From the 1994 Kennedy accident to Har...

From the 1994 Kennedy accident to Harbour Credit

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Dec 26, 2012
Ok Since I woke up to Kennedy taunts today I need to "clarify" all of it here and elsewhere as much as I can..

WHY? Did Post Standard report Scott Scanlon try to create controversy with Tammy Kennedy's "She(me) yanked or grabbed my wrist" line that night her children died n a violent rollover accident in Oswego..??

Now let me explain it this way..I was NOT driving the van that carried me as a passenger and Tammy's 3 children that night March 17th (St Patricks Day eve) the night it flipped over and went over the guardrail that night..Tammy's 3 children died a 4 year old and TWINS who's first birthday would have been March ..->18th<-.

Tammy told the Sherriff taking the report that "She(me) yanked or grabbed my wrist) and made it sound like that caused the accident..The sheriff then responded with a harsh "Tammy are you saying she caused this accident" Tammy then paused and then said .."" as if she had to think about her own words for a minute and the seriousness of them..

Now what Post reporter Scott Scanlon failed to understand is the point of those words to how the Sheriff attained my statement that night and the pressure he put me under to get it..Hiswords of force to me "YOU"RE GOING TO GIVE ME A STATEMENT RIGHT NOE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT" were his exact words..and under that pressure and knowing Tammy and Don had links to that Dept ..I could say nothing but Bullshit to him..It's quite possible I also did tell him I had my seat belt on also ..I did NOT..Yes I bounced just like a rag doll after the initial impact just as Tammy described to others later also...I DON'T GIVE A SHIT WHAT ANY OF THEM DENY NOW...YES I WILL TAKE SODIUM P if need talk is "they" already gave it to me..That is where the "She(me)did not care about those kids" It was also claimed that Tammy was questioned about this after what I have been claimed to have said under my sisters/familiy's sodium p escapades..and that Tammy herself denied any claims that I did not care about her children that night..DON'T confuse the issues.. My family started some of it also...Tammy however handed me Harbour credit herself in 2005..and made comments about it then and after also..

I have claimed from the start that my statement the night of the accident was total shit..after I separated from her later in friendship and came to terms with the issues that took place that night..of which I will under NO circumstance change or recant any of my claims now..

The issues of don being drunk etc and everything that took place that night that became this horrible issue is now unimportant ant..YES I listened to the claims "well she did see him drinking" etc BULLSHIT covers up of the useless details..The children much to Tammy's dismay that night had to be put in the vehicle..and away we went..Don's capacity that night to babysit was not there...for whatever reason..and the children had to go with us..So its clear to me who SAW Don just before left that whatever incapabilities? reasons? he had for NOT wanting to watch the children were gone by the time he arrived at the accident scene later..This is just to "clarify" for he on that issue..

YES Tammy was upset with Don very upset when we left the house that night..She waited for Don to come home and and he came home unable for whatever reasons to babysit..and slept it off as we left...I SAW him myself..BUT no I did not see him drinking ..Something had hindered his abilities and it was not work.

