"THE THRILL OF THE KILL" deadly "sue"...

"THE THRILL OF THE KILL" deadly "sue" issue..

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Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#1 Feb 5, 2013
YES it's pretty clear that those involved in THE THRILL OF THE KILL" for later "gain" off it all ahad a specific role.

Right down the latest "scene" being set up on me by scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney at her mothers Margaretville in Oswego home on Oneida St<-"perfect" "COINCIDENCE" location clue to what's behind it all..

This "reverse" Margaretville "scene" of course the origin of Margaretville in NY is the location where NYS Trooper Brinkerhoff met his "friendly fire" death in all of this..The 4531 badge number clue used on 4-5-12 my father's birthdya by the ROGUE influence behind the NYS LOTTERY who ran that badge number that day in "reverse"..clue-all "Pay her off in Pig Latin" money offers are now over..Yet I still cannot explain the us of the NYS LOTTERY on 11-6 as far as I know the numbers 5623 combination that day I was given prior to the drawing I do not link to a badge number(some speculate it is the Bush badge number who met his "friendly fire death on 4-5-07 my fathers birthday in Huntetdon..?)

It's pretty clear each one of the scumbag recruits I was vicitmized by (Why didn't you call police?- WHAT AN ASNINE ?) each and everyone of them for a specific purpose in all of this..as part of the "reverse" Pay her off in Pig latin" planning to cover that very issue up..

The Turning Stone casino 's links to all of this seem to be the BIG issue in need of cover up by "He" and "they" for obvious reasons..
WHY have scumbag recruit Aftin Deveny remove the 12-5-09 casino receipt from my possessions if there was no issue?..I don't want to hear she did not do this AFTIN LIES to anyone she can "makin fools" of. No I did not make the numbers up..I just simply did not need to..based on the 23 numbers I was able to determine that the "RED COP" target was linked to a 13..and 6-7=13 long before that receipt vanished from the Margaretville in Oswego location(NO Dottie Nills did NOT take it)..another it all "adds up like a score" clue this time the shooting of Deputy Kurt Wyman..just as the 23 numbers of that 12-5-09 casino game did..

The 2-13s issue was part of the OCO bus game played with me yesterday at my Drs appt..again "perfect" numbers that all began from a Horizon("fat slob")taxi driver as 35 clue..

The 213 Oswego County Opportunities bus driver came to North Medical..opened his door and as me and another male approached the bus he shut the door and drove off..never picked up anyone..later after a Fulton Taxi picked up the male I called OCO dispatch to find out what the issue with my ride was...soon after bus 213 arrived to pick me up..They play these on the tax payer dime games all the time..Nothing has changed..

Scumbag recruit and "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" are still in full motion..

The last time it was a Fulton driver claiming a "terrorist" issue at local schools...It's all fun and scumbag games till someone dies and you all learn the hard way about what your involved in.."He" who sets all this up is NOT playing games..NEWTOWN CONN was the last overkill of clues..to the massive POWER direction "HE" is in now..So while you all still have fun with the THRILL" I have no choice but to have fun telling ayone in the outside world about you here in Oswego County..after all a dead cop is just a dead cop..regardless of the "reason."

OCO employess have been a regulars in "THE THRILL" activity since the start..It all began at a group home in Oswego. N.Y. when they hired Erika Fullington fresh off her arrest as I was being pushed out by other employee's..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#2 Feb 5, 2013
The nursing manager at the Fulton Health center played these same games and was assisted some by Kinnys pharmacy scumbag recruit technician..in pushing me out of the Health Center during the Dorothy Mills pre set time frame on me.

She made up a story about an RX issue that was completely untrue and SHE has NO WAY to prove her version..I had NO control of it..and I did check with that pharmacy..whom she also treid to blame..
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#3 Feb 5, 2013
I have made more progress with NORTH MEDICAL in 1 year than I did with OCO health in 3 years..and the plan to sabotage me at North Medical is in full motion through scumbag recruits and others..who are moles at each location..just as in the past.

There was even a plan to use a pharmacist who had the same FIRST name clue as my mother ..to sabotage my RXS.."HE" was to have scumbags put intimidation and threat pressure on this RX..There was already a clerk -male atthat same pharmacy who heavily promotes the bad side of this story..he's the same one who made the "she don't know her basketball" comment about the UTS painted on the Onieda St bridge..Tammy Rowe had scumbags paint that UTS years ago in 2006 it was all part of ther "UTICA"S THOMAS" taunts at me in 2005..and "UTICA TRANSIT SYSTEM" The Transit cop shooting scene in the BONE COLLECTO I was suppose dot link Thomas Lindsey's shooting to...Then run to George Lundy with it all in 2009 off the 10-10-09 soldier onward pressure being put on me so heavy back then..Tammy Rowe set SETH up to bring that MOVIE to DD in 2006..it's all part of how my birthday became the start of the trial date..and WHY MAN the Syracuse FBI was making their "date" comments on 4-15-07 for me to hear..as "Nancy" interviewed me..its a "reverse" manipulation of gun control on a WACO(Lincoln rhymes) with NACO..set up the "friendly" way..

That 3rd childs name in the 357 Dirty(Valerie Dedich)Harry plan IS Emily Lincoln..if her father John talks about his knowledge of knwoing Tanya Mellon was going to die..Before my mother "saved" me from all of you..

William Levea (#5)is an innocent man..sad as that sounds..

The NACO RHYMES with WACO "friendly" deceased Fed was #7 as "He" and "they" soldier onward now to the "9 as in baseball" plans off scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney's activity for "gain" in all of this.

