big riot in West Utica ?

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Livonia, NY

#63 Apr 8, 2013
not marksmen wrote:
Hoodrat: nice moniker. I know, I know. Difficult word for you. Look it up. Too bad the bros don't fight fair. Always have their cousins, God brothers, daddies babies etc jumping in.. Once They stay getting their tail handed to them, they bring out the weapons. I am staying facts. I'll throw down old school or new. I bring up fact, you bring up nothing. Stop breaking the laws if you don't want scrutiny. I know. Another tough one. Just look at the whole incident. Folks can't fight one on one anymore.
If you ever fight a group of blacks you will always notice they always start shakeing and bouncing while looking over there shoulders to make sure their boys are still there while you stand there look ng them in the eye and stiffed lipped.They just talk shit but can't make eye contact.
white hummer rollover

Montréal, Canada

#64 Apr 8, 2013
I hear she wants to audition for dancing with the stars...

New Hartford, NY

#65 Apr 8, 2013
redic wrote:
The whole thing is a mess. People want to sue the city for not having a cop speak Spanish to people who have been here over 10 years and now a riot breaks out involving a hundred people. No one had the common sense to try and diffuse the situation before it gets out of hand? Pedophiles living among us who are paid for by the state and taxpayers. Living free and clear with a roof over their head and food in their stomach? Do what they once did to Australia. England got rid of all their losers and shipped them off to an island. Sound good to anyone else?
you're a mess and a moron for even writing the gibberish you wrote. Get a clue, fire breather, there is no end to the violence, it will only increase. Regardless of the color of their skin, these are people. What color was the guy in Herkimer who flipped? What color was the kid who shot up the movie theater? What color were the Colimine kids? This is not a race issue its a class issue. Understand? of course the pedofiles will live in a poor community,thats where "we" the "people" say they belong. The "people" are the few that hold the most power EG MONEY. GOT IT? Where the money lives the crime is less obtuse. You dont see garbage around and you dont have people fighting in the streets.

Herkimer, NY

#66 Apr 8, 2013
Clean up West Utica, you say? Throw out the BLACK bags of trash,'nuff said.
Kim Jong Un

New York, NY

#67 Apr 8, 2013
Honestly wrote:
Clean up West Utica, you say? Throw out the BLACK bags of trash,'nuff said.
Oh lika tha fish?
Stanwix Prison

Albany, NY

#68 Apr 8, 2013
Let em burn it all down. I'm fairly sure there's not one nice piece of property in west utica anymore.


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Clark Mills, NY

#69 Apr 8, 2013
When is the last time a group of white dudes got arrested? Just seems like we don't EVER do this sort of crap. When I hear stories like this I say to myself "figures"

Syracuse, NY

#70 Apr 8, 2013
scum scum scum enough said.

Jamaica, NY

#71 Apr 9, 2013
No all the white people in Utica are down at your nearest supermarket stealing whatever they can get thier greasy, sneaky hands on... just saying

United States

#75 Apr 9, 2013
There is no solution. They burned their way out of Cornhill and came across the arterial when the decent old people who used to keep West Utica nice, with pride, died off and the rest of the decent people moved away to protect their families. These cretins worship ignorance. Like another poster said, what kind of animal throws trash in their own front yard. It is the end game, there is no stopping the advance of this societies animals. Eventually they will burn all of West Utica out and move on to another section, it is already starting in North Utica. No one dares to be politically incorrect and call this trash what it is, ignorant ni__ers - the white ones and the black. They have no pride because they gave up on ever being anything so they set their lives to making a name on the streets and destroying everything. Their is no way to stop them, and they cant be fixed, not without a bullet.
Rev Al

Brooklyn, NY

#76 Apr 9, 2013
Was Mike Hill involved ?

Utica, NY

#77 Apr 9, 2013
UNITE! and fight.
Former res

Tucker, GA

#78 Apr 9, 2013
The people who could have gotten that city on the right path have either moved or died off . No hope for that town. I know several people who are making arrangement to leave the area now. So sad of what has become of the town. Many living there think it is normal. Thank god I am out.
hank hill

Silver Spring, MD

#79 Apr 9, 2013
t POLITIX wrote:
Post like the on e below is why we need GUN CONTROL
<quoted text>
Assault Weapons -- The New York gun control laws provide that any semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols with with a "military rifle" feature -- such as a flash suppressor, bayonet mount or telescoping stock -- are immediately banned. Guns that had been legal but now banned would be grandfathered in, but their owners must register the weapons with the state. Further, every assault weapon sale, whether sold through a private dealer or not, will be subject to a comprehensive background check, while Internet sales of assault weapons will be banned altogether.
Ammunition Magazines -- The legal limit for ammunition magazines is reduced from ten to seven bullets. Under the New York gun control laws, residents who own higher capacity magazines will have one-year to sell them out of state before they are in violation of the new law. They may also elect to retrofit the magazines to only hold seven rounds at the owner's expense.Those who refuse could face a misdemeanor for possession of high-capacity ammo clips.
The Mentially Ill -- There are also provisions to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. This change may arguably have the greatest impact on gun possession, as it permits closer monitoring of the mentally ill. For those with certain psychiatric histories who desire to purchase a firearm, the new law mandates psychiatric outpatient review for a year and requires an additional review before such treatment is allowed to expire.
Webster Provision -- The legislation also includes the so-called "Webster provision," mandating a life-without-parole sentence for anyone found to have killed a first responder. This provision references the Christmas Eve shooting in a Rochester, N.Y. where two firefighters were shot and killed.
The passage of the New York gun control laws sets a high benchmark for the national gun control debate. The legislatures in at least 10 other states are also considering new gun control regulations.
whats he gunna do about the ppl who are nuts or convicted felons that find themselves with a few hundred spare bucks in their pocket and a schmuck selling out of his trunk? Hmmm....didn't see much in there about that. How come these fools don't understand that the ppl who purchase weapons legally are really not the problem? I dont mean they don't ever commit crimes with them but its pretty rare compared to the fools with the unregistered weapons.

I wonder if there's any data available on how many of the 70 (last I checked a few weeks ago) murders were committed in Chicago with legally owned guns.
This Is Why

Charlotte, NC

#80 Apr 9, 2013
Paul Kearsey wrote:
Something has to be done to clean up west Utica ! Anybody have any suggestions ?
Yeah, mandatory birth control to get welfare. It will take 20 years but it will gradually take care of the problem.
This Is Why

Charlotte, NC

#81 Apr 9, 2013
Attention Whitesboro residents: These hood rats will eventually spread West into "lower Yorkville" and guess what? Be going to WCS!!

Better start buying up dilapidated housing and tearing it down in lower Yorkville as self preservation. Should have started in 1980...
Mr lee

Carthage, NY

#82 Apr 9, 2013
Let"s go get judge joe brown to clean up the town.
hank hill

Derwood, MD

#83 Apr 9, 2013
Mr lee wrote:
Let"s go get judge joe brown to clean up the town.
Who is that other black judge? Younger than Joe, hes funny as it Mathis? This is driving me nuts trying to remember his name.

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Livonia, NY

#84 Apr 10, 2013
Greg Mathis
hank hill

Baltimore, MD

#85 Apr 10, 2013
DotDashDashDotDot wrote:
Greg Mathis

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