Ok this is how foolish "He" claims get in all of this..The children are gone and NOTHING will bring them back..BUT How Harbour Credit ended up in Tammy Kennedy's hands in 2005 IS VERY Important now..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Dec 26, 2012
I went to see Tammy in 2005 shortly after moving into 151 west First st..I had NOT seen hr in years..and had not wanted too..
The issue began in 2003 and on off Oswego and my sister and family's dedication to the Raponi's and those issues..
This IS the same time the Floyd Boynton's issues also began on me as to how things are "done" in Oswego County and how I better be careful about what I claim about former Oswego Mayor JOHN SULLIVAN and his client Marla Miller..
That's where it began and YES I was also infuriated about the Kennedy issue than also..and i have NOT changed my position and won't ..I have the claims of how certain Fulton cops have hassled and made warning to others to "stay out of it" also..about FACTS they also know about all of this..well who would be surprised about anything coming out of Fulton cops though all of this..from 2005 at Charlie (SUNOCO)Gasko to switched plates on my front lawn driving all over town an a vehicle that way -Police were unconcerned though they confirmed this to me about the lic plates. to cell phone crashes in police cruisers across from my home etc..and on and on to THE RED COP issue days before an Oneida Deputy was shot dead..I;m NOT me.
In fact Fulton Police station from 2005 to 2012 seems to be "THE THRILL" headquarter. No joke..
In 2005 after being heavily taunted by Tammy Rowe about Tammy again and other issues..I looked her up..Did know her and Don had even separated..BUT later I made contact..
On the first visit of which I had NOT seen her in years and did not even have her new phone number or address..Tammy had told me "Your mother called me" I believe that I had not told Tammy any details of my family's doings then..and then she handed me Harbout Credit..on that same visit.
Now out of curiosity I looked into Harbour Credit later and it came back dated 5-3-05..So My visit to Tammy was in the first month I lived in 151..and that 35 address "either way" clue date did not make sense until 2009..
You have to pay for Harbour Credit services..most locals are free..Its based in Virginia..and NOT a top company in the internet in some searching was done to get this.
There is a LIGHTHOUSE as the logo on the front page of the referral feedback I have. That LIGHTHOUSE links to the weary sailor the date on it..and how I got it in the first place. "your mother called me" Tammy said other They got her to give it to me and then played me again about her. The second visit to her off all of this is when I knew..Tammy was one of them..
Then other issues went on like the shoveling neighbors..etc in MINETTO.
Did my mother get used as the cover for Tammy or did they work together setting each other up behind the scenes?
YES BILL(FACCTOR)VICKERY fronts my mother set it all up..BUT CHRIS BOWER goes and hits my parked JEEP on 3-29-05 the same way my mother did in 2001 under different circumstances..Chris claims I parked it there for her to hit it..?? Like a "accident" on 4-8-04 when Charles Runge pulled into his oncoming lane to cut me off after I waited him out? OR set out to beat him at the intersection..He pulls into his oncoming because its his "right of way"..? of course there was a collision then..I was right where he wanted me in the intersection when he pulled into his oncoming lane..from there the police report was embellished to the FIT the needs of the scumbag recruits assisting the ROGUES in it...CLAY,New York where the ROGUE WHITEHOUSE STATION version of the NOVEL IS BILL (FACTOR) JETTY VERSION of the all for later "gain" will be worked.
He told CHRIS who went "crazy' with it 7 or so years later that is..BILLS VICKERY'S ROGUES set her up and it's her own fault.

9992 That's 2 victim's linked to that origin date? Black #s
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Dec 26, 2012
Ok so how it all becomes a NOVEL IS series of clues..

The name ALBERT HEMINGWAY mailing to me on a Radio Shack ad.(see original in my Facebook photos)

ALBERT I knew was a teacher in Onondaga who was accused and convicted by a media circus after two trials of sexual abuse of two students after a long teaching career with no issues prior to this I story that broke on 12-18-06 just a few weeks after Maegan BUCK moved in upstairs at 151..On 12-19-08 I was let from ABB-Tammy Rowe's second movie clue placement location set up on me in 2008..

HEMINGWAY I knew was a novelist..and NO ALBERT HEMINGWAY ever lived in that apt even before the 5 years I lived there and this came..

It was DATED 8-11 and 8-13..The BILL 8-11 FACTOR how the the 3088 NYS LIC Plate was now on my sons GREEN Acheiva link to a death of a Palermo child about to take place also in "THE THRILL" a few months alter after it's placement..The child came home on 8-11 and was attacked 19 days later on the 29th(CHRIS T MAS clue like Blazinski;s badge number) and died on a PIRATES story claim of death..

"JUSTICE FOR ERIN MAXWELL" Oswego County is makin fools of themselves with. Since then 6 others have died also in "THE THRILL" and NYS POLICE OFFICER JESSE is some link to future "he" "scene" plans in all of this on going story..

