Crestwood Golf Club
John Morrison

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#22 Jan 11, 2013
i also beleave the the gulf course was some of the
farm fields that the marcy farm had. marcy started as a farm colony of utica asylum in about
1905 or so. there was only two farm houses. one
being on river rd. and the outher one was what
we called edgwood a doctors apartment building
that was on campus. the campus was built later in
about 1923. the first and oldest campus building
was A building. even those the edgwood building
was already there as a farm house.
John Morrison

United States

#23 Jan 12, 2013
A building was heated by big coal stoves on the
wards in cages. later as the campus expanded with C building on the west side of campus and D
building on the east side of the campus. in the
middle of the campus was the adminastration building and the assembly hall these were the
oridginal buildings of the asylum. a power house
and underground steam tunnel system was built
to heat the the expanding campus. later on E F and G buildings ware built.. in the late 40s or erly
50s B building was along with a new steam station
this one building doubled the capacity of the whole ASYLUM to over 3000 plus patients. most of
marcys older buildings ware only 2 to 3 stories high. wile this new building had two twin towers
each being 6 stories high with a 3 story centrol link. this building also has a sub basement. this
building in currently known as the centrol new york psychatric center. a differant institution then
the former marcy asylum or its proper title as
marcy state hospital. marcy was a civil mental hospital. the centrol new york psychatric center is
a fransic mental hospital. no connection to the former
marcy state hospital. a totaly differant facility witch is for prisoners only. and not civil patients.
meny poeple confuse the two facilitys
John Morrison

United States

#24 Jan 12, 2013
the back and middle part of the campus is now a
state prison. know as midstate correctional facility
a male medium security prison. the general population of this is not confined in cell blocks. insted they are confined in army styl barricks. the
only cells are punshment cell. there are two types
of these cells in the former northwood building is
a bunch of regular selitary confinement cells. but
behind what used to be CRANE HILL SCHOOL is
what they call an S BLOCK. these cells are vary
speacial desine. they have two doors. one to the
corridor. and the outher going to an outside caged
area. an area about the same size as the cell itself
they can house two prisoners. but iv head ware they have removed one bunk in some cells
John Morrison

United States

#25 Jan 12, 2013
the former A building is now a civil sex effender
confinement facility. it is admisiterd by centrol
new york psychatric center. there has been a concern. that they would mix these types of inmates with the general mentaly ill population
because this facility is admisterd by the new york
state office of mental health. the ward has it that
they may build anouther facility nearby in the fulture. chince there are more sex effenders being
added to the pile every day or so
John Morrison

United States

#26 Jan 12, 2013
most of new york state mental hospitals use what
they call a cottage plan desine. that is totaly seperate buildings. but in meny outher states they
used to use what they called a kirkbride desine.
only two of new york state hospitals used this desine of building. they are the old buffilow state
hospital and the old hudson river state hospital in
pokeepsy ny. willard also had a kirkbride along with what they called two mini kirks. some kirkbride buildings are so big and almost palace
like structures. a good example is the old graystone in new jersey. one of the grandis kirkbrides was in danvers ma. the center part of
this former hospital is now part of an apartment
complex. called avalon danvers apertments. they
tried emulate the arktecture desine into the new
buildings in the complex
John Morrison

United States

#27 Jan 12, 2013
meny state hospital buildings were to industral and or prison like espeacialy the ones built in the 40s
and 50s. one of the most grotask and uglyest and
almost musiliam looking. was the one built in byberry pa. also known as the philadelfia state hospital. it was all tile inside. it looked like you were in meat packing plant or a treatment plant of
some kind. it was vary cold and industral. marcys
newer buildings ware kind of industral looking
B building was the wurst. its hall were dark. and its stair ways had that tile. some of the old buildings ware more home like then the newer ones ware
John Morrison

United States

#28 Jan 12, 2013
please note if any one out likes checking out old
buildings. go see the one in buffilow before they
tare it down. its what they now call
the H H RICHARDSON COMPLEX its on forest av in
buffilow. and wile your in the area check out
HAYES HALL on the south campus of buff state. it
at one time was also an asylum building. it was owned by the county. they say that this building is haunted
John Morrison

United States

#29 Jan 12, 2013
the former CRANE HILL SCHOOL building is now
known as building 27 of midstate correctional it was one of the first buildings to be taken over by
the prison. also the crestwood gulf course club
house used to get there heat from crane hill school. the pipes ware directly buried under the circle road thet was in front of the school. they used to get there electric from the marcy campus
to. i dont know how they heat the club house now
but i asume they have natral gas now with there
own small boiler now

