Brad Frankland NYM police chief on le...

Brad Frankland NYM police chief on leave after complaint

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Mower Man

Utica, NY

#1 Aug 19, 2008
This should be good. New York Mills has its share of a$$ho1es running the place.
Hydro Rules

New York, NY

#2 Aug 19, 2008
Who gives a sh!t about New York Mills.?


#3 Aug 19, 2008
So what did he do?

Utica, NY

#4 Aug 19, 2008
This is getting good! Read the comments after the article from what they say it looks like something bizzarre went down in New York Mills. That place really IS Mayberry it needs an enema!
Bob Cat


#5 Aug 19, 2008
What did he do?

Syracuse, NY

#6 Aug 20, 2008
ny mills is getting worse then utica with landlords not giving a fling filp about thier apts.
Brad D

Utica, NY

#7 Aug 20, 2008
Robyn Bailey filed a complaint? Who aimed a tazer at who?
Bob Cat


#8 Aug 20, 2008
What did she allege?
Dirty Donna

United States

#9 Aug 20, 2008
Front page news. Said Nothing. Slammed by innuedo. Typical. Where are the articles about Mike Arcuri, supported by documentation, that he plowed the field of government contracts for in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS? No, let's instead have Scotty Boy talking about a non-story smearing a low paid village police chief with 25-years under his belt.
Friendly Frankland

Utica, NY

#10 Aug 20, 2008
NEW YORK MILLS — A New York Mills village employee who resigned in May after citing a “hostile” work environment has filed a complaint against the village police chief, according to Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara.

McNamara confirmed Tuesday that former assistant village clerk Robyn Bailey made a complaint against village Police Chief Bradley Frankland sometime in June, but McNamara would not discuss any of Bailey’s allegations.

McNamara could not confirm whether Bailey’s complaint had anything to do with a personnel investigation under way against Frankland in the village.

McNamara has since forwarded Bailey’s allegations to village Mayor Robert Maciol because “some of the information she complained about he should be aware of,” McNamara said.

“I’m aware of the allegations, and at this point, we’re waiting to see the results of their internal investigation and what happens in New York Mills before we decide how to proceed,” McNamara said.

Neither Bailey nor Frankland could be reached Tuesday.

Frankland has been on paid administrative leave since Tuesday, Aug. 12 — the same day Amric Associates in Syracuse was hired by the village as an independent agency to investigate the complaint against the police chief, village Mayor Robert Maciol said.

Frankland’s annual salary is $47,607.

Amric’s fee is $55 per working hour, Maciol said. At this point, it is unclear how long the investigation will last or how much it will cost, he said.

The complaint was made by a former village employee within the past two weeks, but Maciol would not name that employee.

According to Bailey’s May 4 resignation letter, she left her position following what she described as “extreme personal harassment” and a “hostile and uncomfortable work environment” at
the municipal offices. Bailey had been employed by the village since November 2005.

Bailey's resignation letter also said the office had “become an extremely politically driven place to work” and that she frequently found herself “defending accusations that pertain to me and my immediate and extended family.”

Frankland will remain on administrative leave as long as the complaint is being investigated, Maciol said.

“It’s a situation where we’re dealing with a small community, and the Village Board just decided it would be in the best interest of everyone involved that he would not be working while all this was going on,” Maciol said of Frankland.“We’re trying to be fair to all parties here.”

In the meantime, village police Sgt. Lee Soja will oversee the department, Maciol said.

Maciol would not discuss the allegations against Frankland, but he did encourage the public to avoid any speculation pending the outcome of the investigation.

“I certainly want to assure the public that the police department is a professionally run police department, so please do not jump to any conclusions,” Maciol said.“This matter was brought to our attention, and I assure everyone there will be a thorough and fair investigation. Wait until it’s over, and make your opinions at that point.”
Friendly Frankland

Utica, NY

#11 Aug 20, 2008
Gee, what makes you think Frankland is such a nice guy. I wonder if Dave Neary was in on the harassment. Another nice guy.
The Clown

Rome, NY

#12 Aug 20, 2008
Fatso is nothing but a want to be bully.

Lockport, NY

#13 Aug 21, 2008
What about the Mayor? What does he say... "NOTHING".. New York Mills needs a new Mayor
just listen

Cazenovia, NY

#14 Aug 21, 2008
you think he didn't harrass people? he screwed with everyone, this time he got caught!! hats off to robyn!!! i hope she gets him canned!! if enough people come forward, they'll have to get rid of they should! tip that department upside down and clean it out!!!


#15 Aug 23, 2008
What kind of stuff did he do?

Level 2

Since: Jul 08

Galeton, PA

#16 Aug 28, 2008
Sorry for the delay, I had archived most of the juicy comments from the OD, earlier in the week:

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sofunnyat4201 day ago
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I'd love to know the name of the firm investigating this complaint, because I have a few of my own to give!
His silly nonsense has gone on way too long! NY Mills needs basically a whole new police force. They have absolutely no respect for the citizens in which they claim to protect!
theranger1 day ago
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Rob Maciol's scholarly quote of the day: We are looking into it as best we can with an outside agency looking into it for us.'