Tammy Kennedy is now working at the DD
who like SUNOCO in 2005 made money off this not once BUT TWICE and SUNOCO was in motion to do the same. NONE of the employees including the DIST Manager DAR who knowing set up to use customers in 2006 for "gain" off it all have had any difficulty either.

This IS HOW OSWEGO COUNTY supports "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" and that is exactly what it is..

Now HOW do you plan exactly to "Get Maureen's kids some money" out of it is a curiosity to me now..That I think everyone should watch take place.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#4 Dec 26, 2012
So in THE HERE AND NOW of it all ...."HE" is cluing a massive POWER trio this time..and he loathes the name LANZA..

I have arrived in the NEWTWON..and here's ho its the ONLY place we could secure NOT having enough money to pay the rent in full upon moving in..We had the security and half the rent...trying to avoid the set up coming my way by the latest scumbag military recruit the Margaretvilles daughters plans for "gain" in this....then later i saw the kinda of hidden REELECT BUSH sign out back on the BARN...clue to ho e got a burglary..linked to a nephew and "JUDITH DEVENY" "EVERYTHING IS MINE" plans for "gain" off it..who's out there right now forcing her husband to lose his home this 2 year mistake he made by marrying her.

Then along comes ROGUE OFFICER JESSE..and we would have never have been here had he done his job right..But that was NOT part of the "THRILL" plan.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Dec 26, 2012
Scumbag claim I have it all wrong about the name LANZA and that something is in motion on it that "he" wants to use to further his "THRILL" planing..a POWER flaunt again of some sort..

It's all confusing confusing for me right now..BUT if it links to "JUDITH DEVENEY" that would hat make sense..Her husband said to me that his layer did not need the audio to get charges "dismissed" that she set up on him though Officer JESSE who used her to make himself to try and look good off it later..and how that MILLENNIUM issue called ZODIAC signature..links to plans now..

So from the start JUDITH DEVENEY presented herself to police as an unsafe person for her husband to be around..the BS scorned woman image she was part of her overall plan..Then along comes OFFICER "perfect" COINCIDENCE" name(bullshit) JESSE on the issue to her defense..

He like Officer Marion wants to totally avoid the audio or her husbands claims of how JUDITH was on him threats and all..She had NO "witnesses" either in contradiction of what Oswego DA CIANFARANO BS'D in court as the charges while my boyfriends lawyer tried t get the menacing charge dropped all it should have been actually never brought on in the first place..This is how a "sue" issue is created..ROGUE style called The TURNING POINT clue. it's a POWER trip now..again for "He" and "they." I STILL have NOT received a dime from JUDITH DEVENEY for the work /damage she did to me.. Some claim the judge never gave her a date to repay her damages ..the guilty get that luxury I guess here..their victims do NOT. This obnoxious woman had her lawyer call the deal and ask to cut a deal with me on the damage total..I have NOT heard a word since She's yelling at me in court to "SHUT UP" as I talk to my boyfriend privately..When the judge entered the room he told not asked JUDITH DEVENEY to leave the room..Now do I have continue to push the DA to "handle" her? While the DA there pushed his nonsense charge on her husband for her..Can you see why this marriage did not work?

Her husband let her play him..He did He SHOULD have divorced her...BUT she suckered him into it and now he has lost "EVERYTHING." Just as "JUDITH DEVENEY" planned.

Now shes going to her BIG powerful lawyer somewhere else...blah blah blah..She did more than 600.00 damage to me and I have go through this still?

The ONLY thing State police and the Oswego DA did was let "JUDITH DEVENEY" make fools of them..Now we need to know why..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Dec 26, 2012
According to the DA Oswego- CIANFARANO JUDITH has "3 witnesse he argued with the defense lawyer as the trial date was being established...

Now JUDITH produced NO "witnesses" in the "menacing" trial. So was the witness ploy in front of the judge bout her scorned woman defense? He never brought up the issue in the trial..Is the DA a criminal prosecutor or a divorce lawyer?

