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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#21 Mar 6, 2013
Now there are ?s and they are logical..This story is a FACTUAL clever mix of manipualtions to cover certain people no matter what..There are TWO sides dueling her not including mine..ERIN MAXWELL has NO side..The public..and that is going NOWHERE. Lanza gave it his best shot under the circumstances and FACTS of then..His job was to defend is client under such a blanket of controversy..Knowing now that Erin was sexually abused..I believe JONES is 100% guilty and killed her to cover it up..In 2005 Tammy Rowe had the entire "profile" and cause behind Erin's death..No I have to spare some roon there ..WHO keeps sending these BAD scumbags to orperate? Tammy Rowe is long gone..it's NOT her and in 2008 it was NOT her..She defected as a bad scumabg in 2005 and used head games to torment me about all of this..Tammy Rowe was manipulated just as much as she manipulated....and that is book I was supposed to write with George Lundy..1-10-09 SOLDIER ONWARD.

Now the DEVENEY "scenes" of "THE THRILL" are in motion. Now one thing to focus on..The VEGAS Bill McCarty issue..she bought a 8-11 BILL FACTOR linked home..he blmes the bank for the date..Peggy Deveney blames National Grid for the 9-12 date obviously it's the same ROGUE behind it all..The image to set my boyfrined up was PREset up..waiting for Peggys move on him off "JUDITH" shit..there's the "reverse" MO right there..They set JONES up to sexually abuse Erin off what Tammy Rowe described as a would be a "profile" description..Then they set him up to kill her Tammy had the details of the plan..She tormented me it was my son..is how I understood it. I was not worried about her chit claims..It was Alan Jones she talked about.

The MO moves the same in each new "scene" pretty much so do the clues..and names.

No one died inthe BILl Mccary set up on me time frame..he was going to VEGAS..LUNDY had done his drive by on 8-18-11 the GALLOWAY death..off WILCOTT a cell bed clue..LUNDYS timing is also "Perfect" on many occasions.

So BILL says he saw me assualt Dorothy Mills BUT NO COPS..was his push on her.. He lied to police and he knows it..He did it to protect Mills..She was told to threaten him ..he now has a cover..I become homeless my death is expected off it..Bill would then go to VEGAS..He fixed me up with the HEAVY to carry JUDY DEAD END COMPUTOR clue...and set that JUDY up to take thr fall for it if need..he tried to incrominate her ..my glasses..etc.wheile he was trying to make it look like he was trying to help me get hired at HUHTAMAKI..His BROTHER GOT IN FINALLY-ALBERT...Bill M was part of "TEACH HER A LESSON" and had his "gain" planned off it in VEGAS..all I had to do was die ..They set tha head blow plan up on my son on 6-29. NICKEL LESS he lives if he does not do it..He might be better off for a while he need health care..BAD.
Is what I was thinking..He already lives in a shit hole.

Ok now it all lands off DA Nickelson-ccol way to clue the next dead FED..Have it your way guys..and of course JUDGE LUDINGTON. It was his brother? who took the phots of the Percival police cruiser house smash on West first across from mine who did NOT want my signs in the pics

Anyway DEVENEYS..got some birthdays..a sister on 12-5..who had a stroke..I believe was induced on her a while ago..His mother died on Thanksgiving..stroke at "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego..3 years ago. He has a daughter who married to a MILITARY JOHN..Keep on eye on JUDITHS LOS DOGS names..this daughters birthday 3-19..that's a BILL M "witness" date 'association" I met my boyfriend after it..as "profiled" hes supposed to high fat me to death..could be a very clever set up plan..imaged as he hooked with me for "protection" From who? The Peggy-Margaretville..set up on US.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#22 Mar 6, 2013
Now let me go back ot 8-18-11 for a minute the WILCOOT - GALLOWAY death clue day that GEORGE LUNDY did his drive by..off a "sue" roulette clue and designer clothes at the THRIFTY shop..where pressure was pu on an employee tp place them..she
s hispanic..all part of the balme her later with the scumbag crowd "he" and "they" fall back on plan..well someone sent them all along..Some one gave my mother the fed line to them also..just like Dorothy Mills had minute by minute..and shes deaf too..So no one shouted it to her either.

