In response to the NEWTOWN chatter.."...

In response to the NEWTOWN chatter.."THRILL"

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Jan 17, 2013
YES- the line of schools mentioned yesterday by the taxi driver about the "terrorist" issues He claimed he was told by his son was going as we drove along..Were Phoenix.."cops all over" to Fulton to Mexico nd then the "bunch of cops" at the NEWTOWN where I live Elm shool where I live now as he came to pick me up..I did not see them..

This is my taxi ride..Like I said ONLY I get so much action drama all the time..I move out of storgae unit and as I wait for my pickup UNIT #18(of all #s also links to the address of Bill McCarty AND the deadly clue before that on 8-18-11..a GALLOWAY death name with a WILCOTT(WOOLCOTT)typo clue on it..gets hit in "reverse" by a PODS truck..etc..WHO says I have no life?

Ok DSS just called and the phone interview is done now.. AND the plans to establish me as having so many errors in my FILES on my part of course as noted has begun just as Meagan policy now..Now I understand it all I was having no issues then BUT did not know 3088 on my sons car was already an clue to what was "anagram" of those #s..

Ok way back Maegan had said "You can only apply for DSS so many times..and then I started to notice of bounce I gues you could call it of my needs then ..unsure steady incomes..having to go back and back as scumbags attacked me..DSS is not going to care WHY I am here just how many times..I get it now..So each error kinda downgrades me as far as equality aid time of sefrvice for needs..Like how fats they do my paperwork ..they are pushing me tp the end of the far as importance..I get it and this is the methods they use...Making it look over and over like I am the defunct one..and who would know from files..No caseworker is going to write I fucked up about herself..So I get it NOT that I blame all of them I DO believe my mail was removed..before it came into a caseworkers grip..and that is how "they" got MY FOODSTAMPS at the Aftin Deveveny time..expectation she would set me up like Dorothy did...and the "dismissed" call from Fulton court would never have come when it did around the SANDYHOOK date time..

The plan is "He" and "they" are trying to downgrade me as human anyway they can..

See same time(NOT the same day) sent out Septs papers to DSS I sent a Ticket to MINETTO TOWN court..and they never got it either..My TICKET for fishing was due on you guessed it 9-12..Same the NATIONAL GRID power went out again..and that is a deadly clue..9-12 to 10-2-12..whats the link? Another dead cop..

Thomas(HALLOWEEN) Lindsey was the first POWER OUT clue on 4->12<-07 to his 7-7-09 NYS LOTTERY badge number DEPUTY GALLOW on 3-12.."line up" with my 3-11-11 birthday(The POWER went out in Fulton where I lived NOT the whole City till 11:17pm out for hours on 3-10-11 a VERY strange night-stormy....My birthday was the next day..and GALLOW(frighten or hang)was shot dead on 3-12..To what si now a 10-2-12 Nichola's Ivie -nickel less and poison clue..
"OFF MEXICO" shooting of FED the FBI "friendly" way..who's BADGE number 0225 is my sons 2-25 birthday link..a date coming soon..with a 13 on it.

While all the scumbag recruit "scenes" run in sync with it all here on me by "OFF MEXICO" clues to it all linked by clues set on NYS LIC plates..The the EBT-1080 TWIN Sister(Tammy "encryption")clue plate linked to Dorothy Mills..and the clear impression the goal was to get them from me somehow..POSTAL..was the route "they" time..Now it's all linked by "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "OFF MEXICO" from that very issue to my medical care now(clue)..Will I get medical care if I need it now is the ? That is what "they" are in motion to stop how it "deciphers." HOW? I do not know..BUT "they" will.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Jan 17, 2013
Direction changes in my posts as things occur FACTS all begin to straigten all the chaos out..The chaos is deliberate on the part of the scumbags who create it..Gives it all a "crazy" effect their goal..

YES i's mind bending BUT I can see the "encryption" and now so can a few others..Who now "decipher" it before me..and have turned out to be correct.