JUDITH said under oath she tried to stop her husband from removing property she did not own from the property she claims SHE now owns because her husband did not come home TWO advised by police..who two days before had to back her off also..and that IS the reason her husband was not home two they advised..

Then he came back to remove stored items there he had holding for others I was one of them..The BARN somehow was robbed two days before..and that is how all this transpired on 9-6..Then the 9-12 power out issue took place at Margaretville in Oswego.

Now shortly after on 10-2-12 Nicholas Ivie gets a "friendly fire" death and my sons 2-25 birthday links to his badge number 0225..Like Trooper Brinkerhoff's a "perfect" fit..45 my fathers birthday and "reverse" 13 what my father was doing all along the image of Charles RUNGE to link to him was fronted a cover up on all of law enforcement death began on 4-5-07 in Hunterdon County on 4-5-12 ROGUE influence used Brinkerhoff's 4531 in "reverse" as the 1354 payoffs are now over clue..its why the REELECT BUSH is here in the NEWTOWN clue..

So what is NEWTOWN is the ?

Its a 26..clue links to NYS LIC Plates 2889 on my boyfriends suv and his sisters in Margaretville in Oswego 6788 plate AKA a sudden attack date of 8-2-08 and the 8-6-08 funeral a GEORGE clue..

Sandy is very active in the "THRILL" Fulton Librarian "No ones ever gonna read this story" was her sexual pleasure..clue..words I will never forget..

NEWTWON is a location narration clue.

REELECT president BUSH is another location clue.. still a WHITEHOUSE direction clue...SO the intentions on me here cannot be good..
and that IS how it all started out here with neighbors the day I moved in.

YES I do feel isolated here and had no idea my boyfriend would limit me now the way he is very tight...someone took my mail to the DSS
just as Margaretville was starting to move in..

That's how the EBT 1080 NYS LIC AKA FS clue worked out...They took my f??kin mail..court issues also that was NYS DEC set up arrival in MINETTO.. a 9-12 court date ticket vanished in the mail..FEDS are such sleaze..

So yes we struggled though this holiday just as "THRILL"ERS wanted it turns them on.. nickel less(The latest dead fed name) Those are the clues..NEWTOWN the latest -- I know its a CHILDREN clue and a a PODS in "reverse" clue..who hit unit 18..That part I get..SO PODS was the "INVASION of the" movie clue like Tammy had used since 2006 with the BONE COLLECTOR..Why would they use POD(clearly the focus clue) Contaminated bodies(mind control in the movie)..BAD ROMANCE opens with PODS with a cross on them in the video..CHARLIE GASKO clerkgave that clue at SUNOCO over my homeless summer while Mills claimed I wanted her impotent Bill back (BULLSHHITT)and NO it was not just a song issue..

18 from PODS "in "reverse" to 18 now in NEWTWON..

Sounds weird BUT so did a lot of my other "crazy" claims in all of this.. ITS A POWER TRIP "reverse" NOT GOOD..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Dec 26, 2012
18 clue since before PODS ...That's a "reverse" clue also..

To a NEWTOWN..move on the 13th.."line up" dates are HUGE "He" and "they" activity..

The children part..I kept saying it and saying it over and over "don't let your kids do this".."He's warping their minds"..about law and justice..

I see where "He's" at with himself in this BUT do you?

This a 07 in "reverse" plan and the biggest clue is the NEWTOWN address...and could be link to the 6 on the Margaretville NYS LIC Plate -sister clue.

Ok its a POWER clue now HUGE one..nickel less- power.

18 consistent clue-began as a PODS clue..
to "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS" a movie about mind control..

I have to go back to JUDITH..clearly the plan was to get her husband to a specific time frame off her 9-6 stunt from there the POWER issue was reinforced..and my mother clues began to arise.. the daughter was in motion and NOT for the GOOD..shes a scumbag recruit..bizarre claims about her "platoon" I will post later.

So now the power is running in his name ..and little by little family moves back in on it..His "rent" they call it now..while pulling shit under it all on him and me..