8-18-11... BILL McCartys BILL FACTOR house purchase date..and the 18 address of it..Hes planning a trip to VEGAS..off it all..He fronts wanting to get ne hired at HUHTAMAKI..he sets up the JUDY DEAD END COMPUTOR..heavy to carry..in the kill me off plan..coming on me off him and Dorothy...set up on me on 3-19-12..the Birthday fo my current boyfriends daughter..the forwarding clue to the new MILITARY "He" and "they" BAD "scene" if need on me..That name is JOHN..DOG JOHHNY of the mising 3...

So Dorothy is worked to threaten Bill ..its HIS cover..and he set me up for her off her..While playing clues to me on it like he was "trying to help" Bill can use Dottie as a cover I have to tell I saw her and heard it do it also..He fronted NOT wenting police called..she would have pulled something anyway later.."Half of Fulton is gonna wana kick your ass" he told me..Its on audio also..

The ROGUE set Diana FULTON COPS come..same ole same ole...transpires..more court waste of tax payer money BUT the DAS and JUDGES STILL get paid off it..

I never get my fair speedy troial rights so on 12-18-12 The ALBERT TEACH HER A LESSON DATE" it all gets "dismissed"...Now Bill M got his brother ALBERT hired finally at HUHTAMAKI off this while fronting "trying to help" me out on that..He brought his frined JUDY into to fromthe DEAD END a computor "association" plan "he" and :they" have here in oswego county and ROGUE NYS to "gain " off it right now in a "Sngie baby" cell phone -NYS GOV birthday "association" clue direction..on a SANDRA LEE "decipher" Sandy is lying..name plan.

BILL M told JUDY to take my glassesand throw them out ..I was in the house that night..I heard him..So he could blame her for the computor crap also.. So he can blame Dottie(her own fault-thats why he protected her she was his cohort.) and Judy now..

If I die he takes his trip to VEGAS..for his "TEACH HER A LESSON" payoff..a double ALBERT 'association" clue plan..Judge LUDINGTON just set the 12-18-12 "dismiswed" date off that whole set up to help kill me Oswego County "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "scene."

So fromthat MILITARY BILl to what is now AFTIN DEVENEY the "reverse" Margaretville in oswego this times MILITARY daughter scumbag recruiot role in all of this. That became a LINE UP date move on me with the SANDUHOOK shootings..Right now the FOCUS is what "JUDITH" and her conniving lawyer will pul in divorce court now. Please let it NOT BE another HAFNER JUDGE..or a HAFNER KISS ASS JUDGE..OFFICER : LESSE knew he was setting uo her husband and he knew I knew it..I said it. So what NYS ROGUES are planning off that is the FOCUS. So what they shot another FED..7 dead now ok I should have taken the money.."STUPID" me. lets forget that part.."he" and "they" want my son to be a back up "shes just like her mother" image for BILL VICKERY.in the JETTY plan..Thats a "scene" off all of this they plan to work in..

So right now the focus is how successful "JUDITH" off on "JARROD" Thats a BECKWITH name..an Orvis link maybe? I know Orvis's mouth from the casino..she sits with my mother..My eyes are open.

Where arethe BIG COST items stolen from that barn? JUDITH OR JARROD knows,,
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#23 Mar 6, 2013
Now I explained the last two posts two ways...

Ok right now "JARROD" is the barn burglary target..By "JUDITH" also off who he is..Some talk claims Lori wanted out of her house so she took him there...Others talk is "Jarrod" wanted to go.

