Italian women are the Ultimate Best!!!!
I Know

Little Falls, NY

#84 Mar 24, 2013
I see a girl from time to time, and she is very good at pleasing me, very open minded, and not afraid to try things. Awesome.
Peter Pekkersnot

Sherburne, NY

#85 Mar 24, 2013
I Know wrote:
I see a girl from time to time, and she is very good at pleasing me, very open minded, and not afraid to try things. Awesome.
Good man. Pound it!


#86 Jul 14, 2013
Bazil5 wrote:
Lemme tell you 'bout des EyeTalian Broads....They can cook a meatball, kno wha I'm Saying. Yous Got de Eyetalians broads that make a good mama and you gots da wons who make the good Gumadre...If yous get what I'm Sayin'
But I dyegress, Accordin' to what dah fellas are saying they do intend to get, ah how do I say it ...round. There is nothing sexier than a round Eyetalian Broad in a Channel Jogging Suit.....
What language is this? Gibberishian?
JustTellingTheTr uth

Woodside, NY

#87 Sep 13, 2013
I LOVE Italian women. They're HOT, SEXY and love to be treated well. People usually say nasty things about them, because of some bad experience, they can't get with them of they're just gay.


Level 7

Since: Jan 13

Costa Mesa, CA

#88 Sep 13, 2013
From what I've seen they're cheapskates.

Level 6

Since: May 13

Location hidden

#89 Sep 13, 2013
Titanium22 wrote:
From what I've seen they're cheapskates.
Me too

Houston, TX

#90 Oct 10, 2013
Wow, you people love to stereotype. Being Italian is a culture and not a definition of the person. It takes two to make a healthy relationship. Focus on being a good man and you won't have anything else to worry about. Keep your judgemental cruel jaded comments to yourself and go to douchebag hell.
So odd

Darien, CT

#91 Oct 10, 2013
To go around saying your Italian is really kinda old school . You can enjoy the upbringing of your family for sure but in reality if you we're born in the United States and raised here . Your American baby .

Bristol, CT

#92 Oct 10, 2013
Nope French woman r the best!

Treviso, Italy

#93 Dec 30, 2013
..hope you are all aware of the fact that italo-american girls and italian girls are way different from each other...just saying...
Smoke up Johnny

Tampa, FL

#94 Dec 30, 2013
uhm wrote:
..hope you are all aware of the fact that italo-american girls and italian girls are way different from each other...just saying...
First person who gets it! Upstate guindaloons are so passionate about their heritage, but guess what? YOU ARE AN AMERICAN! Go to Italy and tell someone you're 100% Italian & they'll laugh their balls off at you. It makes you look like a clown, a caricature or what you think an Italian is. Go throw around the bastardized Italian words you sling around to authenticate yourself. Laughable.

Don't get me wrong, Italian heritage is a beautiful thing but conduct yourself as such & don't promote yourself as being something you're not. I'm proud of my Italian heritage - true Italians are so far from the leather jacket cartoon characters running around Central NY.

Utica, NY

#95 Dec 30, 2013
I see a lot of Italian women walking around Utica with BLACK MEN!!! Or they secretly ride around in cars at night with black men or driving a car full of black men around. I don't know why they're so proud to be Italian but they are always carousing with the black men. Also many Italian men live with their parents until they are 50.
Benito Mammamia

Trento, Italy

#97 Feb 27, 2014
Maybe it's an OT comment, but whatever one can think about Italian women, he must remember that the Italian male has to survive to:
03 - THE ''INTERFACING'' between 01 AND 02 AND 04
No wonder that, at war, we choose to have some peaceful (ok, a little
too much gay-oriented, maybe) time in POW camps...:-)

Dundalk, MD

#98 Feb 27, 2014
The best at bragging, having a big fat mouth, tacky manicures, dirty mopines, hideous homes only attractive to other tacky people, looking like a dorito and pretending to know of Italian culture. CHEERS. Many cultures are filled with great families and beautiful people. Get over yourselves.
Greezy meatball

Utica, NY

#99 Feb 27, 2014
They are very bossy and think that their shiz don't stink . They are very beautiful, when they are young and defiantly doable . But not somthing you want to hang on to. They age horribly as soon as they hit 30-35 they gain weight and get ugly. And I heard their tits also sag . But as far as cooking goes I like to prepare my own food . So they are useless unless it's a one nighter. Then send them on their way . Today's society isn't getting married it's all hit and run nowadays . And if they do their not happy. So what's the point....give them greezy meatballs and send them on their way!

Dundalk, MD

#100 Feb 28, 2014
Francisca wrote:
I'm 100% Italian and I'm extremely proud of my heritage and my traditions and my up bringing.. We are the warmest people around , we are all about family our husband our children and we all have respect for our parents..We welcome everyone into our home and we know how to entertain with grace and make people feel at home. True good and bad in all nationalities but bottom line you can't beat and Italian family.. When we are invited out we always bring something we are taught never to go empty handed.. I had company once that brought over a cake at the end of the night she said oh I will take my cake home I couldn't believe what she just said no class you never ask to take something home that you brought.Not Itlian of course I have many friends , polish, Irish , German , and none of them offer you a glass of water when you go to visit them they just didn't have that up bringing.

You are making a very good point... that you are full of crap. No one offers you anything unless its an Italian? That just tells me you must be an ahole that hangs around other aholes. That's s total fabrication. I know plenty of homes i are well and got water, even other things. Its called manners. You clearly have none. You give Italian people an arrogant know it all reputation that is not always deserved. No one in Italy thinks you're Italian and you can't except it. The call you Americano. Not in the ignorant and insulting way Utica italians call someone medicone. You sound like a typical jerk off. No one beats an Italian being a bragging full of crap rude bunch of jerks.
say wha

Utica, NY

#101 Feb 28, 2014
Italians are for the most part---are gossiping women---and "no mind" women....with occasionally cheating husbands with a fat gut or the guy is so in shape that you know he IS a mamas narcisstic--AND SO CLUELESS HE IS DUMBER THAN DUMB---and cheat on a daily basis--with more dumber than dumb women.....also...Utica Italians don't pronounce the last vowel---which they think--woo--I am so Italian---guess are suppose to pronounce the last vowel you Italian morons !!!!! "POOR" ITALIAN FOOLS !!!!!
utica gent

Florence, MA

#102 May 22, 2014
I agree with Tom, I also see many Italian girls riding around or in bars with Black men. I.have a lot of Black friends, and they tell me that Italian girls love Black men and that they are an easy lay.My Black friends also tell me the girls say that they will marry a white man but want to see a Blackman on the side. They just try to keep it hidden from their parents...If only they knew....

Rome, NY

#103 May 22, 2014
truth wrote:
most are related to everyone on the friends and family plan working in local government. They are connected to judges, law enforcement etc. and will abuse their authority to destroy you.
Do not marry one. They will always win in court! They will use LE to lodge a false domestic and you will never see your kids. Thy will get primary custody in a heartbeat and u will pay over and over. They get a bug up their azz an you'll b back in court and facing all sorts of crap. Just avoid them.
Find a nice mayonaise who comes from a good family in the country.
WOW, you just described my X almost to a T
utica gent

Florence, MA

#104 May 22, 2014
Just saw a group of 5 white girls (teens) walk out of a store with 4 black guys 2 of the girls had a Italy jacket on and one of girls with Italy jacket said , let's go have a party....hmmmm don't let mom or dad find out lol

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