I said it, Now Iam soory, please forg...

I said it, Now Iam soory, please forgive me!!!

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Slander Victim Still

Cicero, NY

#1 Feb 23, 2009
There are many reasons why a police officer would use obscene and profane language. Effective use of verbal communication is one of the skills expected in police work. Concepts such as "command voice" and "command presence" are routinely taught at police training academies. The FCC specifically condemns certain words on radio and television that are "patently offensive", but there's no such mechanism for determining what's offensive with interpersonal communication. The following typology exists:

words having religious connotations (e.g., hell, goddamn)

words indicating excretory functions (e.g., shit, piss)

words connected with sexual functions (e.g., ghuck, prick)

Generally, words with religious connotations are considered the least offensive and words connected with sexual functions are considered the most offensive. It's commonly the case, however, that use of such language by police officers is purposive and not a loss of control or catharsis.

to gain the attention of citizens who may be less than cooperative

to discredit somebody or something, like an alibi defense

to establish a dominant-submissive relationship

to identify with an in-group, the offender or police subculture

to label or degrade an out-group, like the Big Man did in (AUG 2007).

Of these, the last is of the most concern, since it may reflect the transition of prejudice to discrimination, especially if racial slurs or epithets are involved. On the other hand, profanity for innoculous purposes may very well be something that it is unrealistic to expect will go away in policing or many other contexts.
cop rock

Long Eddy, NY

#6 Feb 23, 2009
Re: original topic-

Forget the swear words, a spray of bullets is usually the most effective way to subdue a perpetrator.

&fe ature=related
parent or gaurdian of

Fishers, NY

#11 Feb 24, 2009
Complaints against Police officers- Basic ingredients of a good public relations program include established regulations and procedures
for handling complaints against officers. All
complaints should be regaurded as signals calling attention to possible misconduct, or dereliction of duty, or public misunderstanding or misconception, or, perhaps, to mere inefficency.

The regulations say and insure that every complaint of an officer recieve fair and civil treatment and is thoroughly interviewed and that a written report is made. In addition to being good public relations, a good complaint procedure
is an essential element to resolving complaints
against an oficial or officer. A complaint should be investigated and a written disposition should be made by the investigating agency. Under no circumstances should a complaint alleged by a citizen be disregarded and thrown into a trashcan in front of the complainant and witnesses by the police commissioner.

Utica, NY

#13 Feb 25, 2009
looks like Sal Longo on a friday night
utica girl

Schenectady, NY

#15 Mar 2, 2009
u are one sick bastard joe
I can t drive 55

Herkimer, NY

#16 Mar 9, 2009
You got a problem with that fruitcake!
Officer Swanson

Cortland, NY

#17 Mar 9, 2009
Gotta get the job done. Liberal f*gs want us to let murderers go free...as long as nobody gets offended.
External Review Team

Gilboa, NY

#18 Mar 10, 2009
""We have plenty to say about the chief in the villlage of frankfort. First of all he is a paronoid jerk who bullies his own police officers who want and will do whats right . If you are one of those officers who want and will do the right thing regardless of what he says he will tell you to turn in your equiqment or you are fired only to beg you to come back a few days after. Steve Conley is a bully who expects everyone to bow to him. He is dirty and to my knowledge from many different sources is a coke head. He does not know how to be a police officer or certainately a police chief. He down grades his own officers the sheriffs depatment the town of frankfort police dept and even displines officers of his department who wave at the town of frankfort police officers. He is in my opinion not right. I can insure you one thing that myself as well as many others have been legally tracking his activities. He uses a village of frankfort police vehicle to go to his second job at the proctor high school in utica at the expense of the village of frankfort taxpayers expense.chief conley dictates on the village of frankfort police schedule that he is workinge but in reality is not there. This is not fictitious there are printed schedules of his work schedule but he is not there at those times. We also have vidieows and pictures of the village of frankort police vehicles parked in the vacinity of proctor high school in utica. Believe me this dirt bag who was fired by the utica police department for similiar reasons will once again be brought forward for his actions. Not only had he pulled illegal activity every where he goes he has also claimed an injury at the great escape in Lake
george new york where he purposely faked an injury and is suing for the same.He has even instructed his officers to lie to any one who calls in referrence to this. One last comment the fight at the mayoral race the chief and a certain officer made a false written statement. To bad for that lying down grading parnoid chief one of the best lawyers in the state is handling that case. ATTRN~MW, who certainly knows that chief conley is dirty. Good luck to you chief conley you will need it you crossed the wrong person who dictated everything. Tape recorders, camcorders and witnesses will prove who and what you really are. I look forward to you going down because of your ACTIONS""
Citizens Review Panel

Cicero, NY

#20 Mar 16, 2009
Complaints against Police officers- Basic ingredients of a good public relations program include established regulations and procedures
for handling complaints against officers. All
complaints should be regaurded as signals calling attention to possible misconduct, or dereliction of duty, or public misunderstanding or misconception, or, perhaps, to mere inefficency.