JUDITH had fromthe start planned ot use him ..she says he did it -robbed the barn..WHY did she stop her husabnd then from taking waht was left out of it? Then say JARROD can breal in anytime he wants to..and she would leave the door open for him..she did..later. That was just stupid off a burglary..Then she left the door open ..items already reported stolen and tries ot blame her husband and Jarrod for it..she calls police trying to make it look like she left the door open and JARROD brough things to him ..He was telling police were stolen..? She made a spectaicle of herself the day the police were called about it all..So if police "find" the items he "proves" then he had them BUT if not he can't owned what he owned...JUDITH claims JARROD did it yet she later encouraged him more..I don't care whether he claims he heard her or not..He also said he did not do anything....BUT JUDITH on 9-4 knew exactly whan to time her act for police that lead to her 9-6 plan on her husband that ROGUE cops nme was L JESSE..Thats all part of the "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego set up on him..to where ROGUES want to be off it all later..LANZA is link to that name plan and past time frame "association" "scene"

The JUDGES and DAS dpont give a rats ass about twhat the public thinks the NYS HYPED that hate in 2008 on JONES-and whay did the public get out of it other than the bill for it? DAS and JUDGES get paid regardless so they have to really have to care what the public thinks....You can't blame LANZA..for NOT knowing what they knew along..They set it up
..3088 clue style..So YES laughing JUDGE Hafner my boyfriend has hired Lanza also..so they 'reverse" all that "JUDITH" shit to me by her continuing clues..like Dottie did.

Right now 3 missing dogs..timed AFTER the TRAIN TICKET placement..You have knwo this..the BONE COLLECTOR was a movie basedon a serial killers carefull placement for clues LINK ON RHYME "decipher" Lincoln Rhyme the main character who the killer plans to kill on his badge number clues to Jolie..(now time frame NACO TO WACO) A disabled cop..whos badge number is placed on a train as clue to JOLIE, Rhymes protoge that he's going to die next if she don't stop him first by fihuring out clues first..Her post is 3 post 11,,my birthday..began as a wedding ring death scene...Her name was Lindsey.so you get the gist..

JUDITH lets the dogs out..they vanished..They're NAMES..Midnight(12) Bubbles and Johhny.. dog IN 'REVERSE" IS god THAT PART I GET THEY TAUNTED ME ABOUT THAt LONG AGO ..I DID NOT OWN A DOG..

FOCUS right now is on the name JOHNNY..linked here is a military link a husband of my boyfriends daughter..her 3-19 birthday "association" He is also in the MILITARY right now. So clues are to another MILTARY BAD "scene" link to all of this..


Bubbles..champagne..or ?

sounds weird I know..BUt the TRAIN story SOPHIES CHOICE..The dog "JUDITH" has left is either Sophie or Rosie..I would think ROSE.

I need the focus on the lyrics of that soundtrack song..

One thing is clear in it ..

"Just remember in the winter" No..
"Far beneath the bitter snow"
"Lies the seed"
"That with the suns love"
"In the spring "
"Becomes The ROSE"

Is "JUDITH" now planning to bloom off all of this now? As DIVORCE proceedings begin against her..

Vienna Dickery

Ithaca, NY

#24 Mar 6, 2013
YES I have heard the chatter about "she molested the dogs" but I will NOT listen to scumbags anymore! Just like the TS Casino "Incident" where ROGUES decided to pay me in another angle on the "TIME WARN HER" scumbag method of operation (MO)

"JUDITH" is very excited about her divorce proceedings... apparently the OSWEGO county "OFF MEXICO" location is going to be the scene of another "OVERKILL" "SHE GETS NOTHING" plan... like when they hit my RED Jeep... red as in DEAD as in Erin Maxwell... do you see how these scumbags work?