So my MEDICAL CARE off the MRI right now is my main concern...I needed to have it done..

Now there is no doubt "He" and "they" can tamper in medical care..In Margaretville in Oswego the words "Nurses are Ivy leaguer's" hung in the kitchen on a CALENDER-month of DEC..Off the "perfect" "COINCIDENCE" "OFF MEXICO" shooting of FED on 10-2-12 his name Ivie..It's Peggy Deveney's(Aftin's mother)calender...Where the power went out on 9-12 becuase she did not pay her summer bill..That was TOO "perfect" for me.

See how head games are played WITH me NOT by me by "association" in all of this..Like he GREEN Laces..and the GREEN tractor CLOCK set at 12 at the McCarty my room with NO battery..

Like Aftin's arrival there and how on 10-25 my mothers birthday..To how ALL the 23 numbers of the 12-5-09 TS casino games all adds up like a score" to numbers as "perfect" as 3-9s/ how that receipt just disappeared at Margretville in Aftin Deveney was planning her set up on me..To get me out of the house JUST like Beverly Davis did around Ray Gregory's death date..etc..My mothers 3-11 "eviction" to me etc..SO I can only conclued I was supposed to move one week BEFORE Ray died -pattern would have been the same..Amy was already there off the timed "eviction" on her to help Bev with money by the scumbag way of "gain."

This was supposed to put me in BILL M 8-11 house before CHRIS T MAS(BUT I fought back at Beverly's waiting her next move out)..then BILL was going to pull his "crazy mother" shit on me***..and from there him and Dottie would have set me up..for a CHRIS T MAS time removal..The pattern repeated itself at my boyfriend was being worked in his own marriaage for it to happen..The JUDY DEAD END-to "JUDITH DEVENEY" KOHL'S show on 12-4-09..a CHRIS T MAS preclue this time to Margaretville..That is why "He" and "they" sent JUDITH to Kohl's with that 2889 NYS LIC plate BEFORE she smashed the JEEP like mine..The plate transferred AFTER to his SUV because she begged her husband to have the do this then she smashed it and ALLSTATE collected on it..Then she sold the JETTA knowing she would also later..He LOST everything..He helped me get this comp as they knew by "profiling" he would...NICE GUY..I write the story and "they" kill me off for "gain" off it(scumbag set out to blame my boyfriend for this now)..ALL the clues are "encrypted" now "OFF MEXICO."

POISON is all thats left..
IT'S MEDICAL..My boyfriends NOT a DR.

*** The Crazy mother" issue took place on CHRIS T MAS eve when BILL McCarty called as I sat at DD where Tammy Kennedy was running her mouth with her phony CHRIS T MAS basket taunts on me..making herself look good..then as I knew she would backed out on her collection of money "gift" to me off it..because "Don" told her "NOT too" I knew she was full of shit I go through this charade every year in hopes by scumbags that my "depression" "profiled" off it all will cause me to kill myself at this time of year..I have NOT had CHRISTMAS in 8 years ands this was no exception..AFTIN DEVENEY scumbag recruit style this year..SANDYHOOK..LANZA... "JUDITH DEVENEY".

I knew that day for sure Tammy Kennedy was a involved in this from the day she handed me Harbour Credit in 2005 and before that.

THEN there's the BILL VICKERY, The one YOU all protect for later "gain."
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Jan 17, 2013
YES BILL VICKERY the one you all protect for later "gain" off it just like you do each and every one of the scumbag recruits who worked for the BILL(FACTOR) JETTY ALLSTATE NOVEL IS plan off it all(YES ROGUE FEDS ad George Lundy are in on it too)..and how it was all set up to be on me and my boyfriend in "reverse" at the same time you all plan your "gain" off it..I have to die first.. by as "natural causes" as you all can make it look..
This is how ROGUE NYS controled MONEY and Oswego County works "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" into place..for later "gain" iff it...

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