NH cops have all the thieves! all the stores get shoplifters, and they do that. plus back up UPD narco busts. They are corupt as hell! I saw with my own eyes how bad. If you dwell in the town, and income is large, all you need do is inform them, I saw it happen! Criminal offense, they respond, and leave. Nothing, nothing ever done. No investigation, no photos, nothing. There used to be a code they used. Lots of cops quit because of that in the 80-90's. They formend a "commission" of citizens who investigated claims. Trying to get it going again. The worse part is: every little snot nose kid who's dad is a lawyer/Dr. gets away with it! AND THEY DO!! My 2nd run in with them, I had evidence I gave my lawyer, who made them act. Poor SOB thought his snot kid was pure! Cops had to bust him!! "Honest daddy! Honest!" until the evidence was shoved in his face! Little SOB still got off light. another was the one who gave certain favors in return for leniency for her kid.
another story.