3-13-13 is coming up as another "PERFECT" "COINCIDENCE" date combined with the "ORION" "THRILL OF THE KILL" train ticket clue... I guess scumbags are trying to "TRAIN" me to forget about the NYS license plate combined with the "REVERSE" "ENCRYPTED" 8/11 BILL FACTOR clues...
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#25 Mar 6, 2013
Vienna Dickery wrote:
YES I have heard the chatter about "she molested the dogs" but I will NOT listen to scumbags anymore! Just like the TS Casino "Incident" where ROGUES decided to pay me in another angle on the "TIME WARN HER" scumbag method of operation (MO)
"JUDITH" is very excited about her divorce proceedings... apparently the OSWEGO county "OFF MEXICO" location is going to be the scene of another "OVERKILL" "SHE GETS NOTHING" plan... like when they hit my RED Jeep... red as in DEAD as in Erin Maxwell... do you see how these scumbags work?
3-13-13 is coming up as another "PERFECT" "COINCIDENCE" date combined with the "ORION" "THRILL OF THE KILL" train ticket clue... I guess scumbags are trying to "TRAIN" me to forget about the NYS license plate combined with the "REVERSE" "ENCRYPTED" 8/11 BILL FACTOR clues...
Hey PIG Latin Diana Vickery poster... Your kind of funny .,,,You do unertand all of this..and you are good at "reversing" it..isn't cop killing fun? Whats with the ORION push? I did not even mention it? George LUNDY feel left out does he?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#26 Mar 6, 2013
Ok. to calm newtown scums...JUDITH testified under oath on 12-11-12 hat her husband had been out all night before the issues of 9-4..and she said he was all night with "someone" but never gave a name..so apparently she knows who he was with or she lied again trying to make others think she did....BUT it wasn't me..

Now that is what makes the issue of him staying out for two nights off the barn burglary so suspicous..about her..there was an issue..he left his things inthere..that remained..She took his clothes or knows who did..he did not have them or take them..JUDITH said "YOU LEFT" "Your clothes are gone out of that bedroom" He took no clothes..police advised him to leave...NOT move out just leave for a while.."JUDITH" was so scorned all of sudden..He nevertook them and she knew it all along. he never showed up with any either..I would say cuz that would mean he lied to me...So I would say so..

She ws setting him all around..He should NEVER listened to that cop..She set him up anyway.They have NOT offered to help...I TELL EVERYDAY DON"T TRUST COPS...They shot each pther for christ sake..My boyfriend gets suckered so easy..He thinks cops are out doing their jobs..NYS OFFICER L JESSE set him up off "JUDITH" and he knew I would see it.thats for late NYS ROGUE use in all of this..THEY CAN SHOT ALL THE COPS THEY WANT TO!

We are supposed to live here in our nrwtown that was set up on us..BROKE... Niholas Ivie was that "friendly" bullets narration plan name..

That name time frame 'association" clue link was LANZA...and it picks up from there..in the make an ass plan on him again..OR it stretchs out to me and my claims that I WILL NOT recant about Officer JESSE or any of them..to how it all got where it is now..and then you can use the audio of how JUDITH tells it..Nickel less or dead..As she plannedto get "EVERYTHING IS MINE" out of it.."I JUST WHAT I WANTED AND YOU"RE FUCKING DEAD" is the next phase of the "JUDITH" and ROGUE "He" plan..

All the phony ACTS of dignified presentation in the world won't change the FACTS of how they got there..

No let me get that GEORGE RD truck rollover..Someone set that driver up..Maegan talked about it in 2008..

Now she spoke of the Middle Rd also..and an accident there in which "He will be killed" They'll do it to him" The vehicle was GREEN..I had no clue where the Middle Rd was.. "In the middle" is a HUGE issue in all of this..and it links to my sisters end

The issues of car nwo fits..BUT the sale is suspicous..You don;t usually run into these issues off a car dealer lot ..even if the car is inthe back like a trade in..Usually a dealer does not want one of this nature there..The car dealers name FITS..of my boyfriend was ROGUE..BUT this has been set up on him ..again..I see the warning signs..

