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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 4, 2013
I am going back to "soundtrack" taunts from way back in THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "He" and "they" used songs to torment me in ways I could NOT make anyone understand then and barely understood it myself..

BUT now there is ONE song which I printed out on 11-23-09 and still have from the way it was used back then..The Last Chance Texaco..also a song I owned..Now you have to know this also..Maegan BUCK did NOT live above me when the song was ued in taunts..This was 09 and she moved in 2008-Oct. The summer of 2009 was very different from all the rest..I had found a job at a MICROTEL as a housekeeper(WHY MAN the housekeepers name in room 118 at Days Inn in Oswego where Me and Bill McCarty stayed on his getaway from Dottie..and where the housekeepers name was Chrissy-"perfect" "COINCIDENCE") See how they do shit?

MICROTEL-I was hired there by a MILITARY scumbag recruit who was the manager then..and I am sure he got "gain" for it. He also retired while I worked there. My sons car was running bad then ad baout to give..The NYS LIC plate 3088 GREEN Achieva. The owner was told to lay me off..and this was used a sthe excuse..he was also told if he did not his business would suffer..a "reservations" issue..the talk was "they will get into his computer and reservations will cancel and stop" I got laid off.. The amount of my UI was set to begin at 118.00 a "reverse" BILL FACTOR clue..NOT GOOD..a mental ploy..My power was already out on 7-7-09(Same day the LOTTERY ran Thomas Lindseys badge number 4963 I was supposed to BUY tickets a specific way..I did NOT) and it was starting to hit me the Casino taunts could be real after all the deaths were. I saw the numbers while at MICROTEL..and said "There they are" I was shocked a little I guess even then..

My mother had NOT yet saved me from Fulton scumbag who worked hard to trap me inthis situation..every rumor you could spread about a human being was being spread about me then..anyway they saw fit..It kept me unemployed..until MOCROTEL-"The insignificant amount of people you will get this story out too." In other words then stop trying hint.

There was a song used on me then I was very familiar with..The Last Chance Texaco.."That long stretch of highway that bends into 1-9" is the opening line. Now MICROTEL sits just down the road from 690 where the 1-90 off ramp is mile up..and I knew this song was being used a clue link to that area. I struggled for along time then to figure out the lyrics..NOW they make "perfect" sense..I printed those lyrics out on I worked on it then..This was before my mother "SAVED" me and a HUGE part of the reason that was all set up to be on me..Its in the song lyrics..Here's what you need to know.

From MICROTEL you pull onto RT 31(YES STATE RT 31 where further down you will find the 4531 ALLSTATE address of Penny Levo's office(a "Pay her off in Pig Latin" 4531 badge number clue link the "friendly" way had already gone on)..So right there IS the "HE" plan clues..MICROTEL(no ones going to know) to Penny Levo's AKA nickel less. Unless I take the Last Chance TEXACO route..The TS Casino direction way. Clues work like this..That long strch of highway..was NOT to take 1-90..BUT RT 31 and NOT tell anyone. If you take ST RT 31 and pass the 4531 address..You head towards Oneida though many places Clay. Cicero etc..On ST RT 31 onthe right side is a building with a large TEXACO STAR painted on it..a RARE thing to see now days.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 4, 2013
YES 2009 and the issues of the THRILL OF THE KILL' were on me bad then and as usual the endless supply fo BAD scumbags ran it all in one direction "reverse" of the they were instructed too..some still do..NOT as bad no as it was back then..You name it as bad and they spread rumors I had done it..employers would NOT hire me etc..I was then too "stupid" to have a job..Fulton had a "THRILL OF THE KILL" to maintain and it would be no other way.

The force upon me to take the money offers was to me almost unbearable at times..I knew what came attached to it..I was NOT going to do it under any circumstance..BY August I had been laid off from MICROTEL..The ONLY place allowed to hire me for obvious "THRILL" narration reasons now. By Sept I was cold, hungry and in need..and the "OFF MEXICO" DSS played their games with me too..from Food stamps to heap. I snow slept in a car in my driveway that did not move(trans was gone) but you get get heat out of it..and it was getting cold. I hd lost 20 pds in 45 weeks..118.00 after paying your rent does NOT leave you much to eat off and DSS took a long time to get those FS moving..Of course adult protective showed up AFTER..YES my house was clean regardless.