The regulations say and insure that every complaint of an officer recieve fair and civil treatment and is thoroughly interviewed and that a written report is made. In addition to being good public relations, a good complaint procedure
is an essential element to resolving complaints
against an oficial or officer. A complaint should be investigated and a written disposition should be made by the investigating agency. Under no circumstances should a complaint alleged by a citizen be disregarded and thrown into a trashcan in front of the complainant and witnesses by the police commissioner.

Gilboa, NY

#22 Mar 18, 2009
I do know him.
This what he looks like up close...
The last time he was yelling at me
in the library parking lot...
I think he just eat a powdered dough-nut...
Would you hire Me

Vernon, NY

#24 Mar 24, 2009
I need a new occupation!
head line news

Cicero, NY

#28 Apr 21, 2009
"well the problem with the case is the witness statements were not turned over to the DA and that there are 20-25 witnesses that made statements that contradict the entire story the police gave including people there representing trustees and the mayor . The only witness statements that the village Police have are from the people actually involved in the fight Moracco his son in law, vivacgua, and the cop Amerderi and one more can not remeber his name there is not one from our chief or any other witnesses now the Griffin side of the case has Village employees , Former Police officers, State Workers , and regular citizen I think its 22 total that state ron Vivagua started the whole thing and that five guys jumped harold so there is allot of skepticism on the part of The DA then the evidence just kept pilling up against the chief and his cops for there misconduct of the prisoner and the AG had to be brought in and the the DCJS has launched an investigation into the Village Police Dept.. the DA is waiting for them because if the chief and his cops are found of misconduct he will drop the charges waged against the griffin boy and charges will be made against the police department. I mean he was already caught lying to the newspapers and the news shows he claimed there were no serious injuries everyone was treated at the scene well that is untrue one was taken by ambulance that night and 2 attended Urgent care the next day. He claimed The fight continued out side on the front lawn between friends of Griffin and Friends of Moracco to the wktv news reporter but told the od reporter that the building was cleared except for the witnesses and that the Carlesimo and the griffins were on the front lawn refusing to comply with the police order to leave the premise . Now if Statements were being taken then why did Michelle Griffin and family and friends and Sharon Carlesimo and Family and Friends have to leave they all witnessed it but their statements were refused. There were injuries on the Griffin-Carlesimo side but ambulances were refused . He also stated in the OD that the State Police and The Ilion Police assisted with crowd control but when the Ilion police arrived the only ones the saw were Michelle griffin the wife of the man being held inside alone with the people they claimed he beat up and her mother, father and a cousin The chief is on tape screaming at her she is a scum bag and that is why she lost, calling her a lowlife a whore and a few other choice things she is also calling him a few choice words . Harold was refused medical treament and when the pictures are shown in court of his injuries you will be sickened he was beaten and had broken bones . He was also refused to talk to a lawyer . Now how with all of this do you think the DA is supposed to prosecute. We have a man that weighs what 160 maybe he flipped out and attacked Ron Vivacgua ,John Viola, Frank Moracco , Two Police Officers and Steve Conley , I thought these boys were tough you telling me that as soon as he threw a punch the six of them couldn't subdue him? Please we all know these people the minute he even threatened his ass would have been kicked up and down that hall the little smart ass would have never been able to even fight back but the fight lasted over 8 minutes. Harold has a temper and a big mouth but would have never gotten of one punch . and at one point he was on the ground in the fetal position wonder how he was resisting then?
well these are all facts that the DA has and this is what he has to work with this is going to be a very tough case he knows he can not win even the Villages insurance company is getting set for a settlement . You be the judge of your opinion but would you want to go into court with only 6 or 7 witnesses three who have criminal pasts and are under investigation against a defendant who has 20 or so witnesses several who are Village employees, State Employees, citizens with no records and children."
Joe Bongiornos Son

Stockton, CA

#30 Apr 21, 2009
Would you hire Me wrote:
I need a new occupation!
You never should have stolen all that stuff from Mrs P dad, i warned you it was too much but when you start drinking and smoking crack you get even more greedy and selfish than normal and start with the crazy talk. You dont care how your insanity effects me and you dont care about anyone but yourself. I hate you dad, I wish my mom was more than just one of your ra*pe victims so I could go live with her. You ruined my life dad and I am ashamed and embarresed by you and your huge welfare collecting a$$.Please kill yourself dad and leave me and those animals alone. It is clear you hate me dad or else you would act like a normal person, get a job, provide for me, show me good morals and be a good dad in general. Since you dont do any of that you clearly hate me. Well I hate you dad and everyone is right. I will be testifiying against you for robbing mrs P of her money and checks and giving it to that pig betty and her boyfriend in exchange for booze drugs and BJs.
No one believes your crazy talk or even bothers to read your retarded sounding posts and you only make things worse for me when you post made up threats and claims that are completely ridiculous and far fetched. Try and stop thinking about yourself for a change!
CoffeeSmokesFuel Snowcaps

Gilboa, NY

#31 May 20, 2009
Press Release June 2009

Ransomville, NY

#37 Jun 5, 2009
Village Chief Conley and Ptlm. Sam Amenduri
banned from entering local store.