7 and 9 the year my son was born..

So as the deadly "sue" plan soldiers onward at me...The plan for me to ultimately live in the "Angie Baby" shack off it all was cluesd long ago..

"You don't have any proof" scumbgs rant..BUT I will always have 7 dead cops..That no one give shit about or the potential of in any of this..So you can the last TWO will go "down" also..You can't make people care when they are having such a "THRILL" time of fit all..

GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things t I can...and the wisdom to know the difference..

United States

#4 Feb 6, 2013
Diana can I have your contact info so I can pass it along to the Oswego count office of mental health? I mean even though multiple people think you're crazy you surely have nothing to hide.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#5 Feb 6, 2013
Crunchy wrote:
Diana can I have your contact info so I can pass it along to the Oswego count office of mental health? I mean even though multiple people think you're crazy you surely have nothing to hide.

WHY idiot stick what would YOU do with it file a complaint? You think are the first to use name calling? There really must be something in my posts you that makes you nervous..why do you hang here ..keep coming back with allthe posts you could pick from I am flattered..you hang out on mine..as "crazy" as as 'sleazy" as you say I am I can see what you are attected to in life..LOL you make laugh..Keep up the good work.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#6 Feb 6, 2013
Ok so on that note scumbags taunt "wait till she sees how different that pharmacy treats her now" Ok must be scums put new pressure on them to play along in the "THRILL OF THE KILL" I will let you know..Ddi you know that pharmacy had a Maureen Levea birthday address,,and there IS a pharmacist there with my others first name also from HANNIBAL she is..I heard the tampering story in 2008 also..I was not on any BP meds then..Scumbags claim "Now their gonna do it."

what this post is a mix of the latest scumbags claims as to hwo the story progressed of scumbag recruits fromthe start..right now it is inthe JUDITH DEVENEY" scorned woman "scene" set up on her husband..off a "reverse" JESSE a Fulton donut shp employee..to the NYS ROGUE Officer L JESSE whoy sent to pull it off..that was soon fowarded to the next scumbag recruit Aftin Deveney at her mothers "reverse" Margaretville in Oswego home on Oneida St in Oswego.."JUDITHS" job was to wipe her husband out for being with me BUT this was long ago "profiled" on him as part of the "TEACH HER A LESSON" plan ROGUES have..while all of this was in moiton a image of him was being promoted already behind his back..as he got involved in this for all kinds of reason hype by scumbags...in reality he is the target anyway "He" and "they" how ever they have to pull it off..They even have a family back up plan if need..Lori was told he was involved and she told Peggy this according to Peggy..in reality it was Peggy's daughter Aftin who was involved in it all along..Someone put it into Lori's head like they had others..even Sandy(the local HOOK clue) was watching it go on at the lib..So the stories were well worked..Supposed to look like I would merge with "JUDITH" in the end earing all the scumbag "sister" insinuations about him..that was the back up plan..

In reality it was a plan to bust BOTH of us finale..Him because they were mad..and me an "OAK tree" clue linked to a DA'S name and why my sister was through scumbags spreading how I worked inthe same location with Erin Maxwell's mother years ago..Erin came home on that suspicous 8-11 date and the 3088 NYS ROGUE LIC plate was already on my sons GREEN Acheiva....So the "Oak tree" plan could go either way" one is very deadly..The other heads in an "or low green state" plan direction..

YES it strongly appears that Judge Walter Hafners 9-9-09 MILLENNIUM date added to the alrady existing "association" clues..and then the DA'S control of his court room on the issue..became an angry LANZA "association" name in NEWTOWN at the same time the ROGUES were in motion on me here again.

So Alan Jones won his state appeal an issue that should never have been in the first place..the STATE Police<- made through the press all of us hate Alan Jones..that "pressure" on the judge caused him to buckle? I doubt it..the date...the clue is how DA CIANFARNO becomes "JUDITHS" DA..who looses..She was TOLD to say the things she said and did to help set this all up..It's a deadly 'sue" plan the ROHUES have behind it all clued on 10-2-12 the FBI "friendly" way on badge number 0225 my sons 2-25 birthday clue(deadly ZODIAC plan "encryption" for those who lack)..in WACO rhymes with NACO..the "association" crime clues. to everything "He" and "they" do.

Like how Newtown here came together on a "line up" date of scumbag Aftin Deveney's plan to get "gain" off it all..to the 12-14-12 "association" massacre this time with it all..in SANDYHOOK..the forwarding clue name LANZA and Nancy.

The "Girlfriend" clues began with McCarty to my boyfriend to what Aftin did to her boyfriend so far in all of this..He's supposed to look like the stoic boyfriend who degrades his own family off it all later for her..Now girlfriend ended on 12-13-12 so that clue drops now.
Diana Vickery

New York, NY

#7 Feb 6, 2013
CORRECTION...The GIRLFRIEND clue is supposed to run into another "scene" this one called a the Governer..who's actress girlfirend is a SANDY LEE clue name "decipher" SANDY is lying..Ok there may be TWINS linked to this clue also..That runs off Tammy Kennedy The GREEN day clue...to Valerie Dedich..To how so many NYS LIC Plates were a "perfect" fit in all of this..

These are in advance clues NYS ROGUE POLICE are STILL active in all of this ...and on 11-6 that ODD unexplained LOTTERY number clue was also given to me.."he" called "LUCK" scumbags taunted...WELL I have at least 7 rock solid examples of my past "luck" and cops dont like it that I am saying someone is shooting cops..So have it your way guys..

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