Frank Vescera is on The Following Uti...

Frank Vescera is on The Following Utica Council Committees

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City Clerks Office

Ithaca, NY

#1 Mar 4, 2008
On January 9, 2008, Frank Vescera was appointed to the following positions on the Utica Common Council : Economic Development - Municipal Housing - Urban Renewal - DUDA (Downtown Utica Development Agency). Frank now that you have been on these committees for 2 months and have had at least 2 meetings with each agency occur since your appointment what ideas and plans do you have. Come on Frank you knew what was best for us on your TV show and now you share the power with your buddies what ideas do you have to improves the City and your District. I'll start with one idea clean up your mailing address of 637 Mary St or should we reach you at 1155 Mohawk St. Haven't you at least noticed the potholes in front of Dino Franco's Members only Club on Mohawk ST, can't you at least get them filled in for one of the Boys. Speak up Frank you are getting paid to work for the Taxpayer.
It isnt easy

New York, NY

#2 Mar 4, 2008
Dear City Clerks Office:

The reason Mr. Vescera is having trouble doing anything now is because he has found out that many of his ideas and theories don't actually work. But don't worry, this is not an election year and he is presently gaining knowledge and winning support from his fellow members. Mr. Vescera will soon be the Leader of the Common Council and he will be able to get potholes filled.

Ithaca, NY

#3 Mar 4, 2008
The only thing Frank will lead is the Caravan out of Utica, to his home in Barneveld. He is as dismal a politician as the rest of the East Uticans currently running Utica. The Italian Employment Agency obviously doesn't have particularly high standards of placement. With only a 2 year term to serve Frank's learning curve better pick up the pace - his first quarter of learning is nearly over and only 7 quarters remain. Besides I didn't realize that Frank didn't know what to do when he was elected, perhaps he is even more of a phony than he let on. Either way the clock is ticking on Frank and the short bus seems to have left the school zone without him.

Ithaca, NY

#4 Mar 4, 2008
Everyone seems to be so willing to give the Utica Politicians a pass on doing their jobs. Its time that they did their jobs and stopped expecting that their excuses be accepted by the taxpayer. No one is forcing any of them to remain in office, if they don't know what the job entails when they run for office they should not waste our time by running. Besides after the election Frank and the rest of the neophyte politicians elected to public office in Utica had the opportunity to transition with the Council or the Mayors Office. If I am not mistaken Julian made the comment as he left office that Roefaro had no interest of meeting with him. Simply put if you have to learn the job, do it on your time or get the hell out.

Ithaca, NY

#5 Mar 4, 2008
Frank's learning curve must be higher than normal because the guy travels up Mohawk St. daily from 637 Mary to 1155 Mohawk a of distance 5 blocks. A distance cratered with potholes that have been there since he was inaugurated in the first days of January. If he can't do the simple how can we expect him to do the Economic Development, the Municipal Housing, The Urban Renewal, or the DUDA, he is obviously in well over his head or as they might say in the military his pay grade.

Silent Frank missed the bus again and we pay.
Captain Insaneo

Ithaca, NY

#6 Mar 4, 2008
Oh this is too funny. Lets see Frank is a democratic councilman, with a democratic majority and we have a democrat for a mayor and the residents of East Utica must wait until he becomes President of the Common COuncil before we can get our potholes filled?
It isnt easy wrote:
Dear City Clerks Office:
The reason Mr. Vescera is having trouble doing anything now is because he has found out that many of his ideas and theories don't actually work. But don't worry, this is not an election year and he is presently gaining knowledge and winning support from his fellow members. Mr. Vescera will soon be the Leader of the Common Council and he will be able to get potholes filled.
Common Cents

Rome, NY

#7 Mar 4, 2008
I bet ya there are no pot holes in front of 7136 Cheese Factory Rd. Barnaveld, NY 13304

Ithaca, NY

#8 Mar 4, 2008
I didn't know that was Frank's home address, thanks for posting it. I'll bet that the Mayor of Barneveld didn't start the New year by telling the people that their lives were going to get worse either. The Captain also made a good post All those Democrats in control and a Democratic Congressman and Governor and we are still on the paddle boat to hell.

Syracuse, NY

#9 Mar 4, 2008
Frank and his brother Chris are too busy suing the city of Utica for approving the development of the property next to his 1151 Mohawk St. address. This has been an ongoing process since last year. Attend the planning board meeting next Tuesday night 3/11 and you will see a complete waste of taxpayer dollars in front of your eyes. Frank was a little busy last year making flyers for the neighbors of his property on Mohawk St. so that they would abolish any form of development. After he fought against them for years, now he wants everyone on Eagle St. to back him! Glad to see that the truth is coming out, slowly but surely!!!!
Jeffrey Balcom

New York, NY

#11 Mar 4, 2008
I wouldn't mind a 7.25% tax increase if it were for something other than more unnecessary layers of government and a cosmetic face lift of the mayor's office.