""On behalf of myself and everyone else who not only passed the chief of police examination, but were actually qualified to hold the position, I would like to say "what goes around comes around".
Your village wouldn't know what to do with a competent and honest police chief, and now that you have one who isn't you stand to lose literally millions of dollars. Well done. I personally hope Griffin gets the millions he has coming and then some. Karma is a wonderful thing and I know I'm going to enjoy watching Frankfort very publicly give themselves yet ANOTHER black eye, and this one could be the blackest of them all. How I would love a few minutes with the plaintiff's attorneys to merely outline the laws that were broken just to get Steve his job! I'm sure that would set the stage wonderfully for what is sure to be a trial chock full of hole digging that neither your incompetent police chief or corrupt mayor will be able to get themselves out of. God what a beautiful day this is. Best of luck to you Steve and Frank, it was a pleasure meeting you and even bigger pleasure watching you get what you have coming.""

""On behalf of the all of the officers of the Village of Frankfort Police Department, welcome to our new web site.""

""Since June of 2004, I have had the privledge of serving the residents of the Village of Frankfort as their Chief of Police. Since then, our agency has undergone a metamorphosis; adding new equipment, developing new programs and initatives, seeking out new funding sources, and institutionalizing community oriented policing as the common thread that runs throughout all our agencies programs and services provided to the residents of the Village of Frankfort.""

FYI- Joe B. Never stole checks or money from his
LL to pay for Oral sex. That was a lie and I
shouldn't have slandered him like that. I know
I hurt him and his son. I disrespected my own
family and know I will have to live with that
for the rest of my life.

Steve's Conscious !!!
Press Release 2009

Gilboa, NY

#38 Jun 5, 2009
The above poster is a fraud, a fake, a copycat, an imposter and not me!
I am Joe Bongiorno and I may be a welfare recipient, a thief and a liar, a animal fckr, drug addict and dealer, I may be a male prostitute I may be stupid and I may be a pedophile , I may be fat and may want a sex change but I have feelings two and your words really sting. So shut your piehole I only talk to people that buy from me or get BJs and you so far arent one.Unless you are that person who wears a mask. Soon when I run this village as mayor and police chied you will all be sorry. I have big plans. The stewarts is going to be turned into a community center. All bars will be closed and then converted into churches. No dogs will be allowed opn the streets unless you are taking them home for sexual purposes. All elderly people must sign over all assets to me. Theft will be made legal and encouraged. Molestation will be ok. Male prostitution will be leglized and well as sex in public. We will turn the post office into a sex toy shop. Crazy people like me will be able to collect welfare for life and will not be forced to take meds. Drugs will be sold by me and me alone so ill controll the manopoly and have it all! I may even hire school kids to seelll it for me! The marina will be turned into a nude beach and the biggest improvement is there will be a sattelite welfare office here in Frankfort. I am trying to get my friends at the ARC to open one here also. That way I never have to leave Frankfort to go to class. Also beating your kids as I do will be made legal! Finally is my greatest proposal....we will have a reward program where if you commit a crime you will be rewarded with a BJ from yours truely! I know this sounds ambishisous but I beleieve that what I have learned over the last 4 years in my ARC classes at HCCC will make the transishan smooth and simple...like me!
Anyway save it mr and shape up then ship out...
Three strikes ghucker now your OUT!
JDB 6/05/2009
My Father beats Me