***Oh yes ORVIS BECKWITH won some BIG money in that BINGO HALL many times..also..Her photo is on the wall..The date on hers was suspicous to me..she won over $20.000.00. "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" ??

Same places, same names, MONEY etc..

If you take this suspicouis car and narrate off it ots a "crying" issue..right now for some reason the title of woener ship is in ? there's alein on it now.after the down payment was already takne and a receipt signed NOT even by the owner..BY one whos selling for one who claims it was given to them..Its all screwy..

I have a STRONG inclination if the audio of "JUDITH" did not exist off 9-6..The titleto this car would be here...The YEAR us "perfect" also..the color etc..I can't drive it..it's a stick..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#27 Mar 6, 2013
Let me break again Orvis claimed "something was ging on" too ..well so did my mother..she claism I set her up..I would NOT have given her over 13.000.00 on one game..END THAT NOW.

Now back to the car..It the right year color..BUT all of a sudeen there's a lien issue..It looks like from taking a my boyfriends in on it point of view..possible issue..nd the title come..BUT the jokes on him again..the plan is to pave the road by ROGUES to get JUDITH in place though clever doings and claims..just went on between Judge Hafner and DA school bell..called the value..as in NOT MINE OR YOURS.

There is an ausdo ofo JUDITH and "YOU'RE FUVKING DEAD" to him after she set him up...from talk maegan buck made in 2008 I had a fear JUDITH would try it if not one of these NYS ROGUES by their signature "accident" set ups. It explains the Middle Rd talk Maegan made in 2008..Then here in newtown the car appeared..its already to much overkill of deadly clues.

Now the title of that car is an issue..and like I said it sits on a dealers lot..?? the NAME of this LOT fits ROGUE planing..

Her husband being nickel less after they forced us to newtown by Aftin Deveny's chit..would have meant no DIVORCE or no car..Couldn't have BOTH then..He needs a back up car..SUV won't last forever..it's old..BUT he did some work on the SUV..so he's been lucky so far..Trans slips...had tha issue with the GREEN acheiva..HHmmm..its how my son got his. Low milage is attractive..BUT maybe not now.

They took the money for the down..the guy who signed for it signed for NOT the otitled owner but his sister who claims someone gave her the car..My boyfirend called the owner about maintence issues..he has never owned this type model before..they gave him the car records..The owner apparently was not happy aboput the sale issue..NOT supposed to happen..well he must oe money onthe car..lein..and gave it to someone to drive..she's with title trying to sell it..owner finds out..her brother signed the down payemnt receipt..Everything about this car is "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" in links to "THE THRILL" now that I have seen it..and looked into it..BUDGET wise it's "perfect."

I'm sure he was told and thinks it's a great car buy it..to me it sounded good..Then two and two began to add up and I looked into it.

It fits everything Maegan BUCK talked about in 2008..and that story was NOT good. It was an "accident" story..They get him in the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" car and then set him up..and JUDITH walks away with "EVERYTHING IS MINE" off it all..Had newtown scumbags pulled off the nickel less plan on him...

It's TOO "perfect" "COINCIDENCE."

I have told him I don't care if hes visiting a friend.. checking out a car..STAY OFF THAT MIDDLE RD..He won't listen..He never does until it too late..

United States

#28 Mar 6, 2013
I know Judith personally and she is a classy person, much unlike you Diana! She has done nothing wrong and all the stupid stories in the world won't change that!
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#29 Mar 6, 2013
Della wrote:
I know Judith personally and she is a classy person, much unlike you Diana! She has done nothing wrong and all the stupid stories in the world won't change that!
DELLA you don't know what class is..You should hear "JUDITH"S classy mouth on the audio I have of her..a charge she set up on her husband that was "dismissed" even after her tearful testimony act.. BETTER yet you should see the picture she recently posted about the missing dogs of which they finally found just one...You can see the fllor and couch in them that her 9 digs did damage to in 2 years..They do not look classy at all..or as if any classy person would be living there on them.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#30 Mar 6, 2013
So anyway ...one of Judiths dogs has been suddenly found..MIDNIGHT I believe..(12) But the other two are still out there..I'm happy they are alive.