Investigator Beckwith shows the nephews mother arrives..that was no "COINCIDENCE" either..

JUDITH has him in the nephew did it mode.
well does it matter she gave her permission? He could break in or she would also leave the door open..makes no sense as she giving away items and had a "sell" for herself notion also very strong..

So JUDITH clearly from the start planned to blame the nephew..and she timed her move on it..
Showing up at just the right times just like the burglary..Then plays STATE POLICE on it all very well I might add but all that waste was "dismissed" an more taxpayer money anyway..BUT when you are a "THRILL"ER you can do that.

The audio "is not proof of anything" as OFFICER JESSE said..well JUDITH claims of how she tried by force by standing in her husbands way to stop him from removing items she knew were not hers is..She does NOT OWN the property either just as has mailing address and residence there like her husband does..So she took his clothes out of the bedroom to make it look like he left..So what?

The WORST part is OFFICER JESSES attitude while in front of me telling us rubbing it in that he saw no injury on JUDITH either..well she took the time to destroy things..and made no claim of when that went on..if her husband was trying to remove items he certainly was NOT the destructive one..common sense would tell you that..Then he knew she had lied about ownership anyway..and made the decision to arrest her for it..

Now was JUDITH the one I heard yelling in HANNIBAL court halls that "it was not me on that audio" ..There were not many people there..except staff and us..

This is how ROGUES built "if you build it they will come."

Now FED Nicholas(nickel less) Ivie(POISON) is dead..a 0225=2-25 birthday clue..means if you :sue" they will kill your son..set to a "CARRIE" scene" theme..on the recruited one's head..Probably some dumbass drug dealer or cop who has no clue about the 7 STARS..

IVIE (Poison) Takes place line date with the NEWTWON move..on 12-13.."JUDITH" was established to fit the time frame..or there would be no LANZA name "anagram" like clue.

NEWTWON - my move on 12-13-12.."line up" clue..I I had waited till say the next week would the NEWTOWN date have changed. No school. It's why the daughter was pushing her scumbag recruit issues, she even called police staging her set next up "scene."

Explains the "She missed the boat again" taunts at me soon after..

Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#8 Dec 26, 2012
So while the Margaretville in Oswego ONEIDA ST military recruit daughter was in motion to set up the next scumbag recruit "scene" on me there..I made motions to move out fast..not real happy about where we had to settle BUT the landlord agreed to partial payment..and others would not..we tried.

It all suited "He" and "they" time frame needs..
One day after I moved in here .the NEWTOWN clues narration BOTH ways..Here it was a nickel less plan on my boyfriend his job..neighbor started it..male claims is hes on "NYS Disability" also ..I know no one here and DO NOT want to..neighbors do live close either..

Had I waited and went though the Margaretville In Oswego daughters plan on me with her mother and boyfriend as backup "witness" this they she told them..and she told BOTH of them..I heard this also..and I WILL cooperate with police..

My move date would have been different boyfriend was fearful of her boyfriend who had just gotten arrested for beating up his own father over her in his own home..The son was arrested as he should have been regardless of the reason..YOU don't respect the owners..YOU LEAVE..and a week later fired from his military job also makes sense to me..She worked it on him as he was fired because of ME? Is she a front for him like Dottie and Bill? I wonder...he's got it in him..takes a bigger man to walk away..

So that's the issue we had the night she began harass me there YES I have a photo..and I left..and YES she used her child in her arms to begin the issue so she could claim I came at her with her child in her arms..I heard all that planning also..YES SCUMBAG RECRUIT DAUGHTER at Margaretville in Oswego DID DO force the NEWTOWN move on me..and I know why now..a "line up "date full of horrors and clue links..right down the shooters name.


"He's" in a POISON mode now.. Nickel less to NEWTOWN was the clue and the set up plan after was the clue also.

Now I am on LOCATION in NEWTOWN with a POISON clue left over..

POISON is a POWER clue.

Sherburne, NY

#9 Dec 26, 2012
Not for nothing DianA but do you have a job or is this it??

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