With the exception of Village Justice Glenn, the whole governing structure of that village needs to be cleaned out. The mayor, the trustees, the police force (just merge it with NH or Whitestown already)... everyone! Without some new blood into elected office soon we might as well go ahead and officially change the name of the village to 'Mayberry.'

onewhocares24 hours ago
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Didn't the mayor just get elected? Isn't he new blood? NYM needs new voters who will vote new people in.
fatcat23 hours ago
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nym has allways been a home for mayberrys finest-cause they couldn't in a real polelice dept
fatcat23 hours ago
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nym has allways been a home for mayberrys barneys-cause they can't make it in a real dept-thank GOD its not a paid fire dept. the way its run
Mad Whitestowner23 hours ago
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More local police doing what they want. Local yocals gone wild!

This is the case with the Whitestown police, justices, and fire depts. as well. Redneck style police, who couldn't hack it in the County police force, judges so darn old it's a miracle they remember their name let alone the law, and glorified 'blue light specials' that think they are 'gods gift' to the the town and village. Red light bars, and sirens for volunteer firefighters??!! Blue is the color for vol. fd., even for chifs with big ego's.

What about our former, fearless leader Matt Shannon!!??? Enough said about that guy.

Consolodation won't fix this problem, elimination and start from start from scratch. I'd gladly pay higher taxes for a government that works.

Mayberry is NYC compared to this crap!
someonewhocares22 hours ago
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Level 2

Since: Jul 08

Galeton, PA

#17 Aug 28, 2008
sofunnyat420: What part of 'no personal attacks' did you not understand in the pool rules? Oh, wait, I just looked at the end of your username. I see why you didn't get it.
Fair22 hours ago
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Thanks for signing the Village up for a nasty lawsuit Mayor Maciol. Your inability to deal with anything negative is going to cost us as taxpayers! Where are the other TTEES? McCoy I believe you weren't in office when this all occurred? Are you the Mayor's new puppet? I believe the tip of this iceberg just got hit!! Clearly Frankland has something on Maciol..why else would he commit political suicide in this manner? Does Administrative leave mean were still paying him TAXPAYERS?
GARBUNIAK22 hours ago
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What exactly is the nature of the complaint?
jd12322 hours ago
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As a NYMills resident... I don't get why the fire department, and people other than the police chief / police department / Mayor need to come under attack with these posts, this story is about the PD?

Just to defend my community FD, I think you're thinking of a different department within whitestown with their red light bars (I can name it, but I won't because they are not affiliated with this story). Most of the Mills Firemen rarely use their blue light unless needed, I see them drive by my house to get to calls. As for sirens for the volunteers, other than the chiefs, that's illegal.

I moved to Mills from another Whitestown village, I have been here a few years now. I wouldn't think twice about moving back. If you think Mills is bad... ha! I could get into other whitestown village issues, but this isn't the place. This is a story about a complaint towards one person, not to vent your anger towards everyone. And, since this story has nothing to do with volunteer firefighters or the judge, it's not a fair playing field to attack them in these comment posts.
onewhocares22 hours ago
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Not to be confused with 'someonewhocares.' The Whitesboro FD is very professional - I have seen them in action (and no, no one in the family is a member). Sorry if from time to time someone has to move out of ther way but believe me, they come quickly when there is a medical emergency as well as a fire. These volunteers get a bad rap.....they spend lots of hours taking lots of mandated classes as well as leaving family or work when they are needed.

Not sure what Frankland did (I know he didn't pass a physical). That alone should have kept him from promotion. Also, not all cops working in small towns/villages are hot dogs. Recently, a Utica cop was fired because he harrassed women. There are lots of civil service laws to deal with bad employees....either no one complains legally or the top dogs ignore the complaints
jd12321 hours ago
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onewhocares -- I agree with you!! Why are people bashing the VOLUNTEER firemen in the comment section of a story that is completely unrelated. These volunteer firefighters (regardless of what department they belong to) put their life on the line for you and me. A quote from the WTC tragedy was 'When everyone else runs away, they run into the fire.'(Something along those lines). It's true. I for one would NEVER be able to do what they do, they should be commended, not made fun of because they run a blue light to their call. What if it was your family member laying there, what if it was your house on fire? Wouldn't you want them to get there as fast as they could? If I ever needed their help, they would be God's Gift to me!!... they SHOULD be proud of what they do.

I would ALSO love to know the nature of the complaint! Then we can start to judge! Hopefully that will be released in the next couple days??? After the village looks into the outside agency that is looking into it for the village... Who's looking out for what now?
1st Amendment21 hours ago
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Level 2

Since: Jul 08

Galeton, PA

#18 Aug 28, 2008
I find it funny that Trustee Mc Coy knows they are hiring a firm out of Syracuse but is unsure of the name. Either they don't want to reveal the name or they are truly inept.
onewhocares18 hours ago
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The OD really needs to get their stuff together. The beginning of the article in today's OD paper named the company in Syracuse as Amric Associates(although I have never heard of them). If you went on to read the article further, the reporter then says that the mayor could not give the name of the company when at the beginning of article, the reporter quoted mayor as giving the name of the company. It is confusing enough to follow this story without the OD confusing us further - mayor gives name of company but then says mayor doesn't know name of company.

