States

#2 Jul 13, 2014
You have people there who would begin in six DAYs not six months.

However they are disenfranchised and untrusting of the corrupt vindictive ways of Hanna / Brindisi / Griffo / Maciol / Picente / Cuomo and the New York crew.

Also they don't want CNY media to try to turn them into a "Boilergasm". Offers are everywhere no need to sweat with the upstate losers for this.

Again CNY prefers words over actions. Y
Boilermakers" are more CNYs speed you actually turn off people who would make a go at it. Stick to planning the 2015 Boilergasm.
Twice shy

United States

#6 Jul 13, 2014
What even did Bridisi want at the $1.5M for? I'm sure it all went for furniture through ROI Roann's ded husband's best friend he set up with 80% of the state's furniture and Office contracts.
Nobody trusts you scum there and nobody is going to entrust their IP and patents on your kind.
God forbid Brindisi's cousin or nephews or whoever they "prefer" decide to compete against your machines and software suddenly you won't get any traction once the corrupt CNY "Insiders" start sniffin around?
Every grant and job even is "spoken for" before anyone outside the "chosen few" even hears about it. Are you people crazy?
FzzzzuuuuuuuuuuckYou and all that fake bull.

Stick to the boilergassms CNY.

Nobody wants to play the upstate NY rigged games and get glommed onto like they all go gasssmic over the smallest thing. Seriously.
You do NOT risk your future where people like Brindisi and Hanna have the game rigged and NYS as usual "picks & chooses" who they "prefer" to do well in business. Same as they do with every other state involvement at all. People aren't that gullible to risk everything on these leeches and attention stars.
This is why

Paterson, NJ

#8 Jul 15, 2014
ChristianWinthrop Riggies wrote:
<quoted text>
They got their press conference and press release. It served their political purpose.
This is why nobody trusts the politicians there there is nothing going on not even a PLAN and they are all big on spending the money into their friend's pockets as soon as they can SCREAMING for the money to be available.

I'd love to see what these parasites are spending this on probably carpet or furniture from "Friends". This Brindisi douchebag and Griffo need to be burned alive for squandering away the area's future for their own greedy schemes.
No confidence in scum

United States

#10 Jul 15, 2014
This is why wrote:
<quoted text>This is why nobody trusts the politicians there there is nothing going on not even a PLAN and they are all big on spending the money into their friend's pockets as soon as they can SCREAMING for the money to be available.
I'd love to see what these parasites are spending this on probably carpet or furniture from "Friends". This Brindisi douchebag and Griffo need to be burned alive for squandering away the area's future for their own greedy schemes.
You mean you expects onida count career parasite politicians to do anything but their usual feeding just because it was "new"?

Just another scumbag scam for Brindisi and Griffo no doubt. That's why nobody will sign on nobody wants to stand there at a press conference with Hanna Brindisi and Griffo selling Schumer and Cuomo's pipe dreams. They work against anyone who isn't slathering their dicks and then bend over backward to hop on to someone's success when they DO make an advance or gain an IP. Nobody needs t pl;ay these people's thief games.

The game is a scam and they pick and chose who wins. Unless you are Joey Googootz nothing is any different than the usual crony favor program. Let them all rot and move on to another location where they are not involved with their thumbs on the scales and their fingers in the pies.
Brindisi OD says 500 jobs

United States

#11 Jul 15, 2014
Lol! I just looked this up the Observer Dispatch had an article last spring where they claimed FIVE HUNDRED JOBS REALLY!!!
FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE! To "test" drones at a rundown hi tax airport with big ramp fees stuck in upstate ny? I don't hear of ANYTHING going on there except Brindisi doling out cash to Friends & Family so far...... and AS USUAL there will be no follow ups or detailed explanation on who was paid what. That's the plan with these semi-public deals they don't have to account for the wasted tax dollars they sent off to family for "Nano Paving" and "Signs" their friends and family all make.
You people are sniffing fckng GLUE there aren't 500 jobs in "drone testing" in the WORLD!! Why don't they fact check this shyt Griffo and Brindisi blow up their asses?
Naturally no one will hold Brindisi and Griffo accountable, they'll be reporting on their TWO THOUSAND JOBS!!! REALLY at the NANO WOOD CHIP FACTORY"!!
Sure thing UPD racist

United States

#17 Jul 15, 2014
HOODS wrote:
For a worthless reggin it's funny how you dodge everything but dk, and live in a fantasy land.
Keep it up, knowing trash like yourselves spend your welfare lives worried about people who made it warms the heart.
Maybe I should teach you something so you can get off obama, just think you'll be able to afford quality.
Now your grog welfare brain will come back with how you own dk , but we all know you have nothing and no skills to use, it if you did.
Three years the same low tech reggin dribble.
Sorry no teh loser you're clearly in over your heads. The drone peeps don;'t need lessons on "Trolling Topis" to protect the cops' feelings, and they don;t need any help with tech you'll never even TOUCH loser.

Ranting on Topix trying to pretend your heart is warm for ending up in a parasite life makes MY heart warm thanks! And no they don't need any lesson on being a degenerate.
Air over

United States

#18 Jul 15, 2014
HOODS wrote:
Maybe, just maybe when you two welfare sreggin, actually can figure out simple computer skills, people might actually read your posts.
But babbling when your brains can't function on a real level but running your reggin mouths is worthless, much like your parents.
LOL! MAYBE when you stop showing your insecurity and lack of relevance on this subject you'll stop crying. Own it, you're just a loser DESPERATE to :prove" you even know ANYTHING beyond an end user level.

This is why nobody even will help you or provide you with a test ship for little more than your insurance. By the time you even START we'll own you and tell YOU who can and can't lol! Thanks! You aren't mature or sophisticated enough you're more "Sreggin" rant speed, after all you can't run from that we ALL KNOW it's you!

Thanks! My heart is warm rolol!

United States

#19 Jul 15, 2014
9 million hits! Picture ANYTHING from Utica getting 9 million hits lol!

CNY missing out as usual! LMAO!

San Antonio, TX

#22 Jul 27, 2014
They can lock in on the stench coming off your sow mother, then save the USA from leeches.

Clark Mills, NY

#26 Jul 27, 2014
I want drones. I'll give em 10 years free rent and pass an anti aircraft gun law so they don't get shot down. I'll do it for the children.

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