Lets hope that all plans off all of this bavk off now....JUDITH can now use it as another being harrased claim...of her own carelesness..I am NOT changing ao word of any of it..


Hey my birthday is MONDAY and maybe all the dog tricks will be over by then..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#31 Mar 6, 2013
I am now getting input on the Syracuse car issue..

Scumbags claim being told this male was of course "trying to help" by selling this great car...(eye roll) to bad he did own it before he tried to..

Sp apparent there was lots of talk about the issuse and scumbags front it all as this male was just "trying to help"...So its becoming more and more clear to me something foul was planned in this..See this car the GERMAN TRAIN TICKET(let me ad on a public train system that has not run that way in 20 years..This. ticket was to a place inthe GERMAN ALPS..and exclusive location..Not a daily commuter run....to the missing dogs and NAMES and a story Maegan BUCK also told..all as MY 3-11 birthday nears..His daughters birthday 3-19..They have not found DOG JOHNNY yet..but MIDNIGHT is back...don't forget 3-19 is the date Dorothy Mills and Bill McCarty set me up...and DA Nickelson did not think Dotties "concussion" claim off it all was worth making issue of on her behalf..

In other talk news..."He" claims I wiull just drop dead...Maybe like Geroge Levea did..talk is the medical part has already been told how to play it..FACT is I am going through a change of life as I will be 50 MONDAY..I may just end up on the floor a few times..dizzy spells fatigue etc....I don't think you die from that..

YES IU am aware fo the claims Maegan ,ade "they" would "break in: and sabatoge my food..maybe then I will just "drop dead"...Like GEORGE LEVEA did? Meds called it a "sudden attack of illness" cover and we all know how medical works in "THE THRILL"..and that is probably WHY MAN the NYS LIC Plates link here the way they do.

YES if the isswue of the car becomes difficult YES my boyfriend will be making issue of it..I will make sure of it..Those trips up there are not cheap..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#32 Mar 6, 2013
YES I have alrewady heard the scumbag claims "Syracuse police will say they can't do anything for him" I would bet then they set it all up..
hank hill

Greensburg, PA

#33 Mar 6, 2013
Diana Vickery wrote:
YES I have alrewady heard the scumbag claims "Syracuse police will say they can't do anything for him" I would bet then they set it all up..
is he good to you? Thats really all that matters.

Ithaca, NY

#34 Mar 6, 2013
I am going to laugh so hard when they finally lock your fat butt up into the psych ward
hank hill

Greensburg, PA

#35 Mar 6, 2013
L O L wrote:
I am going to laugh so hard when they finally lock your fat butt up into the psych ward
buzz off jackass...theres important shit in these msgs! I mean, I don't really know what it is but one of these days Diana will be calm and retype them and they will be understandable. She can actually be comprehendable if shes not in a panic, which it seems she is when she writes these long posts. You have to pick and choose what you want to know about and ask her about certain things, then you get an understandable answer before she gets sent into panic mode again.

And don't lie, you'd shit a brick if you figured out any part of all of this is true...We all would.
hank hill

Greensburg, PA

#36 Mar 6, 2013
Clearly this Judith is insane! Midnight is totally a cats name! Poor doggy. Do you have any pets Di?(other than your bf lol)
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#37 Mar 7, 2013
L O L wrote:
I am going to laugh so hard when they finally lock your fat butt up into the psych ward
I might just sit there and laugh with you...since after all that psych thing has been a claim since ohh 2003 or so..They sure do take their time..I wonder why?