I'd rally around someone with a shred of integrity and character. The only person on the council that even REMOTELY fits that bill is Jim Zecca. Everyone else is either an ex-con, a transplant to Utica, angry at the world, or so absolutely clueless that they should be pushing carts at Price Chopper.
Good Boy wrote:
Give the Democrats a chance! The Republicans have raped this area for decades and you guys expect it to all be turned around overnight (or in 2 months)?
It's obvious that you all simply love to bitch and have no sincere interest in seeing Utica move forward. If you did, you would be rallying around these folks and trying to help them. For some sick reason, you all love to see everyone fail. When Frank was yelling and screaming on the radio, you all called him a radical. Now that he is trying to get down to business and act like a statesman, you yell at him again. What do you all want?!?! You just love to see this city fail. Get off your asses and help make this city better.
City Clerks Office

United States

#12 Mar 4, 2008
Once more we turn to ebing apologetic for what should be expected of the people we elect to office. If they were qualified enough to run for office they should be prepared with to put the plans which they professed into asction. This type of cronic excuse leadership would never be tolerated in business. The trouble is progressive communities like Rome have brought in 350 million dollars in actual developement while our leaders have squandered the good will of the people. Business has moved from Utica to Rome because the leadership is stable and not based upon the cronyism which is tolerated in Utica. No place on this planet save Baghdad will you find a community as filthy as Utica, an infrastructure as decrepit and worn out as Utica's dispite millions of dollars ahving been spent on it ex. the Parkway from Genessee St to Sherman Dr. that cost 9 million dollars and is intolerable to drive. Uticans tolerate crappy substandard cronyism as leadership. Get them out, clean it up and start new with people that can speak and think about the Community and its people and not friends, family and cronies first. I am sick and tired of you apologists for these bums. Yes they are every single one is a bum and sucking off the people teat like a welfare mother. Rome is the future of the Mohawk Valley and to paraphrase Dick Assaro on the Tonight Show Utica is the Jewel in the Sphincter of New York State. For what Utica could have been just go look to Rome. Frank Vescera as a Utica Common Council member is crap.
City Clerks Office

United States

#13 Mar 4, 2008
Stop being an Apologist for the elected officials which we have in place. Roefaro has been in office for 60 days and we are looking at a 7.5 % tax increase, multiple shootings, and arsons. if the Politicians were qualified to run for office then they should have been prepared to start with their plans on day one. Every single one including Frank Vescera has had the opportunity to have learned his job prior to being sworn in, he has had 60 days to identify and begin to voice his opinions as to the solutions which will make Utica better. he could communicate with the people of his district, the businesses of his district, travel his district, yet he has chosen to remain secluded. If you want to see the future you need look no further than Rome, in the years since Griffis left Rome has rebounded with 350 million dollars in economic development. Rome is a stable community with progressive leadership that isn't squandering the good will of the people. The cronyism exhibited currently in UTica is a throw back to the days of the Mafia and Sin City. Why do you think that Utica businesses have left for Rome, not just for better economic deals but the chance to live in a burgeoning community with hope. Utica will never improve while our politicians look out solely for themselves friends and family, Utica wll never improve while development is squandered by petty politicians fighting turf battles over Irish Community Centers and the location of a Drug Store. No place on the face of the Earth save Baghdad does a community as filthy as Utica exist. The buck has been passed to politicians who remain silent because apologists like you tolerate and continue to make excuses for them. They wanted to be elected, let them have the courage to stand up and speak out or leave the position that they were elected to. Frank Vescera bellowed each week that he was the answer now he is the silent problem. Frank Vescera just quit and go home to Barneveld, its obvious that your bellowing was nothing but a fraud on the people. We have had enough silent [politicians that have accepted higher taxes and wasted development - Get out Silent Frank. Your performance has been pitiful.

If you don't perform in Business you are terminated, Frank and the Other silent Council members such as Giruzzi and Scalise are only concerned for themselves. I will not tolerate any longer the apologists or phony politicians. The future of the Mohawk Valley is Rome thanks to our politicians. We have waited long enough for leadership and it is apparent that we still must wait. Frank Vescera won't speak because he is a coward like every other Utica politician. Hide in your dump of a shop on Mary St and Mohawk St. you did you best work Frank hiding behind a door in the shadows.

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