The scumbags were forcing me to let my mother "saved" me from them..and by Oct she was ready to do just that..I had not seen her in or talked to her in a LONG time years..My nephew started showing up just prior in Sept..My sister CHRIS'S son..and from there my mother "saved" me soon after by Oct 09. Was the GEORGE LUNDY set it all up for her in motion image in "reverse" off all of this? Who was her? It all links to my mother under my fathers image. My father clearly counteracted her in this even infront of me..He had been for a LONG time..its WHY MAN 4531 sat on Brinkherhoffs badge...and the scumbags set up the rest..MY mother TOLD my father the BAD plan..he was angry at her for it many times..and the intimidation tactics on him was there also. What I dont uderstand is the CLEAR and obvious use of his image..and how it's presented in this but NOT in the ROGUE's anti..

Jerry(my "finally got a job after 40 years" as commented in 2003 in Oswego Wallen's office LUNDY'S "friend" 2003 took my mother who invited me to the casino on 12-5-09.

That night on 12-5-09 Jerry made a point of showing me how to play roulette..?? I had my ;win: and knew somethng was up..NO I could NOT even smile or be happy about it..I played the storm game that a song used way back...I also have... "Never have I been a blue calm sea" "I have always been a storm" I know now a TANYA "YA NOT MELLOW" MELLON clue link to her death one week after I "move"ed to my mothers. I spent 130.00 on the game a 13 clue as Maegan taunted about it and one week later Angie baby "win" $1300.00 in the casino also(now Angie claims she was NOT required to pay taxes on that amount that week..?? Did she lie about it?)just as Maegan said.."They'll add a zero".."reverse " "zero's mean nothing" clue.

The LAST CHANCE TEXACO now narrates like this "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" all the way now to the "block busted blonde" lyric clues..and how that links now to me here in NEWTOWN


Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Jan 4, 2013

as declered by "He" and "they"

"That long stretch of highway that bends into 1-9." 1-90 thruway clue route NOT to take.
Leads in lyrics to a trcuk driver by "Sleepy diesel eyes" to a "slow easy mark" refrence..a TRUCK DRIVER linked to a 3-8-06 accident" that killed a child..The "reason" I was at the offices of the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08..It was no "accident."

In 2006 as Charlie diefenbacher had jusr recently moved in to 151 above me..He began the whole issue..along with Dave Quinn at Birdseye.."Sodium Pantathal" weekend on me on 2-25-chardes to his "SHE JUST SAID HIS NAME" reaction to my use of the name "Virgil" talking about school and those I knew..Charlie was confronted with a reply to his "They want to know if she says his name" as he evesdropped on me something Charlei did a lot..its why he moved in "WHO wants to know?" Charlie said "Angie." A few weeks later the niece of this school mate was killed by truck driver on 3-8-06...and that is the start of the linking LIGHTHOUSE clues off Tammy Kennedys placement if Harbour Credit in my hand in 2005..The child belonged to the LIGHTHOUSE CHURCH in MEXICO..Erin was the PIRATES clue..another link to lighthouses, ships and captains..The dates 3-8-06 and 8-30-08 the YEARS 6 and 8 a GEORGE funeral date link.

Charlie was proteced on 3-21-08( a pivoatl birthday linked to a weary sailor I know from Oswego(that goes off in a music "Willie and the Hand Jive taunt direction in this)..and the painted LIGHTHOUSE in the harbour os lighthouse models the CHRUCH in Mexico. I see IT. YOU don't YOU have scumbags controlling your minds.