What is the deal with NYM?
sofunnyat42018 hours ago
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Oh & i'm not here to bash the fire department or its voluteers in NYMills. I just think that in an area where there are few jobs to begin with, I don't believe we need the same person consuming three jobs. 1 as a Judge, another as the Fire Chief, And last but not least an employee of the NYMills School District! Does Glenn really need all these jobs! And why do half of the police department have jobs at the whitestown/whitesboro departments? are there not other recruits who would like the opportunity to earn a paycheck. I thought thats why there's police academys? to train other to serve and protect, preventing police departments from hiring the crooks from a village over!
Mad Whitestowner17 hours ago
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Therangers merger comment did get me a little huffy and off topic. The vol. depts. should all be elminated, all the individual courts, all the individual DPW's, all the individual mayors, and lastly to combine all the individual police depts, into a Town of Whitestown operation with higher standards for all agencies across the board and perhaps we could weed out problems that have happened with village police.

DUI's in police cars, complaints, an actual animal control officer that does the job, and officers so out of shape they discrace the very uniform they wear.
firefox72216 hours ago
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'sofunny' you just want to bash everyone don't you. Maybe you should check your own insecurties, their clearly are some as you seem to be very upset at every official in the village. It'll be okay, just get out of whatever dead on job im sure your at, and do something besides bash people on a blog all day.
Disgusted-Daily16 hours ago
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This is what happens when you put a Police Tazer to someone's head and tell them that if you don't vote for Maciol for Mayor and he looses this is what your going to get.

I hope Maciol is ousted out along with allot of other village members, Clerk, Codes and Police Department. The times of treating people like sh*t are long over. These corrupt officials that think they are above the law will be dealt with accordingly.

I do agree that it is a shame the the tax payers have to pay for this screw up because our Mayor has no back bone and a huge conflict of interest with the Police Department.
Fair14 hours ago
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Level 2

Since: Jul 08

Galeton, PA

#19 Aug 28, 2008
Please tell me this isn't TRUE!! Maciol your a COP for Gods sake!! So the message we are going to send is go ahead threaten our Village employees with deadly weapons. ITS OKAY WITH US!! If you can't handle Chief Frankland in New York Mills what makes you possibly EVEN REMOTELY think you could handle our Sheriffs Department Maciol!! This is embarrassing to everyone in our entire Village!! I would bet you folks knew about this long before today and haven't addressed this matter until your hand was forced. Feel very sorry for this employee!!
firefox72212 hours ago
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Disgusted Daily where exactly are you getting your information?That is a very far fetched allegation.
Rashka13511 hours ago
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I know Brad Frankland. I was in the same high school with him back in 1979. And I can say he was the nicest, kindest, most considerate person I ever knew. He always stuck up for the weaklings in the schools against the bullies. He was always polite, not only to his classmates, but also the teachers. As a student, Brad was top shelf! He would even volunteer his after school time to help other students during study periods and help with their homework. When he decided to become a police officer, I knew he would make a fine officer.
I do not appreciate what all this speculation is concerning Chief Frankland. The facts are not all in. I'm sure that in his over 25 year career in the police, this is his very first complaint. That's a good record for a police officer in this day and age. And I'm sure this complaint will amount to nothing. It's probably just sour grapes on the part of the complainer.
Disgusted-Daily10 hours ago
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'firefox722' I certainly can not and will not give up my sources. Why do you feel this allegation is so far fetched?
ladyluck1310 hours ago
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Rashka135: lol yeah you just described Brad to a T---he was exactly the opposite in HS and he hasn't changed his bullying tactics since!!! Thanks for the laugh tonight!

firefox722: sorry, but Disgusted Daily is right on target. Funny though how Rob didn't know about it when pretty much every one else in NYM did, particularly since it's alleged that Rob was present during the whole sordid thing! Just goes to show you what some people see as everyday-no big deal, others take offense to.
Disgusted-Daily10 hours ago
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'Rashka135' Who said anything about speculation? How can you be so naive to any speculation unless you can prove it is wrong? I assure you this is not his first complaint, where are you getting them facts from, the cracker jack box? This is a man that went from a Police Officer to the Chief. I ask you how this is done unless the Mayor is a Police Officer who was trained by Frankland when he first started. Again a huge conflict of interest and that is why the tax payers now have to flip the bill for an outside firm to complete a one way investigation. This was clear cut black and white incident with other people that saw it happen. So why the need for an outside investigation? The DA office didn't need one. It is time for the so called Mayor and his Clerk to step down and not tarnish the Village any further. To think he tried to be Sheriff, are you kidding me he cant solve any issues that he is faced with so far.

Oh, them sour grapes that you refer to will end up as a civil lawsuit, that she will most surely win.
KarterHoford9 hours ago
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Cop Land

New York, NY

#20 Aug 28, 2008
Ollie Tercucci
Dude you need to get a life, or better yet a job. Way Way too much time on your hands.

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