Ransomville, NY

#40 Jul 10, 2009
Norman Rockwell wrote:
Wanted Dead or Alive
!million Dollar Reward
for information resulting
in the location of this
subject. Do not attempt to
look this lying, lowlife
tyrant in the eye. He is
very unstable and unperdict-
able, when cornered. He is
armed and dangerous and maybe
driving a Blk Ford Crown Vic.
He could be traveling with a
Blk & Tan Shep-mix w/tags that
say COKA. This K-9 will bite
so keep your distance. If you
spot these two fugitives call
your nearest agency and provide
them with all/any information
that could be helpful to bring
these two low life into custody.
See My father is out of his drug rotted mind. I want to take this time to apologize for my fathers(Joe B) behavior and lifestyle. He is so high on drugs and drunk all the time I dont think he even realizes what he is doing. Plus the shrink warned him not to stop taking his meds but he keeps selling them for snackcake money and for lubricant and drugs. I can totally understand why so many people hate him and why he has to pay for sex. He smells bad, does gross things. He doesn't know how to tell the truth he lies so much and he is so mentally ill that he believes his own lies. Now he is sleeping with farm animals and black men! He needs to be put in a home and I am hoping that is what comes out of this.
Please do not hold his actions against me. i am trying to change but I fear he never will because he is happy living the way he does. Again, I am sorry.My dad is a welfare bum who steals from everyone he can and who has been caught stealing from Stewart's. On top of that he has made everyone hate us because he not only molests animals and children but he also is a peeping tom at the nursing home and he sells drugs and gives BJs to black men and shemales. We always have to move because he doesn't pay rent instead he uses our welfare money and trades our food stamps for drugs and an*l sex. He is a horrible horrible person and needs some really serious mental help. he mentally abuses me daily and we have to live in a pig sty because he is fat and disgusting and lazy and just throws garbage everywhere.
Someone please help me I am sick of living this horrible life my "father" thinks is just fine.He is tottally insane and getting worse everyday and every time he smokes more crack. I am sorry for his actions but how do you think i feel? would any of you want a father like mine? I am sick of having to take handouts. I am sick of never having money or a father that cares. I am sick of being laughed at because my father is a nutcase. I am sick of having to cover up his drug and alcohol abuse. i am sick of having him rob people i like. I am sooo sick of having to move because he smoked the rent money. It is so embarrassing when people ask what my father does for a living and I have to tell them he is a full time welfare case.Please dad how many times do i have to beg you to treat me good and think of me for a change. I wish you never ra*ed my mom, thanks for a horrible horrible life dad.

Fayetteville, NY

#41 Jul 10, 2009
My Father beats Me wrote:
<quoted text>
Ummmm I think it is safe to say after reading this that you will ever have a "normal" life. Wow dude, this is stupid.
Parent or Gaurdian of

Gilboa, NY

#45 Jul 11, 2009
Carry on knucklehead, you are helping my case...
I am looking for a new boyfriend. I want a blond guy but I like black men. A blond black guy is rare but i will trade stolen checks, food stamps and other stolen stuff along with free BJs for life if you know of any blond black men. if so just let me know!
My medicaid just got approved, they are going to let me start cleaning the WOMENS bathroom at work starting tomorrow and the puss filled sores on my nuts are starting to clear up. Im heading over to see my boyfriend now. Watch out Joey here i come and dont worry I have had a flashlight stuck up my bum all day so it should be nice and stretched by the time i get to your house. Ill bring the cupcakes, booze and lube, you bring the dogs, sheep and viagra!
My Bio:
I love robbing the elderly, killing them and fckng their corpses. I also love gay sex, robbing and stealing, making up lies, animal sex, not having to work, murder, taking handouts, the food pantry, Crack cocaine and every other drug except for my mental health drugs and a bunch of other things. I love blowing men and I really love rolling around in mud like the pig i am. My favorite thing to do is to get really really high, and then steal some dogs and have a giant canine orgy. I love fckng dogs so much!I am looking for a man to fufill all my fantasies and my current boyfriend stopped coming around after he saw the filthy rats nest I call home. So if you like being sucked by smelly fat perverted drug addict losers, then stop by anytime I will give you a freebie so you can "test the water". I have sex with anyone/anything I want and if you refuse you die!Dont make that mistake you will be sorry! You must also be ok with the fact that I have Herpes, Syphilis and AIDS not to mention the yet to be identified Venereal diseases. My weaner is covered in open soars and puss filled blisters but they add friction and make the feeling better!. Contact me ASAP if interested, just look for me in stewarts stuffing my face or rolling/waddling down main street!I have several imaginary lawsuits in the works so if you stay with me some day we may be rich. I know they are just in my imagination but maybe someday they will become real!
On a side note, I am Looking for a priest who wants to have some fun. I will dress up like an alterboy for you although it might be hard to find an alter boy outfit in size xxxxxL so I may have to just make one out of a few bedsheets. Anyway I am very into priest sex and i have some food stamps i will donate to the church in exchange for some "fatherly love".
bongiorj99 @ herkimer. edu
Joseph D Bongiorno©
July 11. 2009
www. JoeBongiorno -1dollarBJs .com
STAND Up MAN Fired Again

Utica, NY

#48 Oct 29, 2009
Chief Steve Conley,

This crippling wave of Slander/Corruption/Lies:

That is you're fault, are you ready to take
the blame? Its you're mouth
that created these huge problem you face now.
They should have the trial in a church.
Steve, you could testify from the confession booth while holding a Bible in both hands.

You're career is over-rush wildly away...

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