Charlie DID get fired..BUT his life got better..The wendy's DAVID Scumbag recruit who wrked me on the arson issue that day using Charlies name ..Did he get his "gain"..? Pay attention to the string DAVID names of how they worked "Pay her off (David Brinkerhoff) in Pig Latin" on those behind it all glory in how they have forced me now to get this out..and how they plan to "gain" off it all later..a "get Maureens kids some money" plan. Those clues come again by "accident" later also.

Lyrical references to running out of gas or the car just breaking doen was the predicament I was in also then.

To the chorus that for me warns this is my LAST CHANCE. To trust the man with the LITTLE STAR( a cop reference intention) "Cuz you fond the last chance TEXACO" (a 4-5-07 "Bury the lying BUSH" clue link for tme then..and now. BUSH needs closer examination..There is already a dead female linked to 4-5-in 11..part of this also..To what it links to now many of them now here in my NEWTOWN.

Now remember in 2009 I printed this out trying to figure the importance of it then by scumbag use of it..and no the rest of the song lyrics that had NO meaning then after the part about the LAST CHANCE. I tried ot fugure it all out BUT sync and time line wise they just did make sense..Well NOW where it picks up off the chorus half way "in the middle" of the song watch how it all fits now..

"Well he tried to be standard"- a link to the POST STANDARD newspaper in this for me begins when in 2006 Dave QUIIN at Birdseye says "he said If you dont want her to sue this newspaper" "You Better cooperate" I highly assumed he was tlking about reporter Scott Scanlon linked ot me and a story he deliberately misquoted me in in 1994 that ran on the front page..Scanlon quoted and printed me as claiming I told HIM I "yanked or grabbed " Tammy Kennedys wrist the night of 3-17-1994 on which her children were killed. To how a WILCOTT typo ran on 8-18-11 link to an Oswego man's death the day LUNDY made his "drive by."

Reagan was harmed

San Jose, CA

#5 Jan 4, 2013
George Bush attempted to have murdered Ronald Reagan when he was shot. If it was NOT for Secret Service, Reagan might have died!
Bush ran the show, Regan caved in. Bush couldn't afford another attempt to kill Regan.
Bush, boiled and burned over Bill Clinton's surprise win boiled his balls and burned his old hag. The tables turned to get Clinton and the Clinton's are still target number one by the Bush but the Bushes are exploiting jigabojonniethenigr to finish their crap.
Will Hillary be the next Vince Foster? She might be!
bull of baloney

San Jose, CA

#6 Jan 4, 2013
George Bush attempted to have murdered Ronald Reagan when he was shot. If it was NOT for Secret Service, Reagan might have died!
Bush ran the show, Reagan caved in. Bush couldn't afford another attempt to kill Reagan.
Bush, boiled and burned over Bill Clinton's surprise win boiled his balls and burned his old hag. The tables turned to get Clinton and the Clinton's are still target number one by the Bush but the Bushes are exploiting jighabonedjonnienigr to finish their crap.
Will Hillary be the next Vince Foster? She might be! She is this sick but can walk out of that hospital holding her brats hand instead of being wheeled out? She was to have been wheeled out, not permitted to walk out of the hospital.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Jan 4, 2013
bull of baloney wrote:
George Bush attempted to have murdered Ronald Reagan when he was shot. If it was NOT for Secret Service, Reagan might have died!
Bush ran the show, Reagan caved in. Bush couldn't afford another attempt to kill Reagan.
Bush, boiled and burned over Bill Clinton's surprise win boiled his balls and burned his old hag. The tables turned to get Clinton and the Clinton's are still target number one by the Bush but the Bushes are exploiting jighabonedjonnienigr to finish their crap.
Will Hillary be the next Vince Foster? She might be! She is this sick but can walk out of that hospital holding her brats hand instead of being wheeled out? She was to have been wheeled out, not permitted to walk out of the hospital.
Your so full of shit..Hillary will be fine she will retire soon and there is NO link between the reason shooting and BUSH..Your just so full of shit.