Regardless of what happens from here on ..it one change one FACT of the past in all of this ..YOU can call claims "crazy" all you want it flatters me..as much as a bunch of scumbags did on 2-28 while I was at the TS Casino and hey shouted out to others how the TS Casino was "giving" me money out of the machines on fixed wins..I did not say a word..I LOVED it.."crazy" anyday hun..as long as the money flows..to me who does NOT need my mothers hand to help me grab it..

Call me "crazy" all you want..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#38 Mar 7, 2013
hank hill wrote:
<quoted text>
is he good to you? Thats really all that matters.
Thats about the car issue sitting up in a syracuse car lot..for sale with no title ot it and we stumbled upon it...It sounded to good to be true to me from the start..Scumbags know more then they let on about this one and play it down with "he was trying to help" ouput on it.."trying to help" is a BAD thing scumbag recruits do..They forget to finish the end of that claim..Trying to help THE THRILL OF THE KILL" that is what they are doing..and its usually for money or something stupid BUT valuable to them..Valerie Dedich got her life and body cleaned up was given a new job..she is supposed to be the Kim Kardashian of they movie on all of this..later...The issue was how Kim father Bob Kardahsian ROBERT died just 6 months after Johhny Cochran of a brain issue also..off the OJ Simpson trial he won..Many claimed back then the Kardashian's made their talentless fortune off asimilar deal like this one..Their mothers name after all is KRIS..and their father would not at all have approved of how his daughters make their money being Kim of course being HOLLYWOODS most glamourus sleaze right now..right now in its married to white guy ..ran off with a black guy a few months later and is already pregant by him.. not even divorced yet...She mad yet another "mistake" it gets old..claiming her husband has no right to hold her legally in the marriage..if anything she should be sued by him for marriage fraud..Beverly Davis ..is the mother of Valerie dedich ..it was Valerie who turned on her mother who set all this up for val to benefit off it...in her "GOOD WOMAN" role in this..Bev was invesigated for food stamp fraud. BUT she did however get the Jeep Liberty she bragged ot her daughter during it all that she would..So that probably makes Val wonder too..if she should stayed with her mother all along..

Now the story was Beverly si old lesbian and NOT a clean one..toe fungus the whole nine yerds..she was the one scumbags taunted me about in 2009 as I was being to have my mother "saved" me from scumbags..I mistook the taunts as being direced at me ..They were warning me ..if I throws the game what would happen..Valerie was inthe process of being cleaned up and rebuilt--yes skin removal ec..surgery..all she decided to just suddenly do claiming because her husband left her..by the time i met her in 2011 she still had not learned to clean her own house..BUT was fronting this BIG business woman professional image..till you see whats really behind the door..kind of thing..it all looks great just coming out of the shower.

So the K.Kardashian issue scumbags make and her mother was interesting,.Americas new woman image Kim Kardashian.. I thinks it funny..Now Val WAS told by her mother K Kardashina WILL play her in the movie..

Yes my boyfriend is good to me..He's under a lot of stress..I have seen and heard myself how scumbags taunt him how much he can benefit from all of this if he does what they want to me..NOT GOOD..His own neice Aftin Deveney told him "they" would find him a new girlfriend..if he did what she wanted..well if "they" have all this power why didn't they stop her boyfriend from getting arrested after she claimed his mother started an issue with her?