Sherburne, NY

#30 Jan 12, 2013
John Morrison wrote:
also at CRANE HILL SCHOOL we had a ski slope behind the building. so we all learned all about
going DOWN HILL at CRANE HILL so times i like
refere to it as the CRANE HILTON. yea it came with
a gulf course and a down hill ski slope. here you
could check in any time. but check time was often
delayed. some time for years. and some times
never. just like hotel california in camerollo california
Wow John, you paint a very creepy picture of that place and I admit I got a little uneasy playing the hole next to the prison fence! there's certainly a lotta history up there!
John Morrison

United States

#31 Jan 12, 2013
as a kid i spent 7 year unos there. i thout that i would
never see the light of day on the outside. i was a
foster child. never knew my real parants. admitted
march 9th 1962 released june 20th 1969. returned to my foster parants to they died . started my working career in 1970 to 1999. now im unofficly retired for medical reasons. i dug into
some history of this place. chice i was part of its
history. not to brag about it. i was angry for meny
years after wards. but got over it as i continuled to
lead a somewhat normal life of being a factory
worker in syracuse ny my home town. i worked at
PASS & SEMOUR inc for 23 years until they closed
in 1994. it was a vary sad day. cause i loved my
job there. the plant was in solvay ny for 104 years
to me it was family. and a way of life that i grewup
with when i wasnt at marcy. my foster dad worked
at allid chamical also in solvay ny a suberb west of
syracuse ny. my foster mouther worked at
syracuse china anouther historical compeny of 175
years in syracuse ny. now they are gone to

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#32 Jan 12, 2013
John, do you know if the WWII memorial is still there near the golf course?
John Morrison

United States

#33 Jan 12, 2013
yea. i was part of the american blue collar labor
force. a way of life that i loved. a total of 30 years
that i was part of this world. now like the dinosaurs and the model t and the mighty steam
localmotives of the 19th century. we ware great in
our day. now this way of life is gone forever. the
utica rome area also had some large factories. like
syracuse they took a heavy loss of jobs too. and heres anouther tid bit of information. the real reason they phased out the ASYLUMS wasnt to
make life better for us. it was to save money
John Morrison

United States

#34 Jan 12, 2013
sociaty has gone from one extrime to the outher.
i beleave that there are more mentaly compermised poeple today more then ever. not all of them need to be in an ASYLUM. but there is
a lot that do. as mouch as i hated being there myself. i know that there is a need for them more
today then ever. the only thing they should not be
places of torture or mistreatment
John Morrison

Earlville, NY

#35 Jan 12, 2013
no it was inside the 2 layers of the prison fence. just right of gulf cours access rd. i would ask some
one in the area. a good place may be the marcy
tavern. hey why not try googleing it. i think i will
try it
John Morrison

United States

#36 Jan 23, 2013
here is anouther strang thing. if your looking for
history of marcy. you will get directed to the one
in pittsburg pa. it was called the howard c marcy
state hospital. it is also closed and abanded. its
life span was shorter then our marcy state hospital was. and marcy isnt even listed on the
OMH web site. under its list of closed institutions
why i dont know. the quasten is why is there no
history on marcy. all the outher state asylums has
some history to them. for some reason they are
trying to make like marcy state hospital never existed. but to us it was real
John Morrison

Campbell, NY

#37 Jan 23, 2013
one little bright spot about marcy. was that they
had a nursing school on its campus. so we got to
see a lot of young pretty nurses. some of them
were assined to inturn at CRANE HILL SCHOOL.
so us kids had something pleasing to admire. a
little bit of eye candy

Hartford, CT

#38 Jan 23, 2013
so, who were the good and bad that worked there?
John Morrison

Syracuse, NY

#39 Jan 23, 2013
there was some cases of misteatment there. in some of the back buildings. E F G buildings there has been reports over the years of some sadistic
employees. in crane hill we had a few rottin apples
one that i remember vary well was an attendent
named john brown. alis ( jack brown ) he liked to
agitate new kids on the ward. he is dead now.
i do hope he is in hell now. cause thats what he
put a lot of kids thrue. there some good employees there too. but there was outhers who
had a prison guard or zoo keeper mentality the
way they treated some kids there
John Morrison

Boston, MA

#40 Jan 27, 2013
iv noticed that there is a bunch of bushes at the
corner of the prison fence by the crest wood acess
rd. that probuly was our little world war 2 veterens memorial. its about the right location.
that i can remember

Hartford, CT

#41 Mar 12, 2013
Steve is shady. He is not respected in the golf community. He is known to cheat, steal and lie in order to "win". Stay far away from this guy and the course. It's a perfect location for him though, walking distance from a prison.

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