WHO IS she? scumabgs taunt now "The next time they take her out of the house" She won't be coming back" Who is she? Hillary? She did take a fall..Scumbags said I would..Now You claim BUSH was behind the Reagen shooting..WHY? WHY NOW? Reagen's dead..Whats it matter?
is that WHY he got so sick as I moved ot my NEWTOWN..Exactly what re you saying ith all of this after all you took the itme o post it..?
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Jan 4, 2013
I will come back to how the "it she her boyfriends fault" comes in as a back plan being worked now..That was copy cat back up plan called Margaretville In Oswego..

How it was being worked BEFORE I actually met how it was "profiled" to happen..

To how He bought the "RED JEEP" like mine..that JUDITH DEVENY smashed and collected though ALLSTATE on it how Officer JESSE shows up on that how JUDITH timed her barn burglary-sheriff issue "perfect" arrival. To how me and her husband met..Same way he met "JUDITH" and some others..The issues about him were preset..Just like the timing of burglary of his barn..and how "JUDITH" had done and wroked things prior to how we arrived in Margaretville on Oswego off it all..that became futher his family linked clues on 9-12 and 10-25 to how it became a NEWTOWN move on us suddenly and under what circumstances..IT was all STRESS HIGH STRESS on him..Not pleasure..

To how the "sue" issue was clued at ME..NOT HIM..through all of this..I did NOT know him on 8-18-11..and in 2009 at the "Get maureens kids some money" plans..time frame..It was all being manipulated into place then..He is the "reverse" BILL Vickery "gain" called NOVEL IS set up plan "He" and "they" have..No one is trying to help me..and my boyfreind would NOT just step in to that as luxury NOW..??? The was Nicholas Ivie the FBI "friendly" way part of the 4-5-12 "reverse" 1354 "Pay her off" plans now..It's all part of clever mental pcalled "bury the lying bush" again..also with a President clue link throw maybe or real intention..?..Planning and manipulation by "He" and the scumbag recruits who are planning to "gain" off it doings..My boyfriend is clearly the nickel less plan "He" and "they" have...While idiots run around trying to refocus that in "reverse."

The next clue is IVIE-AKA it an "ivy leager" result plan..clues fit OR a much BIIGER POWER Plan..clues also fit.."He" and "they" get choices ..Victims don't!

"SUE"by the plan "HE" and "they" are trying to force me into now through several set up attempts on me...Clues to my son though a badge number and his birthday link..Thats a ZODIAC clue my boyfriends MILLENNIUM birthday..Part of the ultimate plan in this for "gain" off it.."JUDITH" made the deadly verbal reference.."I JUST GOT WHAT I WANTED AND YOUR FUCKING DEAD" extra out put to it all on 9-6..
To me it all makes "perfect" sense..

BUT the NEWTOWN 'anagram" clues on 12-14 were just "He" way of saying You ain't seen nothing yet scumbags...

Utica, NY

#9 Jan 4, 2013

Since: Nov 12

Location hidden

#10 Jan 5, 2013
Yes, Diana. I believe a song written 30+ years ago was about things that happened to you.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#11 Jan 5, 2013
Utica Viscount wrote:
Yes, Diana. I believe a song written 30+ years ago was about things that happened to you.
You miss the point again and I know you do it purposely to entertain your mundane life..but anyway since your such a loyal follower..I ill explain it in words that even YOU could understand.

The song Last Chance Texaco as NOT ritten for my life..In fact Rikki Lee Jones as a fav of mine back then and yes I still have the CD..from YEARS ago.

The song hoever was used as a clue to hat as going to happen in my life..I printed out the lyrics on 11-23-09 to look at them closer and try and understand ho scumbag taunts were linked to it.

The song is a vehicle on its last leg thats acting up as the driver takes a chance on driving it further down the road to her apparently far away sooo relieved to see the TEXACO STAR in her travel down a "long stretch of highway that bends into 1-9" as she runs out of gas.