Issues like that..go on all the time uint eh scumbags non stop quest to comply with ROGUE cops like L Jesse in motion for "JUDITH"..she ended up in jail on that one..and I am sure JUDGE Hafner padded her on the back anyway off it..the Other JUDGE Hafner that is..I'm sure he just slapped her wrist..after he put on a good show.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#39 Mar 7, 2013
hank hill wrote:
Clearly this Judith is insane! Midnight is totally a cats name! Poor doggy. Do you have any pets Di?(other than your bf lol)
Yes you could easily get that impression about her..The way she lies..is unreal and to anyone at any time..even under oath to get what she wants..the trail testimony she gave on 12-11-12 was at best hysterical but ridiclous at the same time..She test ified she had "son" My boyfriend wonders now ..she never told him she had a son...claim is she made that up for some story she's going to tell about being harrassed by scumbags..WELL JOIN THE CLUB JUDITH..You're not the first and you won't be the last..WHY do you think the whole City and County does not move on the story of "those cops" or the levea brothers deaths etc.. That even JUDITH said ..You can tell something went on" "yes I do believe they shot those cops"... well NO kidding. Oh let me guess now she was quoting my father...Does JUDITH talk to my father or know him?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#40 Mar 7, 2013
Now here's the story I heard..about the ABC News NYS Gov CUOMO link..its HIS brother CHRIS the reporter ..as to why WHY MAN My sister known as Angie baby in all of this..who made contact with Lorinda Fullington in 199 or so ..to fill her in on the CROMIE issue back then..He would die in
the same time frame..Cromie of course the Os.Co. Sheriff who seriously violated my civil rights in 1996..I move to Oswego in 1999 Jan for the first time and by June hes dead..Hes the name G.Lundy used in 2003 to swy me into thinking he was stil on my back..Lundy knew he was dead..So why do think there has been no confrontation by Lundy on me about this claim ..becuase he said it thats why..and TIME if I die as they try to methodicaly kill me now through a series of scumbag recruits... washes it all away.

Its all part of why Oswego DA Nickelson violated my fair and speedy trial rights off the false charge Dorothy Mills brought on me on 3-19-12..He probabaly use the more pressing obligations line..well YOU NIckelson pressed to lkeep the charge going..DO YOUR JOB..and BIG issue with inthat office ..still working the very costly to taxpayers JUDTICE FOR ERIN thing ...maybe some day they will get it right BUT don't hold your breath.. 3-19-12 is also my new boyfriends whom I did not know then daughters birthday..thats a forwarding clue link to a new MILITARY link in all of this direction..Like Aftin Deveney was...NOT GOOD. Nothing MILITARY is good..its more and more appearing go tne the FOUNDATION of THE THRILL deaths..and continuing scumbag activity of it..

NYS GOV CUOMOS birthday is 12-6.. Angie Babys cell phone during most of this was 1206..of course my parents CHARLES RUNGE clued phone by an "accident" set up on me on 4-8-04 with some help from ROGUE NYS POLICE to embellish the report on it Officer MD Beiderman #4619 took care of that "scene"..-well my parents # 1205...link to the day I "win" at the TS Casino Bingo Hall 12-5-09..oh my mother did "win" that night also..

On 4-15-08 while at the offices of the Syracuse FBI..I gave the FBI..get this her name was NANCY..another "perfect" Newtown to LANZA clue this time a MOTHER name direction..well during our observed alk I gave her NYS LIc plate of AFD-5166 that had many times attempted to run me off the road..it was unknown to me then that the 5166 linked ot GOV CUOMOS fathers 6-15 birthday leaving a 66..a "perfect" YEAR clue to the first death a child killed in Hannibal on 3-8-06..that by 2008 I tried to make BIG issue in Fulton but was labeled "crazy" by scumbags who harrassed me..CHARLIE DIEFENBACHER was top of that list..and he knows something about that childs death.

I did not know that ANDREW CUOMO would be our GIV in 2010..How could I have back then..since he left such a nad taste in peoples mouth on his first bid for it in 2002 or so..and lost.

Angie Vickery Lenahan Vanburen my sister..played BOTH sides of this all along..She not good socially ..Fulton like that in people..She never cared for her children lost custody of all of them now..etc..multiple fathers etc..NO job..Drinks heavy..She played BOTH sides of this..and she may have started it in 1999..Through Lorinda Fullington OR was set up to be the front for that..

There were many times when she claimed ot be supporting me..and many times when she claimed ot NOT be..Oh she las lots of friends..Fulton LOVES sleaze..They "support" sex offender..stil under court jurisdiction etc..BUT would NOT move their asses for something good..


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