The scumbag began use of the song in 2009 around June I believe...or so..YES I was then making trips in a vehicle that did not run Utica and the Neilson St area..etc..I was then trying to save up to get myelf to Margaretville, New York and then
to the Dickinson, New York area..BUT scumbags here ere in violent protest of that plan..The vehicle was a late model GREEN Acheiva that as put in front of my son as a choice for a car..From there paid more than he should have for it off a sudden great job he landed though "friends"..That's how the name and taunt "Jack Him Right" at me off scumbag taunts..No I was at the same time being tormented about the NYS LOTTERY and a 4963 badge number(that was also back then posted on my front lawn for most of the summer since 2008 in BIG signs in Fulton at the 151 address-yes I have pics of it) That's when the "NATIONAL GRID" taunts began nad I never (stupid) made the connection to how it would be the day my power me POWER was shut off 7-7-09...BAD Scumbags worked a "gambling problem" promotion about me "all her money goes to the casino"...I was working a Pt Time job then MICROTEL and my son had moved out..I made while working no more than $190,00 a week..I was getting food stamps to help my income..Gas was NOT free to get me to work..I paid my own rent 385.00 a month Incl..not util..How much money did that leave me for my "gambling problem"? I had about 70.00 to 90.00 a week to gas the car etc.
STRESS wise it as the hardest time for me as I was being forced by the scumbag recruits of which there is a new chain clue link of them working hard to set me up anyay they can..Now a "violent" image seems to be their purpose.

By 7-7-09 my POWER as out and the plans scumbag recruits had for my mother to "saved" me from them was in full motion.

Sooo..By Oct 2009 it had all worked out that way...Now I have to keep an eye on the issue of "LANDLORDS" becuase just as things at 151 were beginning to look up ..My HUD had been approved..and my heap was on its way..My LANDLORD there now was NOT willing to work with me in 3 week time frame to receive it all after renting off him for 5 long hard years..??? I had NO choice but to let my mother "saved" me from all of it..Scumbags worked hard by imtimidation and threats to make sure no one would help me.

There are 0-1s in the 12-5-09 and in 2009 I sent the game explanation then to ABC news just this wsy

0-1s "There is no one to help you" a result of what "they" do.

(off how scumbags ould taunt it and NOW I understand why they did it<- was not part of it just added by me now for explination of words)

Yes I sent it to the newsroom of ABC news and Alex Delgardo signed for it there and a receipt was sent back to me by the post office. NO this one did NOT come back ABC accepted it then.

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#12 Jan 5, 2013
well the upper post came out bad my W on my keyboard seems to stick I wrepot that whole time frame of this THRILL plan scumbags have ..

AND I just heard this..Scumbag are being told that Dorothy Mills says "it aint over with yet" and has some hope of still getting her NYS Disability money backk..?? If anyone would know for sure she would..ask her.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#13 Jan 5, 2013
Now let me add these issues also they belong in the suumer of 2009 info ..Here's another brief.

LOTS of things went on..Now remember Maegan BUCK who started the whole MONEY and casino thing as far I know unless she was feeding off someone on it..was already moved out nowand scumbags were harsh as ever on me then...Jackie Martin a die hard scum lived above me..and I knew her name was a JACKIE BLUE clue at me..Its a soung "they" as a soundtrack that carries the cover "it'll shine when it shines" of an old woman on a plate(used as an if you dont take the money clue to me)..I collect plates..and it was clued to be my "MILLENNIUM choice"..Now I also have as many do NOT know a MILLENNIUM plate collection from Hummel-kids on them..and the taunts about these plates were used at me in the "JACKIE BLUE" time frame of scumbag activity..Thrown off in my head by Jackie Lundy's name and games then..Later becomes a cell phone number link that someone at the Oswego Valley news misprinted by 5 numbers off my room wanted ad and from that you dial the printed number and Jackie Lundys voice is on the other end..I called to ask the #s owner to forward any calls to me that came in off the printed one 5 numbers off mine..I knew shit was being played on me then.. Now I placed the ad off my mothers 3-11 birthday evitcion to me in 2011..That took me to Beverly Davis's who was waiting to call me..and she too called back when I did not respond fast the first time.

There was just so much activity all the addition to what was happening in the "THRILL OF THE KILL" parts of it..


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